God of War Ragnarok – Trials of Muspelheim Guide

    God of War Ragnarok – Trials of Muspelheim Guide

    In God of war ragnarok there are well 15 Trials located in the Muspelheim region and completing all Trials of Muspelheim unlocks the Trial by Fire trophy. To reach Muspelheim you must first find two fragments of the seeds of Muspelheim from the legendary chests in Svartalfheim, the first is found in the legendary chest at the Modivitnir Plant once collected it will automatically start the Favor entitled The Crucible.

    The second fragment is found at Fossa di Alberic, it is accessed from the Spiaggia del Drago and will serve you there Lancia Drops so if you didn't get it yet during the main story path, come back later.

    God of War Ragnarok – Trials of Muspelheim Guide

    Come to the crucible, you will be asked to complete 6 missions in this area, after which the chest in the center will open. By completing all six missions you will end up with a complete set of the Armor Pire Immortals and from here the fifteen tests mentioned at the beginning of this guide will begin.

    1. Master of Arms: This challenge is quite simple, you will have to kill 16 enemies within 180 seconds. Each enemy will have a shield, so be sure to use your Ax on enemies with fire shields and your Chaos Blades on enemies with frost shields. Eventually there will be a Nokken that will heal the remaining enemies, so kill it before the last few enemies.
    2. impeccable: For this challenge you will have to defeat 15 enemies without taking any damage. Most of these enemies will either explode on death or attack from range, so use the Draupnir Spear or Leviathan's Ax to attack them. Eventually you'll face a Gradungr, who will charge you - make sure you block or dodge the charge attacks and keep attacking from a distance to make sure you don't take any damage. Use your partner's abilities to face the Gradungr.
    3. Outside the Arena: In this challenge you will have to defeat a total of 21 enemies who will quickly regenerate health. Because of this, the primary method of killing them will be to throw them into lava pits. There are a few means of doing this but the most consistent methods are by using the Leviathan's Ax R2 skill. By positioning yourself right you can throw them into the lava or you can also throw your ax at their legs to knock them down, then kick them with R2 when you don't have your ax in hand.
    4. Feed the Fissure: This challenge will have you killing enemies to recover the orbs, then throw them into the crack in the middle. There will be 2 waves, the first will be 60 seconds long and will require 6 points, while the second will be 150 seconds long and will require 15 points. Orbs dropped by normal enemies will be worth 1 point each, while orbs dropped by larger enemies will be worth 2 points. A very simple challenge: just kill enemies and grab their orbs to throw them.
    5. Population Control: The challenge will require you to kill the Bergsra without the number of enemies exceeding 4. Kill the first 4 Grims that appear, then the Bergsra will reveal itself. Simply focus on the Bergsra and you should kill him before a fifth enemy spawns. If Grims spawn next to the Bergsra, you can kill them, but you don't need to hunt down other enemies to get the enemy countdown.
    6. King of the Hill: The challenge will require you to keep enemies out of the arena for 3 waves. Each wave will increase the time required, as well as the amount of trumpet blasts. The first wave will be 1 ring for ~35 seconds, the second wave 2 rings for ~60 seconds, the third wave 3 rings for ~90 seconds. The best way to do this is to focus on the enemies currently inside the rings to take them out, using area-of-effect runic attacks.

    After completing the 6 trials, the favor "The Crucible" will end. He returns to the Nornir Lockbox to obtain a Chaos Flame. Final Challenges can be initiated by interacting with the central sword in Muspelheim after completing the Crucible and opened the Chest of Nornir. Also generates a 3rd level challenge for each of the previous swords. So in total you have 6 initial challenges, 3 new to each sword, 6 final challenges to the central sword = 15 total.

    To access the final challenges you will have to perform 2 challenges with different swords to generate a new central sword challenge. For example, if you do a Sword 1 challenge and a Sword 2 challenge, you will have access to the Boss Challenge. It takes 6 combinations to get all 6 Final Challenges, and those combinations are as follows:

    God of War Ragnarok – Trials of Muspelheim GuideSpada 1 + Spada 2: Resistance
    Spada 3 + Spada 2: Challenge of Champions
    Spada 1 + Spada 3: to break
    Spada 3 + Spada 1: Ghost
    Spada 2 + Spada 1: Ring of Fire
    Spada 2 + Spada 3: Assault
    Each sword will also have a new challenge to do. Head to the sword of the north (Sword 1) for the Fury Challenge.

    • Furia: For this challenge you will have to kill at least 20 enemies in 150 seconds. Nothing special here, just kill the enemies as fast as possible. A Troll and Bergsra will appear at two points in the challenge, but these can be ignored in favor of weaker enemies to complete the challenge faster.
    • Drain Life: In this challenge you take constant damage but instead heal when you attack. You will need to kill 22 enemies and again there is no real tactic - just kill enemies fast and you will easily maintain your health.
    • Resistance: you will have to kill 99 enemies without dying. These will mostly be normal enemies, but occasionally there will be elite enemies. The biggest concern here is maintaining your health, so it may be worth using equipment or skills that allow you to heal, the amulet spells of regenerating essence and Spartan Valor. This is quite a long challenge, but as long as you play conservatively and use your skills, it should be manageable.
    • Against Time: you will have to kill enemies to increase the counter and you will start with 30 seconds, considering that you will have to kill 22 enemies. Killing enemies will give you 5-10 seconds depending on the type of enemy. Focus on enemies from a distance.

    Now that you've completed the new 3 Swords challenges, you can simply perform the fastest challenge in each of the combinations listed above to unlock the remaining final challenges. The fastest challenges to do are the ones listed.

    • Challenge of Champions: you will have to kill 5 elite enemies, 1 at a time. These will be like the ones you fought earlier in the game, so apply the same tactics here. You might want to play a bit conservative, as the only heals you'll get are the ones enemies drop after you kill one.
    • to break: In this challenge you will have to defeat the normal enemies before you can attack the elite enemy. Normal enemies will only spawn in groups of 3-4, so deal with them quickly and fight the elite enemy until more enemies spawn. Nothing too difficult about this, use methods you would normally use to defeat the two elite enemies.
    • Ghost: For this challenge, you will face a Burning Ghost. Just like the other ghosts in the game, you'll need to increase its stagger gauge by hitting its core, preferably with ranged attacks. Once staggered, the 3 purple pillars in the area will be vulnerable and you will need to destroy them. Normal enemies will start to appear but ignore them until you destroy all 3 pillars. Once the pillars are destroyed, finish off the enemies, then finish off the Ghost when it respawns. However, don't shoot down the Phantom in one of the caves, as Kratos won't be able to carry it and you'll have to start the challenge again.
    • Ring of Fire: In this challenge you will have to defeat the 15 enemies while remaining inside the circle. The circle is your safe zone, if you step into lava outside of it you will take constant damage. The circle will periodically move around the arena, so it's best to fight enemies with ranged attacks. There's also a poisonous totem that the circle can lead you to, so be sure to freeze it with your axe.
    • Assault: In this challenge you have to survive for 300 seconds against infinite enemies. There will also be a ring like in the Ring of Fire Challenge. Stay inside the ring and kill enemies if necessary, but don't play aggressively. If the health crystals fall out of the fire, it's worth running out to get them, as you'll heal more than the damage you'll take from the fire. Just like the Endurance Challenge, using health restoring gear/skills can be useful for this if you struggle to complete it without them.

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