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As it is easy to understand, the monsters to hunt are the main aspect that characterizes the gameplay of the entire Monster Hunter series. On the other hand, without a prey what good is a hunter? With recent trailers and marketing campaigns from Monster hunter rise, there have been several great monsters announced, whether they are unpublished or coming from past generations.

In this article I will show you all of them to take stock of the situation a bit, dividing them for convenience based on where they first appeared and describing them briefly.

Before starting, I remind you that tomorrow the demo of the game will be made available again with the addition of a new mission, in which you can face the Magnamalo. Waiting for it to arrive, however, I refer you to our tried to give you a minimum of information on the other activities that you can carry out inside.

  • The new monsters of Rise
  • Monsters of the first generation
  • Generation II monsters
  • Third generation monsters
  • Generation IV monsters
  • Fifth generation monsters
  • Monsters coming as DLC
  • Theories about monsters not announced but present in the game

The new monsters of Rise

At the moment there are just 9 unreleased large monsters from Rise known, many of which belong to species completely absent in World and Iceborne. Clearly these are not necessarily the only new monsters in the game, but they are the ones that have received an official announcement for now.

Great Izuchi

Following the false lines of other rapacious wyverns that have appeared in previous titles in the series, such as the Great Jaggi or Velocidrome, the Great Izuchi is a bipedal monster similar to a velociraptor that can be faced in the early stages of the game.

Both the upper limbs and the tail have developed long, single, sickle-like claws during the evolutionary process, which it uses to stab prey.

A Grand Izuchi does not typically fight alone, but coordinates with the two smartest Izuchi in the pack to make combined attacks and be more successful in its hunts.

Both attacking in groups of 3 and the scythe limbs recall the treacherous yokai Kamaitachi, whose speed often allows him to kill his victims even before they realize the danger.


THEAknosom is a new bird-like bird of prey Wyvern, whose main characteristics are the elegant posture on one leg, the long beak and the conspicuous crest on the head.

As for the inspirations that led to its design, the developers used a crane as a base and then added features reminiscent of the yōkai. Kasa-Obake.

The main characteristics attributable to him are the "parasol" on the head and the motif on the wings, which when closed resemble an umbrella with the tongue out, a typical aspect of the Japanese demon.

He fights using both his limbs and his beak, as well as fireballs that he can throw from time to time.


After not appearing for the entire life cycle of Monster Hunter World, the Amphibians return in a chapter of the main series, first of all the newly announced Tetranadon.

With a basic appearance much like a clumsy platypus, the creature is inspired by the famous yokai Kappa, apparent both for the flat "helmet" above the head and for the tortoise shell.

His fighting style recalls the martial art of Sumo, the favorite of the aforementioned demon, mainly using open hand strikes (or tsuppari) and rushing with all his weight towards the enemy.

Intervene these Water element beam moves to slow down the hunters' stamina recovery.


Part siren, part otter, the Somnacanth is Rise's first unreleased Leviathan introduced in the TGA trailer.

Like the mythological figure he is inspired by, he will have the power to charm hunters to slow the hunt, although here he does so using sleep dust and not hypnotic melodies.

The designers of Rise have opted in this case for a concept very familiar to Western players, even if the Somnacanth is also inspired by yokai sirens, who are much more like demons than beautiful women.

The otter's inspiration, on the other hand, is expressed by the way it swims.


Il Bishaten is a new Fanged Beast with a pair of wings and a sturdy tail.

Its somatic features are reminiscent of those of a monkey, also showing signs of a marked intelligence considering its innate curiosity and the ability to grab and throw objects, often used to attack unarmed hunters with the fruits it holds in the bag on its belly.

It is inspired by a Tengu, a creature of Japanese folklore whose goal is to put humans on the wrong track, a trait that makes them very similar to the demons of Western culture.

Physical features such as a pointed nose and fan-like tail are also very strong reminders of how the Tengu are often portrayed.

Goss Harang

The first inhabitant of the Frozen Isles shown. In appearance it resembles a bear or a yeti, and uses its frozen breath to generate a sharp blade on his hand, wielding it as if it were a sword.

Both the face and the characteristic of turning red when angry are taken by the Namahage, a celebration of the Akita region of Japan in which people wear monstrous blue or red masks to scare "bad children".

