Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses of Caelid and Greyoll's Dracotumulus

Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses of Caelid and Greyoll's Dracotumulus

Elden Ring sees us continue our adventure, and after hurting the bosses of Liurnia Lacustre, we now go east from Sepolcride, arriving at the red lands of caelid, but not only! In fact, in this guide we will propose the bosses of the aforementioned caelid and Dracotumulus (which in a certain sense is part of Caelid itself). We remind you that if you are struggling with some of the aspects that concern Elden Ring, our guide to trophies and platinum includes everything that can be useful, but also guides to the bosses of the other areas of the game, such as that of the Peninsula of weeping. , of the earlier Sepolcride, or of the underground areas. If you have not read it, we also refer you to our review of the game.

Before continuing, thank you the portal powerpyx for making their demonstration videos available to the public, some of which are shown there to show certain bossfights.

ATTENTION: we remind you that being a guide to the bosses, you may receive unwelcome spoilers about what awaits you in the Caelid and Dracotumulus areas of Elden Ring, so we invite you to proceed in the reading aware of this.

Elden Ring - Guide to all bosses of Caelid and Greyoll's Dracotumulus

I Boss the Caelid

Magma Dragon - Medium (with a level above 60)

You will meet this boss at the end of the dungeon Galleria di Gael in Caelid. Before entering the boss room, we advise you to open the other door next door and go to unlock the point of Grace which will take you back to the back of the gallery, to the other entrance that overlooks East Sepolcride.

If you have already fought against the Magma Makar Dragon in Liurnia Lacustre, this will be slightly easier for you, as it is identical and does not have phase 2 of the other. However, the area in which you will fight is very narrow, so you will have to dodge very well, and maybe take advantage of the usual invocations with the ashes. Like Makar, the boss has a lot of life, so you may need to use mechanics like poison, scarlet rot, or bleeding to come to your aid and end the fight faster to avoid getting stuck. The Knights of Godrick are a good choice for invocation.

If you kill him, you will get a Dragon heart, the weapon moonlit e 7500 rune.

For the video of the fight go to this link at 2 hours 33 minutes and 45 seconds. We emphasize that in that video, we were at a much lower level than we should.

Rotting Avatar – Easy

You will meet him in the area of ​​Caelid closest to Sepolcride, as always under a Lesser mother tree.

If you have already fought against the other Avatars that we have proposed in the guides of Sepolcride and Liurnia, for sure you already know how to deal with it, given that despite the different name and the more "scruffy" aspect the patterns and strategies are identical. The only difference is in the ability to inflict scarlet rot status, and the location, which will limit your wiggle room a bit (but will provide cover from its magical attacks). Keep your distance and the juice won't change. Before engaging, we recommend cleaning the area from the various enemies present, which can be really very annoying.

If you defeat him, you will get the rewards Pyrogreen crystal teardrop, Broken tear of the veil of flame e 9600 rune.

You will find the video of the fight at this link, at 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Crazy Pumpkin Head (Hammer) and Crazy Pumpkin Head (Scourge) - Easy / Medium (with level 60 or higher)

It is located in Caelid, in the Ruins of Caelem. This is the first double boss featured in this Elden Ring guide dedicated to Caelid.

You already know these metal-headed monsters, even as simple mobs that can be encountered in the game world, with the small difference that this time 2 sleep for the price of one, e they will have weapons! Fight them as always, and as soon as you step into the fog restore parity / numerical superiority with a summon, as you will need support and the room is quite small. Dodging a lot, try to take advantage of the openings granted by both after their attacks.

If you defeat them you will get it as a reward 6300 rune, and in the chest beyond the door you will find it Face shield.

Video of the fight at this link a 0 hours, 12 minutes and 28 seconds.

Mother Tree Burial Guardian (Scepter) and Mother Tree Burial Guardian (Sword) - Easy / Medium (at level 60 or higher)

Right below the lesser Mother Tree where you just defeated the Avatar are the Catacombs of the mother tree. This double boss is at the end of the intricate dungeon.

Dealing with this type of boss when he is in the company of large minions is really annoying, and it will be so when they are two big cats pararcisi in front. In this case we are faced with a Guardian with a scepter, who will make attacks blunt and magical, and the other with the sword that we know well. Fighting them at the same time will be a bit tricky, especially because if you are not too high in level, you will suffer greatly from numerical inferiority. So use a not too squishy invocation (the Soldiers of Godrick are a good choice) to equalize and / or pass, and try to concentrate and quickly kill one of them, so that you can end up, badly, in a 1vs1.

