Donkey Kong Country Walkthrough: Tropical Freeze

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The solution is based on the US version of the game, so there may be divergences from the Spanish version.

Capitolo 1 - Lost Mangroves

Below, the levels that are part of the first chapter.

Mangrove Cove

Once out of the plane, turn around and retrieve the red balloon. So let yourself be carried away by the waterfall. Swim to the left, retrieving the puzzle piece in the debris of the plane. Go back to the right, moving along the "pavement" made of sand. Then split the red coral, recovering the coin.
Keep going forward, jumping on the bird's head and retrieving the coin. Now reach the partially destroyed stone, hitting it repeatedly. Hit the block on the right as well, continuing forward to the secret area. Grab the bananas on the left, then roll under the toothed plant. Wait for the plant to "rise" towards the top of the tree, then overcoming the two ravines on the left. Retrieve the items from the leaf-shaped area. Jump onto the metal platform, then hit the ground in the next area, pulverizing it.
Retrieve the puzzle fragment on the right, grab the barrel and throw it at the enemy in front of you. Move along the ravines, drop into the water, move along the "spring" platforms, then go down to the right and launch yourself beyond the trees. Roll the turtle along the group of birds. Pull the switch, causing the huge tree to "go up". Enter the barrel.
Get shot to the left, take the letter "N", wait for the red balloons to go up in the air. Once near the Viking ship, proceed to the left. Jump to the next plant, taking the coin from the chest. Grab the bananas and move forward again, defeating the seal. Land on the second platform, retrieve the G and proceed to the right.
Position yourself on the wooden platform, under the three enemies (visible immediately above). Press the switches that will appear on the screen. Move forward again, repeatedly hitting the circular platform. Enter the skull to complete the level.

Shipwreck Shore

Break the chest on the left. Next, flip the "buried" switch in the sand, then throw a melon at the penguin in front of you. Move up to the stream, drop down to the stream below. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Return to the surface, moving further forward to get to the main platform.
Take control of Dixie and then proceed forward, entering the hatch. Then glide towards the bananas. Jump to the top of the sleet-shaped crate. Turn around and jump along the various crates on the left, retrieving the K. Continue forward, dropping yourself into a pool of water. Then swim to reach the area behind the ship, and make your way to the final area.
Move back to the crates. Pick up the zeros and continue to the ivy. Left, pass the enemy "in flight". Cling to the penguin, retrieving the puzzle fragment in the area.
Move forward, coming to a wooden platform. Hit it repeatedly. Continue to the right, letting yourself fall into the stream. Break the wooden obstacles. Collect the bananas, then climb to the objects on the surface. Go along the watercourse, jumping on the floating crates. Go along the ivy, jumping along the grasshoppers. Hit the wooden platform behind them, turning it into a raft. So let yourself be carried forward, then drop onto the raft, moving forward towards the rotating rotor. Hit the next barrel to complete the chapter.

Canopy Chaos

Move along the ivy, catching the first turtle you encounter, throwing it through the snow barrier on the left. Enter the secret area: recover the bananas within the time limit to get a fragment of a puzzle.
Still ahead, move left and right along the ivy, retrieving the K as it "backs" to the left. Right, take control of "Cranky Kong", and use his rod to jump across the series of platforms along the "tops" of the trees, catching the O as soon as the penguin stops "shooting". Then continue the ascent, reaching the higher platform. Pull the switch to get the next puzzle piece.
Enter the next barrel, shooting towards its rear. Keep shooting, landing on the ground again. Still ahead, jump beyond the quills, then along the ivy to retrieve the letter "N". Use the turtle to grab yet another puzzle piece from the nearby bag. Always ahead, landing on a cart-like platform. Dive under the rotating fan as the cart moves to the right. Jump on the flying enemy, enter the barrel to launch yourself to the next platform. Jump along the treetops, grab the items, then continue to the right and pulverize the various enemies. Once you are in front of the rotating blades, stop.
Jump across the two platforms behind you, entering the next "secret" room. Take the bananas, then continue further forward under the blades. Collect the G, then move along the ivy attached to the cart. Project yourself to the next barrel, then shoot yourself towards the trunk. Use the crate to get to the next set of platforms. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Return to the barrel below to complete the chapter.

Trunk Twister

Roll forward, passing the first enemy below, gaining access to the "Diddy Kong" barrel. Hit the middle of the next barrel, reaching the secret area below you. Get on the mine cart.
Go over the first ravine. Roll under the next platform, picking up the K. Launch forward to pass the next two flying enemies. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Jump across the ravines, rolling under the crates. Move along the path, overcoming yet another series of obstacles.
Dive under the next string of thrusters, retrieving the O. Get past the enemies blocking the path. Turn around and go past the ivy plants. Jump to the crate in front of you, grabbing the G above. Then forward, to the right. Glide to the submarine, recovering the puzzle fragment beyond the thrusters. Then go through the following ravines.

Boss: Big Top Bop
Stay in position as the huge seal leaps. Throw yourself forward just before the boss reaches the center of the platform, thus placing you squarely on his back. Move forward, towards the fish positioned on the nose of the seal, and then - as soon as the seal throws the fish into the air - quickly run forward, thus avoiding being hit.
Jump onto the enemy's back, causing him to plummet into the water.
Place yourself on the wooden panels in the center, walking along the various penguins. So jump on the back of the seal. Then hit the boss again, making him "call" a group of penguins. Jump on each of them as they move towards you, waiting for the seal to become "vulnerable" again, and then hit it with all your might.
The seal will then project itself into the air, trying to crush you: as soon as you see it jump, move sideways to avoid being hit. So jump along the next penguins, finally hitting the boss in the head, so as to defeat him definitively.

Capitolo 2 - Autumn Heights

Below, the levels that are part of the second chapter.

