Elden Ring - Guide to the position of the Graces

Elden Ring - Guide to the position of the Graces

Elden Ring distances itself from the Dark Souls saga, but they belong to the same subgenre, and given the immensity of the new From game we thought of this guide dedicated to the Graces, which in this case have the same function as bonfires. Understand for yourself therefore that they are places of vital importance and it is essential to know where they are.

In case you don't know what Graces in Elden Ring are for, know that they will allow you to level, sort items in the inventory and bottomless chest, change the time of day, travel, talk to Melina and manage spells. Of course, they will also refill the Sacred Flasks. If you are curious to find out the difference between Elden Ring and the Dark Souls saga, you can do it through our review.

We would like to remind you that, although these are only names, this Elden Ring Graces location guide may contain spoilers. So keep reading knowing about this risk.

Elden Ring - Guide to the position of the Graces

Where do you find Graces in Elden Ring? Here is the guide


  • First step
  • Elleh Church
  • In front of the gate
  • Dilapidated cell of the Rest Point in ruins
  • Artist's hut
  • Marika Third Church
  • West of the Haight Fort
  • South Agheel Lake
  • North Agheel Lake
  • Church of the Draconic Communion - Accessible by passing through the coastal cave
  • Maritime ruins
  • Margins of Tetrobosco
  • Coast of Acquafosca
  • Sacroponte - May come out under the Colle Tempesta region after patch 1.02
  • Hut of the warrior master
  • Margins of the village of Idrocanto
  • Catacombs of Passo Tempesta
  • Catacombs of Acquafosca
  • Latibosco cave
  • Coastal cave
  • Aquafosca cave
  • Highway cave
  • Tombs Galleries
  • Eternal galley of Colle Tempesta
  • Storm Threshold
  • Ruins incinerated by the dragon
  • Rest point in ruins
  • Ruins of Tetrobosco
  • Well on the Siofra river
  • Haight Fort
  • Galera eterna del limiere alacre
  • Hydrocanto village

Abandoned Cemetery

Colle Tempesta

  • Colle Tempesta hut
  • Gallery for the castle
  • Margit, the Relentless Omen
  • Hut of the warrior master
  • Sacroponte
  • Deadly catacombs
  • Fortified bridge of Sepolcride
  • Divine Tower of Sepolcride

Wailing Peninsula

  • Pilgrimage Church
  • Bulwark of the castle of Morne
  • Guardiasepolcro
  • South of the lookout tower
  • Edge of the suffering village
  • Near the clearing of the craters
  • Capanna of the Lonely Trader
  • Marika Fourth Church
  • Ruins of Lammia
  • Bridge of the Sacrifice
  • Goods lift of the castle of Morne
  • castle retro
  • Close to the jail
  • Morne's mourning
  • Catacombs of the Impaler
  • Profundis cave
  • Catacombs of Guardiasepolcro
  • Morne Gallery
  • Watchtower Silvana
  • Oridys Tower
  • Suffering village
  • Baptistery of Callus
  • Morne Castle
  • Minor Mother Tree
  • Ruins of Guardiasepolcro
  • Eternal prison of lament
  • Cave of Guardiasepolcro
  • Witchbane Ruins
  • Tower of Return

Grantempesta Castle

  • Storm's main gate
  • Room near the gate
  • Storm Storm Cliff
  • Bulwark tower
  • Elevator chamber
  • Isolated cell
  • Godrick the Grafted

Elden Ring - Guide to the position of the Graces

Lake Liurnia

  • Cliff on the lake
  • Shores of Lake Liurnia
  • Laskyar ruins
  • Panoramic island
  • Academy Gate Town
  • South gate of Raya Lucaria
  • Main Academy Gate - Requires the use of the Academy Stonebreaker Key
  • Highway of south Liurnia
  • Main road of Liurnia Nord
  • Academy Suburbs Bridge
  • Artist's hut
  • Room of Ranni
  • Eastern shore of Lake Liurnia
  • Eastern planking
  • Church of the vows
  • Dilapidated labyrinth
  • Shrimp hut
  • Folly on the Lake
  • Slumbering Wolf’s Shack
  • Village of the Albinauries
  • ConvertedTower
  • Revenger’s Shack
  • Temple Quarter
  • Crystalline Woods
  • Foot of the Four Belfries
  • The Four Belfries
  • Sorcerer’s Isle
  • Gate Town North
  • Northern Liurnia Lake Shore
  • Road to the Manor
  • Main Caria Manor Gate
  • Manor Upper Level
  • Manor Lower Level
  • Royal Moogazing Grounds
  • Ranni's Rise
  • Behind Caria Manor
  • The Ravine
  • Ravine-Veiled Village
  • Road’s End Catacombs
  • Black Knife Catacombs
  • Stillwater Cave
  • Lakeside Crystal Cave
  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel
  • Study Hall Entrance
  • Liurnia Tower Bridge
  • Divine Tower of Liurnia
  • Church of Irith
  • Malefactor’s Evergaol
  • Purified Ruins
  • Search Study Hall
  • Ainsel River Well
  • Minor Erdtree
  • Cuckoo’s Evergaol
  • Testu's Rise
  • Kingsreal Ruins

