Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

We have now reached the middle of Fortnite season 4 and as scheduled, here are the challenges of the 5th week of the Battle Pass released. Like every week, we offer you a small guide to completing missions: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4] in Fortnite

The following article outlines the key steps to complete the Battle Pass Week 5 Challenges featured in Season 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. For those who have not yet seen the new challenges of the week can find them at the following link.

Challenge # 1 - Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

The first mission can be very simple to say but less easy than it seems: inflict 500 points of damage with the machine guns. A useful tip would be to choose a landing point that is not very crowded and aim to collect more than one submachine gun so that you can immediately change slots and continue to inflict damage. We also remember that for the completion of the challenge the two necessary weapons are the tactical submachine gun and SMG (commonly called a silenced machine gun).

  • SMG

Challenge # 2 - Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

The second challenge of the week is slightly more complicated than the first: not so much because it is difficult in itself but because, especially in the first days of the week, it will be very hard-fought as a mission. The mission requires the opening of 7 chests in the Dusty Divot location.
The most useful advice is to try to go down and open the outermost chests of the locality in such a way as to have an advantage over the players who will instead go down in the full center of the crater.

Challenge # 3 - Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

The third mission of the week is undoubtedly the simplest of the 7 challenges: using a Vending Machine 3 times. It is not a challenge that requires a lot of effort and for this reason it is done very quickly, but there would be a way to complete it even faster. Along with the challenges of the 5th week, the Fortnite staff has also released the new Blitz v2.0 mode, where it is possible to obtain the materials in a much faster way. Remembering that the more materials you have the more you have the chance to use the Distributors, a good method is to complete the challenge by playing the new Blitz mode.

Challenge # 4 and challenge # 5 - Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

The 4th and 5th challenges of the week could be the longest-running missions and therefore take a little longer to complete. In the first of the two it will be necessary to dance with 3 other people in order to be able to lift a Strobosphere. Obviously, this is not possible by playing in solo or duo mode (unless the mission is completed with the help of the enemies!).

Challenge # 5, on the other hand, does not require the help of any enemy, so much so that it can be completed in any mode of the Battle Royale: in Boschetto Bisunto (Greasy Grove) there is a treasure map that shows the precise point of the position where you find the mission star. Below is a photo of the map with highlighted the points where to find the Strobosphere and the mission star respectively: 

Challenge # 6 - Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

We are at challenge number 6 and for this week the Battle Pass asks us to make 2 eliminations with one of the three weapons that the challenge itself proposes: tactical submachine gun, SMG and light machine gun (LMG). As with all elimination challenges, to complete the challenge it will be enough to kill the enemies (in this case only 2) with one of these three weapons, not too difficult to obtain. A good method for completing Elimination Challenges is to play the Pair Modes or the Group Modes as killing a knocked down enemy is considered Elimination (CAUTION: the enemy on the ground must have been sent to that state by yourself, not by a comrade!).

Challenge # 7 - Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

Seventh and final challenge of week 5: kill 3 opponents in the Lucky Landing location. Another elimination challenge with a small difference: for this challenge a useful advice is not to land in the locality itself, but to choose the areas adjacent to the locality as a landing point in order to find as much equipment as possible to be able to counter those who abandon the area. However, this is a tip for those who may not feel able to face all the opponents who decide to land in the same area as you as the first landing point.

Another tip is to complete the challenge in "solo" mode as the scenario that will be created will be a free-for-all and in this way there will be more chances of eliminating more than one enemy.

Fortnite: how to overcome the challenges of week 5 [season 4]

At the end of this guide, I remind you as always that for any doubt, curiosity or information ... the Holygamerz staff is at your complete disposal for clarifications and explanations via the comment box.

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