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Let's find out in this guide the positions of all the challenges present in the Spendopticon of the first DLC of Borderlands 3: Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot

Almost all of the maps in Borderlands 3 are full of challenges, which always reward the player with a lot experience and sometimes even vehicle improvements. However, the real challenge is often in finding the challenges themselves, and this is where this guide comes to your aid, with the positions of all those present in the Spendopticon in Borderlands 3.

All positions

In the complete map of the area below, the icons indicate the locations of the challenges. There is only one level in this area, but the sections can still be difficult to navigate, which is why we will go into detail for the location of each objective.

It should also be noted that you will not be able to complete all the challenges the first time you arrive in the area. If you haven't been to yet Trashlantis, encountered Mayor and unlocked the challenges of the Mayor's Killer Look, continue first in the story.

Mayor's Killer Look 1 - Borderlands 3: challenge locations in the Spendopticon

Once the Mayor's Killer Look challenges are unlocked, an on-screen message will tell you what they are. You will find the target to kill, "Evil Saint Lawrence“, In the Market district.

Mayor’s Killer Look 2

The second objective to be eliminated for the Mayor's Killer Look challenges is "Junpai Goat Eater“, Which you will find in the Vice district near the bathrooms.

Pieces of Resistance 1 - Borderlands 3: locations of the challenges in the Spendopticon

For these challenges we will instead have to place bombs on statues. The first is above the Casino sign, south of Casa de Timothy. To reach it you will have to climb the barrier in the center of the map and use the height to jump up to the statue, on which you can then place the bomb.

Pieces of Resistance 2

Northwest in the Market district you will find a sloping roof, with the second statue of the Pieces of Resistance challenges on it. To reach it, jump to the nearby walkways and from there to the roof, then go up the ramp and place the bomb on the statue.

Torgue's Marketing Mistake 1 - Borderlands 3: challenge locations in the Spendopticon

For these challenges we will have to shoot at some instead hot sauce bottles. The first is located in a small room north of Casa de Timothy, above a lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Torgue’s Marketing Mistake 2

To find the last bottle and complete the last challenge, go to the Market district club. If you get stuck in front of the door, you will have to continue in the missions of the campaign to open it. 

Once inside the club, climb over the Borderlands creature exhibit, jump onto one of the roof supports, and look to your right. You will find the hot sauce bottle hidden on the stand (as shown in the image), and you just have to shoot this one too.

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