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Among the many collectibles of The Last of Us Part 2 are a number of artifacts, here's where you can find them all!

Naughty Dog's latest effort is finally on the shelves. There has been too much debate and controversy about The Last of Us Part 2 during the years of development, now though it's time to play. Within Ellie's adventure there is a large number of collectibles. On our site you will find all the guides to find them all, from coins and cards, to training manuals to workbenches. In this guide instead we will focus on all the artifacts present in The Last of Us Part 2, are you ready?

Like a hound

The number of artifacts is really huge in The Last of Us Part 2. It's about documents that provide insight into the raw world created by Neil Druckmann and his companions. Through testimonials, reports or simple letters, you will discover details about the life lived by men after the pandemic unleashed by Cordyceps. We invite you to read them carefully, they will increase the immersion exponentially and above all they will hit you straight in the heart, trust me.

Our advice is to play for the first time without knowing anything, but exploring as much as possible. The game lends itself well to being played several times, at that point you can complete the latest collectibles with our guides. There is even an option that will allow you to take into account all the collectibles already found in the previous runs, so don't worry about having to repeat it all over again. There will be small spoilers in the guide, mainly on the settings and some hints on what happens, but nothing that can ruin the gaming experience.

Jackson - The Last of Us 2: where to find all artifacts

We start with the first area of ​​the game, already from this point there will be a lot to collect:

  • Chapter "Awakening" - Voluntary Receipt: in a pile of lumber on the side of the map. Precisely to the right of the timber near a ladder;
  • Chapter "Panoramic Point" - Artifact: turn left after killing the infected, on a table in the room you will find the artifact;
  • Chapter "Patrol" - Letter to Santa Claus: while you are riding you can see a destroyed house on the left. The letter is on the second floor inside a drawer of this house;
  • Chapter "Patrol" - Apologies at the supermarket: overcome the aggression of the infected after you have passed under the heavy vehicle. Go straight and you will find the letter in the truck;
  • "Patrol" chapter - Employee of the month combination: after putting on the masks go through the slit. Inside the room on the right you can find the document in the corner of the room;
  • Chapter "Patrol" - Eugene's Pendant of Lights: will be picked up by Ellie by plot, impossible to miss;
  • Chapter "Patrol" - Ultimatum in Eugene: in the room where you collected the Eugene pendant you will find this artifact. Specifically, it is found in a bedside table next to the bed;
  • Patrol Chapter - Photos by Eugene and Tommy: the photo is on the opposite side of the bed above a table in the same room as the two previous artifacts;
  • Chapter "Preparing for Departure" - Joel's Clock: inside Joel's house inside the red box on the bed. Impossible to miss;

The gate - The Last of Us 2: where to find all artifacts

Let's move on to Seattle, first day, the beginning of Ellie's journey:

  • Chapter "The Gate" - Presidio gate codes: after the gate in a small structure. Enter by breaking the glass and look in the drawers;
  • Chapter "The Gate" - Map of Seattle: fundamental for the exploration of the area. You find it during the ride in a building on the left;
  • Chapter "The Gate" - Refuge Notes: immediately after the gate. Go around the building to the left and up the stairs, in the center of the table are the notes;
  • Chapter "The Gate" - Infographic of the infection: on the same road you pass an open gate. On the table you will find the document;
  • Chapter "The Gate" - Isaac's Orders: after the destroyed wall on the scaffolding. Climb a ladder and you will find the letter;
  • Chapter "The Gate" - Notes on the roof: throw the generator cable at the right angle. In this way you can climb on the roof of the structure and find the notes;

The Center (part 1) - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

We move to the center of Seattle, the huge fully explorable map:

  • Chapter "Center" - FEDRA census sheet: in the small gazebo just arrived inside a drawer;
  • Chapter "Center" - Plans for a bank robbery: enter the bank, it is the first building on the left. Inside the vault on the ground there will be the document you are looking for;
  • Chapter "Center" - Letters from a bank robbery: always in the vault on the ground you will find the letter;
  • Chapter "Center" - Ancient Ring: There is a safety deposit box in the place where you found the shotgun. The ring is right inside the latter;
  • Chapter "Center" - Message from the inventory seeker: in the building north of the bank. At the center of the ruins will be the message;
  • Chapter "Center" - Letter from Isaac: on the ground in front of a destroyed tank. On the left of the previous building;
  • Chapter "Center" - Message on the common escort of the WLF: fourth building vertically and third horizontally on the Seattle map, above the stairs inside;
  • "Center" chapter - Road design: go around the same structure, over the scaffolding inside the drawer;
  • Chapter "Center" - Message on stocks in WLF shelters: third horizontal and sixth vertical building. Break the window and you will find the document right in front of you;
  • Chapter "Center" - Pet shop key: in the next room, precisely to the bathrooms on the right. In front of the door, on a shelf, you will find the key;