Windmill Hills

Smash the first pile of tree trunks, then pull the handle just below. Carry the barrel, moving it to the left. Break the various barriers blocking the passage. Enter the secret room, grab the bananas and the puzzle fragment. Move forward, smashing Dixie Kong's barrel. Jump off the hanging platform on the left, picking up the coin behind the owl. Right, up to the next mill.

Use Dixie to glide towards the center of the mill. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Move to the right. Get the K, jumping on the owl's head. Go for the red balloon. Once you land on the nearest enemy, dash forward towards the owl, repeatedly jumping on its head to retrieve some coins. Jump on the next four penguins. Right, hit the wooden object and grab yet another fragment. Collect all the bananas that will appear along the next windmills. Retrieve yet another puzzle fragment. Enter the barrel, dashing back and forth to retrieve all the bananas in the area. Then move to the red balloon.
Move forward again, jumping on the nearby mechanism and retrieving the barrel, then pick up the nearby fragment. Roll through the following leaves, pull the handle, gaining access to the secret room to grab yet another fragment. Jump to the next platform, arriving at the spinning gear visible on the left. Glide to the right, retrieve the O, jump along the tent. Go through the secret door, recovering the bananas needed for the reward.
Launch yourself forward to reach the gondola. Let yourself be carried down. Jump to the next windmill. Enter the barrel in the shape of a skull, then continue forward overcoming the various obstacles, using the jetpack of Diddy Kong. Hit the wooden platforms near the final area, throwing yourself along the next barrels.

Mountain Mania

Break the barrel in front of you using Dixie Kong's abilities. Also smash the nearby crate, letting yourself be carried away by the rhino. Go back to the left, dropping into the nearby "ravine" full of spikes, so you can take the fragment. Always ahead, pass the enemies along the way, reaching some stone blocks nearby. Project yourself towards the K, retrieving it. Go back to the rhino.
Load to the right, pulverizing the obstacles and recovering the bananas placed on the wooden towers. Retrieve the puzzle fragment. Move along the next play area, landing near a chest. Let yourself be carried forward, retrieving the O. Jump across the platforms below. Hit the various bells on the right, recovering yet another piece of the puzzle.
Go through the various ravines, hitting the circular platform at the end of the path. Wait for the glass structure to become visible. Then break the stone, obtaining yet another piece of the puzzle. Let yourself be carried away by the next crate, then loading the enemies visible on the opposite side. Retrieve the N at the top, then move along the series of obstacles. Let yourself be carried away by another chest, passing the blue flame, arriving at a third chest at the bottom.
Continue to the next one, recovering the puzzle fragment. Jump to the enemy below, then charge forward at maximum speed.
Jump to the second chest, forward to the right. Turn around and jump to the platform, top left, collecting all the rewards nearby. Continue forward, breaking the stone blocks that block the path. Jump across the next ravines to complete the level.

Horn Top Hop

Headshot the first penguin, then throw it towards the bag above. Retrieve the puzzle fragment. Make your way to the next switch, pull it. Grab the barrel, throw it at the enemy below. Then roll through the pile of leaves visible behind the enemy to get to the next platform.
Get past the next set of falling leaves in the area, jumping past the creatures. Jump into the windy current. When you reach the platform above, grab hold of the ivy. Pick up the puzzle on the left. Then go back to the right moving along the ivy. Go down to the head of the nearby boar. Glide towards the owl.
Jump across the falling leaves, still moving forward. Enter the banana room, side. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Move along the penguins, then along the leaves to the right, then jump along the "horns" and jump along the helmeted owl again, picking up the N.
Go through the ivy hanging from the ceiling, roll through the pile of leaves, grab the puzzle fragment. Retrieve the G, then use the arrow barrel to launch towards the back of the play area. Turn along the pipe, go down to the right, recovering yet another fragment visible at the top, jumping along the "flow" of wind that will follow, then passing the blue flames. Move up again, reaching the end of the level.

Sawmill Thrill

Roll into the tree, visible on the left. Proceed forward, taking the mine cart and moving over the next ravine, along the tracks to reach the barrel.
Jump over the first saw, then dive under the next series of "saws", landing on top of a log. Then launch towards the K visible above. Jump over the blades, always paying attention to the bottom of the ravine, as one of them will contain the letter "O". Jump through the visible opening between the two blades to the opposite side of the play area.
Keep jumping, reaching a large log of wood, then letting yourself fall along the inclined plane. At its end, head towards the stream below. Jump to the owl. On the opposite side, move along the wooden floor, then dive as soon as you notice the N in the water.
Go back, jumping along the spikes to reach the room at the top. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Go down along the inclined plane. Enter the banana room. Go through the various crates, trying to position yourself in front of the blade that will descend towards you.
Repeatedly jump along the wooden blocks that will fall in front of you, recovering yet another piece of the puzzle. Dive right under the blades to land on the next path. By jumping repeatedly, you will come to the following section of the railing. Continue forward, dropping down the incline and jumping across the ravine to reach the end of the level.

Alpine Incline

Throw the first penguin on the second penguin, crossing the bridge and gaining access to the barrel below, thus joining Dixie. Proceed forward, crossing the various ravines and trying to stay as "low" as possible, to avoid the arrival of the enemies. Jump along the heads of the penguins coming from the right, catching the K just above their heads, and moving forward along the ivy plants. After you land, move to the left, gliding between the floating platforms and retrieving the bananas in the area, obtaining the fragment of a puzzle.
Keep moving to the left, throwing the first penguin towards the second, then jumping repeatedly on the balloon full of air, trying to cause the "detachment" of the balloon immediately below. Then project yourself forward along the clouds, picking up the bananas. Retrieve the O, then jump to the next barrel (right), and dash to the elevated area to activate the checkpoint. Forward along the next visible balloons in the air, hitting the heads of the enemies. Move along the small wooden platforms, diving beyond the helicopter to get the puzzle pieces.
Always ahead, landing near the next wooden platform floating above you. Retrieve the N, then right, launching yourself among the helicopters. Enter the next barrel, making yourself transported to the top of the air balloons. Jump along these balloons to avoid the oncoming penguins. Collect the G, then continue forward and pass the last barrel, reaching the platform on the opposite side. Enter the secret room on the right, grab the bananas. Jump back along the spinning balloons, dropping to the last barrel and clearing the level.

