The Radiant Historia Solution

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The solution is based on the American version of the game, there may be divergences from the Spanish version.


Exit the initial room, watch a second skit. So, follow the path to the left, retrieve the contents of the treasure chest, then go up the elevator in the center of the corridor, reaching the third floor. Retrieve the Charm, save your game, go back to the first floor and explore all the rooms to retrieve various items. Reach the world map, then have your character walk towards the north of Lazvil Hills. Complete your first simple battle by following the instructions in the tutorial. In the next area, retrieve the conditioner from the crate, as well as the jelly from the container slightly lower. Then move to the top right, where a second tutorial will take place. Follow the path at the top right, destroy the two groups of enemies, take the umpteenth street on the right. A battle you can't win will ensue - enjoy the cutscene. Move the crate that blocks your progress, start walking along the only path available, until the end of the chapter (climbing the stairs to the right). Once the opening sequence is complete, go to the center of the room, talk to Rosch. We recommend that you choose "Join Rosch Brigade" as an answer during the conversation.

Rosch Brigade

Go up to the first floor, exit the castle. Visit the gun shop on the right - you can get new ammo and / or new armor. Exit to the map, and return to the north side of Lazvil Hills. Follow the road on the left, following the only path available. You will find yourself at a crossroads: take the downhill road, move the crates, save your game. Then go up, left, and continue towards Alma Mine. Talk to the informant; among the conversation options, you will have to choose "Send Scouts". Save your game, then go back to Rosch and - during the speech - answer "Stay under Heiss". Go up the elevator, then to the second floor.

Specint Assignment

Look at the scene, go back to the first floor. Proceed for two screens, another skit with the guy behind the counter. Go up the elevated path, visiting the bar on the left. Follow the kidnapped man, you will have to fight - use Power Wave to defeat the enemies. Go back to the second floor, talk to Heiss. Scene, then choose "Continue".


Talk to Marco at the bar, then go out to meet Raynie. Watch the skit, visit the gun shop and recover all the most powerful ones. Continue to Lazavis Hill North. After a scene, you will reach a crossroads: take the path that goes up, and choose "wait for the informant". Go past the chest, then left. You will have to rescue the trader under attack. Marco will have to be used to heal the characters, while the other two will have to use "Push Assault" to hit enemies with combinations. Then left, exiting towards the main map. Head towards Judgment Cliff East; follow the path up to a wooden sign, at the fork go up (save your game on the left). You will return to the map, then left, towards Sand Fortress South. Come on, skit, then enter the fortress. Move to the third floor, right, press "A" to cause the door to open. Repeat the procedure until you reach a group of enemies, easily eliminated. Enter the door above, continue to proceed to the southeast section of Grand Plain. Up, to the upper left corner; watch the scene, then you will locate a girl under attack: save her using Poison Break and Power Wave. Exit to the lower area, then left; during the dialogue, choose "Abandon the idea", save the game, return to Historia and, during the conversation, choose "Closed Mine".

Closed Mine

Select the "Send Scouts" option. The explosives will arrive. Look at the scene, exit the cave, retrieve the chest on the left. Walk along the elevated section of the mine, watch the scene. Move left, then move one of the barrels to the right, using it to cause nearby rocks to explode. Retrieve the "Heavy Mail" from the chest, go back to the barrels, blow up the rocks on the left. A path will be created, which you can use to get to the next part of the cave. At the crossroads, left, blow up other rocks. Vignette, then path to the left, another treasure chest. Save your game, use the two explosive barrels to cause the two groups of rocks nearby to explode. Exit high, skit, then inevitable battle. While it is easy, we recommend experimenting with Rayne's "Regenerate" ability to gain confidence.

