Guides How to catch Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo in the Crown Rift

The snow-covered lands of the crown are full of mysteries (I'm not telling you), among them the elm left around by mysterious creatures. As you may have guessed, these are the footsteps of the three Solemn Swordsmen: Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion to which it is added Keldeo. These four pocket monsters appeared for the first time in the fifth gen, with the titles Black and White. Today I show you the steps to take to get them.

  • How to get the 3 Swordsmen
  • Where to find them
  • How to get Keldeo

How to get Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion

The very first thing to do is trigger the cutscene that will start the mission. Nothing could be simpler, since you just need to get out of the wooden fence that borders the village of Freezedale, towards the Piana Sottozero, approach the small footprints in the snow near the first tree and start the cutscene starring Professor Sonia.

The expert pokémon will tell you that three legendary creatures have been spotted in the snowy lands of the crown and that she needs your help to know exactly where to find them. The footprints are a fundamental clue and it will be rumored to look for them while she will stay warm in the wooden house with beldum. (There are 4 houses in total in Freezedale, you can't go wrong)

The names of the three pokémon are deliberately hidden behind appellations: Pokémon Metal Heart, Pokémon Cave, and Pokémon Grassland. For completeness, the names refer to Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion respectively. For all three you will have to find 50 footsteps scattered around the game map, for a total of 150. To be precise, each footprint found will increase the individual Swordsman's research percentage 2% thus obtaining a total of 100% after 50 footsteps. They are also easy to find, as they are not in specific spots but will spawn in groups in certain areas. The zones differ, however, depending on the pokémon you are looking for.

  • Cobalion: most of the footprints will be inside the Frangormare Cave, but you can also find some in the Bed of the Giant and surrounding areas. They have a cobalt blue color and are small.
  • Terracion: most of the footprints will be inside the Rivalago Cave, but you can also find some in the Dynalbero Hill and surrounding areas. They have a clay brown coloring and are large.
  • Virizion: Most of the footprints will be in the Giant's Bed, but you can also find some in the surrounding areas. They have a prairie green color and are small.

Where are the 3 swordsmen

Once you have 100% research on a single swordsman or multiple swordsmen, you can return to Professor Sonia in Freezedale. Once the results are shown, a cutscene will start where the teacher will congratulate you and tell you the exact location of each single swordsman: Icy Sea for Cobalion, Rivalago Cave for Terrakion and Giant's Bed for Virizion.
Having obtained this information, you just need to arrive in one of these areas to find the free Pokémon in the game world. Save and capture them all. You can get them shiny, so be careful and choose your moves carefully.

How to get Keldeo

To get Keldeo, however, you will have to follow a different procedure. First you have to go back to Professor Sonia and show him the three Swordsmen. This move will pay off 10 Caram. Exp. S, 10 Caram. Exp. M and 10 Caram. Exp. L. Obtained the prizes, Sonia will thank you and go away with her Yamper. Now comes the slightly more difficult part, so follow me:

  1. Enter Virizion, Cobalion and Terrakion in team.
  2. Head towards Dynalbero Hill. Here, use your bicycle to reach the small island that is located on the stretch of water.
  3. Look for the small ones bright footprints next to one pot resting to the leftmost tree.
  4. Enter camping mode.
  5. Cook a any kind of curry. It doesn't matter the level, it doesn't matter, just cook.
  6. Exit camping mode and you will find Keldeo waiting for you in the center of the island.
  7. Save and try to capture it. It is also possible to catch him shiny.

Keldeo will be in his resolute form. For the uninitiated it is the form that this pokémon gets if it knows the move Swordsmanship. All you have to do is go to any Pokémon center, talk to the move teacher and eliminate this move to get Keldeo in his normal form.

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