Video - Aquatic Levels Trailer

Wing Ding

Enter the building in front of you, breaking through the woody area behind the barrel and throwing yourself over the trap door. Continue to the left. Work your way up, rolling through the three bells on top. Glide forward along the ivy, hitting the next bells. Jump to the third ivy, hitting the golden bell to get yet another bunch of bananas.
Move again from ivy to ivy. Hit yet another bell, passing the blue flame and recovering the K on the side. Jump on the heads of the enemies, moving along the wooden platforms before they fall apart. Quickly slide along the vines, retrieving the three bells.
Jump to the blue flame. Hit the three bells, going down and retrieving the N. Move along the ivy, jump on the owl. Launch from the edge, continuing beyond the window. Jump forward, moving along the sloping platform. Right. Open the barrel, talk to Dixie, move to the right, going down to the wooden platform.
Glide to the next platform on the left. Enter the barrel above. Fly along the wooden planks on the left, recovering the fragment.
Go through the next barrel, hitting the bell on the back. At the bottom of the shaft, jump along the various platforms, moving along the ivy plants and jumping on the heads of the enemies. So take advantage of Dixie's new abilities to proceed along the conduit. Pull the nearby rope to activate the bell and complete the level.

Boss:Mountaintop Tussle
Use Dixie to throw yourself towards the rear area. Dodge the blades thrown by the owl. Collect the eggs, throw them towards the boss. Dodging the spikes, dash towards the barrel. Make your way to the end of the platform, jump down to dodge the feathers. You will therefore find yourself faced with two consecutive barrels, repeat all the previous actions twice.
Continue to the next barrel, trying to stay in the center to avoid the feathers / blades thrown at you. Dodging the eggs that fall from the sky. Wait for the huge owl to lay one of the eggs, then jump on its head to inflict damage. Dodge the ice balls, then approach the boss to inflict the final attack.

Capitolo 3 - Bright Savannah

Below, the levels that are part of the third chapter.

Grassland Groove

Go down towards Dixie. After the conversation, proceed to the branch and walk up the "line" of bananas.
Let yourself be carried to the left by the platform. Retrieve the K, continue forward. Walk along the "smiling" platforms. Move to the right, drop down using the vines. Retrieve the last piece of the puzzle on the left.
Head back to the right, dropping to the skull below. Shoot yourself forward, then roll to the right again. Move left, retrieving the puzzle fragment near the dead grass. Go back to the right. Hold on to the ivy in the next area. Move along the ivy, retrieving the O from behind the pink zebra.
Enter the barrel, making yourself shoot along the trees, locating the N at the end of the path. Roll along the next piece of dead grass, enter yet another barrel, grab the bananas and get shot ahead. Pick up the puzzle fragment, finally landing on the snake's head. Glide along the central section of the snake, grab the red balloon. Leave it near its tail, taking the G that will come on stage.
Jump on the owl, then move towards the snake, then along the "string" of bananas that leads to the puzzle fragment. Right, hold on to the ivy at the top, near the snake's head. Let yourself be carried forward, then jump to the snake on the right. Move along the ivy, climbing onto the head of the last snake, then dropping onto the barrel shaped like an arrow. Shoot yourself to the next platform. Roll through the dead grass, reaching the last barrel and shooting forward to complete the level.

Baobab Bonanza

Go through the ravines in front of you, retrieving the bananas and getting a piece of the puzzle. Glide Dixie to get the K. Proceed forward, gliding towards the "sharp" fruit. Pull yet another switch, making a whole row of flowers appear.
Move up, repeatedly using the flowers, until you reach the platform at the top left. Retrieve the barrel by moving it to the flower on the right. Throw the barrel at the target near the wall on the opposite side, revealing the presence of a secret room. Retrieve all the bananas inside by taking a piece of a puzzle. Jump down starting from the top flower, gliding to the right. Drop into the trap door, then move across the various ravines. Pick up the O near the sharp fruit. Pull the switch to the ground. Take the bananas, then the puzzle fragment.
Always forward, projecting yourself towards the following ivy. When you get to the tree, jump to the left, dropping to the umpteenth platform. Pick up yet another piece of the puzzle. So glide along the ravines in front. Enter the barrel, launch yourself towards the flower above. Go down to the checkpoint, recovering the N. Jump on the nearby bull that tries to "charge", until the animal turns on its back. Hit his belly until you defeat him. Pull the nearby switch, then move along the purple flowers. Jump along the next "sharp" fruit. Hit yet another plant, taking the puzzle fragment.
Still ahead, jump over the "spinning" fruit. Enter the skull-shaped barrel. Shoot yourself forward as the red balloon ascends. Launch to the rear starting from the arrow barrel. Run to the right, then glide towards the ivy that "comes out" of the rock, recovering the letter G. Climb up to get to the next barrel and complete the level.

