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All the characters of Elden Ring and their missions - Just like in Bloodborne, and pretty much like any self-respecting FromSoftware game, even in Elden Ring there are some secondary missions that will be entrusted to you by the numerous characters you will meet on your way and of which the game does not keep any trace. However, these secret quests are one of the real strengths of Miyazaki's productions and facing them will make you get really strong items.

—All missions are updated to the latest patch—

Someone calls them Patti, someone with the term Covenants and someone else still faces them without even realizing their existence. The fact is that these secondary missions are very important within the game also because they carry on the whole system of secondary plots. In this Elden Ring NPC mission guide we will see the better choices to make and what to do to fulfill each character's requests.

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  • Lady Tanith
  • Patches
  • gostoc
  • Diallos
  • Kenneth Haight
  • Nepheli Loux
  • Alexander
  • Vase Child
  • Varre
  • Roderika
  • Fia
  • D.
  • Rogier
  • Thops
  • Irina and Edgar
  • Rya / Zorayas
  • Hewg
  • To
  • Gurranq
  • Kalé
  • Enya
  • Corhyn and the Golden Mask
  • Ser Gideon Feared
  • Miriel
  • Yura
  • Jar
  • Hyetta
  • Sellen, Azur and Jerren
  • Ranni
  • Wolf
  • Millicent e Gowry
  • dung eater
  • Seluvis
  • Melina
  • Pidia
  • Shrimp seller
  • Latena
  • Ensha
  • Bernhal
  • Shabriri

Elden Ring Side Quests: General Info

Before starting you must keep in mind that there are 3 sacrosanct principles that govern all the secondary missions of the game, so if reading what is written in this guide the mission does not go ahead, surely you must continue following one of these principles:

  • Explore / Talk - To unlock or proceed on a given mission, you must have reached a certain location, obtained a certain item or talked to a series of characters until their dialogue options are exhausted. Do not get too excited about these missions because it is useless and many of them require you to continue with the plot of the game as well;
  • Scegliere - Don't think you can do them all. Or rather, don't think you can get a good ending for every NPC. Most missions will force you to make a choice that will very often invalidate another character's mission. Don't worry, there is always a reward for everything, only some are better than others;
  • Don't Attack - Some characters can also be found outside the Round Table. If you attack them or if you get a shot you could invalidate the entire quest of the character who will automatically consider you an enemy. However, there are also some NPCs that it is better to get rid of immediately so as not to run into additional difficulties later. Here too, choosing will be fundamental. If you ruin the relationship with some characters, however, you can always go to the Church of the Vows in Liurnia ed atone for your sins using the present statue (and the Moon Tear item that you can find at the Ainsel River or buy from the merchant in the same location). You can quickly reach the church by teleporting in the Raya Lucaria Academy.

In letting you drive, I remind you that this is it split for NPCs (Non-player characters) that you will encounter in the game and who have a mission to offer. We will show you where to find them, which characters are connected to them, what to do to continue in the quest and the rewards that can be obtained. Good Luck Senzaluce!

Varré the masked man

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WHERE: You will find it in Sepolcride as soon as you start the game, right after exiting the first building.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him until his dialogue options are exhausted. He will stay at the starting point until you take down Godrick then he will move to the Church of the Rose in Liurnia and will also leave you a message at the starting place to find him. The Church of the Rose it is located on the islet south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. Talk to Varré to get 5 Purulent Bloody Finger. They are used to invade other players. Complete at least 3 invasions and you can get to the next stage. There is no need to win invasions, just start them. WARNING: For this phase you need to connect online otherwise you will not be able to proceed.

Once done, talk to Varré again and he will ask you to join the Lord of Blood (choose "Design me") by impregnating the cloth that he will deliver to you (Favor of the Blood Lord) in the blood of a woman, a virgin. To do this you will have two possibilities:

- NOT RECOMMENDED - Reach the Cappella dell'Attesa, the place where the game begins. You will have to reach the location Four bell towers (in the photo below you will find all the points of interest mentioned) and use a Magic Stone Sword Key (at the teleportation of the second highest tower) to reach the Chapel of Waiting.

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You will also have to beat the BOSS Grafted Scion to reach the chapel. Once you arrive you will find the corpse of a woman, soak the handkerchief and you will have what you were looking for.

- RECOMMENDED CHOICE - Reach the Church of the Inhibition. A place that seems inaccessible but that you can reach with much less difficulty than the other by simply following the path shown in the photo. From the cemetery behind the Caria Manor, continue until you reach a rock spike that takes you to the other side. Then go up, go towards the Great Dectus Hoist and before reaching it, turn right along the rocky wall. Keep going up and past the village until you reach the church (where you will be attacked by a red NPC Vyke who once defeated will grant you his weapon and an important item - theBranded Grapes - which is needed for the Hyetta quest). In the church you will find the virgin you are looking for. Also be careful around the village as there will be a fireball on a tower that inflicts madness. Take cover whenever you can to bring the bar down.

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ADDITIONAL INFO: You can also kill the NPC Hyetta, who is a Virgo, and soak the cloth in her blood but you will preclude an important quest.

Obtained the bloody cloth, deliver it to Varré, he will reward you with a Bloody finger and make you join the ranks of Mohg. Talk to us several times until you get the Pure blood knight medal. Item needed to reach the secret Mohgwyn Family Mausoleum area and defeat the BOSS Mohg Signore del Sangue. Once you have reached the place of grace "Entrance to the family mausoleum", rest and look inside the cave from which you have just come out to notice a red evocation sign. Use it for challenge White Face Varré. And once you are defeated talk to him for get his weapon and 6 units of Bloody Finger.

REWARD: Bloody Finger (item NOT consumable to carry out invasions). Pure blood knight medal (use it from the consumables inventory to reach a secret area), Bouquet of Varré (a club in the shape of a bouquet of roses that inflicts bleeding).

Roderika the spiritualist

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WHERE: you will find it in Sepolcride at the place of grace called Capanna di Colle Tempesta.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Hewg Master Blacksmith, Eater.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to her until you run out of dialogue options. Some time later you will find her by the fireplace in the main room of the Round Table and she will hand you a Seme d'Oro. Talk to her again until you run out of dialogue and then talk to the Master Blacksmith Hewg in the next room. Ask him about Roderika and she will tell you that she seems like a good girl to him. Go back to talk to Roderika who will show the intention of wanting to commit to something of her, then again with Hewg to ask him to take her as her apprentice to her. Some time later you will find her in front of Hewg, she will have opened a Spiritual Attunement shop and will help you, by bringing her the right items, to empower your battle spirits.

Upon reaching the plateau he will tell you that he feels something malevolent coming from the other side of the Table. It refers to the Mangiasterco, the red character who has settled in the room near the remains of the Leggidita and whose guide you can find in this article. When he leaves she will feel relieved.

After this change Roderika will continue with her supporting role in empowering spirits until almost the end of the game in which you will unlock a new dialogue with her.

REWARD: Gold Seed x1, Shop for Spirit Ashes upgrade.

Fia, the companion of death

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WARNING: This mission is very long and could damage your relationship with Ranni, so be sure to complete her quests first.

WHERE: in the first room of the corridor on the right at the Round Table.

RELATED CHARACTERS: D, hunter of the dead, Rogier, Ranni.

WHAT TO DO: initially Fia will give you hugs that add the object to the inventory Blessing of the Canopy. A consumable that sacrifices some AP to slightly increase stability. Talk to her often after using the Blessing to unlock new dialogue options. Each hug will also cause you a small debuff in terms of life points that can be restored using the blessing. Now you can choose two paths to continue in her quest, the long way (and not recommended) and the fast road.

It is still NOT too clear what triggers one procedure rather than another but both paths lead to the same conclusion only the long way adds the whole Black Grapho dagger part and the flutter of passing between Ranni and Rogier. Below you will find both paths, you just have to understand which one you have taken.

-Long road-

Meet D in Idrocanto, you meet Rogier Storm Storm Castle and then talk to both of them again at the Round Table after defeating Godrick. Talk to Fia who will ask you to retrieve a Black Grapho dagger which is located in the Catacomb of the Black Knives at the far north of Liurnia Lacustre (if you look at the map you simply have to follow the path in the rock to the left of the tree). Take the Dagger show it to Rogier, he will tell you about the Death Mark and the Witch Ranni. Then go north of Liurnia, pass the Caria manor and in the area called Tre Sorelle talk to Ranni who, however, will not want to know anything about you. Go back to Rogier who will insist on Ranni and then to Ranni to finally get you to be accepted into his ranks. Now you will have to proceed in the mission of Ranni, which you can always find in this guide, until you get the Cursed Brand. Now continue with POINT 2 of the short road.

