Elden Ring - Getting Started Guide and Tips for Beginners

Elden Ring - Getting Started Guide and Tips for Beginners

Elden Ring it can be a really complex game, especially if it's your first Soulslike, so we thought about this guide dedicated to beginners. In fact, you may encounter some elements that can lead to frustration, not because the title is difficult but for the simple fact that there are game mechanics to understand and elements to discover.

In this Elden Ring guide you will find some tips that can help you understand how to overcome some obstacles that FromSoftware will put in front of you, so you can avoid seeing the phrase "You are dead" too many times. This way you will be able to enjoy even more the vast Interregnum created by Miyazaki and George RR Martin. If you are interested, here is our review.

Before starting we remind you that, although minor, this Elden Ring beginner's guide contains spoilers, continue at your own risk. 

How to play Elden Ring if you are a beginner? Here is the guide

Choose the best class for you

Choosing the class will be the very first step, and definitely the most important to start off on the right foot in the Elden Ring. There are 10 different classes available, and based on their characteristics you can have a different approach in game on the opening bars, and then evolve it as you want by leveling up. Here is the guide to all the classes and which ones to choose, and the guide to choosing the perfect starting gift for you.

The Graces and the Runes are your friends

The Graces in Elden Ring completely replace the Dark Souls bonfires and Bloodborne lanterns. The moment you interact with one, know that if you are defeated, you will respawn there. Just think about the fact that you can recharge your flasks, mana and life points, and they will also respawn crafting materials where you can pick them up. Also, they are places where enemies cannot attack you, so you can take your time to organize your inventory. There is only one big but: all enemies will come back to life.

Elden Ring - Getting Started Guide and Tips for Beginners

So if you want to make the most of the Graces, think about your next destination and always try to have your inventory organized, so as to be able to recall what you want as quickly as possible.

The Rune in Elden Ring can be obtained by defeating enemies or purchased from merchants. Once dropped you can use them to level up your character, to do so just rest at a Site of Grace. But remember that going back will cause all enemies to respawn. Also try to Farming Runes is also a method of obtaining other resources, this is because sometimes you can also drop other items, such as weapons or pieces of armor, but their drop rate is not 100%.

Find it as soon as possible Melina (rest in the third Point of Grace that will be indicated to you, which is the one after the church of Elleh), so that you can start leveling up: there you will also unlock the use of the horse, essential for your adventure (here the complete guide on how to reach them).

Purchase the flashlight as soon as possible

In the game world some areas will be incredibly dark, and you can only orient yourself if you have a flashlight to illuminate the path (a practical example is one of the first 3 dungeons you will encounter, the goblin lair on the Sepolcride beach). Buy it as soon as possible, as soon as you enter the open world: it will sell it to you Kalé (a seller who looks like a Santa Claus dress ed) at a more than low price, and you can find it in the point of Grace of the church of Elleh, simply proceeding in front of you after you step outside at the start of the game.

Enemies have patterns - learn them

Elden Ring offers you a lot of weapons and spells. The important thing is to know that at the beginning you have a really small life bar, but you will collide with enemies who are much stronger than you. To learn how to survive you will have to learn to observe your enemies. As you do so, you will notice that they all have patterns that are repeated. So the trick is to know the enemy and understand how to parry and what. This is the fastest way to survive the Interregnum for a long time.

Remember that Elden Ring has the jump

If you come from the other Soulslike you will notice that Elden Ring has a new mechanic, in addition to the classic roll: the jump, which can also and above all be used on horseback. This new feature allows you to dodge vertically (as happens in Sekiro, for example) and to attack to do more damage. So remember that you can take advantage of this mechanic to not have to block the shot, but to be more dynamic in attacks and movement.

Don't forget that the best way to avoid attacks is to parry or dodge them, and jumping can help a lot in the latter too. The enemies are brutal and inflict a lot of damage, do everything to avoid being dying.

Elden Ring - Getting Started Guide and Tips for Beginners

Stealth is a viable option, often

Elden Ring also has another “borrowed” feature from Sekiro: stealth. Thanks to its open world, Elden Ring is a decidedly more complex title than the other Soulsborne and, for this reason, the way you approach the game world plays a fundamental role. Then use stealth to get items without letting you notice any enemies around you. It becomes essential in the first moments of the gameplay, so as to avoid trouble and obtain resources.

Remember that stealth is improved at night, darkness can be your ally.

Remember that you can take notes on the map

Elden Ring has a huge map that you can call up whenever you need it by pressing a button. And like in all open world titles you can put marks on the map, so as to remind you to return, the reasons for doing so are many: to report an enemy that has a level too high compared to yours, to return to an NPC or to reach resources that may be useful later on. So make the most of this mechanic not to forget important people and objects.

These five Elden Ring tips may seem really simple, but they actually lay the foundation for good gameplay, whose game world was made by George RR Martin, who got caught up in the Elden Ring mania and celebrated the game's release with a post on his official blog.

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