Frantic Fields

Jump across the rooftops to avoid the tornado. So hit the wooden bridge, finding yourself in front of Diddy. Go ahead, jump along the heads of the enemies. Open the chest, letting yourself be carried away by the rhino. Go back to the left, dropping into the ravine and smashing the nearby stone next to you, gaining access to the secret room. Take the puzzle fragment. Go ahead, break the third block at the end of the path to get yet another fragment.
Jump across the next enemies, flip the switch, grab the shard. Move along the platforms in front, "charging" to be able to overcome the windstorm. Jump up as soon as you reach the wooden bridge and take the N. Jump into the barrel shaped like an arrow. Go over the ravine, break the stone block, jump over the ravine again. Enter the barrel, launching yourself upwards. After yet another ravine on the left, take the fragment and continue forward to reach Dixie's barrel. Jump into the next nearby barrel, throwing yourself towards the banana room.
Talk to Dixie, then glide along the ravines, taking the G from the plants with the spikes. Enter the barrel at the end of the path.

Scorch'n Torch

Turn off the fire below by throwing a fruit in the area. Talk to Dixie, then put out the flames on the left. Right, retrieve the blue fruits, extinguishing the fire next to them.
Roll through the grassy area, picking up the puzzle fragment. Collect the K at the top, then take the blue fruit from the "pile" of fruit in front of you. Put out the flames near the ivy, then climb along the roots, recovering the banana pieces.
Glide forward, stopping in front of the tribal statues that "fall" from the back. Pass the following ravines in front of you, arriving at a second pile of blue fruit. Use them to finish off the incoming porcupines. Put out the next fire, then drop through the nearby trap door.

You will gain access to a room containing a banana: enter, recovering the puzzle fragment. Proceed further, passing the second group of ivy.
Move forward crossing the ravines. Use the roots of trees to climb and avoid getting involved in their burning. As soon as they become available, jump to the roots on the right. Continue to the next tree, grabbing the puzzle pieces that descend from the top. Roll along the ivy, meeting Cranky and jumping quickly to avoid taking damage from the melting of the floor. Pull out a blue fruit from the stone block above, causing the sack to open on the left.
Continue forward, passing the fireballs, then launching towards the G visible in midair. Use the pile of blue fruits, visible in the immediate vicinity, to put out the flames to the left of the huge tree. Then enter the secret room to get the fragment of a puzzle. Try to completely extinguish the inflamed ivy visible in front of you. Once this is done, lunge forward and enter the next barrel. Jump over the burning tree to complete the level.

Twilight Terror

Dive into the body of water below, then swim to the left. Enter the banana room, getting a shard as a reward. Join the members of the Kong family, then jump towards the barrel, take control of it as soon as it becomes a rocket and leave you to project forward across the screen. Picking up the objects in the area, keep following the bananas, recovering yet another piece of the puzzle. Project yourself down, passing the stone arch. Retrieve the O, then move to the top of the screen.
Fly over the next stone arch. Take the fragment, then quickly climb up, passing the wooden portal. Go beyond the nets full of fish. Drop down, gliding along the webs visible in front of you.
Overcome the next group of nets, taking the letter N. Always positioning yourself at the top of the screen, overcome the next series of obstacles, reaching a wooden tower (falling). Project down, then quickly forward, walking down the narrow corridor.
Keep the rocket in the center of the screen, bypassing the surrounding buildings without hitting the walls. On the opposite side, take the G inside the third "bubble". So fly low, avoiding the monsters that will approach from the back. So get back up to avoid the blue monsters. Always forward, up to the barrel full of rockets. Go down to the lower part of the pool, retrieve the air bubble, break the container on the right and retrieve the puzzle fragment.

Cannon Canyons

Talk to Diddy, then jump on the second penguin, landing on the upper left platform. Stay crouched and then roll past the explosives. Retrieve the K in mid-air. Enter the barrel shaped like an arrow, causing you to shoot forward. Pick up the O at the top right. Jump on the melon, then return the explosive to the left.
Hit the bird, causing the puzzle piece to drop and retrieve it yourself. Let the nearby trees explode, then roll between them as they fall, entering the barrel.
Throw yourself between the barrels, stopping in the penultimate one, just above the lake. As soon as the letter N appears in your field of vision, project yourself in its direction. Repeat the procedure to recover the G.

Boss: Triple Trouble
Join Diddy, moving forward to activate the cutscene. Run to the pole visible on the right, dodging the giant monkey that will drop down from the left. Then move towards the center of the screen to get to the third monkey. Turn around and dodge it by rolling sideways. Go back to the central area, then roll forward so as to dodge the next boss, who will come from the left.
Roll to the right, hitting one of the opponents who will come towards you. Wait for the two monkeys to go ashore. Jump to the monkey on the left. Turn around and glide over the next two enemies.
As soon as you see ropes coming towards you, dive forward to dodge them. Quickly hit the closest monkeys, thus eliminating one of the bosses. Stand in the center of the screen, waiting for one of the enemies to throw a bomb at you. Fast forward to avoid the explosion. Then roll to the left. Throw the melon at the boss.
We recommend that you position yourself on the central screen to avoid the explosives. Then roll towards the monkeys and hit them in speed to KO them. Dive towards the central part of the screen, dodging the explosives released in the area, and inflicting the last blow on the boss to finish him definitively.

Capitolo 4 - Sea Breeze Cove

Below, the levels that are part of the fourth chapter.