The strategies for fighting are the same for the others you have encountered so far, whether you are melee or magic build.

If you defeat them you will get the Crazy Pumpkin Head Ashes e 7400 rune.

You can find the video of the fight at this link at 2 hours, 7 minutes and 55 seconds.

Fast-paced Duelist - Easy

You will find it at Caelid in Cavern of Gaol.

Virtually identical to the Dueling Burial Guard we defeated in Sepulcris, however, he will be armed with a large double ax rather than hammers. If you can keep a good distance (the size of the arena allows it), with magic you can safely keep it at bay, while if you opt for hand-to-hand combat, try to read his movements well and to learn how fast the ax hits, as it could inflict great damage, even with the shockwave at close range. Remember that it can also go into rage mode.

If you defeat him, your reward will be there Ashes of a rotting corpse e 6700 rune.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Swordswoman Nox and Monk Nox - Very easy (level 60 or higher)

You will find them in Caelid, a Sellia, the city of witchcraft. After you light the three braziers on the city towers, the magic portal that blocked the great access to the west edge of the city will also have dissolved, unlocking the bossfight. This is the third double boss that we find in this Elden Ring guide dedicated to Caelid.

These are two not too irresistible enemies, whose name already explains half of the threat. They will attack quite tightly and in combination, however being humanoid and lightly armored enemies, they will take a lot of damage if confronted after you pass level 60. The only thing to do is obtain an invocation ash that restores numerical parity (or that puts you in superiority). Face them however you want, there are standard enemies far more dangerous.

As a reward you will get 6400 rune and Shining sword from Nox, while immediately behind, in the chest, you will find the Lusat's stonecutter staff.

Video of the fight at this link, a 1 hour, 40 minutes and 26 seconds.

Commander O'Neil - Medium (at level 70 or higher)

It is located in Caelid, on the banks of the swamp of Aeonia due north, to the point of Grace of Internal Aeonia. This boss has an important item that you will need for the Millicent quest.

An all-in-one commander, very tough and annoying. As soon as you start the fight, he will summon soldiers around him (5 to be precise, mixed among those who will attack you with swords and crossbows). Your task first of all is to neutralize them (perhaps while you are running on horseback, since you will be in an area where it is allowed to use it), and only when you have done so we advise you to take advantage of some evocation as always. Attention, come to less than half life, will summon 3 minions again, but this time they will be equipped with a large ax, and which will inflict heavy damage on you if they hit you, try to get them out of the way quickly to concentrate on the Commander.

If you play from a distance you won't have too much difficulty, as the Commander's attacks are limited to melee and clouds of scarlet rot. If you have build magica, a large part of the task will be using magic, dodging and summons to get rid of the minions and the rest will come by itself (although one of his rotting attacks has a very large radius, so always try to keep a safe distance).

With body build you might have a few more problems: same story of the minions, in addition try to always recognize when he is about to attack with the decay to get you away from O'Neil as quickly as possible, while the rest of the physical attacks will be quite slow and readable. Try to give 1 or 2 hits at a time without taking too long combos, and be careful when he will charge with the spear.

Defeat it and you will get it 12.000 rune, the weapon Commander's banner and the key object Pure gold needle.

Video of the fight at this link a 2 hours, 38 minutes and 50 seconds.

Rotting Knight (spear) and Rotting Knight (sickle) - Easy / Medium (level 75)

If it's about the boss of the dungeon Abandoned cave, which you will find in Caelid. It is a short but extremely uncomfortable dungeon, which will see you walking in a rotting swamp, and with enemies capable of inflicting poison. Equip yourself with boluses at will before entering. This is the fourth double boss we meet in this Elden Ring guide dedicated to Caelid.

You already know the type of enemy, as you have faced one in the Wailing Peninsula, and the swamp is teeming with these treacherous fighters. However, meet some two together for some it may be a problem, especially if you use the magic build. As usual, focus on killing them one at a time. One of the two will be stationary in the center of the arena, the other will arrive shortly after, but also after his arrival keep beating the first enemy. You have to be very careful about magical attacks (the barrage spears that protrude from the ground, and the rotating sickle for the other. For both types of approaches, melee and magic, we recommend establish numerical parity with the invocation of an ash (the Soldiers of Godrick are always a legit choice). Always pay attention to rotting puddles that will inflict rot, so watch where you put your feet.

If you defeat them you will get the very useful amulet Golden beetle e 7.000 rune.

Video of the fight at this link, going to 3 hours, 21 minutes and 5 seconds.

