Someone recreated Mario Kart in Splatoon 3

Mario Kart has just been recreated in Splatoon 3 or rather, a kind of arcade racing game. No, we're not joking and we haven't even gone crazy: the Nintendo game doesn't have any kind of editor, but someone had the brilliant idea of ​​entertaining themselves in the game lobby by inventing a sort of racing game with an arcade soul, which recalls the series of the Japanese giant in a fairly basic way.

The experiment is called by its creator "Squid Kart". The path is indicated by some paint lines, which run through certain sections of the pre-match lobby. That's all: a decidedly simple idea, far from the classic concept that is very often created using some editors such as Roblox or Dreams, but which has been definitely appreciated by users who have reacted very favorably on YouTube. There are those who would like, for example, a real expansion pack of the game with this mode inside and those who instead approved this special creation, stating however that Nintendo would have made itself heard, obviously in response to all those violation notifications of copyrights received from various people who have experimented with the intellectual properties of the Kyoto giant.

“I want to introduce you to Squid Kart. This is just an idea I had one day while waiting in the lobby and it eventually turned into this,” the video description reads. The video presenting this absurd race is available immediately below. And if you're wondering if there's any plans to expand this mode the answer is absolutely yes, but it will obviously take some time before we can get to work.

  • Splatoon 3 is available from September 9, 2022. The game is one of the best-selling Nintendo Switch exclusives and much faster than the classic standard of Nintendo titles, a sign that the series is probably still one of the most loved ever. You can buy your copy on Amazon.

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