FIFA 23, here's a woman's delicious surprise to her partner

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Beyond the problems launching the game on PC, FIFA 23 was definitely one of the biggest releases this week. We are sure that many of you have already got your hands on the new EA Sports and Electronic Arts title, especially considering that it is the last episode before the US publisher and the governance of world football go their separate ways. Among the many who have had the opportunity to buy the latest iteration of the football game, however, there is also a player who in the hours immediately following its launch received a splendid gift from his girlfriend.

Amelia Wilson, this is the name of the protagonist of our story, has decided to prepare a surprise for her partner. Knowing full well that September 30, 2022 would be the launch day of FIFA 23, the woman decided to prepare a box full of snacks, drinks and many other unhealthy things but certainly help in dealing with the long weekend of play. Called "FIFA Care Package", the package contains everything you need to be able to face long game sessions, perhaps in Ultimate Team.

The surprise, as was obvious these days, immediately went viral on TikTok, the social network where this special package was shared. The video, reachable at this address, can count on millions of contacts and many comments. There are those who appreciated this special surprise a lot and who instead, perhaps with an ironic touch, commented negatively on the choice of snacks.

FIFA 23 is available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch consoles from Friday 30 September 2022. You can buy your copy on Amazon, but be careful: the Care Package is obviously not included, but you could ask for it as a gift from your partners or give it to yourself in case of need: on the other hand, every so often, it is also nice to pamper yourself a bit.

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