Decadent Ekzykes - Medium / Hard (level 80 and above)

Highway south of Caelid, near the point of Grace of Highway of Southern Caelid.

It is a dragon boss very similar to those encountered so far (we are talking about the flying variant, different from magma dragons). The most complicated thing to manage will be the scarlet rot, which in dragon will be able to inflict you with a toxic cloud, with more than one move.

Face it on horseback, obligatorily, whatever type of build you have. Beware of rot and keep your distance with the magician, spam a lot of quick and precise spells. With melee attacks you will necessarily have to concentrate on the legs, but always be ready to flee and move away quickly (practically, you will have to carry out a strategy to "elastic"). Be careful, because being clouds, they often go beyond the walls too it won't do much to try to take cover behind walls or objects. As always, it's a drag warfare with dragons, so keep your concentration level high, avoid physical attacks too, and you'll slowly bring him down.

Your reward consists of 38.000 rune it's a Dragon heart.

Night Knight (5) - Easy (level 75 up)

You will find it in Caelid, following the main road (Southern Caelid Highway Grace point) since encountering the decaying dragon Ekzykes, as usual it appears only at night. This is the first night boss that we find in this Elden Ring guide dedicated to Caelid.

By now you should know quite well the type of enemy, you can fight him on the ground or on horseback. In this case it is a different one Knight armed with flail, like the first one we met. Clearly it will be tougher and deal more damage, but nothing you won't be able to handle if you behave as usual. Try to face it when you have reached at least the level 75 to have a fair challenge.

Defeat it and you will have it as a reward 8500 rune and Cenere di guerra: I want to poison.

Video of the fight at this link a 0 hours, 23 minutes, and 24 seconds.

Cemetery Shadow (3) - Medium (level 70 and above)

You will find it in Caelid, at the end of the dungeon of the Catacombs of Caelid.

Like the other cemetery shadows, but with the highest statistics for the area they belong to. Be careful not to get too tired from the dungeon (luckily there is a statue of Marika to the rescue, in case you fail on the first attempt).

The great reward, in addition to the runes, is the Ashes of seugage of the rot.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Meteorite Beast - Medium (level 75 and above)

You will meet her as the dungeon boss of the Crystal Gallery of Sellia. Try to face it when you have reached at least level 70. If you are below it, it will be very difficult.

It is a rocky beast with the features of a bull, defended by a leathery armor. Its attacks are a mixture of charges and physical attacks, joined with gravitational magic, with a fairly wide and annoying range, especially if we consider that the arena where you will fight it is very small. Last problem is that it inflicts a significant amount of damage.

La dodge is the watchword for this boss, who if he hits you once, you will hardly miss the second, almost certainly putting an end to the meeting. The wizards will have their work cut out because they will be caught up quickly even if they play from a distance. The Beast has wide-ranging gravity attacks, so move away to the other side of the arena when you see the ground glow purple.

A good opening to hit her in the head is after she fires the laser, so current to her left when she uses it. As usual, based on the build and the situation, we recommend taking advantage of the summons, but know that if they are not upgraded to at least +3, they will have a very short life.

If you defeat it, you will have a rich reward: 7600 rune, a funeral forging stone [6], 5 forging stones [7], 10 gravity stone blocks, and the Globo cinereo del minatore (funerary) [1].

Video of our fight at this link a 1 17 hours and minutes.

(TROPHY & BOSS STORY) Radahn the Celestial Scourge - Hard (Recommended at level 70 or higher)

You'll find it in the southernmost part of Caelid, first teleporting from the bridge to get to the Mantorosso Castle (shortly after the point of Grace of the bridge). Go past the castle, talk to the NPC to start the "Radahn Festival" and it will become night. Go to the elevator to go down to the beach and start the fight.

It is one of the fights that have become the symbol of Elden Ring. In a huge sandy area, you can summon other fighters to your side to help you, although many of them will be short-lived due to the strength of the enemy. Their job will be to keep Radahn busy for a few moments while you do other things (be it cast, summon, heal, attack, etc). His attacks are many, annoying and very often unpredictable, but especially some of them could kill you with one blow. For this reason, you may have to opt for remote tactics.

In the very first stage it will attack you from afar with the bow, then dodge the arrows at the last moment (they are tracers) e get closer as you go. When you are close enough he will take out the swords, and you can start using the horse to be faster. Be careful not to get hit by the swords while you are on horseback, otherwise you will be stunned and killed with the next blow. Meanwhile, keep summoning allies, always, as soon as you can.

