US, new troubles coming for Huawei?

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As of mid-2019 Huawei has been included in the blacklist trade from Trump losing the ability to do business with US companies. In the following 18 months, temporary "permits" were granted but the ban far from being lifted, not even two days after the inauguration of the new president Biden.

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But that's not all. It would appear that Trump is ready to deliver the coup de grace to Chinese society, before making way for the new tenant of the White House. Like? Slamming the door in the face of the company and blocking any attempts it could use to "circumvent" the prohibition procedures.

In a note from the Semiconductor Industry Association, it emerges that the US Department of Commerce will not be able to grant even the slightest extra license to be able to give Huawei a lifeline. Not only that, requests currently being evaluated will be immediately trashed.

Obviously, the requests for collaboration from the US company towards Huawei will also be rejected. In this way it will be impossible even to think of turning to some control body to assert their rights that will be outclassed by the tightening of the ban.

Trump's days are numbered but he doesn't give up. After blacklisting the Xiaomi (even if it is not the same type of ban) proceeds with the signing of the last decrees before leaving the highest office in the United States. And barring an immediate intervention by Biden, the days numbered could also be the same for Huawei, which was hoping for a last window to fix the situation.

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