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The solution is based on the US version for PlayStation 4 of the game, so there may be divergences from the Spanish version.


Immediately after landing on the planet, head right and jump over the pool of water. Don't worry, even if your character is not yet able to move in the water for the moment you don't risk drowning, so jump calmly. Proceed to the right and get rid of the enemy with the spikes, then go up and shoot the enemy who flutters back and forth. At the top, you will find, immediately after another enemy covered with spikes, a series of shelves to climb. Beware of the enemy flying nearby, however, and be sure to take them out before jumping. Once you have finished climbing, now move left towards an enemy with spikes behind which you can see a door. After eliminating this enemy, however, you can recover some energy before launching into the battle that awaits you. In this regard, pay attention to the ground and identify the hole from which enemies continually emerge, station yourself nearby and eliminate them without giving them time to react, to maximize your energy reserve. It is worth noting that you will find such a lair before any boss fight, meaning that you will never risk facing these complicated battles unprepared. Plus, every time you come across a den you will know what awaits you shortly. Let's not delay and let's see how to get out of the first battle alive.
The big squid that acts as a boss has - for now! - of only two attacks: a combo of three shots or a physical attack (which can be a dunk while jumping or a charge). To defend yourself it is important to understand what the boss's intentions are. If you see him crouching on his knees (er, tentacles ..) get ready for a jump attack and head to the center of the scenario to get to safety. If he stretches instead he is preparing a charge: be ready to jump. Once you have memorized these mechanics, you just have to consume the button of the shot without mercy. The fight at most can lengthen by a few minutes if the boss takes refuge in the background to recover energy.

Plane Shift

The victory against the first boss allows you to get as a reward the ability to dive and swim in the water (Submarine, in fact). Use it now and dive with your eyes open so you don't miss the first health upgrade, located on a shelf on the left. Finally, go through the tunnel on the right to re-emerge, then always advance to the right paying attention to the enemy crouched on the ceiling. Once you reach your ship, save and head to the second planet to explore, the purple one on the left.

After landing, move to the left, keeping your eyes peeled so you don't get caught by another enemy waiting on the ceiling. This one is capable of firing in three directions, so study its attacks and try to get through the shots, keeping the damage to a minimum. Then jump to the left edge and drop into the water on the other side of the platform. In the water, use the Submarine ability to dive deep to the left hitting enemies who try to stop you. Move cautiously as you emerge on the opposite side, zigzagging through the spiked enemies. A new, armored enemy awaits you on land.

Be ready to see the flash of light coming from the armor that preludes the shot and jump immediately to get out unscathed. The only way to win this fight is good coordination between jumping and shooting. When you have the better of you, you will find yourself in front of other enemies that shoot in three directions (like those already seen at the beginning of this planet) that separate you by a series of small differences in height. Go down the ledges and at the base then go right, killing the enemies that flutter back and forth before proceeding to the door. Here you need to dive again, using the attack (still quite weak, unfortunately) to clear your way to the bottom. Whenever possible, turn left into the narrow tunnel studded with spiked enemies. At the exit you find yourself in front of a crossroads: proceed by choosing the road that points downwards, getting rid of the enemies in the corridor that you have thus taken, until you return to the surface. Go through another door and climb the edges to find yourself facing a new opponent protected by armor that you will have to defeat exactly as you did before. Continue left and drop down, making your way through enemies with spikes and others attached to the ceiling to find yourself in front of a new door. In this new room, follow the climb up to a point where you can jump to a ledge passing through enemy shots. Get rid of the enemies with the spikes during the climb and at the top run left. Here, other enemies are waiting for you shooting in three directions, but with the right timing you could just run between one bullet and the next without necessarily engaging in a new fight. The presence of a lair of enemies at the end of the race signals that a new boss battle is imminent.

The boss is the same one already dealt with previously. Even his attacks have not changed in the meantime, however it is worth noting that the shots between a physical attack and the other have become more frequent and treacherous. To avoid them you will have to react with quick reflexes and duck or jump depending on the position. Beyond this difference, the clash proceeds exactly according to the mechanics already described in the previous paragraph.