When you have taken a quarter of his life, he will begin to give the gravity element to his attacks, making them even more lethal, from tracer strokes, waves of blades, and then get to mid-life with some meteors and jumps that will make you lose sight of it. Try to run at full speed to dodge attacks, because it will not give you respite, and double jump to avoid for gravity blades (purple ones). The more it takes damage, the more aggressive it will become, adding gravity attacks and varying.

There are a couple of ways to be able to fight it more easily, such as inflicting scarlet rot with the breath purchased at the Church of the Draconic Communion, however, one must always be good at dodging and not getting hit. Yup, luck will also serve.

Needless to say, Radahn has a lot of life, so the whole fight will be a test of endurance and patience. Good luck.

If you manage to defeat this powerful boss, you will get the Radahn's major rune, Remembrance of the Celestial Scourge e 70.000 rune.

Video of our fight at this link a 2 hours, 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

Rotten Tree Spirit - Medium (at Level 85 or higher)

You will find it in Caelid, in the Catacombs of the fallen in war. To reach them you must have already defeated Radahn, otherwise the place will not be accessible.

Same patterns and tactics as the Ulcerated Tree Spirit you faced in Sepulcride. The only difference, other than the fact that the dungeon is truly infamous and will inflict altered statuses on you all the time, is that it will be stronger in the statistics. The good news is that the arena you will fight in is wider than the one in Sepulcride, so you will have more breathing space and can dodge better. Make use of summons as always, whatever your build.

If you defeat him, you will get a reward Seme d'oro, Ogha's ashes, Redmane knight, 64.000 rune.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Bird of the Death Rite (2) - Medium / Hard (level 75 and above)

You will find it in Caelid, near the road, continuing east from Grace point of the Southern Highway of Caelid. Caution, it appears only at night.

Cursed, treacherous and lethal, it is the copy of what we faced and hated in Liurnia Lacustre. This time the location is different and you may have a little more breathing room, but its stats will be slightly higher. Usual story with approaches, with attacks at a safe distance much preferable to stay safe. Remember to use a frost-resistant build, or its hits could soon become lethal.

Defeat him and you will get the weapon Poker of death e 15.000 rune.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Aberrant Warrior and Crucible Knight - Hard (at level 70)

You will find them in the lands of Caelid, in the Mantorosso Castle. You will encounter them if you enter the castle normally before activating the portal, or after entering through the portal and defeating Radhan, and after talking to the NPC at the end of the castle, and then reloading the area. They will be in the central square of the castle, the one where you talked to Alexander and Blaidd before the fight with Radhan. It is one of the most difficult double bosses that you will find in this guide dedicated to Caelid and Dracotumulus.

First you will find yourself fighting against the Aberrant Warrior alone, who after less than a minute will be joined by the much more tough Knight of the Crucible (variant with the tail). As long as you are 1v1 it could be fair enough, if you have already learned to fight with this type of fair, however the arrival of the Knight will unbalance things exaggeratedly to your disadvantage.

First of all, the advice is to do as much damage as possible to the Aberrant Warrior before the other enemy arrives, as he will take more damage and you can focus on him. To make it more feasible, take advantage of a summoning of ashes, maybe they have good life, damage resistance, and that they are composed of more than one unit (Godrick Knights are a good alternative, but get them to at least level 4). The difficulties will be great both if you play melee, and if you fight from a distance, especially since both enemies, especially the first, will attack you headlong, cover the distances to attack you, and you will have in the middle of your feet. dozens of destructible objects that will often get in your way. If you are quick and wipe out the Warrior as soon as possible, even if you have been caught, then try to fight the Knight of the Crucible as usual. A good idea could be to inflict altered statuses, even if it takes a while to take root (if the summons are still alive, take advantage of the moments when he is distracted by them to attack him repeatedly).

If you defeat them, your reward will be 16.000 rune and Great Sword of the Ruins.

Find the video of the fight at this link, a 2 hours, 51 minutes and 52 seconds.

Decaying Crystallian (Staff), Decaying Crystallian (Spear) and Decaying Crystallian (Circular Blade) - Medium (at level 80 or higher)

You will find them in the lands of Caelid, at the end of the dungeon Withdrawal of Sellia, just north of the Church of the Pestilence. You will have to hit a rock to discover a secret cave (illusory wall). There will be an annoying wizard in the same area, the wall is the one behind the wizard and beyond the tombstone.

These are the crystallians that we have come to know, but with the small inconvenience that they will be well 3 at the same time, and that their blows are capable of inflicting the Decay. It goes without saying that dodging will be more important than parrying.

