The Outer Worlds: tips and tricks to play better

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Do the marauders kill you and the comrades are in disarray? Don't worry, with this guide you will find tips and tricks to face The Outer Worlds at its best

The Outer Worlds was released on October 25 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, meeting the praise of gamers and critics. Anyone waiting for a Fallout-like game will certainly be at ease. It is a title full of gameplay where every choice has its consequences. How to start playing best? Find out in our guide.

Fallout in space

While not openly, Obsidian Entertainment's new creature appears to be a spiritual sequel to Fallout. This becomes clearer if we think that some of their developers worked precisely in the creation of this saga in 1997. To date, the intellectual property is in the hands of Bethesda who allowed Obsidian to develop Fallout: New Vegas. From this experience, The Outer Worlds was born and in this guide we will show some tips and tricks to play it at its best.

Take your time - The Outer Worlds: tips and tricks for playing your best

The Outer Worlds is a game that needs time to be fully enjoyed. Following only the main story is a solution for those in a hurry, but for the full experience facing the side quests is mandatory. Given the quantity, however, it is easy to accumulate them and often forget to run out of them. If you do not complete some of them will become unavailable or fail. This happens because as the game progresses some characters they might not be available or history will make them unreachable. So try to always complete your side quests as soon as you can without accumulating them.

As you complete your side quests, also try to explore every corner of the map. Going around aimlessly can be useful for finding new missions or discovering monster lairs that hold priceless treasures. During the first hours of the game, it will not be too difficult to find special weapons, rummaging in unusual places or out of reach of the eye.

Don't waste burglary items - The Outer Worlds: tips and tricks to play your best

The game is full of crates and closed doors that can't wait to be opened. However, it should avoid wasting your burglary tools at the first occasions. There is no universal method of figuring out what to open and what not, but often a safe found in nowhere will not contain too special items. The context in which they are found can be an indication of their content. A closed entrance to a house is likely to contain more valuables than a sealed box in an empty field. So try to analyze the circumstances and use your resources sparingly.

Develop your play style carefully - The Outer Worlds: tips and tricks for playing at your best

However much freedom we are offered in building our character, there is a limit to its versatility. The maximum achievable level is in fact 30 and with it a limited number of points that can be spent on features. Maximizing everything is therefore impossible and becomes necessary give yourself direction on the various specializations for our avatar. However, we must not be afraid to experiment as the game allows us to redistribute features at a low cost.

The Outer World is one of those games where the dialogues are key. Many missions can be completed without the use of weapons and violence, in fact, some achievements can only be unlocked thanks to conversations. Investing in persuasion, lying or intimidation right from the start is a good idea to gain strategic advantage.

Take care of your teammates - The Outer Worlds: tips and tricks to play at your best

During our adventure we will meet many characters willing to help and accompany us. When they are inside our party, a section dedicated to them will appear in the main menu. We can modify their equipment and develop its characteristics. In this section you can also decide their behavior, which includes: their distance from us, the fighting style and the degree of passivity / activity in case of engagement with opponents.

These helpers are not only useful in battles, but they have their own deep personalities that can be explored in the game. For their part we will receive advice during dialogues with other characters, or they will have to say their opinion contextually to the place where we will be. Our companions, having a story of their own, will give us the opportunity to face some dedicated quests. Their completion will reward us, not only with objects and money, but also talents useful in the game.

In conclusion

This is a huge game of options and different situations. Each player will end up having their own unique personal experience. With these tips and tricks for The Outer Worlds we hope to have given you some good tips and tricks to immerse yourself in the dangers of the valley with greater safety. The Outer Worlds is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, while on Nintendo Switch will arrive in the course of 2020.

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