How to delete messages automatically on Telegram

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Telegram now allows you to automatically delete all your chat conversations after a set amount of time.

Using this new feature, you can now have sent and received messages automatically deleted after a predefined amount of time has passed.

You can specify when your messages should be deleted. The options you can choose from are 24 hours and seven days.

How to delete messages automatically on Telegram

The timer starts as soon as the message is sent and not when the message is read. Also, the auto-delete timer only deletes messages sent after the timer is activated. Existing messages are kept intact.

Su Aandroid

  • apri Telegram.
  • Touch the three dots.
  • Select Cancel the timeline.
  • Choose a duration to delete your messages.

Your iOS

  • apri Telegram.
  • Long tap on a message
  • Toccata Select> Clear chat.
  • then tap the option Enable automatic deletion.

Telegram shows the time remaining before a message is deleted. You can access it by tapping on a message on Android or by long-tapping on a message on iOS.

Invitation links that expire after a certain duration

If you use invite links to invite people to your Telegram groups, you can now assign an expiration date to your links. That way, if someone touches your link after it expires, the link won't allow them to join the group.

This is useful on those occasions when you want to allow people to join your groups for a limited time only.

You can set, if you don't care about an expiration date, the maximum number of uses for your invitation links. After that, the links won't allow new people to join your groups.

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