-Cut road-

DO NOT talk to D in Idrocanto but visit the city. Meet Rogier Storm Storm and defeat Godrick. In all of this, always remember to embrace Fia and carry out D's mission by talking to him at the Round Table until he takes you to Gurranq.

POINT 2: Dead Godrick (or visiting the Altus Plateau, it's unclear) hugging Fia will unlock the “Can I ask you a favor?” Option. The woman will ask you to return the item Worn Dagger, which you will receive, to the person to whom it belonged. The owner of the Dagger is D give it to him and he will tell you that he will think about it. Rest and D will have disappeared from his usual place and Fia as well. You can see the door, at the end of the hall where Hewg the blacksmith is, open. Inside, on the ground, you will find D's corpse killed by some black tentacles. Examining him you can get the mighty armor of him and the Globo of Gray di D. There will also be Fia next door that she is a servant of death and she thanks to you she has just eliminated one of the death hunters. Fia will never return to the Canopy.

IMPORTANT: Fia will wait on the canopy until the Giant Forge is activated, then his quest will be lost.


To reach the endgame area called Abyss between the Roots (one of the secret places of the game), you will have to continue with Ranni's quest until you reach Nokron eternal city and then the Nokron Aqueduct. Follow the map below to reach them.

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In this area you can find very useful items such as:

  • Missionary recipe [5]
  • Crucible Shield
  • Funeral Forging Stone [6]
  • Forging Stone [5]
  • Enchantment - Care of the Order
  • Forging Stone [4]
  • Runic Lightning

REVENGE OF D (Optional) - PART 1 : In the Nokron aqueduct you will also find the twin of D, on the balcony on the right just before reaching the boss of the area (Audaci gargoyle). If you give him the armor of his dead brother, you will get the Inner Order gesture. Later we will see how his quest evolves.

Defeated the boss Audaci Gargoyle you will receive 40.000 runes, a trophy, lo Greatsword of the gargoyle and Gargoyle blade. Now rest at the place of grace and approach the sarcophagus near the waterfall to reach the Abyss between the Roots.


The abyss between the roots is another very large optional area to cross to reach the Throne of the Prince of Death where Fia will also be waiting for you. Below is the map to cross the area. You will basically have to ride to the destroyed city, climb the tree roots and reach the location of Fia.

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These are the most important things to do and collect in the area:

  • Map of the area (from a small gazebo in the center of the area after the Leggidita and before the ruined city)
  • Runic Lightning
  • Forging stone [6]
  • Weapon - Staff of the Prince of Death (on a tower of the destroyed city)
  • In the lake north of the area you will find a Wandering Mausoleum (unlike the others to take him down you will have to kill the numerous knights of the mausoleum that you find in the area around him)
  • Funeral Forging Stone [6]
  • Ashes of soldiers in the Mausoleum (in the northernmost area right on the precipice behind the wandering mausoleum)
  • War Ashes: Rupture of Oblivion (from the church on the right before the ruined city)
  • Weapon - Torpedo Tree and Crucible Armor Set (you must defeat the Knight of the Crucible Siluria inside the tree in the far northwest of the map)

ADDITIONAL: If you take the sarcophagus in the middle of the area you can go down to the location where you found Ranni in Miniatura.

Climb the roots of the tree and arrived at the place of grace beyond the roots, prepare yourself for some challenging clashes. Arrived in the next area you will in fact defeat 5 NPCs in a row:

  • Fia champion
  • Sorcerer Rogier
  • Fia champion, Sorcerer Rogier and Lionel (all together)


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Defeated you will get the Fia Haze spell and you can finally talk to Fia sitting under the roots. Let her hold you, talk to her in secret, and then give her the Cursed Brand (which is obtained at the top of the Cariana Study Room by always carrying out Ranni's quest). You will get the Blessing of the Shiny Canopy, an enhanced version of the classic. End all dialogue and rest until Fia falls asleep (in case use the Blessing she gave you and then ask for new hugs). When you find her asleep touch it to enter the Dream of Death.

Now you will have to face a very powerful secret boss the Necrodrago Fortissax capable of inflicting Death status on you in a few hits. Defeated you will receive the Remembrance of the Necrodragus, a mountain of Rune and while resting you will be able to collect from the body of sleeping Fia the Rune of the Prince of Death which is used to obtain the final Age of Twilight.

REVENGE OF D (Optional) - Part 2: Now, if you have given the armor to D's twin, rest and witness the twin's revenge. You will find out D's real name and can get Fia's Robes from his corpse. After D's brother's dialogue is finished, rest and then pick up D's Armor Set + his sword from where it was.

REWARD: Armor set by D (Twin helmet, Twin cuirass, Twin gauntlets, Twin greaves) e D's Ashen Orb, Death Prince's Restorative Rune (to get an alternate ending), Robes of Fia and Indispensable Sword (if you complete D's revenge).

D, hunter of the dead

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WHERE: You will find him sitting at the Round Table after visiting Idrocanto (or first on the road to the left of Idrocanto and then at the Table). The small dilapidated town of Hydrocanto is located in the small lake northeast of Sepolcride. Just look just above the small river near the place of grace "Third Marika Church" near the border with Caelid.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Fia, Rogier, Gurranq.

WHAT TO DO: Talk several times with D who will tell you not to trust those who "live in death", especially a certain Sailor. Go to Hydrocanto and defeat the Tibial Sailor - this is a fairly simple fight that you can face on horseback - to get a Deadly Root and Ashes of Skeletal Soldiers. Go back to D, show the Roots and agree to help him. He will immediately open a portal for you, in the grass behind the place of grace "Marika's Third Church" which will lead you to Gurranq the Ecclesiastical Beast (whose quest you can also find in this guide).

IMPORTANT: Follow these first steps before handing him the worn dagger mentioned in the Fia quest.

Now all you have to do is follow Fia's quest until D's epilogue where you can get his armor.

FINAL ALTERNATIVE: You can also ignore D and continue the game until you complete the Forbidden Lands, but when the Board changes you will find D dead next to the exit that failed to escape. From his body you can always collect his armor.

REWARD: Meeting with Gurranq, Armor of D.

Rogier the Magician

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WHERE: You will find it in a small church in the Castle of Grantempesta. You will have to defeat Margit to reach it. The church is located immediately after the area with the eagles that throw explosive barrels.

RELATED CHARACTERS: D, the hunter of the dead, Ranni, Fia.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him to unlock a Spell Shop (where you can also buy War Ash Carian broadsword which is among the most powerful in the game). Killed Godrick you will find him on the balcony of the Round Table. You can talk about his relationship with D and even ask D about Rogier. You will be able to access his spell shop. And finally, since he was mutilated, he will give you his sword.

Depending on how you proceed in the Fia quest you will have to talk to him for the Black Grapho dagger. In any case, after a certain period Rogier will die leaving his Cinereous Globe and a letter telling you about D's Twin brother hiding in Nokron.

REWARD: Rogier Strip +8, Globo of Gray di Rogier.

Stregone Thops

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WHERE: It is found in Sepulcride in the Church of Irith north of Storm Storm Castle and near the place of grace Cliff on the lake.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him several times to unlock his spell shop and information on Stonebreaker key. This key is used to access the Academy. He will also ask you for a copy for himself, you can find it inside the Raya Lucaria Academy on a chandelier above the Cuckoo Church. You can reach the Key from the rooftop section from the left after defeating Radagon's Red Wolf (see Raya Lucaria's OPTIONAL 4 for more details).

Delivered the second key, you will find dead Thops sitting at the desk just outside the place of grace School classroom. From his corpse you can collect the Ashen Orb of Thops, a sorcery and a staff.

OPTIONAL: Even if you go to the Church of Irith after Thops is gone you can find a scarab that when killed will provide the Barrier of Thops.

REWARD: Thops's Ashen Orb, Academy's Stonecutter Staff, Sorcery - Thops' Barrier.

Irina and Edgar

WHERE: On the southern bridge that connects Sepolcride to the Wailing Peninsula.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to her and agree to help her. She will hand you one Letter to be delivered to his father who still defends the castle of Morne from invaders. You can find the castle south of the Wailing Peninsula.

