Best Telegram Channels to Watch Formula 1 Live and Free (2022)

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F1 Streaming Telegram: here are the best channels to follow Formula 1 Streaming on Telegram: the best channels always up to date to watch F1 races for FREE

Best TELEGRAM Channels to Watch F1 Live

Yes, that's right: I have compiled in this article the best Telegram channels you should definitely follow to watch Formula 1 races streaming.

The article is currently updated to 2020, but we'll keep it updated month by month on the best Formula 1 streaming channels on Telegram .

Don't worry, I'm the first one to hate spam and waste time , that's why I have selected for you only the best channels, the ones with the best content, the most updated and really worth following.

Thanks to these Formula 1 streaming Telegram channels you can watch all the Stations you want (but not only) using the famous messaging app that, as I have already said several times, is light years better than WhatsApp from all points of view.

Following these Telegram channels , you will always have at your disposal updated and running links that will allow you to watch the F1 world championship live streaming for free , in a few clicks and from any device ( computer, Windows PC, Mac, Android smartphone). or tablet, iPhone, iPod, iPad, TV Box and much more).

In short, any device that supports Telegram will allow you to watch the sporting events of your interest in streaming for free.

All you will have to do is choose the channel and the link to use to watch the content you are interested in streaming for free.

But enough talk, let's start with the list of the best Telegram Formula 1 streaming channels.

Telegram groups where to watch Formula 1 for Free

NOTE: this guide is for informational purposes only. Take responsibility for what you do. In this article you will NOT find direct links to Telegram channels that are illegal or stream copyrighted content. Simply find the name of these channels, which is the same thing you can find by searching in any search engine.

There are many channels that broadcast sporting events and games streaming for free on Telegram . Among the many, we have selected these:

  • | is a channel where you can watch many sporting events in HD and mostly free. It also offers a guide to watch events and ongoing support.
  • | is a channel that allows you to watch thousands of sporting events in HD. Serie A, Serie B, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga but also Formula 1 and Moto GP.
  • | like the others
  • | like the others, but with a lot of advertising before you can watch the event in streaming.
  • Live sports streaming: | offre Sport In diretta Streaming live, Basket, Formula 1, MotoGP, Tennis, Calcio, Rugby, Sailing, Cycling, Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, Champions League, Europa League, Liga, Premier League.

Once the channel is found, you will have to join in one click and you will be ready to see all the links posted that allow you to watch your favorite sport streaming for free on Telegram.

As promised, a few simple steps to watch whatever you want from any device.

IMPORTANT: if you don't use Telegram, you can always use one of the many sites on the Internet to stream sporting events for free. We always keep them updated in this article.

  • Live soccer: best sites (the title says soccer, but they stream any sporting event).

a couple of tips

In general, all Telegram channels that offer links to watch F1 streaming are very similar to each other:

  • the links always refer to external sites where there is a lot of advertising, annoying popups and banners appear. That's why I advise you to open these links with a browser that has integrated adblock to block and keep at bay all the advertising that opens frequently (follow the guide for Chrome , for Android and for iPhone ).
  • almost always the links allow you to watch sporting events in English, therefore with audio and video from English satellite tv.
  • Audio and video quality is more than good, but buffering, sudden crashes, clicks, slowdowns and other problems are common. As always, when we talk about free IPTV streaming, you should put your heart at peace and understand that if you don't want these problems, you should buy a regular subscription.
  • Links to games and other sporting events are usually posted a few hours before the event starts and are often removed after the event.
  • as already mentioned, all these links come from free IPTV listings (with all the problems associated with them).


    These are the Telegram channels you absolutely must follow regarding Formula 1 and the free-to-air matches.

    If you think some Telegram channels are missing from the list , leave a comment at the end of the article and let me know. I will test them and, if I consider them valid, I will add them to the list!

    That's all for now! Have fun with these best Telegram channels to absolutely follow.

    How to subscribe to a channel on Telegram to watch Formula 1?

    Joining a channel on Telegram is very simple: just click on the link we have proposed and, once you are in the channel, click on the "Join" button.

    But remember that groups often don't accept anonymous users and require you to have a profile picture and username.

    Yes, no, you know how to set up a username in Telegram, you simply have to:

    • open the Telegram app
    • press the menu key (the one with three parallel segments)
    • click on "Settings" > "Username".
    • enter your username and confirm everything

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