Assassin's Creed special, in what order to recover the saga

In what order should Assassin's Creed be played? With the recent release of Valhalla many have get closer to the saga of the Assassins, intrigued by this long-lived world. Interested in recovering it (from scratch or not) you will probably have come across a doubt: starting from the first Assassin's Creed or following another order?

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Doubt more than legitimate. If you're new to the saga, Assassin's Creed is a Ubisoft pillar that makes history its stage, and the way the story is unfolded can make it difficult. determine in what order to recover it.

The first title landed on PS3 in 2007 introduced us to a visionary world (albeit contemporary to ours) made of ancestors, genetic memory, vestiges of ancient civilizations. Various protagonists have succeeded, all united by a bloodline and a cause to fight for.

  • History
  • Release order / history present
  • Past history order (ancestors)
  • Order with spinoff

A story that tells of freedom, of the struggle for the defenseless.

At the heart of the Assassin's Creed storyline, as mentioned above, there are causes to fight for. Those of the brotherhood of the Assassins and order of the Templars, two organizations fighting each other in the shadow of history. If the school books have always presented us the Templars as "knights of Christ" (and therefore in a certain sense closer to our feeling of "good"), the series wants to overturn this conception. The order is interested in power, political influence, mind control through some mysterious "artifacts of Eden”With unimaginable power.

The Assassins, on the other hand, "act in the shadows to serve the light". They rise to protectors of the people even without anyone noticing, especially since killing civilians by mistake will make you lose the game. Both factions will have to continue to fight over the centuries passing the baton to the new generations. This handover reaches the present day, where the descendants of both factions find themselves facing even greater dangers than their centuries-old struggle.

In our present a company known as Abstergo has developed a machine - the Animus, capable of exhuming people's genetic memories. Thanks to this technology, everyone can relive the life of their ancestors through their memories in their DNA. Hidden in the guise of this company, the Templars want to appropriate the gods artifacts of Eden, tracing them thanks to these "genetic memories".

Desmond Miles it is only one of their subjects of study, and yet it is the most important. Desmond will remain the protagonist for a good part of the saga, to in turn pass the baton to Layla Hassan. The fight against the Templars will also help them uncover the truth about a lost ancient civilization. In their memories we see their efforts to save the world from destruction, which also resulted in the artifacts that the two factions contend.

The plot is then divided into two macro strands - that of today, and that of the ancestors. Playing Assassin's Creed in order of release is useful for understanding the evolutionary chronology of the series, but of course you can also follow the stories told by the ancestors.

Do you have any idea what it feels like to be trapped in one place, even knowing that there is a world outside that you will never see?

Release order and based on the storyline of the present

The Assassin's Creed release timeline also follows the story of the protagonists of the present day. However, the order in which the ancestors are played is more scattered over time for the last three titles. The first protagonist of the present day is Desmond Miles, a simple bartender approached by Abstergo. Through a machine, the organization wants to study its genetic memories.
The Animus first accesses the memories of Altaïr, an ancestor of Desmond who existed at the time of the Crusades. This is only the beginning, because the boy will be contacted soon after by the Assassins of the present. The fraternity wants to find the artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands.

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In his genetic memories the boy will also discover the existence of First Civilization, who inhabited our planet long ago. This prosperous and advanced civilization once had to deal with imminent danger, a cataclysm that threatened the destruction of their world. Although much older, their history is closely intertwined with that of the Assassins from their origins to the present day.

Just time to get a few essential answers on Civilization and Desmond must pass the baton to Layla. She is also a former Abstergo employee contacted by the fraternity. As the story of the present continues, from Origins the memories of ancestors undergo a general rewind. In short, we go back in time, up to the early days of the brotherhood.

Playing Assassin's Creed in order of release will provide a full spectrum of the two's story Modern day assassins. Who I am? What dangers did they face? The answers to these questions are rooted in the past, however, in the history of Desmond's ancestors. A research that will guide us in the presence of the greatest minds in history, projecting us into medieval cities, revolutions, breathtaking views.

I've seen enough for a lifetime.

Chronological order based on the history of the ancestors

Origins trilogy

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It starts in ancient Greece, the land of the greatest philosophers of all time fighting for democracy. In this setting they move Alexios and Kassandra, two brothers separated at birth. In search of a long-lost mother, they will have to face a dangerous sect on their trail. Precisely this will bring them into contact with some even older secrets of their time.

In Egypt instead we know Bayek, a man driven by the desire for revenge. This desire of his brings him into contact with a Cleopatra now deposed from the throne, who puts him on the trail of some masked men. It is a proto-Order of the Templars, born with the name of Order of the Ancients. In hunting them down, Bayek will awaken the power of an artifact he received long ago - the Apple of Eden.

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With the same Occults he will have to deal centuries later Eivor "Wolf bite ", a Viking sage in search of glory and the way to Valhalla. Eivor leaves Norway with his stepbrother Sigurd, leaving for England to make a name for himself and allies. The two brothers and the entire Raven clan will be hit hard by the struggle between the Order of the Ancients and the Occult - the proto-Assassins.
Coming to terms with something so great will not be easy for them, as for those who preceded them and will follow them on this journey of discovery.

Narrative arc of Ezio and Altaïr

The era of the Crusades is the stage for Altaïr, an impulsive and ambitious young Assassin. Precisely because of his character he will be punished by losing ranks in the order, and will have to show the humility of being changed to clean up his name. A humility that will also allow him to treat with due regard the artifacts of Eden, vestiges of an ancient civilization now lost.

Altaïr's is an important legacy, which he will come to Ezio Auditore from Florence - one of the most loved protagonists ever. In the three titles dedicated to him in the Ezio Collection (II, Brotherhood, Revelations), the arrogant boy thirsting for revenge will grow into a wise man, and will know how to step aside when the time comes.