Irina's father, Edgar, he will find himself sitting on a tower of the bastion. To reach it, cross the square with the enemies, turn right at the end (past the pumpkin-headed enemy) and continue up a ladder. Once above the walls go straight, take out the flying demons and go down on the left wall. Continue to the top of the tower at the bottom and you will find Edgar.

Talking to us will give you a Sacrificial twig to apologize for the conditions in which the castle of Morne finds itself. Talk to him again to deliver Irina's letter to him and discover that she cannot leave the castle until the enemies besiege him. To reassure him, you will then have to eliminate the Leonine Seed, the boss of the area, the enemy with the pumpkin head and all the others in the square. Once done, talk to Edgar again and he will convince himself to go back to Irina. Return to her on the deck where you found him to witness a bitter ending.

IMPORTANT: Attending this epilogue is used to start the quests of Hyetta.

Finally, go to the Avenger's Hut, on the west coast of Lake Liurnia north of the lesser mother tree and you will be invaded by a red NPC. It is about Edgar who has accumulated corpses upon corpses without finding peace. You give him the peace he seeks by killing him for various rewards.

REWARD: Uva di Shabriri x1, Remedy of the Invoking Wrong Finger x1, Raw Meat Raviolo x5e Halberd of the Landless .

Diallos the knight

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WHERE: a knight you will meet for the first time at the Round Table.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Lanya, Lady Tanith, Vase Bambino.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him several times until he tells you he's looking for his servant lanya. Later you will find it at the Suburbs of the Academy in Liurnia. His servant is dead and he swears revenge on his killers. Some time later he will return to the round table. Talk to us to find out that Lanya's killers are in a lair on the Monte is not coming more precisely a Villa Vulcano.

Here you will also find him in the hall, after agreeing to start the quest of Lady Tanith (here the complete guide to Villa Vulcano). Carry out Tanith's killing requests and speak to Diallos before the last one that he will be concerned about his choice to join forces with Lanya's killers.

WARNING: Until patch 1.03 this mission was stuck here.

Now, however, AFTER completing Tanith's quest he will leave Villa Vulcano (IMPORTANT: If you fail the quest it will stay there forever) you must now go to the Village of living vessels (Vasburg) which is located south of the Cariana study room in Liurnia, passing under the bridge to the left of the room. You will find Diallos in a shack here only AFTER you have passed the first part of the missions of the Vase Child (NPC added with patch 1.03).

Allow some time to pass and talk to the two NPCs until you find Diallos nearly dead from repelling the bandits who made a massacre of pots in the village (if the mission does not proceed and the dialogues do not change, rest in the place of grace and let some time pass). Giving an answer to Diallos on the verge of death rather than another does not change anything at the level of objects but it depends on your good heart. Dead, rest until Diallos disappears leaving a mask, runes and a weapon in its place.

REWARD: Hoslow's Petal Whip (it's the same weapon you can get from Lady Tanith's mission by completing the last missive), Diallos Mask and Rune of the Gods (allows you to get 12 runes).

Kenneth Haight and the heir to the Sepulcris throne

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WHERE: You will hear him asking for help on the road north of Tetrobosco, in Sepolcride. He is located above a large ruin while there are numerous trolls below him.


WHAT TO DO: Talk to the man to find out that his castle has been conquered by an evil knight. The Castle in question is the Haight Fort and is located south-east of Tetrobosco, just follow the road that splits the wood in two. Then take out the enemies of the Fort and collect the key item Medallion of Dectus (Left) from the tower at the top of the Fort.

Killed the knight inside the Fort, go back to Haight and inform him. Choose to become his knight (or you will lose the quest forever) to get a Mother steel dagger (weapon also quite poor). After some time, go to the Fort and talk to Kenneth on the upper floors. He will tell you that the Fort is now in ruins and he must go in search of a valiant knight to restore Sepolcride.

INFO: If you kill him you will get a Seme d'Oro, but it is a not recommended choice (here the guide to find them all).

WARNING: This quest was stuck here, but after patch 1.03 it continues and joins the secondary mission of Nepheli Loux that you always find in this guide. Look at the one to finish this one by Kenneth too.

Hewg, master blacksmith

WHERE: you can find it in the Round Table.


WHAT TO DO: Talk to him to upgrade weapons. It is part of the secondary mission of Roderika and from time to time you can ask him about his prison situation and see him pray depending on where you are in the game.

After passing the Forge of the Giants he will tell you that before dying he would have liked to manufacture a deicidal armament. Grab one of the legendary swords and bring it up to level +10 to please him. Here the guide to find all the funeral forging stones and the final draconic one.

Iji, fabulous master

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WHERE: is a giant blacksmith who is located north of the Ruins of the Kings and south of the Manor of Caria, sitting to the left of the main road. These places are all located in the northwestern area of ​​Liurnia.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him to upgrade weapons. He is a blacksmith just like Hewg MA also sells Funeral Forging Stones [1-4] to upgrade rarer armaments. Ask him about the Manor of Caria to find out about the curse that haunts it. You can also talk to us during Ranni's quest and ask him for advice on other game situations.

Completed Ranni's quest, you will find Iji killed by the black blades, next to his body you can collect his ashy orb and his helmet.

REWARD: Iji's Ashen Orb, Iji's Mirror Helm.

Gurranq, the ecclesiastical Belva

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WHERE: The easiest (and fastest) way to reach this creature is to unlock the portal by completing D's mission. It is still in the Feral Sanctuary north of Caelid.


WHAT TO DO: Offer him a Mortal Root, follow D's quest to get the first, and you'll be rewarded with a weapon and an eye that flickers in the presence of "those who live in death". This will make it easier for you to find the other enemies to kill to get all the deadly roots. There are a total of 9 Mortal Roots to give to Gurranq to get as many rewards and assist in the end of his mission.

REWARD: First Root (Weapon - Clawed Seal, Item - Eye of the Beast), Second Root (Spell - Beast Throw).

Merchant Kalé

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WHERE: You will meet him in the first ruined church just north of where you start the game in Sepolcride.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Altri mercanti nomadi, Wolf.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him to buy items. After visiting Darkwood east of Sepulcris, talk to him again and ask him about the howls. He will hand you a "Snap of your fingers" gesture to use in Darkwood to meet Blaidd.

IMPORTANT: Since the merchants are scattered in different areas of the game you can also decide to kill them all and give their ashy orbs to the Remnants of Legit at the Round Table so that you have practically all the merchants in one. By hitting a merchant you will ruin the relationship with all the merchants in the game.

Enia, the Leggidita

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WHERE: at the Round Table, sitting to the left of the Two Fingers. The room becomes accessible after defeating Godrick.

WHAT TO DO: This character is in charge of informing you of the Major Runes and transforming the remembrances of defeated enemies into items such as very powerful weapons. But remember that these remembrances can also be duplicated at wandering shrines and sold for tons of Runes (over 20.000).

Ser Gideon Ofnir, l'Onnisciente

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WHERE: the head of the Round Table, or so he says. You will meet him as soon as you arrive at the Round Table.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Nepheli, Ensha, Seluvius.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to us until you run out of dialogue options and then talk to us again after defeating Margit and Godrick. She will move from the dining room to a room in the left corridor. Eliminated Godrick will also show you the location of the other holders of the Major Runes.

If you complete Nepheli's mission by completing the step in the Albinauri Village you will be attacked by Ensha At the Round Table, kill the character and then talk to Gideon to get an apology.

Gideon will then provide you with more information on both Secret Pendant of the Mother Tree both on the potion of And the end, find more information in his quest.

After entering the Capital for the first time, Gideon will inform you that there are gods Lost demigods. If you bring them information about them you will get new rewards:

  • Reaching the Mohgwyn Family Mausoleum you will get the Fevor Cookbook (3) which unlocks the recipe Sacrificial twig for creation. You can equip it to lose that instead of runes.
  • By reaching the Sacred Miquella tree you will get theBlack flame protection spell;
  • Killing Mohg will get the spell instead Law of Causality.
  • After killing Malenia you are rewarded with the Spell Divine fortification of the lord.

Corhyn, the monk and Golden Mask

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WHERE: You will find it at the Round Table in the main room.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to us to unlock the Spell Sales Shop. After defeating Godrick and reaching the Altus Plateau he will tell you that he will go in search of the noble scholar of the Golden Mask.

