Elden Ring - Guide to initial gifts, which one to choose and why

Elden Ring - Guide to initial gifts, which one to choose and why

Elden Ring allows the player to customize their character, also providing gifts that can help, so we have thought of a guide aimed at this aspect of the FromSoftware title.

Know that the various gifts that will be provided to you at the beginning, you can also find them during the normal flow of the adventure, so the choice changes according to your taste and style of play. Without going around it, the best way to start is the Golden Seed, which will guarantee you an extra charge for the care flask.

Before going into detail, however, if you are curious to know our thoughts on Elden Ring or more simply the vote, we invite you to take a look at the dedicated review that you find right here.

We also remind you that this guide dedicated to initial gifts contains spoilers of different types on Elden Ring, so think about it before reading on.

Elden Ring - Guide to initial gifts, which one to choose and why

What are the best gifts to start Elden Ring? Here is the guide

Here are the various gifts: 

  • Crimson Amber Medallion: Increases health by +26.
  • Lands Between Rune: Grants +3000 runes (experience points) when used.
  • Golden Seed: gives a whistle (heal or mana) when redeemed in a place of grace.
  • Captured Imp Ashes: Allows you to summon the spirit of a fanged goblin to fight alongside you, but only after obtaining the Bell of Spirit's Call key item, but calculate that there are much better ashes.
  • Cracked Pot: Provides 3 Cracked Pots, which are required for making cracked pot items, but are also often found in the game world.
  • Stonesword Key: provides 2 keys that can be used to break the statues of the elves, thus opening closed paths, a statue can be found in the first place of grace inside the crypt.
  • Bewitching Branch: 5 items that can be used to bewitch pierced enemies, disappear after use.
  • Boiled Prawn: 5 items that can be used to temporarily reduce damage taken, only 1 use per item, not a permanent buff.
  • Shabiri's Woe: Equipped item that constantly attracts the aggression of enemies, good for co-op if you want to help others, but no need to play alone.

Then? The best gift?

As mentioned at the beginning of the Elden Ring gift guide, the best is absolutely the Golden Seed, as you increase the use of a flask at your convenience. You can redeem it in any place of grace after unlocking the ability to level up at the third bonfire of the main campaign. Taking extra care can be really decisive, especially during the opening bars. Obviously you will find others during the adventure, but one more is never enough, take it as an investment.

This is all in our guide dedicated to the Gifts of Elden Ring, we hope we have been useful. For more information on the game, take a look at our constantly updated card.

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