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A New Mission

Left, get the money back from the cashier. Then exit up, then enter the door on the right, go up to the third floor. Visit the office on the right; when asked what to do, say you want to wait; in this way, you can renew your equipment. Save your game, exit the city and return to Lazvil Hills North. Using the barrel on the right, blow up the rocks to the south. Collect the Celestial Tea, behind the tree. Go back to the previous area, left, cross the bridge. Go down to the bottom left, pass the save point, watch the scene. Exit at the bottom, returning to the world map. Go down to the east part of Judgment Cliff, then move north with your new partner. You will meet Shadow: beware of his poisonous attacks, hit him immediately to minimize the time available to use them; in case one of the party members is turned to stone, use "Anti-Stone" to bring him back to life. Then travel to the left, you will come to the southern part of Sand Fortress. Look at the cutscene, go up to the second floor, talk to Kiel. Go back to the first one, then go up the stairs to the right. Talk to Viola and Rosch, telling Rosch that you are ready to go with him - during the dialogue, select "Prioritize the mission". After yet another cutscene, return to Historia using the nearby save point and switch to "Stocke's Display".

Stocke's Display

Left, during the conversation you will have to choose "Abandon the idea". Blow up the rocks and retrieve "Bishop Stud" from the chest. Exit in the center, then retrieve the chest on the left. Keep walking, you will be interrupted by a cutscene. Go back up, you can learn a new skill, which you will need to locate another root (top left). Then forward to the right (another root in this new area), then take the elevated path (root on the right), then move south. You will be attacked by a boar - poison it to kill it quickly. Retrieve the item from his corpse, return to the camp and talk to Vanoss. Now go up, then right, twice up, watch the skit. Once you reach a new section of the map, you will have to move towards Granorg (enter through the main door). Chat with everyone in the main square. Look at the scene, approach the merchant in the upper left. Collect the mana crystals, then save your game and proceed along the path on the right. Talk to the agent, then go straight to the next chapter.

Duty Revealed

Collect the herbs from the upper right chest, then return to the main square. Go down, you will be stopped by a soldier: talk to him and accept his job offer. Exit down the street at the top left, talk to Liese, then go back to the soldier for another chat. Exit to the lower left area, you will be interrupted by a skit. Enter the tavern, talk to the man at the counter. Exit, locate the exclamation point in the area. Press A for another cutscene, then proceed along the new path. You will reach a crossroads: initially prefer the lower area, pulling the lever at its end. Go back to the original fork (before the last one), and take the lower path. You will notice six possible paths. Explore them all, locating different objects and a little girl, who you will need to get out of the sewers. So go back to the fork between the 6 paths, and proceed along the top right one - hit the lever, then go back and continue up to the left. Cross the wooden bridge, you will find another crossroads with 6 paths. Save your game, and proceed to the top left again. Follow the only possible path. Pull the lever on the left, two bridges will appear. Use the top one to continue. Look at the skit (during which we recommend selecting the "Stick to stealth" option), use the ladder, then save the game to enter Historia. Choose "The Valkyrie".

The Valkyrie

You will need to locate five bombs, scattered around the play area. Use the stairs on the right to reach the first room, the bomb will be in its left section. A second one can be taken at the far left, down the corridor. Go back to the save point, go up the stairs immediately above. The elevated corridor will contain the third bomb (as well as a hidden chest on the right). Climb the stairs again to locate the last bomb on the left. Talk to Rosch and follow him. Climb to the top floor, exit the fortress, then eliminate the enemies (poison them to speed up the process). Press "continue" to proceed to the next episode.

Alistel's Offensive

Exit the fortress, then go to the southeastern part of Great Plains. Look at the skit, retrieve the first aid kit from the chest. Turn left, walk the path up to a second scene. After the simple battle, continue always to the left, until you are interrupted by the umpteenth cutscene. Choose the "Look for Rosch" option, another battle will follow - we recommend using Raynie's "Rush" move to get to victory quickly. After the battle is over, move to Historia and reach "Alistel's Offensive". Look at all the cutscenes, talk to Viola. Go up to the third floor, then exit and take again towards the grand plain, south-east. Continue to walk the same path as before, locating Rosch at its end. After a long cutscene, you will be transported back to town. Get to the office, another scene. You will have to face a battle that ... you cannot win. Use "Double Slash" every turn. You will then win a new skill. Then visit the nearest room, complete the conversation, and leave town. Another little battle: spam Greater Heal and Double Slash to get away with it without too much trouble.

