Elden Ring - Guide to all armor in the game

Elden Ring - Guide to all armor in the game

Elden Ring is undoubtedly a jaw-breaker: the game presents itself with an impressive glance, without a shadow of a doubt and always without doubt, going to war without the suitable equipment seems to us an emerita nonsense so we propose this guide to the armor that the title offers. In case you missed our review of the game of the moment, we leave it here.

There are four pieces of armor in the game: elmo, torso, gloves e leggings which then decline into read, medium e heavy. It goes without saying that light armor will offer less protection but greater dodge capacity than medium and heavy armor.

You could easily improve your medium and heavy armor in order to reduce its weight considerably: this will allow you to make the character lighter and in fact make your heavy armor scale down so that you can take advantage of a dodge equal to who wear a light protective object.

In this Elden Ring guide to armor you may find minor spoilers about the new FromSoftware game, and we therefore recommend that you continue carefully.

Elden Ring - Guide to all armor in the game

  • Armature of Kaiden  - (Limegrave, Elleh Church): drop from the Mercenary Kaiden near the bonfire on the north side of the beach, southwest
  • Mesh armor - Set sold by the merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh for a total of 4.500 runes
  • Godrick soldier - Can be obtained by killing enemies of Godrick soldiers and looting their bodies
  • elmo testadizucca - (Limgrave, Ponte del Santo): It is taken from the enemy walking on the bridge
  • Remains of Fur - (Limgrave, Siofra River of Well Depths): dropped by ghostly blue enemies
  • Simple Peasant Clothes - Located on the back alley just outside Stromveil Castle
  • Bandit armor - Can be purchased from Gostoc after opening the main door in Stormveil Castle for a total of 3.500 runes
  • Cavaliere in Search - Head to the cemetery, then to the second section across the bridge. Before going back inside look at the southern ledge below, you will find the whole set in front of a giant tombstone near some enemies
  • Prophet clothes (Gauntlets / Boots) - (Plains of Atlas): Kill the enemy Omenkiller in the middle of the ruins (he has with the two big spiked swords)
  • Mask of the Sovereign (Torso) - (Atlas Plateau, Abandoned Coffin): Continue up the path between all the destroyed carriages and you will find it at the end of one of the last before reaching the clearing
  • Dress of Alberich (full set) - (Lyndell, Royal Capital, Western Capital Bastion): Drop down to the lower level and go to the large southwest room to find them on a body
  • Armor of Lionel - (Lyndell, Royal Capital, Lower Town Church): in the same room as the place of grace
  • Clothes of the Fallen - (Lyndell, Royal Capital, Lower Town Church): still in the same place as the place of grace
  • Twin armor - (Stronghold of the Round Table): Talk to Fia and at the end he will give you an altered dagger. Give the dagger to D: when you return you will find it in the room beyond the blacksmith where you can get this set
  • Reeds Earth Armor (Whole Set) - (Greyoll Dragon Mound, Secluded Merchant's Hut): purchased from the Lone Merchant for 1.000 runes for each piece, thus totaling 4.000 runes
  • Robes of the Astrologer - (Liurnia dei Laghi, Liurnia Riviera del Lago): purchased from Nomadic near the place of grace
  • Warrior's armor - (Liurnia dei Laghi, main gate of the academy): from this place of grace head east and you will find a lonely merchant, who sells this set. It is the starting armor set of the Warrior class
  • Armor of the Prisoner - Buy it from the hermit merchant in Ainsel River, near the gate
  • Vulgar Milita Helm - (Liurnia dei Laghi: village) - Climb the stairs on the wall until you enter a quarry, where there are little humans who can provide it, the very ones with big hats
  • Ruler’s Mask, Ruler’s Robe - (Atlus Plateau: Abandoned Coffin) - Continuing straight from the site of grace towards a body hanging from one of the trolleys
  • Baker Mask - (Mountaintops of the Giants: Church of Repose) - Obtained from the invader in front of the church
  • Set Finger Maiden (Liurnia dei Laghi: church) - It is taken from the body in the church

In addition to our Elden Ring guide for armor, we refer you here, for all the insights and other guide sections!

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