Elden Ring - Guide to game endings

Elden Ring - Guide to game endings

Elden Ring maintains the tradition of FromSoftware regarding the endings, for this reason we have thought of a dedicated guide. Yes, different endings are available based on the decisions made during the adventure, that will put the game world and the protagonist in a certain condition. So it's important to make the choices that are truly essential so that you can have the ending you want.

Obviously, it is not easy to have the desired ending at the first game, especially due to the vastness of the game, which we tell you in our review.

As we are about to talk about the Elden Ring endings, be aware that from now on you may encounter some important spoilers of the game. Read on only if you are sure of your choice. 

Elden Ring - Guide to game endings

How many endings does Elden Ring have? And how can they be reached?

Before reading what concerns the endings, it may be useful to consult our guide to platinum, in which we have enclosed all the useful guides of Elden Ring.

Although there are various branches in the game, we can enclose the endings in three "versions", each of which will guarantee you a gold trophy in the trophy hunt:

Every single Elden Ring ending has variations based on the choices made during the adventure, as already mentioned, that will have a different impact on the Interregnum and on your character, obviously. Here's how to get them.

Ancestral Lord

In all Elden Ring endings of this type, the player will become an Ancestral Lord and create a new era for the Interregnum. But what are the steps to get it? Perhaps this is one of the simplest endings to get, as you just need to follow the main storyline and complete all of Melina's quests, so as to become the Ancestral Lord, as you are told throughout the adventure.

Once you get to the final stages of the game, you will have to make choices based on the items you will have with you. This can determine which version of the Lord you will be, specifically you will have two options:

  • Final "Era of the Fracture": Obtainable by repairing the Elden Ring.
  • "Twilight Era" finale: just use the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which can be obtained by following the quest of Fia, The Deathbed Companion and D, Hunter of the Dead.

Lord of the Raging Flame

This Elden Ring ending might be a bit reminiscent of Dark Souls, where chaos is seen taking over the world. As for this ending, it is much more complicated to obtain than the previous one. First of all you will have to go in the sewers of the capital of Leyndell, and then continue to reaching the "Subterranean Shunning Grounds" area, but beware: there will be a boss waiting for you. Once he's done, attack the altar to find a secret room.

Follow this road and keep going down, at some point you will find a Site of Grace. Nearby you will see a strange door made of rock, do not use weapons: they won't work. Even the bombs won't be able to break through those rocks, but you'll have to remove all your clothes and stand still in front. After a few seconds you will receive the power of the Raging Flame From Three Fingers that you will have with you. The character will change appearance, you will notice it mainly from the eyes, which will become bright.

Elden Ring - Guide to game endings

At this point there is no going back, you will have to just go ahead and choose to "hear the sound of the flame". Once you reach the final stage of the adventure, you don't have to become Ancestral Lord e choose to use the power of the Raging Flame to make Chaos reign in the Interregnum.

It was of the Stars

In the final Elden Ring finale, you will choose not to choose: there will be no chaos, no Ancestral Lord. This ending is closely linked to Ranni's quest, which is really difficult to complete, because the NPC will appear alone per give you the Bell to summon the Spirits, and then tell you that you will never see each other again. But is not so. To activate his quest, just follow these steps:

  • Follow Rodgier's quests, he will show you where Ranni is
  • If you meet Blaidd, be sure to listen to every single dialogue
  • After defeating Radahn, go to Ranni, he will be in one of the three towers accessible from north-ost Liurnia
  • Enter the Ranni pact and complete the side quests
  • Once you have received a doll from Ranni, you will be able to talk to her while sitting at a Site of Grace, only then will you be able to continue her quest

Elden Ring - Guide to game endings

Once you have completed everything and defeated the final boss, you will see a unique blue summoning sign: Ranni. Instead of using the items you should, call Ranni to start the Star Age ending.

And here's how to unlock all Elden Ring endings. Obviously, to get them all you will have to perform more than one run, but if you want you can take advantage of the new game plus, so as not to abandon the painstakingly built build. But after all, as a good souls player you would still have undertaken a NG +, No?

If this guide to all the Elden Ring endings was useful to you, we remind you that you can find all the information about the game on its dedicated page.

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