Beastkind Forest

Once out of the house, retrieve the Crystal Charm from the treasure chest on the left. Proceed along the causeway until you meet Rosch. After the skit, go and visit the gun shop, restoring all the equipment. Exit to the map, then travel to the east of Lazvil Hills. Left, up, smash the rocks using the hidden barrel; then repeat to free yourself the way. Follow the lower path, save your game, advance as required. You will find yourself fighting a giant bear. First of all, you'll have to eliminate his two assistants - the Stompys - so that he can then focus all attacks on the main boss; is particularly sensitive to Aht's "Ice Trap", so place the trap, then - using one of your melee characters - "push" the boss towards it, so that it is promptly frozen. After the battle, exit to the top and talk to Rosch. Remember to take the chest on the left, which contains two anti-paralysis. In the main square, talk to Sonja, enter the pension (bottom left), talk to Vanoss. Look at all the skits, go back to Alistel. Go up, save your game, two skits. Try to leave: you will have to fight; fortunately, these will be low-ranking opponents, which can be readily reset as long as you face them sequentially, without wasting your energy. Then move to the north section of Lazvil Hills. Proceed along the path, up to a scene. Destroy the rocks using the barrels, then - arrived from Celestia - you will have to fight again: focus on the two soldiers, then on the auto-defenders. More skits, then talk to Rosch (in the upper part of the village), then to Sonja. Proceed to the house in the upper left, talk to Raul, then with the sage of the village. You will be asked to appoint a boss - we recommend choosing Rosch. Another scene, then saved to proceed to Historia. Choose "How to Disappear".

How to Disappear

Follow the corridor on the left; when asked to choose, answer "Stick to stealth". When you get to the top floor, follow the only path available, up to a red carpet. Go up the stairs, retrieve the treasure chest from the room on the right. Go down again, then follow the carpet to the room on the left. Exit south, more treasure in a chest (lower left corner). Approach the save point, watch the scene, then go up using the vines.

Approach the table on the left, you will have to fight again. Make massive use of the "Rush" magic available to Raynie; the other two characters will do well to focus on the melee, their real specialty. After the battle, approach the balcony and start going down. Back in the main room, follow the red carpet for the umpteenth time to the right. Go down the stairs, save your game, then left. From the door, go up to the two chests, then continue towards the prison. You will fall into a trap; watch the skit at the end of the chapter.


Exit the pub and the town, heading towards the northwest part of the Great Plain. Go down to the root, then go over the mountain (to the right). Enter the east side of Gran Plain. Left, then up to the village of Cornet. Look at the scene, then left, up to a vegetable garden. Retrieve the chest, then enter the house in the upper left. Talk to the old gentleman, then sit back and watch all of the cutscenes. Go back to Granorg, go up, look at two more scenes. Left, walk towards the pub. Aht will join your party after a short and simple battle. Left again, enter the pub in question. After the princess joins your party, exit the pub and watch the event. Now move to the north part of Sand Fortress. Go down until you enter the fortress, then go to the first floor. Upon witnessing the conversation, you will be assigned a new task. Exit south, moving towards the Judgment Cliff cave. Go down again, to a wooden sign. Turn left, then go up the elevated path. Retrieve the hidden barrel and throw it towards the rocks above, unlocking a new section of the map. Then use the other barrels to destroy the rocks on the right, recovering the "Life Robe", a new outfit. Left, enter the upper part of the cave, make the two crates yours. Also get the other chest on the left, talk to Aht. Choose the "Deal with the fire" option, then you'll have to deal with Rosch. It is not particularly harmful, but its "Iron Wall" ability makes it extremely difficult to damage: you will have to try to use your special abilities to move the opponent along the playing area against his will, so that he cannot take advantage of the defensive circles created by himself. After the battle, save your game and return to Historia, traveling to "Shattered Steel Arm".