New boss battle, new reward. The second victory over the sprawling boss is rewarded with the Plane Shiftt, a power up thanks to which you can jump to the background with a single press of a button. So let's see how to exploit it. To start, use it right after you leave the room where the fight took place and step into the background, defeating the enemies with the spikes as you move up the edges. On the opposite side then use the Plane Shift again and go down, getting rid of the enemies, then pass the enemy on the ceiling and go right. It is time to use the Plane Shift again, then go up, pass the sequence of enemies and go down to finally return once again to the background and exit. In the new screen, jump to the right and take out the enemy on the ground before returning to the background. Here you climb, making your way through the enemies to the top where a gun upgrade awaits you. Decide in which slot to allocate it, following the explanatory illustrations, then return to the foreground and go down to the right. There, one of those particularly tough, armored enemies awaits you. After defeating him, go down the steps and go through the door to jump into the water. Swim to the lower right corner where you are allowed to pass in the background and welcome back a health upgrade. Stay in the background and swim to the surface, past the dividing wall that would have blocked you in the foreground, then use the Plane Shift and fight the enemies to get to the door. Proceed to the left, climbing the shelves and passing the new enemies along the corridor. Then go to the background and continue up the shelves there to get to another upgrade for the gun placed at the top. With an even more powerful weapon, return to the foreground and deal with the armored enemy as you descend. Then throw yourself in the water and swim to the opposite shore to get to the Telepad: you return to the first planet visited, but not before having saved.

After landing, go right and jump to the platform between the two water areas, then go to the background to collect a new health upgrade. Back in the foreground, overcome the enemy with the spikes proceeding to the right and go up the series of shelves that you find on that side. Before moving on to the second series, take out the flying enemy, then stand on the highest platform and jump to the right wall to find a secret passage. In the room you enter this way, immediately use Plane Shift to get to the background, then climb the shelves and take out the enemy at the top to get your hands on another health upgrade. Retrace your steps to the area with the water where you now have to dive. Swim to the bottom, getting rid of the enemies and use the Plane Shift to move to the tunnel in the background. Then walk down the left passage to the gun upgrade at the bottom. Climb up and swim to the tunnel entrance on the right, then return to the foreground and reach the surface on the right. Beyond the door leading to a new area, immediately use the Plane Shift to go to the background and jump across the platforms to overcome the dividing wall that would have blocked you in the foreground. Then use the Plane Shift and take the downhill road (the only possible one since the lava blocks the other road) and here you fight with some enemies with the spikes before reaching the door at the bottom. In the new area, an enemy on the ceiling and a flying enemy await you right away. The latter is particularly frightening because every time it flies over it it drops an egg from which bullets depart in every direction. Do not relax after the victory, a second example of a flying enemy like the latter awaits you a little further on. After these two fights, use the Plane Shift to switch to the background. Not being able to proceed (for now!) On the lava on the left, go right and go up. At the top, now go left: beyond the enemy with the spikes, a lair and a new boss battle awaits you.

Your opponent is still the big sprawling beast from before, this time with some new tricks to match your abilities. For one thing, he can now take refuge in a large bubble inside which he cannot be hit. It is useless to get stuck, your blows to the bubble can only move it a few centimeters away: the only thing is to escape in the background. But don't think you are safe: at that point our overgrown squid will unleash a shower of lava in the background that you will have to avoid by returning to the foreground. Outside of the bubble, however, the boss can count on exactly the same attacks and the same mechanics as before, but if you have reached this point you should know how to be right.


Leaving the room with your new ability (simply Run) which allows you to run on lava, stay in the background and go left. Having freed the descent of the enemies, immediately use the new skill you have just acquired to overcome the lava pool until you reach the opposite bank where you must continue the descent to the left. Don't be intimidated by the large flying enemies you encounter, but don't underestimate them anyway. Instead, try to hit them sideways according to what seemed to us the most effective strategy. Then go through the door at the bottom and in the next room go through the lava pool to get to a new upgrade for the gun which is practically in the center of the pool. However, continue towards the bottom of the puddle on the left and go back to the background of the scenery to climb the series of shelves. Once again all this is needed to overcome an obstacle in the foreground, so after taking advantage of the advantage given by the Plane Shift return to the foreground and exit on the opposite side. Then jump into the water and make your way to the opposite bank to return to the ship. Save and head back to the third planet.

First after disembarking go to the right, advancing cautiously and having your hearing help you. Before you see the laser beam, you will probably hear its sound. Either way, crouch down so you don't get hit and keep shooting at the big enemy the beam is coming from. At this juncture it can be useful to upgrade to the gun that makes your shots look like waves. Then pass the lava pool to proceed to the next section. Here you are greeted by monsters of the consistency of the blob hopping. Kill them and advance to another lava pool. Here go to the background and cross to the right of the lava pool that is there, then return to the foreground and open the door. Now jump into the water by swimming to the bottom, making your way through the enemies with the spikes that try to block you by moving back and forth. Resurfacing on the opposite bank, immediately deal with the enemy-plant on the shore, then quickly move to the background. Climb free of the enemies and then return to the foreground near the area with the water to throw yourself into it. Dive all the way to the bottom, killing the different enemies, then go up to the left to pop out on the other side.

