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When we want to edit an image on Windows, we think about downloading third party software. However, there is no need now unless you plan to create high-end graphics. You can use the pre-installed Microsoft Photos app or Paint 3D to edit images. Here you will find a detailed guide on how to edit photos using Paint 3D in Windows 10.

Paint 3D offers a lot of cool features. These include stickers, 2D shapes, the ability to use PNG images, a wide variety of brushes, and so much more. We have covered them all in this post. So let's see how to use Paint 3D to edit images.

Open photo

You can start drawing on the blank canvas in Paint 3D or edit any existing photo. To edit an old image, go to Menu in Paint 3D.

Click Open followed by Browse Files. Select the file you want to edit.

Suggestion- Right-click the image in File Explorer and select Edit with Paint 3D to quickly open the images in Paint 3D.

Add image over existing photo

If you wish to add images above the current image, you can do so with the help of the Insert tool located under the Menu option.

The same concept can add logos and watermarks to images.

How to use the selection tool

Like MS Paint, you can use the Select tool to crop a portion of the image. Click the Select tool to activate it. Then drag the area you want to crop using the mouse.

Also, with the Select tool, you can create stickers and cut out 3D objects. You can also copy the selected area (used to duplicate objects), rotate it or flip it. You can access all these options from the right sidebar which opens by selecting any area.

How to crop images

Fortunately, Paint 3D makes cropping your images relatively easy. You can use the default size to crop images or select a custom area. You can even lock the aspect ratio to maintain a balance between width and height.

To crop an image, click the Crop tool at the top. Then choose a shot of your choice. Alternatively, use the Select tool to define the area and choose Crop from the right sidebar.

Use the magic selection tool

As the name suggests, the Magic Selection Tool is your usual selection tool but with magical powers. You can finely define the area you want to keep in the selection. This tool is useful for removing the background or unnecessary parts from the image.

Click the Magic Selection tool in the menu bar. Using the borders that appear around the image, select the area you want to select. Click Next from the right sidebar.

Use the Add or Remove tool in the right sidebar to refine your selection. Just click on the area with the correct tool selected. After selecting the right area, click Finish.

The part you cut out will now act as an independent image. You can save it as a sticker or save it as an image for use in other apps.

Draw the speakerphone on the image

Paint 3D offers a variety of brushes such as markers, calligraphy pens, watercolors, pencils, and even a color fill tool. All are present in the Brushes tab. You can change the thickness, opacity and color of the selected brush.

To erase any drawing, use the Eraser tool found in the brush set.

Add straight line, arrows and other shapes

Whether you need to edit a screenshot or create any other graphic elements like a flowchart, shapes like arrows, circles, square boxes, etc. come in handy. Many of these shapes are available in Paint 3D.

Click the 2D Shape tab and select the desired shape. Then draw that shape on the image.

You can change the color of the shape, fill it with a color, adjust its thickness, rotate and flip it using the options available in the right sidebar. You can also use the selection boxes on the shape to adjust its size and position.

Add 3D shapes

Use the 3D Shapes tab to add interesting 3D shapes to your image. To add a 3D object, go to the 3D Shape tab and select the 3D object.

Use stickers

You can add stickers to your images in Paint 3D to enhance the look and give it a realistic feel. To add a sticker, click the Stickers tab. Select a sticker of your choice and draw it on the image using the mouse. You can add custom stickers using the last available tab in the right sidebar. You can also create stickers with the help of Magic's selection tool.

Another cool thing about stickers is that you can add them to 3D objects. That is, 3D objects act as placeholders for stickers. If you pass a sticker on any 3D object, it will be placed on the 3D object giving the overall look of a single image.

Add and edit text

Paint 3D allows you to add and edit text using the Text tool. You can add 2D and 3D text. Text can be formatted using the font style, size, color and alignment tools. They are accessible from the right sidebar. Check out our guide on how to add and edit text in Paint 3D.

Add photo effects

You won't find filters in Paint 3D, but you can add color effects to images. To add an effect, click on the Effects tab in the top bar and select an effect of your choice.

Resize, rotate and flip the image

The Canvas tab in Paint 3D contains some of the important features. These include tools like scaling, rotating and flipping. To use any of these features, click the Canvas tab. Then select the required tool.

If you've noticed carefully, the Canvas tab also contains the Transparent Canvas option. This tool is used to make the background transparent in Paint 3D and to change the background color.

Use the history tool

When editing an image, we often feel that one of the previous steps was better than the current edit. Paint 3D makes it easy to transition to some of the recent changes. Click the History tab and use the slider to view previous changes.

Suggestion: You can create a log of changes using the Start Logging option on the History tab.

Cut out the image into shapes

Paint 3D doesn't offer a direct way to crop images into shapes. However, you can use the combination of 2D shapes and the Magic Selection Tool to crop images into circles and other shapes.

Save immagine

After editing your image, you can save it as a JPG file or keep its transparency by saving it as a PNG file. To do this, go to the Menu option> Save As> Image. Select the type of image you want.

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