Guide Guide to moving Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Home

Guide Guide to moving Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Home

Pokémon Home, the replacement for Pokémon Bank available on Switch and mobile devices, has recently seen integration with Pokémon GO activated. Thanks to this you can now send some of your pocket monsters from the Niantic mobile game to the Switch ones, or use them for a prodigious exchange with other players.

However, there is still a lot of confusion about the function, which is still being tried to give practical use. With this integration, Pokémon GO players will also benefit, obtaining a special package for each transfer (more details soon). From wide-ranging exchanges to Secret Gifts, who knows what it may hold in the future.

The feature is being phased out. Not everyone may be able to see it yet.

How it works

Pokémon Home acts as a central hub, designed primarily to connect Switch titles to each other and to Pokémon GO. On Switch the application is simple, just leave the Pokémon you want to transfer to another game in the PC box of that game (currently, therefore, Let's GO and Sword / Shield). Once this is done, simply open Home and move all those you are interested in transferring to the dedicated box, change cartridges and move them back to that game box (always from Home).

The mobile version of Home has a few more features. Here you have a single box, you can scroll through it as you would with the one in Pokémon GO. You can also to exchange already from here your Pokémon, but to do it with friends you will have to be in the same place.

However, you can use the boxes in the Trade section (GTS button, Global Trade System) to request Pokémon you need, and send one yourself in exchange. In the Trade tab you can also view the most traded monsters of the moment.

An alternative is it prodigious exchange, a feature already seen previously that allows you to deposit up to 10 Pokémon in a special box and receive others in return from those who are using the same function. However, you won't know which one will come back to you, so watch out for what you exchange.

Finally, from the central button you will have access to a variety of functions, including a Pokédex inside Home. Another important function is the Secret Gift, where you will receive gifts on special occasions (the one we will see shortly, for example). Don't forget to also check the News section from time to time - there may be offers going on.

Transfer from GO to Home

From Pokémon GO, access the Settings menu (central button with Pokéball, top right). Scroll to the bottom to find a new entry, Pokémon Home precisely. The first time you will be asked to connect the Nintendo Account that you have also connected to Pokémon Home. After completing this step, press the on-screen button to start the transfer.

You will be shown the box, and first the Pokémon that you can actually transfer. Keep in mind that there is a limit called Energy that you cannot exceed: a different amount of Energy is required for each Pokémon.

What do I get from it? The question is more than legitimate. First of all, you will receive a particular Melmetal as a Secret Gift on Home. If you have a Switch and a copy of Sword / Shield send it there, because it is an exclusive Melmetal capable of Gigamaxare fighting!

Once the GO side transfer is complete, however, you will receive a special mystery package there. Opening it will have the effect of an Aroma, and will attract a modest amount of to your location for half an hour Meltan, a Mythological Pokémon obtainable only through this pack.

It is the basic form of the Melmetal that you obtained in Home, and currently the only way to evolve it is on Pokémon GO, using 400 Meltan candies. Consider that you can use the package several times, waiting 3 days from the last use and transferring other Pokémon to Home.


  • The total energy available is approximately 10000, and 60 units are recharged every hour (1 per minute). In the table below, the cost per category of Pokémon. Cost units are also added based on CP (in addition to that for Pokémon type).
  • You do not need to sign up for Nintendo Online Services to use the service.
  • It is not even necessary to subscribe to Home services (although the cost is low). If you decide not to use them, however, keep in mind that you will have a maximum of 30 Pokémon to be transferred to Home.
  • It is recommended to use the service if you are looking for particular Pokémon and you do not have anyone who can exchange them for you. However, it is not absolutely necessary to use them.

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