Shattered Steel Arm

Talk to Raul and Barranca, inside the nearby hut. Choose Rosch as a candidate, then go talk to him (exiting the upper part of the village). Talk to Sonja, then you will reach Historia and proceed to "A New Mission". Talk to Sonja again, enter the nearby house, talk to Raul and Barranca. Name Rosch again, talk to him again. You will have to fight it: it will not change much from the previous time, except that "Iron Wall" will have been replaced by a spell capable of healing it, creating "healing fields" along the battle area - it will be enough to make sure that it does not can be stationed in their vicinity to reset all his immortal ambitions. Attack with Double Slash, until you KO him. Enter the house on the left, completing the chapter.

Celestian War

Leaving the town, approach the eastern part of Lazvil. Left, destroy the rocks using the explosive barrels. You will then have to face off against a Taurmachine and three Clockwork Thunders - the latter must be eliminated as soon as possible, as they will explode as each turn passes; we recommend taking Gafka with you during this battle. The best way to destroy them is to use Gafka's "Lighting Hammer". Use it every time the Clockwork Thunder are re-entered into the play area; the other characters will be able to take care of the Taurmachine without running the risk of being seriously injured. Back in the village, save your game and talk to Raul, near the entrance to the elevated house. Choose "Join the meeting", then "Team up with Forge". Save your game, enter Historia, and choose "Death of a Friend".

Death of a Friend

Talk to Aht and select the "Deal with the fire" option. Continue following the same path as before, this time the ending will be different. Access to a new chapter will open.

Imprisoned Stocke

Save your game and talk to the baby, telling him you want to sleep. You will therefore have to fight: we recommend using mainly Double Slash and Greater Heal, as well as Anti-Poison to heal yourself from any alteration of status. Back outside, talk to Garland, telling him you're ready. Now you have to fight him: use Poison Wing and Double Slash immediately, it is possible to KO him in a few seconds. Gained control of your character, go down the stairs and start exploring the city. Retrieve the chest on the right, enter the bar along the elevated path. Another fight awaits you: immediately use Aht's "Poison Trap" on the enemy, then Stocke's special abilities to move him towards the traps - you should be able to avoid any direct attack, the opponent has no other way to hit you, so you can avoid all his attacks. Back in the main square, retrieve the treasure chests in the center. Exit to the bottom left, locate the semi-hidden barrels (also below) and use them to blow up the rocks on the left. Go back to the guesthouse, retrieve the chest from the room on the right, talk to the man behind the counter, saying you want to stay there. Go back to Cygnus, then talk to the man on the left, accepting his challenge. Right and below, converse with the subject with the strange armor, accepting his request to be part of the tournament.
It will be necessary to face a group of enemies, all at the same time. We recommend a battle strategy not too different from the usual: use Ash's Poison Trap to place the traps along the path, so try to direct the enemies towards them. During the next event, choose "Stop Aht". Then use a save point to reach Historia, and enter the "A New Alliance" node. Talk to Raul, then join the Forge. Talk to Gafka, then go back to the same node to start a fight. Again, it is advisable to take advantage of the traps: play with Poison Trap and associated Bomb Trap, using Stocke's skills to move enemies around the play area. At this point, we advise against continuing with other battles: instead go and talk to the man who asked you to be part of his tournament, he will give you valuable information. So talk to the doorman, on the right, he will let you enter the prison. Talk to your friends, save your game and chat with Eruca, who will join your party. South, until they were interrupted by a fight. The use of traps will be made impossible by the size of the enemy, which occupies the entire battlefield. Despite its appearance, it is not particularly strong: the only really harmful move at its disposal is "Death Grip". When he uses it, you'll need to heal the entire party right away, with top priority. With this need in mind, you shouldn't encounter major problems in eliminating it. Then exit downwards, concluding the chapter.