Speak to him again at the place of grace atAltus plateau called "Crossroads of the Altus road", right next to the pylon where you find the map fragment. At this point you will have to find the Golden Mask for him. The scholar is at the end of the road, after the very long bridge that starts just west of Dominula, the village of windmills north of Altus. Talk to Golden Mask and then to Corhyn to have them meet.

Once you enter the capital you will find them together on a hill near the arena. The closest place of grace is the Western Bulwark of the Capital. You will reach it by climbing the branches of the tree starting from the place of grace Sanctuary of the Mother Tree.

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After the dialogue with both of them, you will have to solve their puzzle using the spell Law of Regression (see the guide to Capital Leyndell to know where to find it) you will still need to 37 points in Intelligence (The easiest way to get them is with Rennala's skill respec but you can also use weaponry and runes that boost your intelligence). Then go to the statue of Radagon, taking the elevator on the left after the stairs and Godfrey's place of grace and you will see a large statue with a message in front of it. Use the Law of Regress spell and you will know the truth. Inform Corhyn and the Golden Mask of this until you run out of dialogue with both of them.

You'll meet Corhyn again on the bridge south of the ruins south of Castel Sol on the Peaks of the Giants. Exhaust his dialogue. ADDITIONAL: If you have the Flask of Oblivion obtained through the quest for Lady Tanith, you can choose to give it to him to make him forget the discoveries about his master, but Corhyn will refuse by continuing on his mission and the potion will remain with you.

Completed Farum Azula in Ruin, you can find Maschera d'oro killed to Leyndell Capitale Cinerea (on the rocky coast below the point near the colosseum where you previously found him with Corhyn, you can reach him by passing through a trunk to the left of the staircase to continue) from his corpse you can get the Rune of the Perfect Order for one of the game's endings.

You can also find Corhyn in the Ashy Capital and after talking to him rest to get Corhyn's Ashen Orb and his robes.

REWARD: Greyhound gods Corhyn, robes of Corhyn, Rune of the Perfect Order in order to unlock the related ending.

Nepheli Loux

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WHERE: the goddaughter of Gideon Ofnir. You will find her near the Secluded Cell Place of Grace in Storm Storm Castle before taking out Godrick. If you miss it, you can then find it at the Round Table in front of the father's room (but it will no longer give you the amulet that serves to slightly increase the transportable load, you can also skip it since there will be better ones).

RELATED CHARACTERS: Ensha, Seluvis, Gideon Ofnir.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to her until you run out of dialogue options and then you can summon her for help in the fight with Godrick. If you do, you will receive an amulet as a gift when you meet her after her at the round table. If you didn't meet her in Stormrage before killing Godrick, talk to her until you run out of dialogue options at the round table and then to Ser Gideon about Nepheli.

Then meet her at night, under the bridge, just before Albinauri village in Liurnia. Talk to her and kill the zone boss for her. To do this, continue in the village going up to the left. At the top, roll against the pot on the right to get a half of the old man Mother tree secret medallion (it will be used for the quest of Latenna and Millicent but you can also talk about it with Gideon). Continue over the bridge and kill the boss. Talk to Nepheli and return to the Round Table.

You will now find it at the bottom of the stairs near the blacksmith after that Ensha will have attacked you (see his quest for more). Kill the NPC and then talk to Gideon and Nepheli. At this point, Nepheli's mission intertwines with that of Seluvis, the magician found in the left tower of the Tre Sorelle location. You agree to serve him and take the Potion from him that he wants you to make Nepheli drink. You will now have 3 possible choices:

  • Give the potion to Nepheli - He will become one of Seluvis' puppets and you can find his transformed body in the wizard's secret laboratory in the ruins of Three Sisters. If you ask the magician for info about the laboratory after finding it, he will give you one of his puppets but not Nepheli's.
  • Give the potion to the Eater - He will become one of the Puppets of Seluvis and you can then summon him as ash but his quest will fail (you must first free him from the sewers of the Capital to give him the potion).
  • Dare la pozione and Gideon Ofnir (BEST CHOICE) - Which will make the potion disappear and then ask you to tell Seluvis that you gave it to him.

If you don't give the potion to Nepheli, you can continue in her quest. The woman seems shaken by her father's choices and she will need a sign. This sign is a particular ash, that of the Re Falco which you can find in Chapel of the Waiting, the one where you start the game. To reach it, see our guide to Quattro Campanili. Once the ashes are delivered Nepheli will seem relieved and she will tell you that they remind her of her old hawk.

WARNING: Until patch 1.03 this quest was blocked here, but now it is possible to finish it. Before proceeding to the next point, however, you must have finished the mission of Kenneth Haight that you always find in this guide.

After doing it go to Godrick's throne room in Storm Storm Castle, the area with the throne after the boss arena. Rest and keep time going until you find Nepheli Loux on the throne and Kenneth Haight at his side glad to have found the new lord of the Sepulchrid. Run out of Nepheli's dialogues to get one Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

REWARD: Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Miriel, the turtle and the mystery of the Radagon Statue

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WHERE: in the Church of the Vows, quickly reachable by teleportation on the balcony in the final area of ​​the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to them until you run out of dialogue options and then you'll unlock a spell shop. If you have found it, still inside Raya Lucaria, you can also give it to him Pergamena del Conspectus which is used to unlock the purchase of advanced spells. Also near the turtle is a gold sewing needle and gold tailoring tools to change the look of the legendary armor.

Asking about Radagon, Miriel will also tell you that his statue hides a secret. But where is the Radagon Statue located? What secrets are you hiding? Well, the statue in question is located in Leyndell, the capital. It is one of the most advanced locations in the game. You will find it outside where you defeat Godfrey in Leyndell. The place of grace is "Leyndell Mother Tree Shrine". You have to take the stairs and then go down with the elevator. In front of the statue is a message that says "Regression reveals secrets". A very cryptic message that requires you to find a tome for Leyndell to give to Miriel (or Corhyn) to unlock the spell "Law of Regression”(It takes 37 points of Intelligence, you can use Rennala's Rebirth to get them). Finally all you have to do is go back to the statue and use the spell. The statue will disappear and there will be a big surprise for the lore of the game.

Follow Corhyn's mission for more information. Miriel will remain as a merchant in the Church of Vows for the remainder of the game.

Yura, bloody hunter

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WHERE: in Sepolcride, under the great ruin you see on the map south of Lake Agheel, location south of the Sepulcris map.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to the hunter who will ask you to stay away from the dragon in the nearby lake. Go to the lake and kill the boss Flying Dragon Agheel. He's a very easy boss to take out, you can take him out even on horseback and he doesn't even unlock a trophy. You will get a Dragon heart and 6000 experience points. Talk to Yura again who will reveal the location of the Draconic Shrine.

OPTIONAL - If you go to the Sepulcris River north of Lake Yura it will come to your rescue against the invasion of a red NPC. Eliminate the NPC being very careful to keep Yura alive. You can also kill it yourself first and you won't have this problem.

You will then find Yura near the place of grace "Main gate of Raya LucariaContinue across the bridge without interacting with the seal on the academy gate and interact with Yura's red invocation symbol instead. A fight will start with another red NPC, eliminate him and then talk to Yura again until you run out of dialogues.

Finally you will meet Yura at the Second Marika Church on the Altus Plateau. The hunter is not in good condition and in a few seconds you will find out why: you will in fact be invaded by Eleonora and you will have to eliminate it, be careful because it is very fast. Once eliminated you will get her weapon and by returning to talk to Yura also her sword.

REWARD: Katana di Yura - Nodachi.

Lady Tanith, the mistress of Villa Vulcano

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WHERE: Villa Vulcano, on Mount Gelmir.

WHAT TO DO: For the complete guide to the long and interesting quest of this character, see the guide to Villa Vulcano.

WARNING: Up until patch 1.03 this quest ended with Lady Tanith leaving the mansion and what you read in the link above, but the update adds an interesting passage to her mission.

After she leaves Villa Vulcano in fact, Lady Tanith can now be found in Rykard's arena gulping down the remains of the boss. If you talk to her she will tell you that it will take some time before you eat them all. After this dialogue you can act in two ways.

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220322002943

TO KILL TANITH: If you hit her, the woman will die instantly but the Knight of the Crucible will appear next to her inside Villa Vulcano. Eliminated him too you can Collect her armor set from Tanith (Consort's Armor Set). Also from the Knight of the Crucible you will receive the Crucible Spell: Respite.

