Iliad: roaming costs less and the GB available to users increase

Iliad it continues to differentiate itself from all the other operators and to propose a different strategy as demonstrated also by the latest remodulations. While telephony operators generally perform them to review user costs and increase them, the French company has decided to act in the opposite direction: no extra costs but more gigabytes available to surf the internet and to be used when roaming in the Union. European.


The news does not end there, in fact the fourth operator in has also decided to reduce costs related to extra-threshold data traffic. In these days, Iliad is informing interested users via e-mail about the changes in progress.


It is good to remember that according to the European legislation that entered into force on 1 January 2021, the giga that can be used in roaming within the European territory have been increased, but Iliad wanted to go further and has decided to exceed the minimum GB required by the European Union, action already started with the previous legislation and also reconfirmed following the new changes.

Furthermore, for the uninitiated, almost all mobile operators add up the gigs of roaming traffic with those linked to their own tariff on the territory, this means that they are deducted from the total offered by their tariff plan. Iliad, on the contrary, continues to keep the two things separate and the GB destined for roaming are not counted with those present on the subscribed plan.

Credit: UniversoFree

The Iliad user has available every month a certain number of gigs that can be used on the territory and in addition additional gigs to be used in roaming within the EU. In this regard, UniversoFree has published a table with all the offers proposed by the French operator, including both those that can still be activated and those in the past, with the total count of giga pre-established by law during 2020 and with the count of those destined for data traffic. roaming provided by the EU, thus highlighting the differences between old and new legislation. As you can see, in any case, the offer proposed by Iliad is higher than what is due in legal terms.

Countries included in Iliad roaming

If you think that the surprises are over here you are very wrong, in fact, Iliad has decided to include among the countries where it is also possible to use data roaming in the United Kingdom, although the latter is no longer part of the European Union. That these moves can give even more impetus to the passage of users from another operator to Iliad? The answer is affirmative, we just have to wait for the answer from the other operators. In the meantime, the telephony giant is also laying the foundations for the fixed network while buying an Iliad sim has been even easier for a few months.

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