Scorching Battlefield

Immediately upgrade the equipment of the characters, then approach the throne room. Choose "Lead the way". Watch the long animated sequence, you will find yourself in the city center. Save your game by returning to Historia. Continue to Desert City Messiah. Go down, until you are interrupted by a skit. Again Historia, this time the destination will have to be "Warlord's Request". Always choose "Lead the way". Back to the desert, come on, skit. Grab the treasure chest on the right, then exit to the left. Destroy the lower left item, exit left again. Go down the well, get the crystals. Go back to the previous area, destroy the second catapult, then try to return to the city - you will be interrupted by a skit. Use the explosives on the rocks at the top right, go up the new path to retrieve some arrows. Exit at the top, approach the top of the cave, grab the treasure chest on the left, then exit via the path above. Destroy the two catapults, retrieve the secret treasure chest at the top right, return to the cave. Talk to Garland; a battle will follow, with Palomides and Gardner. As usual, it is advisable to start the battle by poisoning both enemies, then focus your best attacks on Gardner, and only finally roast Palomides. After the skit, go down to get to the next chapter.

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Waiting at Skalla

North, left, talk to the soldier. Tell him you're going to go talk to the boss. Leave the well, then right, up, remove the rocks near the barrel. Back on the map, travel east to Skalla. Watch the scene, enter the shop, recovering the Sand Sword. Enter the inn, top right. Rest, then continue to the north section of Itolia Wasteland. Then right, down, down, right, to a new area of ​​the map. Enter the western part of Abyssia Forest. Watch the scene, then go up to the cashier. Go back to the starting area, take the path that goes down. At the fork, right, talk to Liese. Then go back to the fork, left. Another crossroads, right. Third fork: take the path that goes up. Once again at the world map, enter the ruins. Go up and look at the scene, enter the temple and go up the stairs. Press the switch, retrieve the contents of the two crates. Then enter the leftmost door, keep walking until you reach a huge circle. At its center, take the divine covenant from the chest.
Enter the lower right door to get divine water, then enter the upper right door to continue further. Save the game, left, retrieve the item and hit the switch. Go back to the save point, then go up to the door above. You will have to deal with a new type of Shadow: it is not a particularly difficult enemy, but it has extremely powerful combos; some of its standard attacks can poison your characters - so take items with you that will help you counteract these negative effects. After the battle, save your game again and interact with the statue. Another enemy awaits you, this one rather powerful. In this specific case, the combined use of "All Recovery" and "Guard Rise" is recommended. The second move serves to increase the attack power of all your characters, while the first neutralizes all the problems commonly associated with poisoning. The attacks - on your part - will have to be mainly based on hand-to-hand. Retrieve the Beast Mark from his corpse, save your game, talk to Bergas. Use Historia to return to Resistance, talk to Will. Then move to Wounded Otto. Enter the fortress, retrieve the scroll hidden on the right, return to the first floor. Look at the cutscene, return to Historia.
Tell Bergas you want to wait for Gutrals, a new skit will follow. You can enter the city. Go up to the main square, turn left, rest at the pension. Then go back to the square, and take the only path that goes up, up to the castle. When you get to the throne room, you will have to face two Granorgite and two Protea guards - we recommend that you bring Rainey with you; all three of your characters will therefore have to use "Mana Burst" immediately after the start of the battle to hit the two guards, while Rainey will have to use an electric type magic to seriously damage the Granorgites. The fight should end quickly enough; the queen will flee, and you can use Historia to reach "A New Alliance".