DELIVER THE CASTLES: You can also deliver the Castanets for a dancer, see the Patches quest to find out how to get them. The woman will tell you that she doesn't really need it but the item will disappear from your inventory. We still don't know where this narrative choice leads, perhaps in a DLC or in a future update. If you discover something, please report it to us in the comments.

Rya / Zorayas, the "servant" of Villa Vulcano

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WHERE: you will find it in South Liurnia near the telescope, in the point shown in the image just below.

WHAT TO DO: this is one of the longest and most interesting quests in all of Elden Ring and will lead you to join the ranks of the adepts of Villa Vulcano, a totally optional dungeon, full of NPCs and as large as one of the game's mandatory dungeons (if not more ). Find all the information on the mission and all the endings obtainable for Rya in this special guide that we have made.

REWARD: Pain of Daedicar (Increases damage taken).

Boc, the tailor

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WHERE: you will find it in Sepolcride just south of the area telescope near the trees. It will be transformed into a bush, hit it to start its quest. If you use the telescope you will also hear her voice calling you.

WHAT TO DO: exhaust his dialogue to discover that he has been deprived of his sewing kit. Now go to the place of grace Coastal Cavern still in Sepolcride, he is on the beach and complete the dungeon (by defeating the bosses) to recover his sewing needle. Give it to Boc who will be near the place of grace and you can proceed in the mission.

Now go to the place of grace Cliff on the lake, immediately behind the Castle of Grantempesta towards Liurnia or to the place of grace Eastern gate of the Academy of Raya Lucaria (the one at the end of the road south of the Great Dectus Hoist). From now on speaking with him you can change clothes as many times as you want and without spending runes (otherwise it costs 500). You can also meet him in some other place of grace and, if you have not yet reached the capital, Melina will appear at the next place of grace and will tell you about Boc.

To activate the next step you will need to collect the divine sewing kit in the box inside the Church of the Vows. Look at the secondary mission of Miriel always in this guide to find out where to find the church.

Reached the Ancestral Throne in the capital you will find Boc and he will ask you to give him one Larva tears (the same item you use to do Rennalla's Rebirth and redistribute your stats points) at this point you will have two possible endings.

GOOD FINAL - Recommended: Go to the hermit village where the Wizard Azur is located (see the secondary mission of Sellen) and collect the Talking Head "You Are Enchanting". Go back to Boc, use it on him and he will reward you with a gesture, leaving aside the story of wanting to become human again (maybe we will see him again in a DLC).

BAD FINAL: Give the Larva's Tear to Boc, go to the Raya Lucaria Library and you will finally find him human. Resting in the place of grace, however, he will die because only Rune bearers can use rebirth.

REWARD: Single gesture (good ending), possibility to change clothes for free.

Hyetta, the blind virgin

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WHERE: you will meet her at the place of grace Cliff on the lake, behind the Storm Storm Castle, only after having followed the mission of Irina and Edgar up to the recommended step, you will always find it in this guide.

WHAT TO DO: before starting this quest we advise you to get everything you need to carry out the mission without having to interrupt it every time. You will in fact need as many as 3 units of Uva di Shabriri and Branded Grapes. Let's see how to get them:

  • Uva di Shabriri 1: Look into the trees near the place of grace where you first meet Hyetta. You will find a small door in the castle walls. Open it and look near the ghost to find the Grapes. It can also be reached from Storm Storm Castle, after defeating Godrick, enter the throne room and go down the ladder to find yourself in the room with the Grapes.
  • Uva di Shabriri 2: Eliminate the red NPC Edgar to the Avenger's Hut. Follow the mission of Edgar and Irina (also in this guide) to find it.
  • Uva di Shabriri 3: In the Purified Ruins, in the basement. They are located in Liurnia, on the east bank of the lake before the Cariana Study Room.
  • Branded Grapes: Kill the red NPC Vyke in the Church of the Inhibition (find all the info to reach it in the secondary mission of Varré at the top of this guide)

Obtained these items you just need to go to all the places where Hyetta appears and deliver the grapes to her, run out of dialogues, rest and proceed to the next place. So after having given her the grapes to the Dirupo sul Lago you will find her right in front of the Purified Ruins (near the left wall). And finally you will find it near the place of grace shown in the photo. Give her the third grape and then tell her the truth about the grapes. Rest, talk to her again until you run out of dialogue and then you will meet her at Bellum Church. Here give her the Branded Grape and finish the dialogues.

You will then find it in the place Proscription of the Frenetic Flame, one of the secret areas and which leads to the great bad ending of the game. Talk to her after choosing Frenzied Flame and tap it to end her quest.

REWARD: In the Bad Ending she will become your Virgin of the Fingers (replacing Melina).

Sellen the witch, Azur the wizard and Jerren the witch hunter

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WHERE: you will find it at the Ruins of the Crossroads in Sepolcride in a small basement where you will have to defeat the pumpkin head boss. Sellen is behind the next door. We advise against meeting her for the first time in the Wailing Peninsula under the ruins of Lammia because if you attack her (even if you wanted to free her) her quest will be lost.

WHAT TO DO: go to Sellen, talk to him and once the dialogue is finished you can buy witchcraft from her. At this point you will have to go to the Village of the Hermits starting from the place of grace of Altus "Hill facing the mother tree”And turning everything around the Monte is not coming to reach the village. At the end of the village, on the left you will find this sorcerer sitting near a place of grace that bears his name. Talk to him and he will give you the most powerful spell in the game, the Comet of Azur (Legendary Spell).

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Go back to Sellen, show the spell and agree to follow her. She will ask you to find the wizard Lusat and give you a key to break the seal of his prison. Go to the church in Caelid where you found it Millicent (see his quest in this guide) and gallop north to the highest tombstone. Hit the rock wall behind the headstone to make a cave entrance appear.

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Time You DON'T have to kill the cave boss to continue but, break through the illusory walls to the point where you have to cross a bridge made of crystals. Climb on the bridge and go down on the lower one until you reach the ground. Continue until you find another blue crystal bridge and go down to the right until you see a crystal snail. Go down to the bottom of this area (it's a long drop) and kill the annoying wizard at the bottom. Nearby you can use Sellen's key to clear your way to Lusat that will give you the legendary spell Ruin stars.

IMPORTANT: If Sellen's quest does not proceed, you must eliminate the main BOSS Radahn.

Talk to Sellen until you run out of dialogue, then go to the Weeping Peninsula, and enter the Witch Scourge ruins just below Marika's Fourth Church. You will find her chained here, talk to her to get the Scintipietra Primigenia di Sellen.

Go back to Sellen and exhausted the dialogue options go to Three sisters, beyond the manor of Caria. Exit out of Ranni's tower and hit the floor of the ruins just to the left (where an enemy wizard appears) to reveal the Seluvis' secret room. Go down and hit the wall at the back of the room to find Sellen's body. Use the stone on his body.

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If you haven't done this before, go to Castello Mantorosso and talk to jerren who will be sitting in front of the door at the top of the stairs. Exhaust his dialogue options and then head back to Witch's Bane where Jerren will be next to Sellen's dead body. Talk to him again until you run out of dialogue and then go to the Great Library of Raya Lucaria. Go out to the elevator and look at the two summoning signs on the ground. Now you will have to choose whether to take the side of Jerren, who is a witch hunter. Or on the side of Sellen who wants to depose the house of Caria. If you choose one you will have to fight the other with the help of whoever you have chosen. At the narrative level it changes little, but the objects you get do change.

CHOOSING SELLEN (best choice if you use spells)

  • Jerren's Eccentric Armor Set
  • Kris dagger
  • Grana Stone Sculptor Mask
  • A new sorcery at Sellen's shop

Now Sellen will take over from Rennala. To get the queen back you will have to go to find Lusat and Azur and then return to Sellen who will be gone giving her place back to Rennala. You will also get these other costumes from the wizards:

  • set of azur
  • Set in Lusat


  • Globo of Gray di Sellen
  • Grana Stone Sculptor Mask
  • Summoning Wrong Finger Remedy
  • Runic Lightning

Speaking with Jerren outside at the large Raya Lucaria library (immediately right) you will also get:

  • Ancient Dragon Forging Stone (for upgrading weapons to maximum level)

If you want now (and after completing Ranni's quest) you can also kill him to get the Quirky set by Jerren.

Patches, the accursed

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WHERE: Acquafosca cave, access is in the Sepolcride river to the left of the telescope. You can go down into the river from the north.

