Will Silent Hill save Konami? Mid-year profits in free fall

In these daysi Konami is back on everyone's lips, marking for the first time in a long time a return to the market quite unexpected by its fans. Recent announcements related to Silent Hill and remake they have rekindled the hope of a large public who had almost forgotten the splendor of this company, continually emphasizing its now distant golden years. The recent first quarter report of this year, published by the company, however, brought everyone back down to earth.

Konami in Japan just reported earnings.

Their profit in gaming (they have other businesses) crashed 34.4% in the first half of the fiscal year-on-year.

Recent mobile games flopped, i.e. the latest Yugioh app.

The Silent Hill wave cannot come soon enough. pic.twitter.com/Ptj9wOd7jr

— Dr. McCarthy. Enter Toto / Kantan Games Inc. (@serkantoto) November 2,

Konami's gaming division has in fact suffered a considerable collapse in profits, marking a -34,4% compared to the previous year. Such a loss is obviously to be found in the projects that the company supported before the announcements mentioned above, following market strategies that proved unsuccessful as a whole, such as the one linked to Yu-Gi-Oh!, and other video games of the same length. wave, with the consequent closure and loss of investments.

I work with Silent Hill (with also the remake of Silent Hill 2, for example, of which we know only a few technical details for now) could therefore prove to be central from a commercial point of view, bringing a historic company like this back to the glories of the past. Remakes and projects on the brand, therefore, as a real salvation to bet on in order to remain competitive on a market ready to renew itself continuously.

The return of Silent Hill, as well as capturing the attention of fans has also inspired new reflections on Konami itself. The possibilities of drawing from a glorious past have always been many, and the company has not moved in this direction until the end, making us curious about all the latest market decisions implemented. Having at its disposal a multitude of video games never forgotten by the community of enthusiasts, it would not be surprising if this company chose to retrace its steps, trying to rework its origins and that history that once shaped entire generations.

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