Far Cry 6 - Complete Guide to Finding Amigos

Far Cry 6 - Complete Guide to Finding Amigos

Far Cry 6 is now available (if you are curious to know our rating here is the dedicated review), and for this reason we have thought of one guide dedicated to the Amigos, faithful and "tender" animal companions who will accompany you on your adventure. Like fans of the saga Ubisoft by now they will know, the series makes availableand a series of animals that help the player in different situations.

These ready-to-kill "puppies" can be obtained in a simple way, and in this article you will find out how.

Where to find the Amigos in Far Cry 6? Here is the guide

The Amigos are a total of 5 and to get them you will have to go to a specific point on the map and complete the series of secondary missions dedicated to them.

Handsome: alligator
- Ancient Survivor: Passively recovers health when in battle and revives himself after being downed.
- Body regulation: basically it's the previous ability but improved, as it can revive 5 times.
- Crushed Animal: becomes extremely more resistant to damage when health drops below 50%. Unlocking this ability also regenerates 3.000 health points during combat.
- Reptile metabolism: revives with 90% of his health restored.
How to unlock it: Unlock it during the main campaign after meeting Juan Cortez, it will be delivered to you automatically and it is unmissable. Complete the mission that Juan will assign you and it will be all yours.

cry: dog
- Center of attention: distracts enemies so that you can go behind enemies and hit them by surprise.
- Hound: can mark nearby materials.
- Yes, you can: giving pets to your companion will regenerate some of your health.
- Sharp senses: he will be able to search for objects by digging around.
How to unlock it: complete the Montero-focused campaign, which you can start right away.

Chicharoon: cock
– Roid Rage: the amigos in question attacks faster, causing further damage if its health drops below 70%.
- Angrier Bird: Once an enemy is downed, it is no longer able to attack.
- Chicken Feet: dodge attacks more easily.
How to unlock it: Complete Yara's “Man's Best Enemy” story by reaching the Sierra Perdida region in El Este.

Boom Boom: dog
- Point Dog: Automatically marks nearby enemies and animals.
- Excellent nose: mark enemies from longer distances.
- Pellaccia: will do more damage during the fight.
How to unlock it: do the mission dedicated by Juan Cortez, then you will have to check the containers in the indicated area as soon as you arrive in the area for the mission. Locked up you will find Boom Boom waiting to be released.

Guard: panther
- Mimi Abosi's Luck: improved stealth skills.
- Rage of Ida: Kills will make surrounding enemies flee.
- Mist of Oku: Activates a cloud of smoke when it drops below 50% health.
How to unlock it: do the story of Yara “Blessings of the Triada”, which will take you to the Isla Shrine. Find the Oluwa cave east of Clara's camp and enter it to begin the search for three relics scattered around Yara. Complete the mission and return to the cave. Get ready to fight the ghosts of the panthers and, at the end of the battle, you will get Oluso.

This is all we can tell you in our guide to try to find the Amigos in Far Cry 6, the new title of the famous Ubisoft saga.

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