Apparently the idea came to the developers when they started thinking about a new monster for an icy area, and Akita immediately caught the eye being a very cold region in itself.


A new Leviathan that uses mud to attack enemies. Generally this monster does not attack humans, but perhaps due to the Fury it has been sighted closer and closer to human dwellings, although for now its main area of ​​activity seems to be the Sandy Plains.

In appearance it resembles a chinese dragon, with the typical longline shape and the pair of thin mustaches on the nose.

As for the exploitation of mud, for now it is not known for sure what the main inspiration is, but there are two hypotheses about it.

The first is the yokai Dorotabō, which is said to be the spirit of a dead rice farmer who incarnates in the mud of his own fields in case they are neglected.

The second is the namazu, a giant catfish capable of causing earthquakes when it squirms (for Pokémon fans among you, it's the same creature Whiscash refers to).


In Monster Hunter Rise the Temnoceran race is finally back in vogue, finally giving it a new monster in the form of the Rakna-Kadaki.

In appearance it resembles a spider with 4 hind and 2 front legs in a quite similar way to another monster of the same family, the Nerscylla, even if the front legs are much more stocky and swollen, as well as having the ability to stretch when necessary.

In addition to this, it is covered with white cobwebs all over the body arranged as to form a wedding dress, but it also turns out to be a not just offensive assist, being robust enough to trap large prey before ending them with its lethal gases. .

It carries its offspring constantly, exploiting it both in hunting and in daily activities. In perfect harmony with its natural habitat, the Caverns of Fire, it uses fiery breaths to burn the flesh of its prey.

Here too there are no explicit statements by the developers regarding the inspiration, but it is easily associated with the figure of the Jorogumo, a yokai that takes the form of a beautiful woman to attract young men to her home and slowly feed on them.

The characteristics that recall the creature are the exploitation of its offspring, the use of the element of fire and the "cloth dress" it wears, whose parallels with a bride's dress are also highlighted by the armor that you can create with its parts.

Take Rakna-Kadaki materials to Hamon the Blacksmith and he'll spin you some sinister threads. ? #MHRise pic.twitter.com/4CVhuTTlqz

- Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) February 25, 2021

Another possible inspiration is it Tsuchigumo, always a spider yokai, mainly because the Japanese name of the Rakna-Kadaki is Yatsukahagi, which is another name to refer to that demon.


We then come to the Monster Hunter Rise cover monster, the one who is believed to be responsible for the fury that befell the village of Kamura many years earlier, the Magnamalo.

This Fanged Wyvern is extremely aggressive in battle, harnessing both its brute strength with its upper limbs and its sharp tail, with which it also generates orbs of will-o'-the-wisp to strike its prey from a distance.

In general, aesthetically it is inspired by a tiger fused to the armor of a samurai, with certain characteristics such as the horns that resemble a Kabuto or the blades on the legs that resemble swords.

The energy emitted by him is also inspired by the Onibi, a ghostly light believed to be the spirits of people who died in the past.

A mysterious snake-like monster

I conclude this section with the monster that appeared briefly in the latest Rise trailer.

There is no particular information about it, except that it appears to be in the shape of a snake and that it has a wide jaw.

Another very curious peculiarity is that the head has quite obvious similarities with one of the two visible on the game logo. So that he is one of the final monsters of the main story?

Monsters of the first generation

By "first generation monsters" we mean the originals that appeared in the titles "Monster Hunter", "Monster Hunter G" and "Monster Hunter Freedom".


The iconic flying Wyvern symbol of the series also returns to Rise, along with its new design from Monster Hunter World.


Clearly, together with the Rathalos, the female counterpart, the Rathian, cannot be missing, together with its poisonous quills.


One of the monsters symbol of the desert areas, they attack using mainly the two horns on the head, charging any unfortunate who disturbs them.


The youth stadium of the Gravios. The hard rock carapace protects it from predator attacks and allows it to blend in when buried.


The nightmare that lurks in the caves of the frozen areas immobilizes the prey with paralyzing attacks and then hits them with the extendable neck.

Generation II monsters

All monsters introduced in the “Monster Hunter 2”, “Monster Hunter Freedom 2” and “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite” chapters.