Deal with them as usual, call a leathery ash to help you if you find yourself in trouble, and use weapons with impact damage to definitely hurt him more. The good thing is that compared to pure crystallians, these are less aggressive and slightly more passive, sometimes giving you time to hit them undisturbed one at a time. As always, try to kill one first, then move on to the other. We recommend that you begin with the magician, much more annoying from distance, and then move on to the lancere and so on to the third.

If you kill them, you get a reward 7600 rune and witchcraft Crystalline stream.

You will find the video of the fight at this link, a 1 hour, 8 minutes and 23 seconds.

Greyoll's Dracotumulus Bosses

Warrior Mage Hugues - Easy (level 80 and above)

You will meet him in the Eternal prison of Sellia to Dracotumulus of Greyoll.

It is a wizard like the one you first encountered in the Raya Lucaria Gallery, and is capable of attacking with powerful magical attacks both distance, both close with summoned weapons. The best way to fight it is don't let him breathe, so players with build melee (be it strength or dexterity) will have an advantage, even being able to finish the match without taking damage. This will be possible by alternating heavy and charged attacks in order to often stun the enemy, and also expose him to critical attack. Mages will have a little more to do and won't be able to rely on horses or summons, so they'll need to be good at dodging often and landing as many attacks as possible.

If you defeat him you will get the Summoning ashes of the Warrior Wizard Hugues e 7800 rune.

Video of the fight at this link, a 1 hour, 20 minutes and 30 seconds.

Farum Azula's Human Beast (Greatsword) and Farum Azula's Human Beast (Throwing Knife) - Easy / Medium (at level 85 or higher)

It is located in Dracotumulus of Greyoll, within the Cave of Dracotumulus. This is the first double boss you will find in Dracotumulus in this Elden Ring guide.

As you will understand as soon as you arrive, the two enemies they will not immediately notice your presence, therefore it is permissible to exploit the surprise effect with a attack from behind. As always for double bosses, there is the advice (or almost I would say the rule) to get rid of one of the two as soon as possible. With less stamina and fewer life points, you might start with the Beast attacking you with the Throwing Knife. If you want to re-establish numerical parity, use an invocation, but if you get rid of the first one in the opening bars, you hardly need it. Try to use lots of critical and stun attacks, perhaps with jump or charge attacks.

If you have a melee build try to quickly close the spaces with the Beast with the knife and hit hard, and then face the other individually with the broadsword by dosing attacks and dodging as you now know how to do. If you have magical builds, for sure you will need to keep the beast busy with the sword, which if you are alone will charge you without too many compliments, so in your case the choice of the invocation of the ash is obvious.

If you defeat them, you will get the +2 fire dragon talisman e 65.000 rune.

Video of the fight at this link, a 1 hour, 33 minutes and 5 seconds.

Decaying Avatar (2) - Medium / Hard (at level 95 or higher)

You will find it at the foot ofMinor Mother Tree to Dracotumulus of Greyoll.

It is nothing more than the usual avatar, but like the one you met in Caelid, it has attacks that can inflict rot, and with a lot of extra life. When he is less than half his life, he will start spamming light sword attacks. Fire always remains a good ally. Deal with it as you have dealt with all the avatars so far, but remember to get to an adequate level, otherwise a single attack can wipe you out.

If you defeat him you will get well 91.000 rune, Sharp crystal tear and Solid opalescent tear.

Video of the fight at this link, a 3 hours 36 minutes and 39 seconds.

Greyll Flying Dragon - Medium (melee) - Very easy (ranged) (at level 85 or higher)

You will find it at Dracotumulus of Greyoll, in the area of ​​the two bridges, exactly on the large bridge.

It is on an aesthetic level and for some moves of a dragon like the other flying we have encountered. The difference is that will almost always stay on the ground, will not fly away, at most it will rise and then attack (with flames or claws), but always and in any case staying on the bridge. This implies that there will be less space to attack him while on horseback by circling him like the other dragons in the various arenas, but if you are fast enough and reach his wings while avoiding fire, you will have your fair share of free shots. So, there they are two ways to take down this dragon, one of which is much less "fair".

The first is face him like a brave knight at his feet, dodging at the right time and trying to avoid flare-ups, despite being a fairly risky mode. In this case, try to always stay behind him, go under him to avoid flames in flight or jump attacks, and clearly pay attention to paws and tail. If you are at level 85 it might take a little patience to knock it down, but it's more than doable.