Deep Keep

Roll through the first two enemies visible in front of you, jumping into the stream below. Break the crate on the surface.
Pick up the nearby letter K. Move left. Proceed forward, diving between the next two plants in the tunnel, always trying to stay "lowered". Project yourself forward again, then upwards, passing the stream and the air bubbles. When you reach the ship, split the wood and take the fragment inside it. Go back to the left. Approach the metal door, swimming along the platform below. After the first entrance, launch yourself beyond the barrel. Once in the new play area, and retrieve the O's along the next obstacles. Swim under the long platform nearby.
Smash the fish nearby, also breaking the block to gain access to the secret area just behind it. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Swim to the right. Overcome the obstacles, arriving at the tunnel. Follow it, exiting on the opposite side. Swim beyond the two columns of spikes, turn off the three yellow lights. Swim back through the previous tunnel, then move along the shaft to reach the roof. So let yourself be transported to the N. Swim to the left to defeat the enemies in the area, taking bananas to get the fragment of a puzzle.
Proceed outside, arriving at the tunnel on the right. Turn off the three lights at the bottom, continuing beyond the current. Glide forward without stopping, pass the two lines of enemies to quickly get the G. Quickly pass the third group as well. Project down the grassy area, gaining access to a secret room and a puzzle fragment, which will allow you to complete the level.

High Tide Ride

Roll forward, off the platform. Landed in the nearby barrel, move towards the banana room, recovering the puzzle fragment. Enter the following barrel. Overcome the next ravines, moving calmly forward. Collect the K that you will find in mid-air. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Proceed to the tracks above, letting yourself be carried along the inclined plane, then entering the underground tunnel below. Pass the blue flame, then the circular door, arriving at the central track.
Use the signs indicating the wooden arrows to move along the three areas of the tracks. Go over the next ravines, catching the piece in midair. Proceed to the next track, retrieving the O and moving to the rear twice. Keep going, trying to stay within the designated path. Jump to the tracks at the back. Take the puzzle fragment. Go back to the back, pass the ravines in succession. Project yourself beyond the two sharks placed sideways, then fast forward passing even a third, reaching the barrel.
At the next play area, jump again along the various ravines, reaching a stone column. When you find it, return to the back, staying on the tracks as the cart approaches the stone column. Retrieve the fragment on the opposite side of the play area, "shooting" yourself from the barrels to reach the blue flames, recovering the N in mid-air. Launch yourself along the following barrels, arriving near some tracks. Proceed to the closest to the left, avoiding the first of the series of obstacles. Go back, towards the center, alternating jumping to finally retrieve the N. Go back to the track on the left, then towards the center, letting yourself be carried forward to complete the level.

Amiss Abyss

Dive into the pool of water, entering the dark area below. Scattering the luminescent flowers on the sand floor. Inhale the air bubble. Project over the wooden barrier, swim to the right to escape the monster. Move underwater to avoid any contact with opponents. Retrieve the puzzle fragment, then right, up to the surface.

Retrieve the penguin, then jump to the platform above. Throw the enemies to the right. Retrieve the puzzle fragment on the right. Jump across the sprung platforms, taking the O.
Project yourself between the stone walls, reaching the body of water. Jump out, activate the light below. Enter the first barrel, launching again towards the mainland.
Collect the penguin on the opposite side. Use it to break the bag hanging from the left. Pick up the fragment, then move along the shaft. Back at the body of water, swim to the right. Retrieve the puzzle fragment in the center, past another group of fish. Proceed along the tunnel, entering the barrel.

Irate Eight

Climb along the ivy in front of you. Enter the banana room. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Drop into the water. Swim forward, dodging the mines. Break the wall, meeting Dixie again. Activate the first mine, then quickly go back, avoiding the explosion.
Swim between the next mines, taking the K. "Charge" to overcome the wind in the tunnel, avoiding obstacles nearby. Once near the octopus, project yourself towards the duct above. Move through the narrow openings nearby. Swim to the left of the tentacle. Proceed with the ascent, dodging the falling columns, and then retrieve the O from the barrel. Swim over the first tentacle. Then dive under the second as it moves to the left. Proceed forward, moving under the third. Drop to the rotating circle, taking the N. Swim forward again to the next barrels, encountering the giant octopus.
Talk to Diddy, move up along the shaft. Left, retrieve the G, then continue the ascent always remaining adjacent to the wall, dodging the mines. Try to stay in the center of the duct, continuously rotating to gain speed. Once out of the water, shoot yourself upwards using one of the usual barrels, and then drop the mines on the giant octopus, thus completing the level.

Sea Stack Attack

Use the melon bombs to smash the crates blocking the path. Climb to the center of the ivy-covered ceiling. Drop down to the K below. Jump back to the ivy. Jump on the penguin carrying the spear, arriving at a secret room and retrieving the puzzle fragment inside.
Always ahead, retrieve yet another melon, using it to eliminate the penguin in front of you. Join Dixie, then pull the handle to the ground, taking yet another fragment. Jump on the head of the following penguin, reaching the stone column. Let yourself be transported downwards, crossing the ravine in front of you and quickly recovering the O. Collect yet another melon, throwing it towards the chest on the left.
Take the puzzle fragment. Go ahead, jump along the skulls. Throw all the bombs that land in your vicinity towards the ravine. Throw one of them towards the falling penguin to the right. Launch to the next barrel, and use it to propel yourself forward, climbing along the ivy plants that cover the ceiling. Jump along the next columns. Avoiding the owls, approach the H visible above. Pass the next spinning barrels, reaching the highest platform of all (on the left) and retrieving the puzzle fragment from the nearby banana room. So land on the downward column, dive behind the trap and wait for the appearance of the G, on the right. Jump to retrieve it. So retrieve the incoming melons by taking the last piece of the puzzle. Pull the switch nearby, getting additional bananas. So make your way to the barrel associated with the arrow, using it to "shoot" you towards the back of the level and hit the ground repeatedly, so as to definitively complete the level itself.