The cover monster of Freedom 2. Evolution has given the Tigrex a pair of sturdy front legs that allow it to run at great speed, while the wings, while still functional, are often used more for gliding than for complex flight maneuvers. .


The cover monster of Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, one of the most loved chapters of the series by the nostalgic audience.

It hides in the darkest areas of the map, preferring a more stealthy approach when hunting.

To attack it uses both the long tail and the sharp wings, the latter less and less used to fly in favor of ground movement.


Rajangs are large, medium-sized monkeys that are incredibly aggressive and territorial.

They are known primarily for their speed and strength, two characteristics that make them extremely dangerous to the monsters around them and hunters in general.

In addition to brute force can also check the electricity, releasing electric shocks from the mouth to attack from a distance.

This is one of the main reasons why the Kirin, whose horn is a powerful catalyst for the element, are among its prey.

Third generation monsters

All monsters introduced in “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd”, “Monster Hunter Tri” and “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate”.


The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd cover monster.

Its main feature is the exploitation of Thunder Insects to "charge", considerably increasing its speed in battle if it accumulates enough electrical element in its body.

It has no wings, but it can still move very quickly between the various areas of the map thanks to its sturdy legs.


A flying Wyvern that lives in frozen areas. It makes use of the Ice element, creating violent tornadoes that make hunting much more difficult.

It is inspired by a smilodon, mainly for the face very similar to a cat and the two long fangs that protrude from its dental arch.


A large fanged beast similar to a wombat that lives in icy areas.

When threatened, it begins to slide on its belly to escape or to overwhelm the enemy, while when it is stationary it prefers quick attacks with its claws or with the ice that surrounds it.


A fanged beast usually seen in very hot areas such as volcanic or desert.

It is covered on its back with a red armor that allows it to curl up and move quickly between slopes.

In battle, it attacks using its tongue or claws, spraying when needed a nauseating substance that prevents the use of salvaged items.

Great Baggi

A bird of prey Wyvern that uses a tranquilizer liquid to put its prey to sleep.

He can also give simple commands to the Baggi to get help during the hunt, surrounding the unfortunate and trying to overwhelm them with their numerical superiority.

Great Wroggi

The larger version of the regular Wroggi is a bird of prey Wyvern that uses poison in its neck pouch to poison its victims.

As with the Great Baggi, it is a monster that makes extensive use of its pack for hunting.

Royal Ludroth

The royal Ludroth is another of the Leviathans you will face on Rise.

He is the alpha male of the Ludroths, evident from the sponge “crown” around his neck, and for this reason you will often find him surrounded by other female Ludroth specimens.


A third generation fanged beast very similar to a giant bear.

It generally attacks using claws or charging with its size, although it does so mainly for defensive purposes, since its two main sources of nourishment are honey and fish.

It is the first monster whose form has been announced Apex, which as a difference compared to a normal Arzuros has darker colors tending to purple, larger dimensions and different red veins on the entire upper part of the body.


Among the monsters encountered at the beginning of the game in the deserted area of ​​the third generation, one of the first that will be possible to face will be the Barroth.

The Barroth is a brutal Wyvern who uses mud to fight, using it during the fight as both a “bullet” and hardened armor to protect itself from enemy blows.

Generation IV monsters

Both Monster Hunter 4 and Generations are included in Generation IV, along with their Ultimate versions.

For the moment, only one Generation IV monster has been announced in the game, although, as you will see later, it is plausible that at least a couple more are present in the final game but have not yet been shown.


Leviathan of the fourth generation and one of the 4 main monsters that you will face in the history of Generations and Generations Ultimate.

He is the only leviathan known to have both scales and fur, the latter also used to produce the bubbles that characterize his fighting style.

In general it is not very aggressive, but when threatened it uses the oily substance produced by its body to slide on the water and slow down enemies with bubbles and water rays.

Fifth generation monsters

We then came to the monsters of the current generation, including both Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne and Rise himself.

Of course I've already listed all of Rise's new monsters first, so this space is only dedicated to the monsters introduced in the first two.


The Kulu-Ya-Ku is a bird of prey Wyvern that you will find yourself facing in the first sections of the game, initially in the wild spiers and later also in various others.

