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Farming Simulator 22 go back on PC and enthusiast consoles given a makeover from the ground up, thanks to the all-new Platinum Edition. It is a massive fleshing out of the game, now available for purchase in bulk by new users or upgradeable at a lower price for “vanilla” owners.

Farming Simulator 22

New cars and new map

As our readers will know, especially if you are a fan of the farming simulator Giants Software, I am modestly a habitué of the title, which has been reviewed by yours truly for some years now. Preliminarily therefore, it is useful to remind everyone of what was said in the first review (and don't miss the review of the latest DLC either), albeit very quickly. Farming Simulator 22 it is, once again, an excellent agricultural simulator – a statement that is no longer so trivial, given the proliferation of more or less valid competitors. Despite the undoubted quality of the product, however, there is a certain laxity on the part of the developers, who have not yet decided to sink the blow with more in-depth gameplay from a management point of view, nor to improve a technical sector good but less and less impactful.

La Platinum Edition intervenes precisely in this sense, trying to expand the Farming Simulator 22 experience through a real injection of content, both in the form of new machines and new maps, and in the form of new game mechanics. It strikes first of all mole of tools and vehicles introduced: 40! Although I cannot base the critical judgment on base money, I must admit that the mere "engineering" content alone is valuable, even from the point of view of those who already own Farming Simulator 22. Among the many added tractors and machinery, we must underline the presence of a highly prestigious brand, i.e Volvo, which debuts in the roster together with the new cars of John Deere, Komatsu, Pfanzelt, Koller, Schwarzmüller, IMPEX (these are all already present in FS 22).

Farming Simulator 22

It goes without saying, but I do it anyway for accuracy: every tractor, every implement and every car is faithfully reproduced, both in terms of performance and visual rendering. In short, fans of the heavy agricultural sector will not have anything to say about it Platinum Edition.

In addition to the engines, Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition sees the introduction of a new map, closely linked to the equally new gameplay of tree marking. This new area, called Silverrun Forest is (with not much originality of toponymy) mainly dedicated to forestry, the real new entry of this macroscopic DLC. For the sake of precision, I emphasize that forestry is already present in the Farming Simulator series, but this time things are starting to get more complex, through a system based not only on cutting, but also on heritage care wooded and on the attention to be paid towards the different plant specimens. The player will then be able to mark the different trees with a spray can – appreciating among other things the good variety of species – and then proceed to the selective cut. The latter is implemented with good likelihood, especially as regards contracts, which are very sensitive to the choice of plant (thus cutting down a young and healthy tree could cost us part of the profit, if not the whole job). To help in these cutting and selection operations arrive, as already anticipated, new machinery, all quite complex to master. Without going into verbose and not very intuitive explanations, it will suffice to tell the readers that most of these new tools are based on the positioning of crane and ropes, in order to manage the cutting of exceptionally large vegetables.

Farming Simulator 22

Usual problems

Despite then the introduction of some against of users - a road that is always open for anyone who wants to seriously expand the agricultural landscape of the video game - Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition persists in wanting to insert mechanics that are never really revolutionary, and in any case never focused on the real lacuna of the product: the managerial aspect. Although interesting, forestry (but also the management of the sewage of the previous DLC) are mere palliatives in the face of a simulation experience that clearly lacks depth as regards the dynamics related to the economy and the correct management of a heavy farm.

Farming Simulator 22

For the rest Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition continues on the road of version basis, without major changes as regards the technical sector, which is perhaps the most painful point of production. I have already repeated it in the first place, I continue to affirm it here too: Farming Simulator is pleasant, but its place in the Olympus of agricultural simulators obviously makes one rest on one's laurels, also in the light of a pleasant but certain visual structure non exceptional. I didn't expect major upheavals from the Platinum Edition (which certainly doesn't have the task of upsetting a game born a little old), therefore the judgment in this sense remains the same.

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