How to download free PS4 games

We will explain how to download free PS4 games from the console itself. You can play the best free PS4 games from the catalog of the most famous console in the world. You have several free PS4 games available that will allow you to spend your free time in joy. Today we will walk you through the process of downloading free PlayStation Plus games.

We will explain two ways to do this: the first by taking advantage of the free games for PlayStation Plus that Sony is giving away to PlayStation Network users, and the second by looking for the free games section in the PlayStation Store. Don't be afraid, because both processes are very simple.

How to download free PS4 games

PlayStation Plus free games

Each month, Sony gives away a number of games with its PlayStation Plus program, although they are not totally free because you have to pay the monthly subscription to this service to get benefits to play free PS4 online. In any case, if you meet this requirement, turn on the console and enter the PlayStation Store, your PS4's digital game store.

Once you enter the PlayStation Store, in the left column click on the PS Plus option to enter the category of exclusive benefits for those who are paying the monthly subscription.

Once you enter the PlayStation Plus category, on the first page you will see some free games of the month. You need to do click on the box where the games are displayed and it comes displayed Play now. If they don't appear on the first page, scroll right through this section until you find them.

You will go directly to a screen where you will see the free PS Plus games available this month. In it, click the one you want to download. You will see how the original price and the word Free in yellow will appear under the title to avoid errors.

Once you are in the game profile, now click the Add to Library button and that's it, the title will have joined your account and now you can download it. Please note that these games are canceled if you terminate your PlayStation Plus membership.

Play Store games for free

In addition to those of the PlayStation Plus, your console can also access many other completely free games, although some of them warn you that they include micropayments. In any case, the first step is the same, enter the PlayStation Store where you can download all the free PS4 Plus games on the console.

Once inside the PlayStation Store, in the left column click on the Free option to enter the category of free content available for the game console. You will find it among the categories of movies and applications, clearly visible.

You will enter the page to explore the free content. Here, all you need to do is do click on the game you want to download. Of course, keep in mind that in addition to games there will also be extra content or Lite versions of some others.

Once you have chosen the game you want to play, fai simply click the button Download which will appear on its file. The game will automatically download to your console so you can start playing it as soon as the download is complete.

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