WHAT TO DO: Patches is a treacherous character featured in every FromSoftware game. In Elden Ring he is the (poor) boss of the Aquafosca cave. Save him (leaving him some life points at the end of the fight) and he will grant you a gesture (Prostrate) and some runes.

KILL PATCHES (Not recommended): If you choose to kill him you will get one Cast +7, the Ashen Orb of Patches, some runes and the leather armor set.

Optional - Leaving it alive you can then find it on thePanoramic Island by Liurnia. Here she will sell you some items and tell you that at the bottom of the Raya Lucaria Academy there is an Iron Maiden who can teleport you directly to the mother tree. She of course she is lying. Look here to find out where that virgin is taking you.

Optional - You will find it later on Monte Gelmir, just outside the Tomb of the Hero and near the rock bridge. If you follow the messages about a treasure he will kick you downstairs.

If you finally reach Villa Vulcano and decide to join the cause of Lady Tanith, after completing the first request of the woman Patches will appear in the hall and will offer you an exclusive mission (from which to obtain a very powerful, but heavy armor set), also rewarding you with a unique weapon: Magma Whip Candelabra (very scenic but nothing more).

WARNING: The 1.03 Patch, extends the Patches quest.

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220322000627

First he would remain in the atrium of Villa Vulcano as a merchant until the end of the game. Now, after completing Tanith's quest, having killed Rykard and finished Villa Vulcano, he leaves the place. You'll find him just outside the boss's room Castellombroso (the castle in the green pool in the photo above to the north of the general map, the same one where you will have to go for the quest of Millicent). He will be on one side of the corridor full of statues slumped to the ground. Talk to him and you will receive the Castanets for a dancer. Patches will tell you to deliver them to Tanith so that she can find her reason again.

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220322000653

If you talk to him until you run out of dialogue, APPARENTLY, he will die. Knowing Patches though it is definitely a trick because when they die the merchants on Elden Ring leave an ashen orb and he doesn't leave it. Furthermore, any dead characters disappear as if they were made of ashes while Patches just disappears at the next rest at the place of grace. Moreover the item he gives you, at the moment, seems useless with Tanith.

WARNING: The 1.04 Patch, extends the Patches quest again.

After the previous steps go back to Aquafosca cave in Sepolcride, where you first met him. Just like then you can decide whether to kill him, and get his ashen orb or not attack him by waving at him until the fight ends automatically. You will thus get the Gesture - Position of Patches. Resting and returning to the area you will find that he will have reopened his shop.

REWARD: Magma Whip Candelabra, Set - Armor of the Great Horns, Gesture - Prostrate (if you spare it), Gesture - Patches stance.

Ranni, the witch

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WHERE: In Liurnia in the Guglia di Ranni, the location beyond the Cariano Manor immediately after defeating the boss Loretta. You can also meet her before her at the Church of Elleh at the beginning of the game (she will give you a bell to summon the spirits from the ashes which you can then still purchase from the remains of the Leggidita alla Tavola) but this first meeting is optional.

WARNING: If you cleared Fia's quest first and ask Ranni about the Cursed Mark, she will kick you out. To restore ties, talk to Rogier at the Round Table and return to Ranni to infiltrate his ranks and search for the Cursed Mark. It will then be up to you to choose between Fia or Ranni. In any case, you can proceed in her quest. IMPORTANT: If Ranni does not appear in her Tower, try to beat Radahn and you will finally see her appear.

WHAT TO DO: Follow our guide to Ranni's quest and how to get the Star Age ending.

REWARD: Greatsword of the Black Moon, Invocation of Ranni (not a real item but you can have this option after the final boss).

Wolf, il lupo

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WHERE: Tetrobosco (Sepolcride) or if you miss the meeting directly in the Festival square of Mantorosso in Caelid.

WHAT TO DO: Optional - Visit Gloomwood at Sepolcride and then talk to the merchant Kalé, in this guide, I will give you a gesture to communicate with Blaidd. Go to the ruins in the center of Darkwood, look at the top and you will see Blaidd howling from the tallest tower. Use the gesture to call him. You run out of dialogue to find that he is looking for a certain Darriwill. This is the Limiere you find in the Eternal Guys just south of Lake Agheel always at Sepolcride. Take it out and then talk to Blaidd just outside to have Iji direct you, north of Liurnia and then Ranni to the Carian Manor (Blaidd is very attached to Ranni's quest).

All the part you have read above is optional because you can also find Blaidd directly at Mantorosso castle to Caelid in the square before defeating Radahn. Once this is done, just continue in Ranni's quest and once finished, return in front of Ranni's Spire in Three Sisters to fight against Blaidd. In fact, the wolf will appear hostile after Ranni's quest and once he is defeated you will get his weapon and armor.

REWARD: Armatura di Wolf, Spada di Wolf set.

Millicent e Gowry

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WHERE: Caelid, city of Sellia, in the center of the map. Gowry it is located in a dilapidated house to the left of the village shortly after the entrance arch. Millicent it is located in a church on the mountain overlooking the city. Their mission is intertwined.

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WHAT TO DO: First go to Sellia, the dilapidated city just north of the swamp of caelid. And talk to the wizard Gowry in the house at the point indicated. Agree to help him and go to the center of the Swamp of Aeonia, just south of Sellia, to defeat the boss of the area from which to obtain the Commander's Banner weapon but above all thePure gold needle what Gowry asked you.

But the needle is broken so go back to the wizard to get it fixed. It will take time, time you can take to discover the Secret of Sellia. In practice you will simply have to jump on the roofs and reach the three bell towers by lighting the torches to remove the 6 magical seals of the city. Behind the magical seals of Sellia you can find various things, but among the most important:

  • Magic Dragon Talisman +1 (enormously increases defense against magic damage)
  • Magic Sword Key (serves to open one of the 3 portals in Quattro Campanili)
  • Il Swordsmen boss of Nox which unlocks a place of grace and the Sword of Nox
  • The way to continue above the city and reach the Church of the Pestilence in which to find Millicent (as well as an important location for the Sellen quest that you can always find in this guide)
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After some time, if you rest at a place of grace, go back to Gowry who will have repaired the needle. Climb above the city from the newly opened seal and speak with Millicent in the Church of the Pestilence. Give her her needle and then rest to find her strong even if without an arm. Exhaust her dialogue (to get the amulet Heirloom of the prosthesis wearer which increases Dexterity) and then go to theAltopiano di Altus, just north of the Colle Overlooking the mother tree. You'll find Millicent looking out over the Capital but she needs something to get back into the fight.

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At this point you will have to go to Castellombroso, the castle located in a green poisonous swamp north of the Altus Plateau. There is no need to complete this mini dungeon - if you do you will have to kill the secret boss Elemer del Rovo earning an objective trophy, the legendary weapon Sword of the executioner of Marais and the shield Pavia del Rovo - but just go to the spot shown and collect the Valkyrie prosthesis.

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Go back to Millicent and give her the item. Finish the dialogues and then go to Lady north of Altus just outside the capital. This is the Windmill village at the top of the map. Take the horse and reach the top where you have to defeat a boss of the order of the Sacrederm. Once cleared you will unlock a place of grace "Hill of the Windmills" and get the spear Sacriderma Scorticatore and the spell Black Baleful Flame. Rest and you will see Millicent appear near the place of grace. Talk to her until the dialogue is exhausted.

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The next meeting is on the Peaks of the Giants, after passing the capital. You will find it on the path next to a place of grace. Talk to her to find out that in Castel Sol there is half of a medallion (the other half of the medallion she talks about is Gideon Feared, both Latenna and the old Albinauro in the mission of Nepheli Loux you find in this guide). Then go to Castel Sol and reassembled the Secret Medallion of the Mother Tree to use on the Great Rold freight elevator of to reach the secret area Sacred Miquella Tree.

You will now have to reach Elphael, another secret area (see here to find out how). You will find it near the place of grace Hall of Prayer. To proceed in the quest you will have to eliminate the boss Tumor Spirit found in the rotting river at the bottom of the city. This is where there are some rotting lakes before reaching Malenia. You simply have to go to the branch and reach the second one. Once done, rest then go back to where you beat him and look to the right to see two summoning signs.

FIGHTING MILLICENT: This choice will take you to the bad ending of the quest. You will have to eliminate Millicent and in exchange you will get the Millicent Prosthesis talisman which increases dexterity by 5 points.

