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By reading this article I show you how to download and install GTA 5 for free for Windows PC or Mac. The video game designer company Rockstar Games has amazed its audience since 1997 with its great games. One of its best and most popular games is Grand Theft Auto, known colloquially as GTA.

Grand Theft Auto is an adventure game in which your character will live a very funny life as a criminal and, assuming the typical habits of thugs, could turn into a somewhat violent video game. In this article we will explain how to download the GTA 5 version for PC Windows e per Mac

Released in September 2013, GTA V (Gran Theft Auto V) is the fifth main chapter of the Rockstar Games saga and, seven years after its publication, it is still the most downloaded. For this reason, the game is still tempting to many and as of today you can download it for free on PC.

The game is one of the best sellers of recent years, with over 100 million copies all over the world. To give an edge to GTA V, in addition to the story mode with 3 different playable characters, was and still is the mode GTA Online, where you can play with your own custom character, freely explore the map and try your hand at various missions with your friends. Additionally, GTA Online is still supported and updated weekly with new expansive content.

How to download GTA 5 for free on Windows?

there many versions of this game because it always tends to innovate its customers with novelties, as programmers update its features and constantly improve its graphics. Companies that design video game consoles every day are dedicated to improving their consoles and Grand Theft Auto is no different.

GTA 5 PC has been made available for Microsoft Windows, so if your computer runs on that operating system, you can download and install this fun game without any hassle.

On the Internet you can find some web pages where you can download all necessary files of Grand Theft Auto for free and thus run the game on your computer. Mediafire and Megacloud are some of those pages.

Mediafire offers you the option to download directly and on the Megacloud page you will find two options for download links from servers Utorrent and Mega, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The response pages are in English.

Once you have selected the download from the servers, you will need to press the download button. Grand Theft Auto 5 has core files of great size, so the download process is a bit slow, but it is important to download all the files.

There are around 11 compressed files and it is essential that you download each of them for the installation process to be successful.

How to install GTA 5 for free on Windows?

Before starting the installation process, you should know that it is important to disable the antivirus that you have installed on your computer, as it may prevent any component of the files from being fully downloaded when they are unzipped.

After the download is complete it is important unzip all files. At the end of this procedure, a folder with the name of the game will appear.

In the folder there will be the file “Setup” and this is what you need to press to start the installation process. During the process you will have to accept and make some configurations that the game requires.

After the game is installed, the download of DirectX and then the download for free Microsoft Visual, when both downloads are complete, you will be able to run the game.

How to change the language?

At the beginning of the setup before installation, you only have the English language option, but when you are done downloading all the essential programs, you can change the language following the procedure below:

Right click on the program icon and select “Open file path”, there you will find a folder named "Language selector" where you can choose the language you want.

How to download and install GTA for free on Mac?

If you want to download the GTA5 game on a Mac computer you will need to enter a website called Macgames4you, the link for the free download of the game is available on this site. To start the download, simply locate and press the button that contains the Apple icon, present just below the description of the game.

The installation process it will start automatically after opening the installation file and accepting the relevant terms and settings. It's a fairly similar procedure to the steps we took on Windows, but you always have to be careful because they are different operating systems.

Minimum requirements required by the game

Based on the system requirements of GTA 5, you will need at least an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU, 4GB of RAM, an Nvidia 9800GT / AMD 4870 or higher, and 72GB of storage to run the game. But the recommended specs start with a Core i5 CPU, a GTX 660 or better, and 8GB of RAM.

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