After traveling through Renaissance Italy in the hands of the Templars, Ezio finally arrives in Constantinople. Right here he knows he finds the Library, a place that Altaïr had built centuries earlier and where he would have hidden all the information collected during his journey.

The era of revolutions: American vein

The currents of history lead us later to Edward kenway, a Welsh boy with a dream of becoming a pirate. In Black Flag we sail the Caribbean Sea with him, meeting the great names of piracy. Although placed a little on the sidelines, Edward will still have his contacts with the struggle between the two factions. The legacy of the First Civilization will surprise even the pirate, who will have to accept the existence of more than a few magical items.

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From Edward develops the struggle of the factions in that area. The narration does not follow the vicissitudes of his son Haytham, who however is very attached to the subsequent protagonists. Shay Cormac, the first of these, is the victim of an unfortunate turn of events. Precisely for this reason he walks a different path from the other Assassins.
This path will bring him first in contact with Haytham himself and then also in Europe, more precisely in the France of the Revolution.

In America the clash develops in the shadow of the war of independence. A Native American gives birth to a child following a relationship with Haytham Kenway. Grown up, Ratonhnhaké: ton (the protagonist) comes across a medallion, which through visions directs him to the Master Assassin Achille Davenport. Led by him Ratonhnhaké: ton helps American patriots during the war, while trying to defeat the Templars and rebuild the brotherhood.
The boy owes his name from Assassin to Achilles himself, who to protect him from a deeply racist America gives him the name of his deceased son: Connor.

The era of revolutions: European vein

The next story branches off to the France of the Revolution. Arrested and detained in the Bastille just before the historic capture, the young man Arno dorian here comes in contact with the brotherhood. Of noble descent, the boy lost his father at the hands of the Templars, and with a Templar he has a strong friendship that will lead to an important romantic relationship.

In the following century they finally act the Frye brothers - Jacob and Evie. In an England with a strong brotherhood presence, the Templars threaten the stability of institutions in London. The two brothers, who grew up as Assassins, will then have to ease the oppression in the city, with the help of figures like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.

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During Assassin's Creed Syndicate the so-called anomalies of the Animus also project us to some future moments. In World War I London, Lydia Frye - Jacob's great granddaughter - is helping Winston Churchill. The enemy is a spy organization that threatens the city's safety.

We conclude the section with some generic context. As mentioned, playing the saga in this order will have made you retrace the chronology of Assassin's Creed from the point of view of the ancestors. In the present, however, you will have first met Layla, protagonist of the last three titles. As a result, you will experience Desmond as a sort of prequel to Layla's adventures, with some "jumps" due to the development of the plot.

I am an assassin. And I fight for freedom.

In what order to insert the spinoffs

The saga also counts on some spinoff games. They are playable on different platforms including Android and iOS smartphones, but not all of them connect to the main storyline.

Of the nine titles, four are meant for multiplayer gaming experiences, focused on getting characters and battling with other players. So only the remaining five fit into the saga expanding its vicissitudes. Originally available on devices such as PSP / PS Vita, they are now almost all playable on consoles or PCs.

Altaïr and Ezio, part 2

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The first to expand video game events is Altaïr Chronicles, Assassin's Creed prequel that traces other vicissitudes of the Holy Land. Time before losing rank Altaïr is in search of the Chalice, an important artifact to be stolen from the Templars. It will also have to protect various cities from the assaults of the order.

Always Altaïr is the protagonist of Bloodlines, which however takes place after the events of the first title in the series. The adventure mostly takes place in Cyprus, where Altaïr knows he has a library where the Templars may have hidden important information about the fruits of Eden. Together with Maria, a Templar who saved time earlier, they will also vanquish the upper floors of the order on the island.

Inside the chronology of Assassin's Creed II it is placed instead Discovery, a subplot that brings Ezio Auditore to Spain. His task is to save some Assassins, as well as Christopher Columbus, from the plots of the Spanish Inquisition. After this short chapter Ezio will return to Italy, where the plot of the second title of the series continues.

The following is a title from the Assassin's Creed Chronicles trilogy, a microseries partly based on a graphic novel. The first to enter is Chronicles: China, we play the role of Ezio Auditore's only pupil - Shao Jun. After the death of his mentor Shao returns to his homeland to defeat the Eight Tigers, the Templar group responsible for the elimination of the Assassins in China. Only in this way will he be able to allow the brotherhood to be reborn.

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In China it follows Assassin's Creed Liberation, set in 1765 (therefore during the events of Assassin's Creed III). It tells the story of Aveline de Grandpré, a young Assassin from the American branch of the brotherhood. Led by her mentor, she is tasked with reducing the Templar presence in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Not only that, Aveline's efforts see her fighting for the freedom of slaves and engaging in the search for another First Civilization artifact. In the fight against the Templars she will also be helped by Connor.

We then return to the Chronicles trilogy, of which parts 2 and 3 continue the adventures of the protagonists of the graphic novels. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India jumps forward in time to 1841, after the events of the novel Assassin's Creed: Brahman. The Assassin Arbaaz Mir - protagonist of the comic - is here intent on discovering the nature of a mysterious instrument in the hands of a Templar Master.

The separate trilogy ends with Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia. In Russia in 1918 the protagonist Nikolai Orelov (from the novel Subject Four) receives the last assignment from the brotherhood of the Assassins before he can leave the country. He will have to steal an important artifact from the Bolsheviks, also disputed by the two factions. He is thus involved in the massacre of the Tsar's family. From this event he manages to save the Grand Duchess Anastasia - who turns out to hold Shao Jun's genetic memories.

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