HELP MILLICENT: In this case you will have to help her fight 4 NPC invader strong enough so prepare yourself properly. Once defeated, rest and return several times to the place until all the dialogue of Millicent is exhausted which will always be in the same collapsed area near the rotting river. After the last dialogue you will find thePure gold needle. At this point the Millicent quest will be over, but there are further steps to continue.

ADDITIONAL STEP (Get Miquella's Needle): The pure gold needle can be used on the large red flower that appears after beating the boss of Elphael Malenia. In this way you will get theMiquella needle (and also one pietra of the draconic funereal forgiatura), a very important object that serves to free you from the Frenzied Flame in case you have chosen to get this ending and then have changed your mind. To use it and cancel the influence of the flame on you you will have to go to the arena of Lord draconico Placidusax at the base of Farum Azula and use the needle from the inventory. It is not necessary to eliminate Placidusax, just use the needle without approaching the dragon.

ADDITIONAL STEP (The end of Gowry): At this point you can also go back to Gowry and eliminate him once and for all. Thus you will get the Cinereo globe of Gowry it's a Canvas Talisman which increases the damage of spells.

REWARD: Ago di Miquella (for one of the endings).


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WHERE: This is the Virgin you will meet at the first places of grace of the game introduced by a video. The same one he will give you Torrente and that will take you to the Panel discussion.

WHAT TO DO: You will meet her several times throughout the game and she will give you information about the lore and her mission. Arrived at Capital it will abandon you and rejoin you only after you have reached the Ancestral Throne. However, you can summon it in the fight against Morgott.

BAD FINAL: Once she has passed the Forge of the Giants, Melina will sacrifice herself and die like this.

GOOD FINAL: To get the best ending for Melina, you'll have to work hard and even make her hate you. In fact, you will have to follow all the steps to get the final Lord of the Frenzied Flame. Having gained the power of the Flame, Melina will separate from you and threaten to kill you. Ignore her and go on burning the roots of the mother tree yourself and saving her from her sacrifice. Now, to be forgiven, you will have to complete the long and complex quest of Millicent (which you can always find in this guide). Obtained theMiquella needle do as described in additional point of the Millicent quest and use it on yourself to heal the Frenzied Flame. This way you will be able to access all the other endings in the game again and Melina will be safe.

Seluvis and her doll workshop

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WHERE: In the spire south of the Torre di Ranni to Tre Sorelle after the Caria Manor.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Nepheli Loux, Ranni, Sellen, Mangiasterco, Wolf, Iji, Gideon Fear.

WHAT TO DO: Seluvis is a hateful character who, as you will have read in this guide, is a point of passage for many characters. He will ask you to deliver a potion to Nepheli Loux and you will have 3 choices that you can find in the secondary mission of Nepheli (also in this guide). When you no longer have the potion in your inventory he will agree to sell you his he sorceries.

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If you hit the floor of the ruins on the left just outside Ranni's Spire you will find a secret room full of puppets (and by hitting the wall at the bottom you will find a new area that has to do with Sellen's mission). Speaking to Seluvis about her doll workshop she will let you choose one of her puppets which can be 2 basic always available and one between Nepheli or the Mangiasterco, it depends who you gave the potion to. You cannot get these two puppets in the same game but you will necessarily have to go through the NG +.

At this point you will have two choices to continue Seluvis's quest and bring her to her epilogues.

BASE FINAL: Finish Ranni's quest and you can find him dead in his spire killed by Blaidd who recognized him as a traitor.

FINAL ALTERNATIVE: For this ending you have to give the potion to Nepheli or buy all of her sorceries so that Seluvis reveals her plans. In practice he wants to reduce Ranni to a puppet. To do this he will ask you to bring him theStellar Amber which you can find north of the place of grace Crossroads of the Altus Plateau. He will reward you with an amulet that increases the magic damage, but also the damage received. Now go to Ranni and deliver the Seluvis preparation. The witch will understand her betrayal and after reloading the area she will disappear from her tower and blacksmith Iji will also disappear. Seluvis as always will be found dead in his tower for treason and you though You will NOT be able to continue Ranni's quest unless you make a trip to the Church of Vows to atone and all will be forgiven.

dung eater

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WHERE: This is the red NPC who will reach the Round Table (near the remains of the Leggidita) after the first stages of the game. Roderika will tell you about him as a malevolent presence and she will be relieved when she leaves the table.

WARNING: Before his quest we advise you to complete that of the Shrimp seller.

WHAT TO DO: At first he will just want to be left alone but in order to proceed in his quest you will need to find an item known as the Curse of the Nursery. There are several scattered around the Interregnum map let's see how to get them:

  • Curse of the Nursery 1: Leyndell, Capital. Immediately after entering, take the elevator, enter the building, go up the staircase to the right and then up the stairs to reach a terrace at the top. Here is a corpse with the object.
  • Curse of the Nursery 2: At Villa Vulcano, just before returning inside the Villa after having crossed the whole Prison City (here the position).
  • Curse of the Nursery 3: Leyndell, Capital. In the area called Fortified Manor, there is a room that resembles that of the Eater at the Round Table, here is a corpse with the Curse of the Nursery.
  • Curse of the Nursery 4: In Elphael (see Millicent quest to find out how to get there), from the Hall of Prayer go northeast and go down the stairs then jumping right over the sloping arch where the enemy is looking down from the balcony. Then jump left towards the scarab and climb the arch to the left again. You will come to a balcony with a corpse that contains the object.
  • Curse of the Nursery 5: Also in Elphael starting from the Hall of Prayer, go north-east and go down the stairs until you reach the room with the two knights. Do not enter this room, but jump from the ledge to the right (just below the first sloping arch you jumped on for the previous curse). Drop down to your right and you will land on a roof. Turn around and enter the door under the arch. Finally go down the stairs to the right and then in the northeast corner of the room, just at the bottom of the ledge, is a corpse with the object.
  • Curse of the Extra Nursery: One more seedbed curse that doesn't change the ending in any way. You can get it by completing the quest of the Shrimp Seller (also in this guide) before that of the Eater.
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Found one of these items will deliver the Key to the Sewers telling you to free his body. At this point you will need to reach the Underground of the Forsaken under Leyndell. To do this near the destroyed part of the city, where the giant dragon wing is, there is also a well to go down to.

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Inside this there is a cell to open, do it and go down the ladder to the rat-infested room on the right. Go through the door to the southeast, then go down the ladder on the left and head to the place of grace to the northwest in the second alcove on the left.

Now go left until you drop into the grate in the floor. Continue, pass the poisonous flowers and climb the ladder at the bottom. Be very careful when you reach the center of this room: a giant hand will appear from the ground (and smaller hands will also appear just to make sure you don't miss anything). Run to the cell at the back and open it with the Sewer Key.

Talk to the real Eater, go back to the room at the Table and read the message. Now you will have to reach it for challenge him to the outer Leyndell moat. This is the small area with water that you see northwest of the capital (outside). When you reach the pool you will be overrun by the red NPC of the Eaterco. Kill him to get his Armor Set and the Sword of Milos. ADDITIONAL: If you have completed the Shrimp Brigand quest, interact with his body to make the invading Earth Eater appear.

Defeated, speak to him at the Table and he will ask you to hand him the Curses of the Nursery (there are 6 in the game but 5 is enough) in his cell under Leyndell (do this BEFORE activating the Forge). In exchange you will get the Rune of the Pest for the related ending.

REWARD: Iron Eater Armor Set, Sword of Milos, Plague Rune (for one ending).

Pidia, Carian Servant

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WHERE: At Tre Sorelle, go down the cliff to find it.

WHAT TO DO: He is a merchant who sells some objects, he does not have a real quest but after completing the mission of Ranni or Seluvis you will find her dead killed by the puppets, in practice Pidia was in charge of looking after them.

REWARD: Pidia's Ashen Orb, Nepheli's Puppet (if Nepheli drank the potion and you didn't choose it by Seluvis) Dolores's Puppet (if Nepheli didn't drink the potion.

Shrimp seller

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WHERE: In southern Liurnia at the place of grace called the Shrimp Seller's Hut. Look at Rya's mission to find him.

WHAT TO DO: Initially it will be Rya (another NPC) to inform you of its existence. Reach him and if you want to continue his quest choose NOT to kill him but to buy from him, for 1000 Runes, the Necklace to return to Rya. NB If you kill him you will get his mask, 1000 runes, the Shrimp Vendor's Ashen Orb and the Iron Ball weapon.

