Life is Strange Ep.4 review - Dark Room

After the arrival of the fifth episode of Game of Thrones (here you can find the review) also for Life is Strange the time has come penultimate chapter of the season. They will have succeeded the boys of Dontnod Entertainment to leave us with bated breath waiting for the grand finale? Let's find out together. We remind you that, as for the other episodes, we will cover this review without making any kind of spoilers, in order to make the reading accessible even to those who are still undecided whether to face the expense of the last effort of the Remember Me team. Life is Strange Ep.4 - Dark Room (this is the title of the fourth chapter) is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One e PC starting yesterday, Tuesday July 28.

Version tested: PlayStation 4

The dark room
Never as in this episode has the narrative sector of Life is Strange managed to conquer us

Never as in this episode the narrative sector of Life is Strange he managed to win us over, keeping us glued to the pad from the beginning to the end of the adventure. After the events that took place in the past chapters, in fact, some of the most important storylines of the series finally come to a conclusion and they do it not only by not disappointing expectations, but also beautiful thanks to a series of well-made plot twists. Life is Strange Ep.4 - Dark Room (hereafter called only Dark Room) will not only excite you thanks to excellent twists, but also acts as a connecting point for many of the choices made in the past episodes. Based on our relationship with the various secondary characters, in fact, the story may undergo variations and make some conversations easier or more difficult to deal with. The psychological characterization is also excellent of every single individual within the game world who, in this way, appears alive and capable of evolving beyond our actions. Nothing to say regarding the duration of the episode which, as in the past, is attested between three and four hours depending on the player's desire to explore and interact with the various NPCs.

Not a mere dark corridor
Dark Room offers good freedom of exploration with hundreds of elements to interact with

As regards the gameplay, Dark Room does not stray too far from previous episodes, offering us one good freedom of exploration with hundreds of points to interact with to discover Max's thoughts. The choices to be taken in this chapter, in addition, are very important and capable (one in particular) of striking the gamer to the heart and forcing him to carefully ponder his decision. Unlike the last few episodes, moreover, moments related to the temporal powers of the protagonist are scarce; this to encourage real investigations which will allow us to put together the pieces of numerous events. Once again we feel like doing an applause for level design which, unlike most of the titles of this type, does not present a miserable corridor to cross, but real areas to explore and with numerous characters to interact with. Obviously these are not always useful interactions at the plot level, but they help to create that thin thread that unites all the characters with our protagonist and which is so necessary for the creation of a solid narrative universe like that of Life is Strange. They are obviously present, and have now become a real feature of the gameplay, the trophies / objectives / collectibles / photographs that will be found within the various game environments and which, once again, will help increase the overall longevity of the title.

Listening to music with the lights off
Dark Room, technically, aligns with previous episodes

With regard to the technical component di Dark Room we can say that we are in line with the other episodes, with well-defined characters, but sometimes too woody in their movements, even if it's nothing extremely annoying. Stellar once again the sound sector that thanks to a beautiful soundtrack and to a always quality dubbing, will not only be able to charm us during the game session, but will also be able to accompany us once our console is turned off. Furthermore, the total lack of bugs or slowdowns of any kind, a feature that makes the title fluid to play and extremely enjoyable to watch.

Verdict 9/10 Please don't cannate the last episode Comment Life is Strange Ep.4 - Dark Room is without doubt the best episode of this series released so far. If you are a lover of video games with a strong narrative component, you cannot fail to approach this title which, we are sure, will conquer you after a few minutes. Now only the fear remains that the last episode does not reach the level of the others, but we want to trust in the excellent work done by the guys of Dontnod Entertainment who, from the first to the fourth chapter of this season of Life is Strange, have always managed to surprise us more. Pros and cons True narrative climax
Unique and extremely charming atmosphere
Top-of-the-line gameplay for the genre
Solid technical compartment x There are 6 weeks left until the next episode
x Some slightly woody animation

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