Its upper limbs are sufficiently developed to handle various types of objects in battle, although it mainly uses this characteristic to grab eggs and feed on them.


Always remaining in the wild spiers, in the aquatic areas of the air you can often find examples of Barroth fighting for control of the territory against Jyuratodus.

The latter are aquatic wyverns who, like the third generation brutal wyvern, cover themselves in mud to protect themselves from enemy blows.

In appearance they resemble a bipedal fish, accumulating them with the other specimens of the same species but above all to the Lavasioth.


A brutal new Wyvern that you will see fighting a Great Jagras before arriving in Astera.

In appearance it resembles the fusion between a tyrannosaurus, for the general physiognomy, and a condor, for the coloring and the uncovered head, and if necessary it can use attacks of the Fire element to burn the unsuspecting prey.

It also has two dorsal membranes that open when in a state of fury and a retractable ridge above the nose, used to mark territory with mucus.


Il Tobi-Kadachi it is certainly one of the smallest large monsters in the game, a feature used to quickly sneak from branch to branch and hide in the trees.

In appearance it resembles a sort of cross between a viper and a flying squirrel, as well as being covered with scales and quills that conduct electricity.

Pukei Pukei

As the latest fifth generation monster announced we have the Pukei Pukei, the chameleon-like bird of prey Wyvern that you will find since the first World missions.

It has the ability to change color to blend in with the environment, and faces its enemies using both its long tongue and the poison it can emit.

Monsters coming with free DLCs

It has already been confirmed that, following the launch on March 26, Rise will receive several free updates that will add new gameplay features, such as the unlocked Hunter Rank, and new monsters not present in the base game.


For now the only one actually confirmed arriving is the Chameleos with the 2.0.0 update in April, although that's not the only one that will apparently be added.

The Chameleos is an elder dragon introduced in the second generation along with the Teostra and the Kushala daora, which is why some fans often consider them as a kind of trio.

Aesthetically it resembles a four-legged purple dragon with a pair of wings, with the difference that the head is identical to that of a chameleon.

It uses a very powerful poison to stun the prey, while if necessary it can emit a thick fog and then become completely invisible, thus confusing the prey or in any case the unfortunate who dared to challenge it.

Unconfirmed but probable monsters

To conclude, I am putting in this section just some monsters that have not been announced or shown in any trailer, but for which there is a possibility that they will appear.

Here we are very much on the speculative side of course, so take all the information I will give you with a grain of salt.


An Amphibian introduced in Monster Hunter 4 that inhabits hot environments such as volcanic pits.

Except for the simple fact that the Amphibians are officially back, one of the reasons why it is very easy to be in the game is that in Kamura Village the guild leader Hojo rides a small specimen of this monster.


This flying Wyvern was never announced for the game, but its presence is extremely likely.

Reason? The announcement of the Basarios, seeing that this monster is his youth version. They could still decide not to put it immediately but in future updates, but still it would be very strange to have a monster in a juvenile version without its adult equivalent.

Zamtrios, Great Jaggi, Great Jagras, Bulldrome

The reason why I have grouped them all in one section is that in the various trailers it is possible to see the related "minions" wandering around the map, so Zamite, Jaggi, Jagras and Bullfango, but they don't necessarily report their existence in the game.

Of the four probably the most likely to appear is Zamtrios, since for the other three the large versions are simply "alpha specimens" of a pack, while the Zamtrios are literally adult Zamites.

You can very well see a Zamite at 10:12 of this IGN exclusive gameplay

The elder dragons

Great absentees in Rise's marketing campaign have so far been the elder dragons, which would be the categories that contain rare monsters so powerful as to upset ecosystems.

Clearly there will be some elder dragons in the game (probably the snake at the end of the last trailer and whatever the second head in the logo is), but we just don't know anything about it yet.

With the announcement of the Chameleos obviously the main suspects who could return are Kushala Daora e Teostrabut aside from this vague speculation, nothing is certain.

Let's be clear though, it's extremely unlikely that the elder dragons are completely absent from the base game, and we're almost certainly facing an attempt by Capcom not to immediately spoil any monster that will be huntable.

However, we will see in the end who the development team will decide to include within the title.

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