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I bet a lot of people want the coveted Platinum trophy on Persona 4 Golden, as proof of their experience with the game. I admit that it is not at all easy just for the time required, but if we exclude that it is quite accessible even to novices. If you need general title advice or all of our other guides, check out the complete guide!

First let's start with a few short tricks to get platinum:

  • They will serve minimum 2 runs. So playing the game once does not guarantee you platinum! Any errors during the runs can force you to make a third one. Since Persona 4 Golden is anything but short, I recommend that you avoid going too far.
  • Social Links they must be raised to the maximum rank in the same game! You will not be able to do a little and a little since it goes against the rules of the game.
  • Pay close attention to the phrases Rise said in battle, as you will have to listen to them all 250! Surely it is one of the most annoying trophies of the series ...
  • If you have read our guide to books you will already know that reading all the books can be quite difficult without a guide. Furthermore, they must all be read during the same game.
  • Create more saves at strategic points, for example after saving someone. Avoid at all costs to keep a single save for safety reasons.

List of all available trophies

Golden completed (Platinum)

It is unlocked by getting all the other trophies, nothing strange.

A Prince Appears

This trophy cannot be missed, as it is linked to the story mode. Play normally and you will get it easily.

A True Man's Stand

This trophy cannot be missed, as it is linked to the story mode. Play normally and you will get it easily.

The Lounge is Closed

This trophy cannot be missed, as it is linked to the story mode. Play normally and you will get it easily.

Game Over

This trophy cannot be missed, as it is linked to the story mode. Play normally and you will get it easily.

Boarded-Up Lab

This trophy cannot be missed, as it is linked to the story mode. Play normally and you will get it easily.

The Returns of the Angels

This trophy cannot be missed, as it is linked to the story mode. Play normally and you will get it easily.

Breaking Through the Fog 

This trophy is linked to obtaining the True Ending. Basically you have to avoid ending up in the Bad Ending by correctly answering some questions at a certain point in the game.

Welcome Back

Obtainable only by accessing the Golden part of the game, that is the exclusive part of the re-edition. Level up Marie's (Aeon) Social Link before the winter outing.

The Truth In Your Hands

Trophy linked to obtaining the True Ending. I refer you to our guide on the endings also in this case!

Fusion Expert

Merge 50 Personae. Nothing difficult, since it will be enough to fight, merge or even buy them from the Compendium.

Special Fusion Expert

Merge 4 or more Personaes. Unfortunately, the special mergers will only unlock starting from 07/10. The fastest method is to merge Personae to get a Neko Shogun.

The Nose Doesn't Always Know

Obtainable if an error occurs during a merge. In practice, it is possible for a merger to fail, resulting in a different Persona than usual. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this happening is not incremental by manipulating other elements in the game. For this reason, there are no real tips other than to think about it right away!

Shopper person

Buy a Persona from the Compendium. You will have to register it first, of course!

A Favor for Marie

Just follow what was said in the trophy below to get it automatically!

Card Collector

Register 100 Skill Cards in the Velvet Room. It's nothing difficult, but first you'll need to unlock Marie inside the Velvet Room, continuing with the story. In the meantime, start accumulating useful cards thanks to Shuffle Time, as you will need them for later!

Displaying Adaptability

Change Person 5 times during a battle.

Hardcore Risette Fan

Hear the 250 sentences of Rise during the battles. It won't be easy at all since you can't keep count and listening to them all is also boring.

To learn more:
Persona 4 Golden - Complete Guide to Social Link by Rise (Lovers)

I advise you to pay attention starting from the New Game +, since the presence of a secret boss will also activate other phrases necessary for the trophy.
Always use Rise's analysis function to hear as much as possible but especially in these cases:

  • A new enemy appears
  • Twice for elemental weakness of the enemy or various resistances
  • As soon as you get Rise be careful not to have too high a level! As in other JRPGs, there are phrases related to higher level enemies, so make sure you have a low to medium level to be totally on the safe side
  • Some phrases are related to certain battles necessary to continue in the story
  • Play with all the characters of course!

For the last point, it is enough to understand when Rise's phrases are activated with respect to the characters. I can sum it up like this:

  • When inflicting a critical or hitting an enemy's weak point
  • When killing 3 or more enemies with a single attack
  • One sentence per altered status for each character
  • When a character is exhausted

Going Nova

Inflict 999 damage in one move. Use high-level Personae, power up with Tarukaja and related abilities, and hit any weak spots. In extreme cases, you land the Golden Hand and do an All-Out-Attack, which should reach 999 at high enough levels.

Skilled Commander

Perform 50 All-Out-Attack. Nothing to add except that you have to play normally!

Tactical Fighter

Hit an enemy's weak points 100 times. Very simple trophy but it requires you to play normally. Rise's Analysis function will help you identify weaknesses.