Rest and then buy all the boiled shrimp sold by man (he is the only one who sells them, they serve to increase the defense). Once you've bought them all, rest and this character will disappear. If you haven't defeated the Magma Makar Dragon boss yet, you can summon him to help you in the fight.

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220317184536

He later moves into the Leyndell outer moat (see the mission of the dung eater to find this location) and will sell Boiled Crabs, an enhanced version of shrimp. Buy all the shrimp he will tell you about the Eater and tell you (if you have freed the remains of the Eater from the sewers) that he is lurking nearby. Rest and you will find the dying shrimp vendor, interact with his body to trigger the invasion of the Eater.

Once you have eliminated the Mangiasterco you can collect from the shrimp vendor an additional Nursery Curse compared to those seen in the Quest of the Eater.

WARNING: If you want to get this Nursery Curse you must complete this mission before the Earth Eater mission.

REWARD: Shrimp Vendor's Ashen Orb, Extra Seedling Curse, Iron Mask, Weapon - Iron Ball, 1000 Runes.

Latenna, the albinaura

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WHERE: To start his quest you will need to get from the old man Albus, the albinaur transformed into a vase the first half of the secret medallion leading to the Sacred Miquella Tree. To do this, follow the following Nepheli Loux, also in this guide and then talk to Gideon Ofnir about the medallion to find out the location of Latenna. If you have trouble finding Albo the exact location is in the photo below.

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RELATED CHARACTERS: Gideon Feared, Albus.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to Gideon Feared after obtaining the first half of the medallion to be directed to a cave in Southwest Liurnia. On the other side of the cave there will be an open area with a named Albinaura Latena waiting alongside a large dead wolf. Show him the medallion and accept his request to receive the Ashes of Latenna the albinaura. It will also reveal to you that the other part of the medallion is located in Castel Sol on the Vette dei Giganti.

WARNING: If you collect both parts of the medallion and reach the Giant Peaks before talking to Latenna you will find her dead and you can only collect her ashes without continuing in the quest.

Now reached the Secret Lands of the Sacred Tree Miquella and the place of grace Ruin of the Apostate northwest of Order Liturgical city. There will be a giant sleeping albinaurian woman (in front of which you can collect the shield Silver mirror, interact with it and summon Latenna to get one Draconic Funeral Smithing Stone (here you will find the others).

REWARD: Latenna's Ashes, Draconic Funeral Forging Stone.

Ensha of the Royal Spoils

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WHERE: Is found next to Ofnir's library in the Round Table. He is the character with the skeletal armor, talk to him to get the "What do you want?" Gesture.

RELATED CHARACTERS: Gideon Ofnir, Nepheli.

WHAT TO DO: After talking to us for the first time, Ensha it will do absolutely nothing until you proceed with the Nepheli quest (also in this guide). When Nepheli returns to the round table and you return you too will feel that there is something wrong and you will come invaded by a red NPC Ensha inside the main room of the Table. Eliminate him to find in his usual place, near Gideon Ofnir's room, his armor set and his weapon.

You can also speak to Fear of Ensha after the fight.

REWARD: Armor Set of Royal Spoils (slowly restores HP).

Bernhal the knight

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WHERE: You will initially meet him as a merchant at the Weapons Master's Hut in Storm Hill, will sell some ashes for weapons. If you miss this meeting you can find it at Villa Vulcano.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him and complete his side quest at Villa Vulcano to get the Blood Wolf armor set (Must be done before defeating Rykard and after agreeing to serve Lady Tanith).

You will meet him later in Azula's lighthouse is broken. It will invade you near the site of Grace of the Great Bridge. Basically instead of going north towards the boss of the area you have to go down south and he will invade you after going down the ladder (there is also a legendary amulet in this area). Defeat him to get his legendary weapon and armor. In addition, you will also get a reusable item to defeat the Farum Azula boss.

WARNING: If you defeat the Shattered Farum Azula boss first, you will no longer be able to fight him.

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: If you want, you can also kill Bernhal at the Weapons Master's Hut but you will lose most of his quest and the Blood Wolf armor. If you have finished the game and you just need that weapon you can always do a NG + and kill it at the hut very close to the start of the game.

REWARD: Bernhal's Ashen Orb (if you kill him at the hut at the beginning), Bernhal's Armor set, Legendary Weapon - Scepter of the Devourer.

Shabriri the possessed

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WHERE: Next to the place of grace near the Ruins of Zamor on the Heights of the Giants. You have to complete the quest for Yura to meet him.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him, he will tell you that Yura has granted him his body and will give you information on how to get the final Frenzied Flame Lord. After gaining the power of the Frenzied Flame Shabriri will disappear and instead of him you will find the Armor set from Ronin.

ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: Kill him as soon as you meet him and you will immediately get the Armor set from Ronin.

REWARD: Ronin Armor Set.

Gostoc the guardian

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220223201032

WHERE: After defeating Margit in the room to the left of Storm Storm Castle.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him who will show you two ways to proceed. He will also act as a merchant for you, but it's all small stuff. Whichever you choose, he will always steal a portion of your runes whenever you die at Stormrage Castle. He will also set you traps in the castle, locking you inside some doors. After defeating Godrick and resting at the place of grace you will still meet him in the place of grace of the boss who tramples on his remains.

WARNING: Until patch 1.03 this mission was stuck here.

But now, if you leave Gostoc alive and finish Kenneth Haight and Nepheli Loux's mission, you can find Gostoc in Godrick's throne room along with the other two characters. He will always be the same evil Gostoc but in his shop you can buy one for 20.000 runes Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

KILLING GOSTOC: If you kill him before he gets to the throne room (a safe room) you can get back all the runes he stole from you from the castle and his ashy orb with cheap stuff to give to the remains of the Legit.

REWARD: Ancient Dragon Forging Stone.

Alexander Iron Fist

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220313213344

WHERE: There will be various optional meetings before but you can meet him directly in the festival square at Castello Mantorosso in Caelid.

WHAT TO DO: OPTIONAL - You can meet him on Storm Hill on the road leading to the Eastern Sepulchrid. You will hear his voice and he will ask you to free him (just give him some charged shots). You can also find it in the Geal Gallery, a small dungeon towards Caelid.

After talking to him in the square of Mantorosso you can summon it in the fight with Radahn and then find it later near the place of grace.

OPTIONAL - It will then be found on the hill south of the Cariana Study Room in Liurnia, near the rocky ridge overlooking Vasburg, the village of living vessels. You will need to create a Jar of Oil and throw it at him (the recipe is sold by a merchant in the Siofra River).

You will then have to meet him on the left of the magma lake near the dragon on the climb to the Monte is not coming. The lake in question is located near Castellombroso and Alexander is in the lava to his left. Finish his dialogue and then you can summon him as a helper in the fight against the Fire Giant on Peaks of the Giants. You will have to finish his dialogues here even if you have already defeated the giant otherwise Alexander will NOT appear in Farum Azula but instead of him you will find a dragon. He will give you an object, a helmet in the shape of a Vase.

Finally you will meet him at Azula's lighthouse. To reach it you will have to take the elevator which is located behind a door for which you need 2 Stone Sword Keys, near the Dragon Temple. Take the elevator and turn left, you will arrive in a square full of undead, always go left and jump on the ledges and then on the rocky part towards the pieces of floating building. A little further on, on one of these rubble, you will see Alexander ready to challenge you. Defeat it and you will get a good amulet and item Innards of Alexander.

WARNING: Until patch 1.03 Alexander's Innards item had no purpose, but can now be used to finish the Child Vase quest in Vasburg.

REWARD: Amulet Fragment of Alexander (increases the attack power of weapon skills), Innards of Alexander (key item for the Child Vase quest), Vase Helm (meet him on Mount Gelmir).

Child vase

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220322012622

WARNING: Until patch 1.03 this mission did not exist.

WHERE: In Vasburgo, the city of vases south of the Cariana Study Room in Liurnia.

WHAT TO DO: Talk to him until you run out of dialogue. Rest between one and the other or move the time forward. Then continue on the Diallos mission until he moves to Vasburg. After the Diallos quest is finished, rest and then talk to the small vase next to the knight's corpse. Finally rest again and then approach the small vase to give it Innards of Alexander (obtained by completing Alexander's mission). Now rest one last time to get an amulet, you will find it in place of the Baby Vase.

REWARD: Amulet - Pet Pot (increases the power of throwing pots).

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