Special Does Iceborne's Third Update Trailer Break the Community?

Is the new Iceborne update the usual Capcom Remake?

Within 20 days Capcom surprised the community of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with a series of announcements and schedules for the next updates. As expected: new monsters, new arch-tempered and sets and of course new event missions. Many, myself included, expected the announcement of a new collaboration. The disappointment regarding this non-announcement mainly affects PC and Xbox players due to the exclusivity of the collaboration with Horizon. A updates calendar and a trailer for the third free update of March have earlier exalted and then divided the Iceborne community. The problem turns out to be the word "new“, For a long time now misunderstood from the Japanese software house. But what exactly did Capcom reveal to all of us hunters?

The Iceborne update calendar for 2020

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As can be seen from the updates calendar released on January 19, beyond a hole in February for console players, there is still so much to discover in the New World. Between private events, monsters e festival all hunters will be committed to increasing their number of hours on a title that is already potentially infinitely replayable. The announcement of new Variant in March, new arch-tempered in April and the return of a monster loved by fans in May has curious all.

In fact, many have wondered how the Meta will evolve with all these new features, we will finally get out of the domain of Safi'Jiva e Master's touch? Honestly, I see all of this very difficult, especially as regards the very thorny question skill set del Teostra, undoubtedly the most Meta of the game. What is most pleasing to see though is that, starting with April, PC gamers will finally be abreast with console players. The PC version of Iceborne, on the market since January 9th, has led many players to discover the lots of additions to the base game. PC gamers will also be able to in a few months recover all free updates that the "consular" received between October and January.

Iceborne: third free update, the most pissed off of all

Why pissed off? Well, the arrival of the Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang he cannot fail to recall this term. Two of the most creatures violent of the "roster" of the entire Monster Hunter saga see their variant arrivare finally in New world. More explosions, More punches and more badness will characterize this new one updating free. What they will bring back to the meta is not yet known as Capcom has not yet revealed what the will be features of theirs weaponry and theirs armor set. But it is one thing safety, as well as new materials in the guiding lands, will bring blasphemies and cries to the less experienced players of the Iceborne community.

Part of the Iceborne community is tired of Capcom's “remake” tactic

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It is known, since the release of Resident Evil VII Capcom has been recovery, and not a little, from a not exactly brilliant period. Great contribution they have also given this ascent Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2, greatly appreciated by both criticizes that the public. The nostalgia it can go a long way in driving sales, and Capcom understands it very well. To review Resident Evil shine again, review a Rathalos in such detailed graphics, revisit Racoon City; Capcom really got a taste for it.

Let me be clear, seeing such products on the market valid which also make us indietro torture over time with the heart it's always nice, but this must not become a red herring. Part of it of the Iceborne community is in fact complaining the excessive presence of monsters already seen in this hypothetical "new world". A world really "new" only in mechanical and in 'graphic appearance, but not always in the local fauna. For this reason, complaints began at the release of the presentation video of the third free update of Iceborne under the posts on facebook and YouTube videos.

Many fans now have the perception that Capcom no longer wants to invest in new designs and new ideas, preferring to adapt concepts from the past.

The latter in fact are much more comfortable both because they need to fewer creative efforts, both because it attracts the fans thanks to nostalgia. This however it does not change the quality of the fights that Capcom is proposing and not even theirs appreciation by the public. It is not the do not want to the variants of Brachydios and Rajang a set off the criticisms, but the awareness to see nothing of really new also due to the arrival of another fan-favorite in May. Unfortunately we just have to expect other news and others Calendar updates. In the meantime, as a good hunter, I just have to go back to hunting.

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