Will Kojima Productions be bought? Kojima reveals unexpected background

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Never before has there been so much talk about acquisitions by the big giants of the sector as in this videogame era. Microsoft and Sony sunk a series of big coups in rapid succession that powerfully shook the market, and many of these acquisitions are still being discussed today years after the official announcements. In all of this, Hideo Kojima recently spoke about the possibility that his studio, Kojima Productions, could be purchased, revealing a series of very interesting and unexpected backstory.

The well-known game designer recently spoke about it in his Brain Structure podcast, where with each episode he tells a series of anecdotes relating to the development of some of his most iconic games, but not only. Within the episode released a few days ago, however, Kojima revealed that he had received many offers to buy for their own development studio Kojima Productions, many of which are also accompanied by important monetary offers.

The Japanese game designer has not named any specific company, but it is confirmed that the proposals are so numerous, and there are several companies eager to bring Kojima Productions and his team into their own internal studios. In all of this, however, Hideo Kojima says he wants to make the games he likes the way he wants, which he probably wouldn't be able to do if another company got their hands on his team.

“Let me reiterate that we are an indie studio. We are not affiliated with and are not endorsed by anyone. Every day I get offers from all over the world to buy our studio, and some of these offers are ridiculously high priced, but it's not like I want the money. I want to do what I want as I say. That's why I created this studio, so as long as I'm alive, I don't think I'll ever take those offers,” that's all he has declared by Kojima in the latest episode of his podcast.

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