A New Alliance

Talk to Raul, then affirm your willingness to join the Forge group. You will then meet Gafka; watch the next scene, you can then proceed. Go back to the meeting area, talk to Sonja - accept her request. Now move to the east side of Lazvil Hills. Break the rocks above using the barrel, then left, up, more rocks to detonate, and exit climbing some more. You will return to the map: head towards the north of Lavil Hills. Approach the wooden table, left, straight, cross the wooden bridge. Retrieve the treasure chest, talk to the merchant. Left, down, back to the map. Walk to the east of Judgment Cliff. Inside, use the path you go west, ignoring the warning sign. At the dead end, talk to the soldier. Get rid of the rocks using the nearby barrel, then exit and continue towards the north part of Itolia Wasteland. Go down, right, down, down, right. Talk to the Gutrals, then right again. Enter that of Abyssia, right, down, right, down, right, up to a wooden bridge. Overcome it, look at the scene and you will find yourself in front of the Forge. Collect the treasure chest on the left, then use the barrel to detonate the group of rocks. Enter the house of the wise for the end of chapter scene.

Battle for Skalla

You can reunite with your party in Skalla. Move to the pension (in the upper right part of the town). After the cutscene, exit and proceed to the left. Interact with the soldiers, then take them out (use "Guard Rise" to speed up the operation). You will be taken back to your room. Talk to Rosch, making clear your readiness. Go back to Skalla, then tell Rosch to lead you to the fortress. Go up to the third floor, then proceed to the exit and start fighting the boss. Immediately begin destroying the two protective units, focusing secondly on the main enemy, using a combination of Guard Rise and Thunder-G. Also bring a curator with you. During the following skit, you reply that you need to prepare yourself. Climb to the top left, retrieve the herbs from the crates, as well as the money from the lower right chest. Then exit up and move to Grain Plain. Talk to Rosch, then take out the Shadows to complete the chapter.

Flux War

Climb and exit to the map, then move southeast. Exit to the left, entering the north-east part of Gran Plain. Destroy the rocks using the barrels on the left. Exit top left, twice; you will be in front of Granorg. Enter and explore the shops on its right side. Then move to the left wing of the town, take the path below. Approach the back of the pub, watch the skit. Answer "Go in now", then follow the only possible path to cross the wooden bridge. Right, exit at the top left, then left again along the only existing path. Back near the watercourse, continue up to the right and use the ladder. Watch yet another scene, get out of prison and talk to Eruca. Save your game, then tell Eruca that you are ready. You will have to fight against a Thautomaton. We advise you to immediately eliminate the two flying stones that assist him; then use Guard Rise and Thunder G to take out the main boss. Once out of the room, you can enjoy another skit. Rest for a while near the boardinghouse, then take out the guards and continue to Viola - more fight. Two Auto Defenders are placed in his defense, capable of altering the status of your characters; At the start of the battle, try to poison Viola immediately - and then periodically cast the usual "Guard Rise" to maximize your defense level. After the skit, enter the palace and go up, until you locate the princess.
Enter the door on the right, then the next door on the left. Use the circle to go down, recover the treasure chest, go up the elevator and go down. Continue along the only path available. At the crossroads, turn right, up to a switch. Press it to gain access to the lower level, then use the barrels to cause the metal elements on the right to explode. Go down again, talk to the man on your left, then use the barrel (hidden) on the right to remove the metal slag that obstructs your easy progress. Save your game, then put Marco and Raynie in your main group. Locate the hidden switch at the bottom right. Then use the teleportation to go down again, destroy the metal on the right using the two barrels, recover the contents of the chest. Go back up, use the barrels on the metal to the left, locate the switch. Use the teleporter, then you'll have to fight Hugo. It will be very easy to defeat him the first time; unfortunately, immediately after the battle, he will go to restore his HP level. A cutscene will follow: move to the right, talk to Fennel and retrieve the sword. Save your game, reach Historia and return to Celestian War.
Talk to the red-haired girl, she will reload your sword. Give it to Stocke, reach Historia and return to "Demigod". You will repeat the fight against Hugo who, this time, will be much stronger, especially due to his attacks that can paralyze your characters. We recommend using Marco as a support, to increase the statistics of the subjects in your group; at the same time, Raynia must immediately poison Hugo and use magic like Fire-G to destroy enemies - while your main fighter must take out Hugo's assistants. This way Hugo won't be attacked directly, but will always lose some HP while dealing with his underlings, so when you're ready to focus your attacks on him, it won't take long to reset him. Then look at the scene at the end of the chapter and select "continue" to proceed.

