Final Fantasy: the remasters of the first 6 chapters ready to debut on consoles?

The hardcore fans of final Fantasy they know it well: the first chapters of this series have literally done history of video games. Depriving yourself of it, if you are passionate about it, is therefore an extremely inadvisable if not crazy choice. Over the years the first 6 chapters have been republished everywhere and in many different sauces, returning remastered and cleaned only on the store of Steam. It looks like things are about to change.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games are ESRB rated for Switch/PS4

— Wario64 (@Wario64) December 12, 2022

After coming out exclusively on Steam and remaining that way for about a year, it seems that the first 6 historic Final Fantasy remasters are about to also land on the various consoles. This was confirmed by the famous news aggregator Wario64 through a post on his personal Twitter profile, noting that these video games have been classified for PS4 and Switch by the ESRB site.

Obviously this specific information on Final Fantasy has not been confirmed in any way by Square Enix, even if such a dynamic, on the web, is not at all anomalous to the corporate modus operandi of the sector. In many cases, in fact, some publications were anticipated precisely by the release of such cards.

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    Even if the projects currently underway seem to be many, a remaster of the first 6 historical chapters would not displease historical fans who have never stopped loving the origins of their favorite series, literally consumed in every nook and cranny and version over the years.

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