Immediately shoot the new enemy-plant that awaits you on the shore, then repeat the Plane Shift trick to overcome the obstacle in the foreground and go through the door. Kill the blob-shaped enemy that appears immediately in front of you, then keep the enemies at bay with the spikes as you descend along the central shelves. After another blob enemy at the base, advance left to recharge your energy via a lair. You know what awaits you.

Of course the giant squid is once again your opponent. Defeat burns, and the boss has prepared himself for this fourth encounter. His new move begins with a series of hops followed by an eruption of lava from the bottom of the screen. To avoid the magma you will have to use the Plane Shift and flee in the background, but be careful not to end up in the central area where the boss will soon arrive. In the background, the squid will not just wait for the lava to descend, but will instead begin to rise above your head trying to crush you in case you are so foolish as to stand still. Then use the run to quickly change your position while waiting for him to get tired and return to the foreground. The boss can move in the background even just to recover energy or to rain blocks of lava on the foreground part of the scenario. In these situations, however, he will be distracted and it will be possible to inflict some blows without great effort, so take advantage of it.

Solar Flare

Once out of the room where you defeated the boss and earned the Rocket, immediately use the new ability to reach the upper shelf after defeating the blob-shaped enemy. After landing, run on the lava to the right all the way to the bottom, where the thinner floor will allow you to fall under. Then open the door in front of you and defeat the blob, then use the rocket to escape. After defeating another blob, open the door and decide whether to use the Plane Shift or the rocket to continue. In the first case you have to jump on the shelves in the background, in the second you reach the top and from there jump below. In any case, you will then have to use the rocket to climb to the higher edge. From there, go left to find a secret passage in the wall that leads to a hidden room, where by shooting the block in the floor you can recharge your energy. After exiting, move to the background and take out the enemies along the way as you move right to return to the foreground by diving into the pool of water. Swim all the way out to the door at the top. In the next room, stand on the block that stands out on the ground and use the rocket to end up in a secret passage on the ceiling. From there using the rocket again, you can get to a health upgrade. Back on the ground, go to the background and move to the lava on the left and then return to the foreground on the opposite side. Then reach the second blob and there go to the background, go up and defeat the enemy-block. At this point you will have to use a combination of rocket and Plane Shift to get to the highest point of the room where there is an upgrade for the gun. After collecting it, go down to the ground, go to the background and proceed to the left, in addition to the lava and the enemy-block to return to the lava and thanks to it reach Planet 2.

After landing, advance to the left and deal with the enemy shooting at you, quickly resolving the issue with your new gun uograde. Then throw yourself into the water and dive to go up on the opposite side, but not before having silenced the usual binge of aquatic enemies. Instead of going left, however, go right to find a secret room where, by crossing the lava, you can get a new health upgrade.

After collecting it, you can exit the secret area and go left where an enemy protected by armor and two with claws await you. Beyond the clash, find a point where you can get off. Quickly deal with the small enemies that you notice on the ground and on the ceiling, then go through the door at the bottom and jump into the water. Go down and enter the dense passage of enemies already crossed previously. This time you can take the upper tunnel, then jump on the edge and open the door. Beyond the enemy with the claws, go to the background, immediately hit the enemy with the spikes above you and climb up. After crossing the lava, use the rocket to climb to the top where two enemies await you. Go down to the opposite side and use the Plane Shift to get to the door. Then use the rocket again until the scenario prevents you from climbing further, then head left and refuel to prepare for the upcoming boss battle. Unlike in the past, on this occasion our squid friend has no new skills with which to surprise you. Put into practice what you have learned previously to overcome him once again and thus conquer the Solar Flare.