Ruin-Strewn Precipe

Moonlight Altar

Bellum Highway

  • East Raya Lucaria Gate
  • Bellum Church
  • Grand Lift of Dectus
  • Frenzied Flame Village Outskirts
  • Church of Inhibition

Academy of Raya Lucaria

  • Church of the Cuckoo
  • Schoolhouse Classroom
  • Parlor debates

Atlus Plateau

  • Abandoned Coffin
  • Erdtree-Gazing Hill
  • Atlus Highway Junction
  • Forest-Spanning Greatbridge
  • Windmill Village
  • Shaded Castle Ramparts
  • Shaded Castle Inner Gate
  • Castellan’s Hall
  • Old Atlus Tunnel

Mt. It doesn't come

  • Bridge of Iniquity
  • First Mt. Gelmir Campsite
  • Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite
  • Road of Iniquity
  • Seethewater River
  • Seethewater Terminus
  • Craftsman’s Shack
  • Primeval Sorcerer Azur
  • Gelmir Hero’s Grave
  • Seethewater Cave
  • Volcano Cave

Volcano Manor

  • Volcano Manor
  • Prison Town Church
  • Temple of Eiglay
  • Guest Hall
  • Audience Pathway
  • Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Leyndell, Royal Capital

  • Outer Wall Phantom Tree
  • Minor Erdtree Church
  • Outer Wall Battleground
  • Capital Rampart
  • Sealed Tunnel
  • Erdtree Sanctuary
  • East Capital Rampart
  • Avenue Balcony
  • West Capital Rampart
  • Queen’s Bedchamber
  • Fortfied Manor, First Floor
  • Divine bridge
  • Elden Throne

Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

  • Underground Roadside
  • Forsaken Depths
  • Frenzied Flame Proscription
  • Cathedral of the Forsaken


  • Fiery Church
  • Rotview Balcony
  • Caelem Ruins
  • Smoldering Wall
  • Caelid Highway South
  • Church of the Draconic Communion
  • Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank
  • External roads of Sellia
  • Staircase of Sellia
  • Chair-Crypt of Sellia
  • Church of the plague
  • Deep Siofra Well
  • Impassable Greatbridge
  • Chamber Outside the Plaza
  • Starscourge Radahn
  • War-Dead Catacombs
  • Minor Erdtree Catacombs
  • Get a Tunnel
  • Rear Gael Tunnel Entrance
  • Crystal Gallery of Sellia
  • Forsaken Ruins
  • Caelem Ruins
  • Sellia Gateway
  • Gowry’s Shack
  • Sellia, a city of witchcraft

Elden Ring - Guide to the position of the Graces

Swamp of Aeonia

  • Aeonia Swamp Shore
  • Astray from Caelid Highway North
  • Heart of Aeonia
  • Inner Aeonia
  • Street of Sage Ruins

Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

  • Dragonbarrow West
  • Isolated Merchant’s Shack
  • Fort Faroth
  • Dragonbarrow Fork
  • Lenne's Rise
  • Farum Greatbridge
  • Saint Beast
  • Divine Tower of Caelid: Center / Basement
  • Minor Erdtree

Forbidden lands

Mountaintops of the Giants

  • Fatigue Ruins
  • Ancient Snow Valley Ruins
  • First Church of Marika
  • Whiteridge Road
  • Snow Valley Ruins Overlook
  • Castle Sol Main Gate
  • Church of the Eclipse
  • Castle Sol Rooftop

Flame Peak

  • Giant’s Gravepost

Consacrated Snowfield

Miquella's Haligtree

  • Haligtree Canopy
  • Haligtree Town
  • Haligtree Town Plaza
  • Haligree Promenade

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

  • Prayer Room
  • Elphael Inner Wall
  • Drainage Channel
  • Haligtree Roots
  • Malenia, Goddess of Rot

Ainsel River

Ainsel River Main

  • Ainsel River Main
  • Noxtella, Eternal City
  • Nokstella, Waterfall Basin

Lake of Rot

Nokron, Eternal City

  • Nokron, Eternal City
  • Mimic Tear
  • Ancestral Woods
  • Night’s Sacred Ground
  • Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs
  • Great Waterfall Basin

Siofra River

Deeproot Depths

  • The Nameless Eternal City
  • Across the Roots
  • Prince of Death’s Throne

Room of the Round Table

  • Tablet of lost grace

And here are all the places you can teleport to when you can unlock them, so as to facilitate the exploration of the Elden Ring Interregnum. Fundamental gameplay mechanics not only to find all the Graces, but also to discover where other secrets are, such as sacred tears.

Since the release of the new soulslike, a real Elden Ring mania has broken out that has affected everyone, even those who worked on it. In fact, everyone joined the celebrations, even those who have worked on it for years, such as George RR Martin, who worked on the worldbuilding of the Interregnum. in which we will be able to move easily by exploiting the graces.

We hope that our guide to the thanks of Elden Ring has been useful for you, for more information we refer you to our guides section always updated!

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