Current Capers

Follow the path made up of bananas, reaching the watercourse and recovering the first piece of the puzzle. Swim to the right. Continue forward, opening the next door and using the same method on the nearby fan.
Progressively move up to retrieve the coin. Then project yourself back into the opening, leaving the room and swimming to the left, picking up the letter K.
Swim until you reach the barrel. Retrieve the O from the block in the center of the room. Exit to the right, rotate the nearby gear to proceed.
Hit the gear in the lower part of the duct. Go through the nearby door on the right, meeting Diddy. Move along the octagonal passage and retrieve the fragment. Enter the barrel, split the stone columns, avoiding the obstacles falling from the roof.
Quickly throw yourself forward, so that the huge gear comes down.

Boss: Fugu Face-Off
Dive towards the sea, entering the quarry on the right. After the cutscene, swim to the left, avoiding being swallowed. Proceed to the boss, then swim to the left side of the cave. Project yourself towards the center of the fish that will be thrown by the boss. Hit it quickly, then move quickly across the screen to hit the "deflated" bubble nearby. So swim in the opposite direction from the current, staying "low" to avoid objects that will be thrown towards you. In the meantime, you will have to hit his back repeatedly. Stop by the right wall of the cave, hitting the boss's back again and again as soon as he arrives on the scene. You will be able to complete the level.

Capitolo 5 - Juicy Jungle

Below, the levels that are part of the fifth chapter.

Harvest Hazards

Move along the wooden platforms, jumping to the saw on the left. Then hit the plant, opening it completely. Pick up the shard, and move up using Pixie. Take the K. Jump repeatedly on the tomato, thus moving along the bananas. Project yourself forward towards the mine cart and let it go down "leaning" on its right side. Retrieve the "O" which will appear immediately below. Climb back onto the cart, holding on to the ivy hanging from above. Lean it to the right, landing on the penguin.
Enter the barrel and then make your way to the elevated area. Therefore, pass the nearby sharp spheres.
Move the trolley forward, reaching the wooden platform, recovering the letter N. Enter the barrel, then moving along the next "chains" of barrels. Landed in the following play area, approach the tomato and pick up the puzzle fragment. Use Dixie to glide across the ravine to two rotating platforms. Jump to the platform on the left, letting yourself be carried to the top. Keep going further, catching the G at the end of the path. Jump into the barrel to finish the level.

Reckless Ride

Enter the secret room, visible on the left. Retrieve the puzzle fragment. Jump onto the barrel, making yourself transported across the screen. Grab the bananas, then try to stay at the bottom of the screen to get past the mangos in the area. Project yourself beyond the next wooden area, recovering yet another piece of the puzzle. So come on, overcoming obstacles and finding yourself in front of some huge wooden robots.
Move to the purple channel, dodging the robot's claws. Climb to the top of the screen, then stay in the area to avoid the robot hits. So keep moving first up and then down to dodge the missiles fired by the penguins. Glide forward, then proceed upward and stay in the area to avoid obstacles. Drop into the next tube. Pick up the O, waiting for a blade to "fall" towards you. Let the rocket proceed through the next rings, obtaining yet another piece of the puzzle. Collect the N. Proceed beyond the spikes, staying in the center of the screen to avoid the blades. Back outside, go up the pile of berries.
Project yourself behind the line of yellow fruits, trying to stay low enough to avoid the water shot towards you and at the same time retrieve the G. Project yourself towards the wooden robot, destroy it and jump towards the cannon in the upper left, obtaining the access to the secret banana and completing the level.

Fruity Factory

Repeatedly hit the ground just below the flower, retrieving the puzzle fragment. Move forward, jumping to the next flower. Pull the rope behind the flower, entering the barrel behind it. Launch to the back, reaching the ribbon and letting yourself be carried to the square melon.
Jump to the platform above, then right. Go past the three melons, pick up the nearby banana, then roll between the blades to get back to talking to Dixie. So glide forward. Wait for the drill to drop down, then jump on top of it and pull down the nearby rope. At the second drill, let yourself be carried upwards, gaining access to the secret room on the left. Pick up yet another piece of the puzzle.
Always ahead, jumping along the orange platforms that rise in front of you. Use Dixie to reach the O, enter the barrel, shoot yourself to the rear area and move to the right, then dropping to the green melon below. Jump to the left, retrieve the N, then forward again to reach the skull barrel at the end of the path. So move to the platform above, jump along the square melons, landing near the platform. Get past the various blades by rolling past them. Pull the handle visible on the floor. Drop down to the play area below. Move forward, smashing the block of crates in front of you. At the next orange platform, jump forward from platform to platform to reach the skull barrel on the right. When you are near the Mango, go down to the lower part of the platform, letting the chamber fill with juice.
Repeatedly jump over the mango chunks, using Dixie's skills to stay in the air, until you reach the last of the barrel series and complete the level.

Video - Launch Trailer

Panicky Paddles

Jump on the heads of the enemies, then hit the metal trap door. Swim forward through the purple "juice", waiting for the movement of the nearby blades to stop. Pass them, then climb up to return to the mainland.
After meeting Dixie, spin the metal platform and move along the banana track, picking up a piece of the puzzle. Continue forward, retrieving the K and jumping along the next columns. "Glide" thanks to Dixie. Drop into the next purple juice pool. Collect all the bananas, swim under the shark. Collect the puzzle fragment in the next play area. Return to the metal platform visible above, proceeding along the following.
Swim through the tunnel full of "juice". Climb along the ivy, then drop to the metal panel below. Enter the banana room. Take yet another fragment. So turn around and head to the right. Back on the mainland, continue forward retrieving the letter O. Collect the next bomb, throwing it at the target on the opposite side. Dive down to the bananas below. Take yet another fragment. Next, stand on the metal platform. Launch the explosive, then continue to the right.
Throw the melon at the enemy visible above. Proceed forward, diving down and picking up the puzzle fragment hidden in the coral reef. Return to the ground. Jump forward, enter the barrel and shoot yourself along the following chain. Wait for the panels in front of you to start rotating, then swim forward again. Climb up to the roof, picking up the letter N. Next, returning to the ground and jumping to the rotating platforms above.
Get past the sharp spheres, rolling from the last metal panel and retrieving the O visible in midair. Drop into the pool below, enter the barrel visible above, then shoot the next one to complete the process.