Solar Flare is a new skill that allows you to clear the dark blocks and open new paths for you. Needless to do it on purpose you can use it immediately in the area where you find yourself immediately after the fight. Then take out the enemy with the spikes and destroy another block below to find yourself facing a pair of enemies with claws and one protected by armor on the right. Destroy the blocks behind the latter, then use the rocket to climb up. At the top, move to the background with the Plane Shift and face the enemy that awaits you, then use the Solar Flare to access the small room where there is an upgrade for the gun. Then go back to the base of this area, after exiting the room, and go to the foreground. Open the door, defeat the enemy with the claws then go to the background and jump on the shelves to reach the opposite side. There, take advantage of the thin floor to fall below, then run over the lava and move into the foreground at the back to go through the door. In the area you arrive in, go through the water section and go down without forgetting to shoot the enemies along the way. When you reach the bottom, turn left to go through another door. Keep moving forward on the shelves until you meet an enemy with armor. Defeat him and, a little further on, fall through the floor, then take out the enemy with the spikes you should find nearby. Proceed to the left, past another door placed a little higher, go up the hill and go to the background. Here beyond the enemy you can clear blocks on the left with the Solar Flare and thus reach a new upgrade for the gun. After picking it up, go right and use the Plane Shift to go through the hall, then return to the foreground to open the door. In the next section, you will still need the Plane Shift and Rocket combo to get to an enemy with armor in the upper area. In the adjacent room, jump into the water and swim to the right until you can resurface. On dry land, use the yellow shelves to get to the room on the left where you encounter an enemy with claws. Beyond the latter, jump to the wall on the left to find a secret passage and collect the health upgrade inside. Then retrace your steps and swim to the right, through a rather narrow passage. At the top, open the door and take out the small enemies on the ground to climb up the shelves at the bottom, then proceed until you return to your ship. The next destination is once again Planet 1.

On the planet where your adventure began, there are still a couple of upgrades to collect. Go right, cross the water and on the opposite side use the rocket to get over the wall. Go through the lava and continue to the right and get rid of the enemies. Go up to the bottom with the rocket, then use the Plane Shift. In the area you arrive in you will find a health upgrade on the left. Then jump in to find a gun upgrade in a secret room in the left wall. Once this is done you can return to the ship and fly to Planet 4.

From the point of arrival, detonate the mine on the right and jump into the water. Go to the bottom and find the health upgrade in the secret room on the left. The opposite wall on the right hides another room and a gun upgrade. Return to the surface and deal with the Alien Bat, a new flying enemy. Go right, using the Plane Shift to get to the door. Beyond the threshold you will need to run, jump and Plane Shift to get past a section with lava.

Beyond, use the rocket to go up. On the left you will find a secret room in which to recharge the energy, while on the right you have to make your way with the Solar Flare. In the next room, watch out for the mines as you go. Coordinate your movements to take out the flying enemies before encountering the enemy blocker's laser. Beyond, a few steps and the boss battle room await you.

The novelty of the squid is represented by four clones that jump across the screen and shoot at you. If you have picked up the gun upgrades you won't have a hard time getting rid of them. Also this time you also have something new for him: the Solar Flare instantly destroys the bubble in which he takes refuge.

Warp Core

Final issues to be resolved on Planet 4. Use the newly obtained Phaze to overcome the wall and go down to the bottom, go through the lava and detonate the mines to get to another wall to overcome thanks to the Phaze. Then climb the shelves to get to the door and exit. In the next area get over the wall with the skill you like the most and drop down, go through the lava and proceed through the wall past the mines for a health upgrade. Then move to the left, once again overcoming the walls with the technique that is most congenial to you, to reach a weapon upgrade. Then go down into the water and return to the ship to permanently leave the planet and head towards the venue of the final battle.

Planet 3 is your ultimate destination. Before the battle, however, it is best to hunt for the latest upgrades. Quickly move to the background and climb with the rocket, then destroy the blocks with the Solar Flare for a weapon upgrade. Back in the foreground, go right. If you want, you could start the descent towards the boss, but it is better to continue to reach other upgrades in view of the clash. Continue to the right, climb up after passing the background and use the Phaze for a health upgrade at the top. On the way down, go through the lava pit and go into the background to go through the door. Dive into the water section and at the bottom go right into a secret room for another health upgrade. Now it's time to save and head to the final boss encounter. From your shuttle, defeat the enemy block then drop across the floor and advance to the room with six symbols. Use the Phaze to go through the right wall then the rocket to go up. At the top, go to the background and dash down through the floor, then go through the lava to the left and go down again, then go right, through the lava again, then use the rocket and the Plane Shift to get to the last two enemies with the spikes. before the boss room.

With a decent twist, the latest boss fight doesn't introduce any new mechanics. It is, in essence, a replica of the previous one, to which you however arrive with a handful of new upgrades. Remember to use the Phaze to destroy the bubble and soon you can move on to the last phase of the adventure.

Alternative Size

Use the rocket to go up, then proceed waiting for the tentacles to move to avoid coming into contact with them. When you get to the top with the rocket, use the Phaze to go through a couple of walls, then go down, being careful to pass through the tentacles when in the water. Finally, take the narrow tunnel and follow the squid to the right to hit it one last time and finally take possession of the Warp Core with which you can return home!

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