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Whether you are an instagrammer, youtuber, influencer, streamer or simply passionate about sharing, there is one thing that must never be missing in your work: the right lighting. Without it, even the best make-up tutorial would turn out to be a trivial make-up video, without good light, an imposing monument like the Colosseum would lose its meaning, not to mention the streaming of your games, in the dark your face would risk being confused with one of the many creatures that appear in the Souls series games. Fortunately, to have perfect lighting, at home or outdoors, there is no need to "unlock" or "open everything", as recalled by the unforgettable Duccio of Boris, but all you need is a good Ring Light per streamer able to meet every need.

However, Ring Lights are not all the same and, depending on the type of use you will make of them, there are different sizes and with supports and functions that adapt better to one device rather than another. So let's continue immediately with our selection of Ring Lights for streamers divided by price and type of use.

We also remind you that if you are looking for classic streaming lights or real photo kits with spotlights and stands, you can take a look at this guide. If, on the other hand, the only lights you are looking for are those to embellish your workstation, take a look at this selection of strisce led rgb.

Ring Light for streamers, the best

  • Pitnis
  • PoplarTrees
  • Neewer
  • Diyif to
  • Elgato Key Light Air


Let's start with this cheap ring light brought to you by Pitnis. It is a ring light made up of 120 LEDs and 10 inches in diameter suitable for any type of activity from streaming content to live broadcasts to makeup tutorials. It features a remote control to be controlled remotely, a small tripod adjustable in several positions (up to 1,56 meters), has 3 different colors and 10 brightness levels which varies between 2700-6500KNot bad for such an inexpensive product. It also features a smartphone (or GoPro) mount and can be recharged via USB. The UPhitnis ring light is suitable for those who want to try their hand at streaming for the first time, take well-lit selfies or videos to put on TikTok. If you don't have much budget to spend or you want to do an initial test this is the ring light that's right for you, but if you are looking for something more functional we advise you to proceed further.

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We continue the selection with the proposal of PoplarTrees more expensive than the previous one but much more interesting in terms of materials and options offered. Here too we find 3 colors (white, warm yellow and warm white) and a tripod, this time adjustable in any position and also in height. Apart from this it also features a remote control for remote control and a mini bluetooth remote control with which to also control the phone (to take photos and shoot videos) which can always be fixed in the center of the ring light. The dimensions are much more generous, in fact we are talking about a ring over 45 cm in diameter with a light intensity ranging from 3200-5500K is always 10 brightness levels. In this case, however, there are in 460 LEDs that give life to the lighting of the product and the difference between this and a cheap one is the same as between the photos and videos of an amateur and those of a professional. In the end it also comes with a handy bag to be carried anywhere. If you want to make your face stand out during a live broadcast, or you plan to make make-up tutorials, this ring light will be able to fully satisfy you.

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Let's go up a little more with the price to tell you about the ring light of Neewer, a product of every quality suitable for every type of use. In this case the ring is 48 cm with a very comfortable and super adjustable stand in every position and height also equipped with a comfortable flexible arm to insert the ring anywhere. It is then equipped with a bluetooth remote control for smartphone control, a rigid suitcase for transport and 240 LED bulbs that can be covered with i orange and white filters that change hue in the light. The lamp temperature can only be varied between 3200K to 5600K, but the quality of the LEDs manages to remedy the problem by illuminating the room very well and bringing out the designated subject. If you want a good product, capable of lasting over time and that it's good for both streaming and photo shoots, you just found it.

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Diyif to

Before offering you the best ring light for streamers, here is the cheap variant designed by Diyif to. It is a mini ring light for camera of the phone with 40 LED which attaches via a convenient clip to any smartphone. In the small of him it is endowed with 3 lighting modes, has one battery that lasts about 60 minutes and can be recharged via USB. If your passion are i selfie ed Instagram in general, you will not find a better product to always have the right lighting.

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Elgato Key Light Air

Elgato Key Light Air instead it offers the best ring light that you can find around. It is a professional product, which costs just under 130 euros, but is able to offer much higher quality and functions than other ring lights. In addition to hyper adjustable kickstand and remote control for remote control is also present the downloadable app from the store to control the ring light from your smartphone or any Android, Windows, Mac and iPhone Wi-Fi device. As for the ring we are always on 48 cm in diameter but with a luminous intensity that varies this time between 2900K-7000K. Other than that they are also present 80 color filters (40 warm and 40 cold) that vary the lighting of the scene and with the 80 OSRAM lamps of 1400 lumens create a relaxing environment for the eyes too. However, the extras of the Elgato ring do not end here because it also works with Elgato's Stream Deck creating a real ecosystem of hyper-reactive devices that do not weigh on streaming. If you want a professional ring light, to work, suitable for streaming, live, tutorials or photo shoots, all you have to do is click the link below.

