Are Overwatch 2 prices too high?

There's a little paradox surrounding Overwatch 2. No, no unreal bugs like those reported in the last few days, but more a discourse at the monetary level. The game from Blizzard Entertainment has in fact ended up in the news for a small price problem perceived by all players, when compared to some elements sold by the official store of the development team.

What exactly happened? Quite simply, digital Overwatch 2 keychains cost more than their physical counterparts. PCGamesN took care of reporting the news, which directly cites the official Blizzard store, which has begun to sell these objects clearly inspired by the game. In the software house shop you can buy a Jinx key ring for the price of just 5 dollars, while the same, identical charm costs more within the game, or a good 9,99 dollars. This is a 100% increase in the price, which obviously left users amazed: in fact, a digital element can hardly cost more than its real counterpart.

We know: Overwatch 2 has opted for a free-to-play distribution model, but perhaps a closer look at the game's economy would have done well. For now, however, Blizzard Entertainment will hardly decide to review the prices. Surely, however, all this has left several players stunned. Although the game has been freed from the prize boxes, microtransactions still seem to negatively affect the game, with the opinions of the players certainly not positive.
Overwatch 2 debuted on October 4, 2022, per PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch e PC. Over the next few months the game will be adding maps, operators and will be updated continuously, just like most modern multiplayer titles. Keep following Tom's Hardware for all the news and upcoming announcements from the world of video games.

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