Fill Your Hand

You get a Sweep Bonus, meaning you take all the cards during the Shuffle Time 50 times. First, you have to finish the battle without taking any damage or with an All-Out-Attack. Once you enter Shuffle Time, make sure you cut your hand in every way imaginable!

Grasping at Greed

Defeat a Golden Hand in battle. Since these are extremely annoying enemies, especially in the early stages of the game, we recommend that you mainly use physical attacks and hope for the critical. Certainly Chie is the best party member to try!

One Who Has Proven Their Power

Trophy linked to the secret boss that can only be faced in New Game +.

The Reaper Becomes The Reaped

Defeat the Reaper. As above, I refer you to our Reaper guide!

Food Fighter

Complete Aiya's challenge in the North Shopping District when it rains (Rainy Day). Recommended only after obtaining the Mr. Perfect trophy.

Compulsive Reader

As mentioned in our book article, you will need to read all 32 of them before the game ends. Make sure you have the right time and everything will go smoothly.

It's Working Today

Shop at vending machines in the North Shopping District (rainy days only). Unfortunately you will lose a piece of the day but it is necessary to get the trophy!

Lucky Me!

Still in the same area as above, you will have to win a prize from the machines located next to the liquor store. Buy anything and hope for good luck. There are 5 attempts a day, so there will be opportunities, but think about it now!

Granter of Your Desires

Every Sunday you can order goods by interacting with the TV in your room, but only from 22 May. Just place 5 orders to get the trophy.

Seize the Moment

During rainy days, always visit the North Shopping District and the Sozai Daguku booth to purchase “Special Croquettes” at a reduced price.

Cooking with Gas

During the dates listed below it will be possible to prepare lunch boxes for the next day. You will have to do this 5 times.

  • 04/25 - Cut it into nice pieces
  • 05/12 - Simmer with drop lid
  • 05/31 - Use soy sauce instead
  • 06/29 - Skewer
  • 07/06 - Deep fry
  • 07/12 - Vanilla Extract
  • 07/14 - Potato starch

You can only do 5 and not all 7, but they can be useful for enhancing the affinity of some Social Links and speeding them up.

A Special Lady

Start a romantic relationship with a girl. In practice, when you make a Social Link with a girl you will have to choose the path of romance and not that of friendship. If you follow our Social Links guides you shouldn't have any problems.

Mr. Perfect

Maximize all 5 Social Stats. In this regard, I recommend that you look directly at our guide on the matter.

The Other Self

Impossible to miss trophy linked to Izanagi's awakening.

The Power of the Truth

This trophy is related to the Izanagi-No-Okami fusion, which can only be merged in New Game + and after obtaining the True Ending. Here are the necessary requirements:

  • Yu at least at level 91
  • Having unlocked all types of fusion
  • Have these 12 Personae: Izanagi, Sandman, Nata Taishi, Girimenhkala, Norn, Okuninushi, Orthrus, Kartikeya, Tzitzimitl, Cu Chulain and Legion

In addition to being the generally best Person in the game you will get the trophy.

Moderate Bookkeeper

Register 50% of the Personas in the game in the Compendium.

Thorough Bookkeper

Record all Personae in the game in the Compendium.

Fashion Plate

Put on an alternate costume on any character and fight for the trophy.

Head of the Class

You will need to finish first during an exam session. Check out our exam and answer guide directly to get it right.

A True Bond

Bring a Social Link to the maximum (Rank 10). Follow our Social Link guides directly to finish it quickly and painlessly.

Bond Maniac

As above, but this time with 10 Social Links!

Legend of Inaba

Complete all Social Links in the game. A very tedious trophy but with our guides it won't be a problem.

An Aquired Taste

Go to the Changall cafe in Okina, reachable by scooter, and pay 5000 yen. The place will be unlockable starting from the second week of June.

Movie Buff

Starting from the second week of June you will unlock Okina with the respective "30 frames" cinema. Invite a friend and watch 3 movies to get the trophy.

Bug Hunter

Catch an insect. The ability to hunt for insects will be available starting June 9th.

Advantage Mine

Hit a Shadow inside a dungeon to get the "edge" and hit first.

Big Bro is Worried

This trophy is tied to a storyline event. When Nanako is hospitalized (starting November 22) you can visit her in the hospital. But it will not be enough to go to the hospital, you will have to talk to some characters on specific dates:

  • November 22: Talk to Yosuke outside your classroom
  • November 23: Talk to Chie, found at the North Shopping District
  • November 24: Talk to Rise, who will be at the school on the first floor (1F)

A New Quiz King

This trophy is not related to the main game, but to the extras. From the main game menu, go to TV listening and select CH3. In practice, you will participate in a television quiz.

The quiz consists of 3 phases and 10 questions, randomly drawn from a fairly large sample. Luckily, the questions are usually straightforward so you just need to pay attention to a few details in the game to win. It goes without saying that you will need to answer earlier than your opponents as a basic requirement.

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