Apple at work on iPhone with macOS: challenge to Samsung DeX

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Apple would have made prototypes of iPhones based on future Apple Silicon capable of running macOS. This is what was revealed by a leaker on Twitter. All of this would allow a user to be able to connect their iPhone to an external monitor and enjoy a full desktop experience. The thought can only run to the Samsung DeX available from Galaxy S8, as also mentioned by the source.

A possibility that takes on more value in light of the recent changes announced by Apple, namely the transition from Intel processors to proprietary ones based on ARM architecture. It is precisely this change that would allow you to take full advantage of the desktop mode. The iPhone and iPad apps, in fact, will also be able to work natively on Mac.

Furthermore, the source claims that Apple's goal would be far more ambitious than it appears. Apparently the company wants the iPhone to be gifted of a dual boot system that would allow the smartphone to run both iOS and macOS. For the leaker, there are strong chances that this prototype will reach the market. There are still other factors at play that could change the cards on the table.

In any case, as we always repeat, it is good to take these rumors with due caution. We will see if the arrival of Apple Silicon can bring about such substantial changes also in the iPhone world.

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