Resident Evil Village - Complete guide to game puzzles and riddles

Resident Evil Village - Complete guide to game puzzles and riddles

In this guide dedicated to environmental puzzles and riddles of Resident evil village we will help you solve them all! In this new chapter of the series Capcom, here you will find our review, as usual you will be forced to interface with different puzzles to complete, mandatory in some cases to continue the adventure.

ATTENTION: we remind you that we should tell you how to complete the puzzles and riddles, and consequently this guide may contain SPOILERS on the Resident Evil Village plot, so we invite you to continue reading the guide only if you have already finished the game or if you already know what to do.

Ready for the puzzles and puzzles? Now let's find out together in this guide!

Brazier in the Dimitrescu Castle

Arriving at the basement of the Dimitrescu Castle you will reach a room with stone carvings on the walls. There is a burning brazier hanging in the middle. Just swing it against the two glasses in the room so that they light up and open the path.

Puzzle of the 4 statues in the Dimitrescu Castle

Arrived at a certain point you will enter a room with a tub full of blood and four statues on its sides. To solve the puzzle you will have to turn the statues like this:

  • girls must be watched
  • the man on horseback must look at the girl next to him
  • the statue of the three men must face that of the man on horseback

Piano puzzle

After obtaining the Dimetrescu key (unmissable story object) you will have to go back to the courtyard and use the key on the golden door. You will be led to the Opera room where you will find a piano on the first floor. Interact with it to start the piano puzzle sequence. To complete it, just press the piano keys corresponding to the notes on the sheet.

Puzzle of the bells

In the castle of Dimetrescu, after crossing the library, you will arrive at the Atelier. At first glance it looks like a painting room, with a large portrait of Lady Dimetrescu and a mechanical machine that sways. There are five bells you need to shoot from this room. Once this is done, a secret passage will emerge behind the large portrait.

  • bell 1: in front of you as soon as you enter the room
  • bell 2: it is very small and is located at the top of the wardrobe to the right of the large portrait of Lady Dimetrescu.
  • bell 3: is located on the swinging pendulum.
  • bell 4: requires you to stand at the top of the stairs and shoot from the window to the ceiling, then shoot the bell in the distance through the window.
  • bell 5: it is on the chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

Workshop safe

After returning to the Village you will have to take the safe inside the workshop, so that you can lift the tractor with the jack. The numbers to open the safe are 07-04-08.

Treasure in the basement

During the first trip to the basement of the Catello Dimetrescu you might have noticed an apparently inaccessible treasure chamber, provided you have the right key though. The aim is to open the coffin to take the contents, to do so you will have to free it from that sort of cage that surrounds it.

When you enter the puzzle room, pick up the bomb on the right side. Throw it against the cracked wall to the left of the coffin to blow up the wall. Now shoot the hanging brazier on the left so that it reaches the fire behind the wall. Continue to swing the left brazier and make it collide with the right brazier so that the right brazier catches fire. After both braziers are on fire, the coffin will be accessible.

Beneviento House

Part 1

The first step is to examine the doll on the table to find some key items. Examine the right arm to find the silver key, then pull out the left leg to get the winding key for the music box, then pull the ring off the left hand to get the blood covered ring.

Part 2

Go to the adjoining room and turn on the water tap, then examine the water to wash the blood-stained ring. Examine the ring and turn it to find the door code 05-29-11. Insert it into the lock on the door to exit the doll room.

Part 3

Here you will have to arrange the music box, to do so you will have to match the marks on the metal.

Part 4

Use tweezers on the doll's mouth to get the missing film strip. Place it on the projector in the studio. The correct order of the 5 strips is:

  • Teddy
  • Village book
  • Male child
  • carillon
  • Wedding ring

Part 5

Then collect the scissors in the room adjacent to the study, then take the phone and go back to the doll to examine the trunk, the object you get will be used on the door in the doll's room. You now have all three discs so insert and rotate them correctly. 

Part 6

The last step requires you to open the elevator breaker box and find the fuse. After going through the door, go down into the well to find the key to the switch box. Use it next to the elevator but pay attention: a monster will hunt you and you can only hide to avoid it, we advise cautiously under the bed. Continuing with the puzzle the monster will come looking for you more and more precisely, correct towards the fuse box near the elevator. Place the fuse and walk around to distract the monster, then hit the elevator button when it's on to escape. 

Part 7

The boss fight will be a real puzzle, so get ready to give your best. The doll has 3 spawns, so first she will always appear upstairs in the side room: go up the stairs and through the door to the right of the windows. The white doll is at the end of that side room. The next 2 spawns are random and can change with each attempt, but they are always downstairs (never upstairs). Follow the blood trail, you should see bloodstains all over the house now. The most common placements are in the living room, next to the sofa or near the dining table, or outside in the hallway near the half-open door. The third placement is often in front of the elevator. After finding the doll 3 times you will escape from the Beneviento house.

Diagram of the dam control panel

During the Moreau area, after activating the mill with the crank, you will have to return to the control building of the portcullis. Now that you have turned on the windmill, it will run at full power. There is a photo with a blue-orange-white pattern on the console. The trick is to turn the image sideways so that the black field is on the right side, just like on the real console.

These are all the solutions in our guide dedicated to Resident Evil Village puzzles and riddles, for more information on the game we refer to our total game guide.

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