News + Elden Ring, the future of the souls

News + Elden Ring, the future of the souls

Completed in 2017, the trilogy of Dark Souls he left fans with many questions and few answers, in clear style Hidetaka Miyazaki. Answers that would come only two years later, with the announcement of Elden Ring, the future of the souls. But one thing was already certain: the fans of the winning formula of FromSoftware they were ready to challenge a new dark world of knights and swearing. In 2016 the development house made it known that it was already working on three new projects. These we would later discover to be the PSVR exclusive Deraciné, the GOTY 2019 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the elusive Elden Ring.

Announced at the Microsoft conference of E3 2019, Elden Ring is shown with a CGI trailer with a very familiar atmosphere. The soundtrack itself screams the name of Yuka Kitamura, author of the best pieces of Bloodborne e Dark Souls 3. The Japanese development house seemed to have returned to the world of medieval epics. However the trailer featured something different, next to Miyazaki's name appears George RR Martin, author, among other things, de "A Song of Ice and Fire". Thanks to subsequent interviews, the foundations of this new title are made clear:

Elden Ring will be an evolution of Dark Souls, we will have the opportunity to do everything that was not possible before.

Hidetaka Miyazaki

A look at the Open World

News + Elden Ring, the future of the souls
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At the edge of the world: where the open world begins.

Compared to the controversial Sekiro, in fact, with this new project From returns to the classic formula of Action RPG, approaching the Open World for the first time. After that of Los Angeles, Elden Ring disappeared from the radar. The total lack of official news has led both the press and the community to look for clues in completely baseless leaks from 4chan and reddit. Information then began to circulate describing the game as inspired by Norse mythology, with a release date between April and June 2020.

To deny the leaks and to reveal some news was the Omnipotent insider, well-known user of ResetEra whose activity regarding FromSoftware titles has always been accurate since 2017. In recent months he has repeatedly expressed himself on the title, describing it in a more or less vague way, to maintain the interest of the community. Summarizing everything that has been discussed by the user is not an easy task, but what is most important to grasp is From's innovative approach to Open World, featuring more responsive enemies, day / night cycle and dynamic weather. Other noteworthy information concerns the division of creative roles between Martin and Miyazaki.

That which commanded the stars ...

News + Elden Ring, the future of the souls News + Elden Ring, the future of the souls
Exit? Why postpone a game?

The first will take care of writing the narrative background of the game world, while the father of the Souls series will write the actual story. What has been repeatedly stressed by Omnipotent, however, is that Elden Ring is not based on any real mythology. Stylistic inspirations, Celtic and Scottish (evident in its logo), will be recurring, but the plot will be completely original, involving the laws of the universe itself.

The question that grips everyone (but who?) Is therefore: when will we be able to see on the market what has been defined by the developers themselves as their most ambitious title? 2020 is the year of postponements and the coronavirus has been a bad blow for the whole of humanity. Making speculations is therefore impossible. However, we could roughly bet on the period between the end of 2020 and April 2021.

Finally, all the undecided and skeptics who (rightly) want concrete gameplay will probably have to wait two months. Bandai Namco, the publisher of the game, has promised big announcements for June.

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