Jelly Jamboree

Roll along the mold to the left. Retrieve the fragment inside. Jump along the ravines, picking up the items and clinging to the umpteenth ivy visible above. Pick up yet another piece of the puzzle at the top.
Jump across the green colored blocks, firing the cannon forward. Always ahead, also passing the blue mold spot, as well as the following ravines. So jump on the pink mold, visible on the left. Glide over the blue block. Hop on the O nearby. Proceed forward, freeing yourself from the flying owl. Drop into the barrel below, gaining access to a banana to get the puzzle piece.
Launch from the green blocks, entering the skull-shaped platform. At the back, take the N on the left. Proceed forward, passing the molds and gliding beyond the third, arriving at a platform on the opposite side. Jump along the various lines of jelly, hitting the blue line first, then using Dixie's skills to reach the puzzle fragment visible on the platform above. Continue to the barrel, landing on the jelly and following the subsequent on-screen instructions.
Still ahead, jumping on the heads of the penguins. Enter the skull barrel. Project yourself to the following ivy. Drop to the jelly, picking up the G and reaching the patrolling penguin. Throw it towards the bag on the right, retrieving the puzzle fragment. Keep moving along the brambles, then hit the wooden platform visible on the opposite side, obtaining a fragment of the puzzle. Enter the skull barrel at the end of the path. Project out of the duct as the pink blocks move in the opposite direction, thus completing the level.

Frosty Fruits

Throw the melon towards the sea lion. Jump across the red blocks. Still ahead, slide along the frozen area and jump to the first meloneo. Launch into the K in the upper left.
Make your way to the penguin by repeatedly jumping on the nearby block of ice. Also jump on the green melon, landing on the platform above, letting yourself be carried forward and smashing the next two cubes.
Slide forward along the frozen area, then pull the handle. Follow the banana "trail" that will appear. Pick up the puzzle fragment. So place yourself on the second icicle, moving it downwards. Roll forward until you reach the O. Still forward, hook onto the ivy visible above.
Enter the barrel beyond the icicles. Slide to the left and jump to the raised platform.

Throw the fruit behind you to make it "bounce" on the owl's helmet. Follow the pink blocks, arriving at N.
Roll under the "drills", overcoming the wall. Retrieve the puzzle fragment, and climb up to the platform above.
Get past the group of enemies in front of you. Then slide down, catching the G in mid-air. Enter the next barrel, shooting yourself ahead. Go up the flight of stairs.

Boss: Punch Bowl
Enter the barrel. Approach the polar bear, rolling back to dodge the hammer. When the hammer gets stuck in the ice, jump on it. So jump on the iceberg, then move along the ice cubes that will be thrown towards you. Drop down near the last cube. Throw the melon at the boss, then return to the right. Move up, go down to the iceberg, cracking the melon. Throw it at the boss. .
Dodge the stalactites by moving fast forward. So reposition yourself in the center of the screen to avoid the falling columns.
Use the block in the center of the screen as a "support" to hit the boss repeatedly. Repeat the previous procedure to tear the ice block to pieces and retrieve yet another melon bomb. Move along the columns, throwing a bomb at the boss. Go past the ice blocks, placing yourself on the right edge of the platform. Jump on the hammer, hit the polar bear again to knock him out permanently.

Capitolo 6 - Donkey Kong Island

Below, the levels that are part of the sixth chapter.

Homecoming Hijinx

Go through the platforms in front of you. Enter the barrel, then project over the platform with the bananas.
Glide beyond the quills, jump across the snowy platforms, hooking onto the ivy above. Project yourself forward, letting yourself fall towards the umpteenth platform below. Climb up the ivy to the platform at the top. Drop to the owl on the right, take the O, continue forward along the ivy. Jump to the stone arch, then along the shaft. Launch forward, gliding beyond the stalactites. Move along the ivy, open the treasure chest.
Enter the barrel, shoot yourself ahead and retrieve the N. Drop to the snowy platform, visible to the right. Go through the wooden crate and retrieve the puzzle fragment. Then roll forward, catching the G. Move down past the falling rocks, grab the ivy and glide to the lower right area. Enter the barrel.

Seashore War

Overcome the following ravines with Dixie's help. Then roll along the vertical line made up of the blue flames. Pull the handle visible on the ship, taking it out of the water. Pick up the puzzle fragment. Then slide forward, jumping down and hitting the plant that will be indicated on the screen, entering the next skeleton. Collect yet another puzzle piece, then head back to the ship. Pull the handle near the forward area of ​​the sails, so that the ship comes out of the water. Continue forward, taking the O from the center of the area filled with rotating blue flames.
Glide forward, then pull yet another handle, letting the penguin descend to the right. Jump on his head. Throw forward past the blue spheres, clinging to the ivy, picking up the N at the top. Still ahead, recovering the melon. Launch it towards the sea lion. Break the block in front of you by entering the banana room. Still ahead, climb along the ivy and pull yet another handle, causing the ship to "rise" - you can retrieve the G.
Enter the next barrel, jumping along the crow's nests that will project towards you. Then pull yet another handle near the blue flames, making the ship "rise" and then breaking the nearby blocks, thus landing on the deck. Jump along the heads of the enemies visible along the way, then enter the barrel to complete the level.

