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As we know, the Mushroom Kingdom does not live only on sliding platformers, and therefore between one adventure and another of the most famous plumber in the world, several spin-off series sprout ranging from sports such as Mario Golf, to the much more charismatic ones. like the Luigi's Mansion brand; the protagonists are always the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Peach but the context and the gameplay change profoundly from series to series. The same goes for the Mario vs Donkey Kong series, born in 2004 as a spiritual sequel to Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, itself a remake of the original Donkey Kong for the NES; after the first chapter for the Game Boy Advance, two chapters for NDS and a purely digital chapter on DSiWare, the fifth chapter of the brand will arrive on May 9th on the Nintendo 3DS eShop once again only digitally.
Guests at Nintendo's Milan, Thursday 18 April, we were able to try the English version of Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, complete with all the modes available in this new title.

Change of title, but not of style

The first thing that catches the eye is the replacement in the title of the "VS" with a much more friendly "and": in fact, for the first time in five chapters, we will not have to face Donkey Kong but to collaborate with him!
Following the tradition of the three chapters for DS, even in Minis on the Move we will have to guide the Minis (not necessarily Mario, there will be other toy characters, ndGuido) towards the goal of the moment, this time placing square tiles depicting pieces of the path. To complete the level we will have to bring the toy to the Star in the shortest possible time but, of course, we must pay attention to the dangers on the path such as enemies, quills and above all try not to let our Mini fall into the abyss below; to improve our score, we will be able to collect the three M coins scattered along the way.
The puzzle nature of the title provides a growing challenge that will test all fans of the genre and the series. All this in more than 180 levels (yes you read that right!) Divided into four different main modes: a huge number for a game available only in digital, but we actually got used to it well with Pullblox and Fallblox. Let's analyze them together. In Mario's Main Event we will learn how to use the special tiles and the main mechanics of the game, fighting against time and having to choose between the tiles that will be given to us, which ones to discard and which to keep. In Puzzle Palace we will be provided with all the tiles we need and time will flow normally, taking away the sense of oppression of the other modes and allowing us to think in complete tranquility; there is also a "reset" button, which resets and removes all the tiles from the path, in case we place them wrong. In Many Mini Mayhem we will have to bring two or more Minis to the end of the path, making sure that they all arrive safe and sound; if we manage to form a chain of Mini, or if they reach the finish line one after the other, we will get more points. The last mode, the cruelest, is called Giant Jungle: as the name suggests we will find ourselves in front of a huge game map and to complete it we will have to use all the techniques learned in the other modes, also we will not be allowed to keep aside more than 5 tiles at a time, otherwise the level will fail this mode is the perfect challenge for the more experienced gamer and for those who have gotten rid of the other titles in the series.

Mega-editor and Mini-games

If the 180+ levels still don't seem like enough, Minis on the Move is there a level editor that allows us to create our own challenges and download those designed by players for free of all the world. This adds a further challenge and duration to an already very long title for a digital download; unfortunately we didn't have time to test the editor's features but we will definitely make up for it in the review phase.
Instead, we tested the minigames, which will guarantee you even more fun as you try to destroy a huge block by throwing some poor Mini Mario in Cube Crash; or you will try to catch as many Shy Guys as possible in Fly Guy Grab, using the 3DS touch screen as a real fishing line; or why not try to exceed the maximum score in Minitarget Smash? Classic and simple target practice that once again sees Mini Maris as bullets; finally, the minigame we liked the most, Elevation Station, is a challenge where, using a crank that will be rotated with the inevitable stylus-touch screen pairing, we will have to make our Mini Mario climb towards the clouds, avoiding Bullets Bill and Shy Guys and in the meantime collecting as many coins as possible. There is really a lot of meat on the fire, in all these ways the longevity of the stock is guaranteed, if you are a puzzle lover and if the price is adequate, Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move cannot be missing from your digital library.

Comment Following the example of the excellent PullBlox and FallBlox, Minis on the Move will represent another of the puzzle games to have on your portable console: the quantity of levels and the possibility of creating new ones make this title an excellent pastime for lovers of genre, and for those who have played previous games in the series. The only doubt remains about the price we will have to pay to receive this big bag of Mini inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom, a doubt that grips us a lot considering the nature of its distribution in the digital format only. Pros and cons Over 180 levels
The Editor allows an almost infinite longevity ...
The different ways x No indication on the price
x ... but it must be exploited well!

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