The other way is to attack him from a distance, climbing on side rocks to the bridge (on the side of the Ferino Sanctuary): the dragon will continue to attack in a vacuum and will not hit you, always remaining on the bridge. Use magic to spam attacks if you are a wizard, or use a bow after getting a lot of arrows. To do more damage and take less time, some invocations with the ashes manage to hit the dragon from a distance.

If you defeat him, you will get 80.000 rune it's a Dragon heart.

Video of the fight at this link, a 1 hour, 55 minutes and 20 seconds.

Night Knight (8) - Medium (at level 85 or higher)

You will find it at Dracotumulus of Greyoll, in the area of ​​the two bridges, exactly on the small bridge, it will be easier to reach it from the Point of Grace of the spire. ATTENTION: appears only at night like everyone else in Elden Ring, advance the time and then reach the designated location.

This Night Knight is armed with a halberd. He has more life than the others and deals more damage than the others, but otherwise he is still the same boss. Deal with it as you already know, and be careful not to take too much damage. If you are exploring and facing it from below level, take advantage of the scarlet rot to damage it slowly while you continue to inflict attacks on it (physical or magical).

If you defeat him, you will get 42.000 rune and War ash: step of the limiere.

Video of the fight at this link, a 1 hour, 47 minutes and 10 seconds.

Ashen Globe Hunter (4) - Hard (at level 95 or higher)

You'll find it in Greyoll's Dracotumulus, in Capanna of the Lonely Trader. Like all the other bosses of this type in Elden Ring, and the only one in this guide about Caelid and Dracotumulus, this Hunter will only appear at night.

The space around the hut is littered with giant, aggressive moguls. Try to take them out before starting the fight. Take on the hunter as usual, but know that you must have a good level not to die after a single hit. Take advantage of the horse, attack from a distance (even the roof of the hut if you want), and always be ready to dodge.

If you defeat him you will get the Walking globe of stones e 50.000 rune.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Follower of the Black Blade (2) - Hard (at level 100 or higher)

You will find it in Dracotumulus of Greyoll, precisely in front of the door of the Ferino Sanctuary. This is the same type of boss you met on the Giant's Peak, one of the most powerful in the entire area of ​​Caelid and Elden Ring Dracotumulus that you will find in the guide.

This is a boss who, if faced prematurely, will kill you with one blow. Try to face it only when you have reached an adequate level. Like the other gargoyles you have encountered, he possesses varied attacks, heavy airborne attacks, charged attacks, and so on. Besides, he owns 2 weapons, which will change during the fight, modifying some patterns. There your build will do the difference in the strategy, especially as regards the defensive phase. If you have a shield of the big ones and a good dose of stamina, you can risk parrying his blows, while the blows imbued with magic are convenient to dodge them with deafult.

With magical builds you try to keep your distance, and with melee builds, study the timing of his attacks well to alternate hits and dodges. In both cases, a summoning might come to your aid, perhaps Latenna l'Albinaura, placed at a distance, who will provide you with support with her arrows and without becoming the target of the gargoyle.

If you defeat him, you will get 88.000 rune, Black sword of the Gargoyle andBlack Gargoyle Halberd.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Sacriderm Apostle (2) - Hard (at level 95 or higher)

You'll find it in Greyoll's Dracotumulus, inside the divine tower. The grace point is Divine Tower of Caelid: basement, so you will have to go down once you enter. This is the boss who in this Elden Ring Dracotumulus and Caelid guide will give you more runes once defeated.

Again, if you don't get to fight bosses with an adequate level and amount of HP, it could knock you out in a hit or two. It is a very tough enemy, with gods very varied attack patterns, and with a challenging range to manage, if we also calculate that the arena is not very large. It will attack you with a long curved blade, which if necessary will also make it rotate; it also has magical attacks with which it can hit you from a distance. It does not end here, because when he has lost about half of his life, as if the distance reached by his blows was small, he will even begin to stretch his body and to make strange movements, so as to reach you in an instant.

If you own a magic or ranged build, try to keep you away and if you succeed, use an evocation. If, on the other hand, you are a melee player, you will absolutely have to study his attacks, trying to dodge and re-enter the openings he will grant you. During its second phase, your attention will also need to double.

If you defeat him, you will get 94.000 rune and its set: Hood from apostle Sacriderma, Dress as an apostle Sacriderma, Sacriderma Apostle Vambraces, Sacriderma Apostle Trousers.

Video of the upcoming fight ...

Guide being updated, the remaining bosses of Caelid and Greyoll's Dracotumulus are coming

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