News + PS5 vs Xbox Series X: the opinions of the developers

The console war between PS5 and Xbox seen from the eyes of the developers

Opinions flock, but the most authoritative voices on the issue "Ps5 vs Xbox Series X"Are those of developers. What do insiders think about the technical specifications of the new generation of consoles? After the two presentations, from the first comparisons it seemed that the Microsoft product could be slightly more performing, looking exclusively at the numbers. But we know that numbers aren't everything, and this is the second point of the speeches that are emerging on the console war (obviously the friends of Holygamerz they said it right away, they don't go after their journalism).

The point is that, quoting Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (or the Campari advertisement, if you are more accustomed to Domenica In than to literature), "the expectation of pleasure is itself pleasure“, So why not spend the days left until the next gen release reading all the possible speculations? Even if you are among those who will buy the console that best matches their Ikea furniture, at least you have something to do in this long quarantine. So here are the developers' opinions on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: the importance of SSD

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: the opinions of the developers

The thing that stands out among the various opinions expressed by the category of game developers is that theSSD could make a difference more than the other components. And if the Xbox Series X seems to have a slight advantage when it comes to CPU, GPU and Ram (here's our guide if you have no idea what it's talking about), the solid state drive is a big plus for the PlayStation 5. .

Jason Nuyens, co-founder of Breakfall, said that SSDs are the real novelty of the next gen and that PS5 seems really fast to make you forget the value of the GPU. James Cooper, former game designer for Insomniac and Naughty Dog, said that the Sony SSD, in theory, could save developers a lot of time during the development phase and limit the occurrence of bugs. Also Kurt Margenau e Anthony Newman of Naughty Dog praised the performance of the PS5 memory disc: the former even tweeted "by far the biggest leap of my career".

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Andrea Pessino, founder of Ready at Dawn (God of War: Chain of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta; The Order: 1886), did not talk about the SSD but advised not to look exclusively at the technical characteristics to evaluate the PlayStation 5. Also pulling a dig ai Sunday commentators.

Bet: Within a year of launch, players will realize how PS5 is one of the most revolutionary and inspired consoles ever designed, and will feel foolish for spending energy discussing "teraflops" and other equally misunderstood specs.

Andrea Pessino, CTO of Ready at Dawn

Pessino however went on to write that both consoles are designed specifically with development problems, making life a lot easier for designers.

A console is more than a sum of specs - Andrea Pessino

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: the players will win

SSD and Teraflops aside, what emerges from the comments of the insiders is one general excitement for the new generation of consoles, be it PS5 or Xbox. The most widespread opinion is that both Microsoft and Sony have built the architecture of their products trying to facilitate those who create video games, to maximize the final experience of us users. If Xbox seems to have a slight advantage on the numbers, the developers are convinced that PlayStation still has some tricks up its sleeve to play, and in any case that the work done on the SSD partially repays the gap with the rest of the elements.

What is certain is that a respectable next gen awaits us.

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