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How to choose a Ring Light for streamers

If you are a novice streamer and you don't know which Ring Light can be right for you, obviously based on what your needs are. Although for some it may be a simple light, in fact, in reality there are many aspects that make the various Ring Lights very different from each other.

Choosing the correct one, able to satisfy all your needs and requirements, is therefore not a very simple thing and it is not enough to buy just any Ring Light to get the desired results. Just to help you find your way around this mare magnum with less effort, here are some tips that will help you understand what it is. which type of ring light is right for you and what features to consider when choosing.

Type of use and size

What is a Ring Light used for? It seems very obvious but in reality the type of use is the fundamental characteristic in choosing a Ring Light. Are you an Instagrammer and do you often take pictures of your dishes, your creations or simply your face? A Ring Light for phone or tablet like the one recommended above (less than of 10 cm in diameter) is the one for you, comfortable and space-saving, just attach it to your phone with a simple clip to obtain the desired lighting. Are you looking for a product for make-up tutorials or do you often work with the computer webcam? You will need one Ring Light PC, let's say at least of 25 cm in diameter. If, on the other hand, you want to be at your best in your live shows or have a good light that accompanies you during the direct gameplay of a game, then it is better to choose a Ring Light per lo streaming with at least of 45 cm in diameter, so that it illuminates both your face and the surrounding environment well. Finally, if you have a higher budget to spend and want a product capable of simulating various types of atmosphere thanks to colored light and the possibility of hooking it anywhere, we advise you to choose a Ring Light professionale suitable for practically everything and which reaches almost i of 50 cm in diameter.

In short, the first aspect to take into consideration when choosing a good Ring Light is that relative to its diameteri.e. its size. As can easily be understood, in fact, the larger the area you need to illuminate, the greater the diameter of the product you have chosen must be. Don't forget, then, that very often you may find yourself moving the Ring Light, perhaps to take some away shots or something else. Even then size becomes a fundamental variableand, given that carrying around a 10 cm diameter product is different and decidedly more comfortable than one with much larger dimensions. Lighting zone and portability: these are therefore in a nutshell the two characteristics most connected to what is the greatness of the Ring Light.

Light intensity

Another fundamental feature that always changes depending on the use you want to make of it. For example, to bring out some elements you will need a cold light, while others will require a warmer and more intense light. The intensity of the light is measured in K, degrees Kelvin, a specification that you can find in every ring light. Sunlight, what is classified as natural light is 5500K, therefore in the purchase of a ring light check that it reaches at least this characteristic. The selection of light rings we offer varies between 2700K up to a maximum of 8500K.

Optional included

A third feature to evaluate are the options offered. Depending on the environment or the way you want to use the ring light you will indeed need clip and hook to hang the light ring. Many of the proposed ring lights already have this basic equipment, as well as the extendable stand useful for placing the ring light practically anywhere and the carrying case for transport. While other ring lights, the more professional ones, have real ones color filters and I am also dimmable, i.e. it is possible to adjust the tone of light emitted.

Our advice is therefore to understand, even before buying, which accessories for Ring Light you need. In this way it is in fact possible to lean towards bundles and products that already contain them, in such a way as to thus saving even several tens of euros.

Control and app

Something fundamental to evaluate when choosing your ring light is what is its control system. In fact, almost all the proposed rings allow you to be controlled comfortably from a smartphone thanks to the application that can be downloaded from the store. And if there is no app, there is still a remote control in the package with which to adjust the light. Naturally, the possibility of controlling the ring light remotely should only be evaluated if you cannot adjust it manually during use.

How much does a Ring Light cost?

Finally, a small paragraph dedicated to the price of the best ring lights for streamers could not be missing. In fact, vil money is as always one of the main decision drivers during each purchase and also for this product category, it could not be otherwise. But how much does a Ring Light cost? As you will have seen in the various ring lights for streamers recommended above, in fact, the price range is often and willingly wide, ranging from a few tens of euros to over a hundred based on different characteristics.

If you are looking for a simple solution, which only sheds light, you will therefore get away with much less than some product equipped with decidedly more advanced features, such as the possibility of being controlled remotely via an app or more. Obviously these are characteristics and peculiarities that go hand in hand with everyone's needs: if you are looking for the best ring lights for streamers ever, for example, the products that are right for you are very different from those recommended to some newbies who wants to start streaming for fun. In short, the first step is to understand what you need, in order to avoid spending too much on products that are too powerful for what you are looking for or, vice versa, throwing money on ring lights that do not have the necessary characteristics.

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