Acqueduct Assault

Jump across the ravines, projecting forward along the ice. Jump to the next flower, then continue across the platform above. Pass the owl, going down to the left. Run up the incline, enter the barrel that will appear on the left, entering the banana room. Always forward, moving on the ice shelf, sliding to the right. Drop into the K below.
Launch into the next area. Roll through the enemies along the way. Jump on the owl's head, retrieve the O above, proceed along the ruins, recovering Diddy's barrel. Drop off the platform in front of you. "Shoot" the barrel towards the left wall. Collect the puzzle fragment just behind the barrel, then jump across the ravines. Place yourself on the ice shelf. Slide to the right. Jump on the puzzle fragment, launching yourself towards the back.
Jump and roll along the enemies you find in the path. Stop near the last platform that "hangs" to the right. Pass the sloping block. Jump on the flower, grab the puzzle fragment, enter the barrel to reach the front play area. Go over the various ravines.
Drop into the barrel below. Move to the G visible above. Move along the next barrels, walking through the ivy to reach the skull-shaped barrel visible at the bottom of the screen. Jump along the following platforms, then to the right again, arriving at yet another barrel shaped like a skeleton. Drop down on the incline to complete the level.

Blurry Flurry

Pull the first handle, in front of you. Retrieve the puzzle fragment, then take the Dixie barrel. Bring him back to the beginning of the level. Move along the next platforms, reaching a barrel full of rockets. Tear it apart, entering the next tunnel. Then place yourself in the center of the duct. Also dodge the nearby debris by following the banana trail. Try to stay close to the ceiling, gliding towards the rocks, and passing the two snowballs in the area.
Stay down, then go up to the top of the screen, passing the three spheres.

Go down the wooden shaft. Project yourself up to reach the exit. Climb up to the ice wall. Retrieve the puzzle piece visible at the top. Glide beyond the snowballs. Fly down. Jump over the third snowball, then move along the ventilation shaft. At the top, exit and drop into the barrel.
Take control of the snowball, then jump along the walkways. Hit the wooden platform to retrieve the last piece of the puzzle.

Forest Folly

Hit the first plant just ahead of you, retrieving the bananas that appear and picking up a piece of the puzzle. Go up to the raised platforms, pick up the K. Wait for the ivy to move to the right. Hit the piece of wood, launching yourself towards the second ivy. Continue straight, using the owl below as a support platform. Hook onto the fully ivy-covered wheel as it moves downward.
Then move along the right side of the wheel, recovering the O. Return to the area at the top, along the raised platform. Once you reach the ivy, run to the left, obtaining an additional piece of the puzzle. Project yourself to the next ivy. Jump along the next platforms, then launch yourself along the various springs and retrieve the N that will arrive on the scene. Shoot yourself forward using the barrel. So jump into the barrel facing left. Hook onto the ivy-filled wheel, letting yourself be carried forward. Then go up to the grassy area at the top.
Fend off the walrus, then move along the banana "line" to get a piece of the puzzle. Pull the nearby handle, then hit the ground thanks to the huge column, and move along the next ivy. Roll forward, grab the G, then jump in midair and proceed along the next platforms. Enter the nearby skeleton-shaped barrel. Let yourself be carried down by the nearby wheel, going down the ramp to complete the level.

Cliffside Slide

Jump into the barrel, causing you to shoot forward. Retrieve the K by jumping along the heads of the enemies. Enter the barrel shaped like an arrow, making yourself shoot down.
Right, use the platforms to get rid of nearby enemies. Climb to the O and roll along the next "fish" to the right, arriving at the barrel and entering it.
Jump across the rocks using Dixie's skills. Pull the handle, jump along the heads of the enemies. Proceed to the flower above. Launch to the left. Hit the plant on top.
Quickly run along the dinosaur skeleton, continuing to the ivy on the right. Retrieve the N from the owl's head. Go ahead, towards the barrel, and then launch yourself towards the metallic flower.
Then jump along the platforms behind the flower. At the top, move forward thanks to Dixie. Enter the skull-shaped barrel. Jump across the wooden platforms. Enter the barrel above. Use the archers' heads for support to reach the last barrel of the level, enter it, then pull the final handle.

Frozen Frenzy

Enter the barrel, climb up the rope. Climb the panels, roll to the left, picking up the puzzle fragment.
Hit the circular platform again, breaking the wall at the back. Retrieve the K by jumping on the owl's head. Talk to Dixie, then proceed along the next two platforms. Use Dixie's skills to successfully overcome electrified platforms. Hit the ice hatch, retrieving the banana.
Pick up the puzzle fragment. Slide under the flashing orbs, picking up the O at the top of the sloping platform. Dive into the barrel on the right. Pick up the letter N on the left.
Launch towards the penguin, retrieving the G. Stop in front of the next wall, drop through the floor. Climb up the raised platform, entering the barrel. Launch outward to complete the level.

Meltdown Mayhem

Repeatedly hit the circular platform. Move left, until you reach the rhino. Then charge forward, finishing off the enemies in the area.

Jump on the next penguin, picking up the K in front of you. Go ahead, pulverize the opposite wall. After passing the ruins, you can enter the barrel and be "shot" at the top to get the letter O.
Hit the first target, then further along the ravines. Go down to the room on the right. Move along the blocks, reaching a stone floor. Pulverize it.
Landed, hit the wall in front of you. Go over the ravines, recovering the N. Jump into the barrel, then shoot yourself forward as soon as the N becomes visible.

Boss: Volcano Dome
Position yourself in the center of the screen, dodging the rocks. Move towards the boss, along the left area of ​​the screen. Throw the penguin, then backtrack to hit the seal.
Position yourself on the ice, to avoid the dragon that will fall towards you. Throw the penguin towards the boss. Right, dodge the ice rush.
Now stand in front of the walrus, hitting him again with the penguin. Left, dodge the dragons and throw the penguin again. Jump across the walrus "heads" to take out the boss and complete the game!

Video Solution - Playlist

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