Guide Persona 4 Golden - Investigation Team (Fool) Social Link Guide

One of the main features of the new Persona series titles are the so-called Social Link, i.e. relationships with various characters within the game to which different tarot cards are associated.

Spending time with them will rank the associated Social Link, allowing us to obtain various bonuses useful for gameplay

In this guide we will explain how to easily advance the Social Link of the arcane Fool, associated with the members of the Investigation Team led by the protagonist Yu Narukami.

Personal profile

This Social Link represents the link between the protagonist Yu and the members ofInvestigation Team, which is how the party is called in this game.

Their purpose within the plot is save the victims of the Inaba Serial Killer from being killed by the Shadows and discovering who is behind these "accidents".

They are a group of guys from Yasogami High School who, discovering the world inside the TV, decide to take matters into their own hands and recover whoever is thrown in there by the killer.

Dungeon after dungeon, more members will join the mission, strengthening the bond that unites the team.

The members of the Investigation Team

The team will include several members, starting with Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka, the first two members to have obtained a Persona and have begun the investigation and the mysterious Teddie who lives in the world inside the TV.

Following them will be (light spoilers from here on out) Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi, Rise Kujikawa and Naoto Shirogane.

All these characters will help, in one way or another, in theinvestigation of the cases of Inaba.

Event dates

This Social Link, linked in particular to Yu himself, as the leader of the team, develops as the story continues.

This will happen as a result of some events, and the Social Link itself will begin after finishing the first dungeon.

More specifically, here are all the dates in which you will get Rank of this Social Link:

After obtaining the maximum Rank of this Social Link you will unlock the Loki person. For more information on the game, I recommend you visit ours Complete Persona 4 Golden wiki.

  • Investigation Team (Fool)
  • Yosuke Hanamura (Magician)
  • Chie Satonaka (Chariot)
  • Yukiko Amagi (Priestess)
  • Teddie (Star)
  • Kanji Tatsumi (Emperor)
  • Rise Kujikawa (Lovers)
  • Naoto Shirogane (Wheel of Fortune)

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