Resident Evil 2 Remake: where all the rolls are located (Film Roll)

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In Resident Evil 2 Remake, rolls to develop are back, this time to help you solve puzzles and unlock rewards. Let's find out the position of all the "Rolls of Film"

I rollers scattered around the rooms of Resident Evil 2 Remake they are not manybut each of these will help you solve some kind of puzzle to obtain more ammunition, a new weapon o a unique upgrade for the weapon based on the character in use (Leon or Claire).

So let's go and find out where all the rollers are located, known in the game as "Roll of Film ", and understand how to use them to unlock rewards. To specify which puzzles you will have to solve they never appeared in the original game

Resident Evil 2 Remake: where all the rolls are located (Film Roll)

Among the three "Roll of Film" present in the game, there is a very special one entitled "Hideout " which, once found, will reward you with a unique weapon upgrade part and that will unlock also the trophy "Treasure hunter".

As we said, the rolls they are rare items where you will find clues to the puzzle solution hiding the location of the rewards. Once you have collected a "Roll of Film", you will need to go to the Dark Room dell 'RPD building to develop the photo.

Film Clue (Roll of Film) # 1: Commemorative photo

  • Location: 1F - Safe deposit box
    • Enter [106] on the keyboard to unlock the corresponding cabinet that holds the film.
  • Puzzle solution: once the roll has been developed, it shows the book-hand composition of the statue with the scepter found in the Art Room (2F)
    • First of all, recover the book with the clues to solve the puzzle of the 3 statues, you can find it when you meet the man in danger in the early stages of the game, then interact with the statues (the first is in the main hall, the second in the Library and the third beyond the door with the C4) to solve the puzzles and recover the medallions;
    • When you reach the west side of the Police Station, enter the Library on the third floor and try to reach the door on the opposite side, you will fall below;
    • Eliminate the zombies and collect the red book that you find in the room, on a table;
    • Move the bookcases to create a passage to the upper floors;
    • Go up to the second floor and access the Art Room using the key with the swords, you will find the magnetic card to access the Weapons Storage;
    • Go to the Weapons Depot and use the red book to solve the puzzle of the statue, placing the book on the right arm of the same, you will receive a scepter;
    • Examine the scepter to receive a red gem that you must deposit in the inventory;
    • Go back to the Hall and use the medallions to open the secret passage under the statue, from there you will access the Interrogation Room or the Observatory (the path changes depending on the character). With Leon you will have to use the handle to access the Observatory, while with Claire you will have to use the key with the heart:
    • Inside the room you will find a box, use the gem you recovered earlier to open it and get the STARS Badge:
    • Examine the badge from the inventory to get a USB stick;
    • Go to the STARS office and use the USB key on your computer (you find the room on the second floor, near the library) to unlock access to the locked room;
    • Leon will come into possession of a powerful Magnum and Claire's an excellent SGM MQ11.

Film Clue (Roll of Film) # 2: Photo of the locker

  • Location: B1 Shooting range
    • Unlock the office door in the Shooting Range after collecting the diamond key in the Morgue (B1). The film is on the table in the room.
  • Puzzle solution: the photo shows the combination to open a lock, the combination is DCM. The lock is located just upstairs from the Dark Room (i.e. third floor). You will get some ammo.

Film Clue (Roll of Film) # 3: Hideout

  • Location: Upper sewers, Work room
    • Once you reach the Work Room, you will be able to find the camera roll hidden in the sewers. You will need to use the T-Bar to return to the Police Station and develop the photos.
  • Puzzle solution: develop photos to see the two RPD hiding places.
    • Go back to the STARS office (2F), then search the drawer shown in the photo to collect an upgrade for your weapon. Leon will get the red dot sight for his Magnum and Claire instead a silencer for his SMG.
    • The other photo shows a drawer in the Press Room (1F) containing ammunition.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: where all the rolls are located (Film Roll)

We remember that Resident Evil 2 Remake is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC. Good hunting!

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