Shadow Crown

Go up to the entrance of the castle, watch the scene. Then enter the Judgment Cliff cave. Go down, then left, use the barrel to destroy the rocks. Climb up to the imperial ruins. Another scene, then a little further on you can destroy the huge crystal with a simple swipe of the sword. Poison the purple tiger, then use your best magic on his two assistants. After the scene, exit to the top left, retrieve the contents of the chest. Go back to the main room, then enter the upper right, and go down the two consecutive vines. Follow the only path available, save your game. Climb along the creeper, take the path to the left. Another creeper, then some crystals to destroy, a hidden chest to recover.
Go down along two other vines, exit at the bottom left. Watch the skit, then explore all the doors around you to retrieve various useful items. Then go down to the left, several floors. Save your game, then exit at the top. You will have to fight against Heiss, assisted by two Shadows. Use Double Slash to quickly damage the opponent, and Area Heal to heal all the characters in a certain "around", when Heiss uses a spell that can hit an entire game area, perhaps populated by several of your characters. After the battle, Heiss will run away, and Stocke will follow him. You will have to repeat in a more or less identical way the battle just passed, then watch a skit that introduces you to the final chapter.


Before continuing, as you are about to reach the end of the game, we recommend that you heal all your characters and save the game. When you are ready, enter the following room. Retrieve the barrel in the upper right, use it to destroy the lumber, retrieve the dress from the treasure chest. So, use another barrel (top left) to remove the rocks, continuing to climb. Defeat the stone, then place it on the path to be able to overcome the ravine. Shatter the stones to your left, then cross the ravine and restore each subject's magic points. Retrieve the chest on the right, go up the raised path, continue using the stones in the same way, arriving at the next room.
Blow up the rocks using the barrels hidden in the lower left area, collect the items, save your game. Approach the circle in the lower right, walk the only path available (on the right), and start fighting Palomides - you will have to use G-Thunder against him, and G-Fire to reset the HP of the crystals. Move to the upper right circle where you can start fighting Garland. Poison him as quickly as possible, he is very sensitive to this type of status change. Then focus all your attacks on the crystals. Save the game again, approach the circle at the bottom left.

Now you will have to fight against a Guardian capable of poisoning you - so keep all the items at hand to soothe the alterations of status and / or to heal the characters who, in case of poisoning, begin to lose HP. Save your game again, and proceed to the top left circle. Here you will have to deal with Purple, two floating stones and two red crystals - initially you will have to focus only on the stones, using all the most powerful magical abilities, so that they are quickly reset. Then move on to the crystals, using ice-based elemental abilities. Only when all the "assistants" have been eliminated can you start attacking Viola: poison her immediately, then use Mana Burst and all your most damaging skills.
Heal your characters, continue to the door above. Ignore the Black Chronicle initially, having the Shadows move towards the book instead - then attack them both at the same time to multiply the damage dealt. Then the real "final fight" will begin, against Apocrypha, a mutation of Heiss. During the first battle, you won't have many problems, other than those related to an attack that can damage your entire party. During the second, he will be able to put group members to sleep. During the third, he will be able to use "Dark Matter" - an enhanced version of the hit from the first part, which is extremely harmful. To prepare for the battle you will first have to equip objects capable of eliminating any alteration of status inflicted on your characters - petrifaction, sleep, etc - it will not be possible to change the party members in the middle of the combat sequence, so you would be forced to keep a completely useless character. Also include a subject capable of poisoning the enemy (the typical choice is Raynie), as well as a healer. The latter will not have to limit himself to keeping an eye on the level of HP, but he will also have to take care of the points-magic: the length of the fight makes it impossible to maintain a high level of points-magic throughout its duration, an artificial increase through ad-hoc objects it will be indispensable. The rest of the characters will simply have to use their most powerful attacks; you should be able to destroy it smoothly, thus enjoying the final scene.

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