Seattle, The Center (part 2) - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

Let's continue with the second part of downtown Seattle:

  • Chapter "Center" - Enrolled in the WLF: fourth building vertically and third horizontally. Take a door on the side and then the first door on the left, it will be above a canteen;
  • Chapter "Center" - Message from the mole: fourth square horizontal and fourth vertical. Inside the van in the middle of the pond;
  • Chapter "Center" - Emergency protocol note: second building horizontally and third vertically. After the crack, go up the ladder on the right, you will find the note in the gazebo;
  • Chapter "Center" - Letter from Rabbi Saunders: in the same building, after you have jumped the rope, into a desk;
  • Chapter "Center" - Letter to a friend: third horizontal and fifth vertical building, along the corridor with many corpses. Find the letter in a body where there is the wall with the inscription FEDRA;
  • Chapter "Center" - Final Memorandum of LT. Torres: to the left in the same building. Break the window and, inside the hall, you will find the note when you take the knife from the corpse;
  • Chapter "Center" - List of WLF shakers: in the same room, inside the cabinet just to the left;
  • Chapter "Center" - WLF Recruitment Diary: in the building where the infected enter. Specifically on the second floor in the room on the right after the stairs. You will find the diary in a piece of furniture;

Eastbrook Elementary School and Capitol Hill - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

Let's move on to the artifacts found in the Eastbrook school and Capitol Hill from The Last of us Part 2:

  • Eastbrook Elementary School Chapter - Leah's Note: impossible to miss;
  • Eastbrook Elementary School Chapter - Photo by Leah: impossible to miss;
  • Eastbrook Elementary School Chapter - Isaac's Orders: in the structure similar to a closet, in a desk. Look for the bedroom and rummage in the bedside table;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Chevy's Apologies: near the pool area, in that direction there will be an access to a building. Go up the stairs and enter the room from which the runner came out, the artifact is above the bed;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Raul's Peace Offering: after the motel you can see a balcony. Enter the balcony with the dumpster and look in the drawer near the fridge;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Rebecca's Blow: in front of the gas station in the library. Enter the back room and search the desk;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Scribbles on the tower: where the first traps appear. Continue and take the stairs on the right, at the top of the tower you will find the note;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Account of Raul: continue in the area of ​​the traps. Inside an open back truck;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Fran's Refusal: after the first corpses left by Tommy, in the broken windows on the left. On the notice board of the gym you will find the leaflet;
  • Chapter "Capitol Hill" - Reminder of the flea market: in the building opposite the gym. In the back room there will be another bulletin board with the artifact;

Channel 13 and The Tunnels - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

Let's continue with the chapters of channel 13 and the tunnel:

  • Chapter "Channel 13" - Father's encouragement: at the TV station after finding a man killed by arrows. Second room on the right with the broken windows, above the sofa;
  • Chapter "The Tunnels" - Message in the metro: after closing the door of the subway car, near the rear window;
  • Chapter "The Tunnels" - Carved Statue: after having opened the shutter with Dina, in a door on the right of the corridor. Go left and then left again, there is a bedside table with the statue;
  • Chapter "The Tunnels" - Message on the can: in the same room, inside the snack machine. Break the glass and take the can;
  • Chapter "The Tunnels" - Note door blocked: on the right of the machine above the table;
  • Chapter "The Tunnels" - Message from the metro station: in the last wagon just before getting off, on the right;

Theater and Birthday Present - The Last of Us 2: where to find all artifacts

We move on to the chapters of the theater and the birthday present:

  • Chapter "Theater" - Cassandra's program: at the counter, above the cash desks on the left;
  • Chapter "Theater" - Diary of a FEDRA soldier # 1: upstairs on the terrace on the left. The diary is on a small table;
  • Chapter "Theater" - Diary of a FEDRA soldier # 2: still upstairs, open the white door and follow the corridor. On the left is another door that will take you to an office. Look above the radio;
  • Chapter "Theater" - Flyer of the Sick Habit concert: just before the curtains on the stage;
  • Chapter "Birthday Present" - Suicide Message: on a corpse on the ground, you will find it following the path imposed by the game;

Hillcrest - The Last of Us 2: where to find all artifacts

Second day in Seattle, we are in Hillcrest:

  • Hillcrest Chapter - Message: Enlist in WLF: enter the laundry, it is the third shop on the left at the beginning of the chapter. The document is on the desk in the back room;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Drawing of Rosedale's daughter: in the building in front of the laundry. Go through the hole behind the counter and check the desk;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Message from Yolanda: after the shops go immediately left. On the counter you can find the message;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Note of a plan: starting from the previous shop, exit and go right. Use the dumpster to enter the shop at street level. Enter and look on the counter;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Message of condolences: pass the area with the sloping bin. Go to the room to the right of the one with the workbench and check the desk;
  • "Hillcrest" Chapter - Hillcrest Tattoo Shop Message: in the back room of the velvet tattoo, on the desk;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Message about the delivery of Boris: in the back room of the liquor store. Get rid of the infected and you will easily find the document;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Combination of Dale: from the liquor store enter a hole and you will find a pub. The note hangs on the kitchen wall;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Confession of Boris: when you are in a garden of a house, enter the building. The letter is on the living room table;
  • Chapter "Hillcrest" - Rosemont Flyer: in the same house, on a piece of furniture near the kitchen;

In Search of Ropes and Finding Nora - The Last of Us 2: where to find all artifacts

Here are the artifacts from the chapters In Search of Strings and Finding Nora from The Last of Us Part 2:

  • Chapter "In Search of Strings" - Invitation from Tara: after you put on the mask, follow Joel. Search for room 107. Enter and take the document on the desk;
  • Chapter "Finding Nora" - List of WLF Targets: exit the shop where you have to enter to move forward in the plot. Enter the red room and look on the ground near one of the windows;
  • Chapter "In search of Nora" - Last letter to her husband: in the building with the symbol of the Hyenas on the wall. Go upstairs and search inside the room with the door closed;
  • Chapter "In search of Nora" - Evacuation letter: after the path and an indoor area, got on a wrecked truck. This will give you access to a building. The letter is in a room on the right;
  • Chapter "In search of Nora" - List of WLF deserters: where is the manual for explosives, near the television;
  • Chapter "In search of Nora" - Plea of ​​the dying husband: after exiting the forest, go up the stairs of the building. Continue on the emergency stairs and enter the room with the corpse, which will have a note on it;
  • Chapter "Finding Nora" - Pharmacy note: dive into the water once on the roof. Get out of the water and go left. Go up the stairs and you will find a pharmacy, look over the counter;
  • Chapter "Finding Nora" - List of hospital supplies: Go past the section of the latest gameplay trailer, open the door upstairs and search the desk;
  • Chapter "Finding Nora" - Bonus Document: in the flashback of the Lights, search the boxes before entering the room;

Towards the aquarium, the submerged city and the park - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

We move on to the third day:

  • Chapter "Towards Aquarius" - Message in the garage: climb over the wall of the garage, go up the step and then the slope, there you will find the message;
  • Chapter "Towards Aquarius" - Note from the book store: drop into the chasm after you climb a building with Jesse. Look on a table near the bookcase;
  • Chapter "Towards Aquarius" - Textile note: on the scaffolding where the sniper is, enter the room on the right. Go up the stairs and you will find the document hanging on the wall between the windows;
  • Chapter "The submerged city" - "Escort" ticket: go up the stairs after getting off the boat. Check the corpse leaning against the wall;
  • Chapter "The Underwater City" - Note on the Shambler: after getting off the quick entrances into the shop. Be careful looking for a corpse near a lantern;
  • Chapter "The Underwater City" - Message from the sniper: after meeting the Seraphites, get on a red and white bus. jump to the other dome and search the corpse;
  • Chapter "The submerged city" - Note of the camp: while you are in the midst of the Seraphites, look for a wall painted in gray;
  • Chapter "The submerged city" - Arcade aviator: in the games room look for the first table starting from the left;
  • Chapter "The submerged city" - Flyer of the arcade: after facing the enemies in the arcade section, open the shutter that says "Prize Zone". Upstairs, go past the brick arch and you will find the flyer;
  • Chapter "The Park" - Drawing by Abby of Owen: open the inventory and analyze it so as not to miss it;
  • Chapter "The park" - Letter of thanks from Mel: open the inventory and analyze it so as not to miss it;
  • Chapter "The park" - Zoo Vacation Brochure: Under the fallen tree, look for the bench under the gazebo;

On Foot, The Outpost, Hostile Territory, The Woods and The Coast - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

Let's go back to day one, this time under Abby's control:

  • Chapter "On Foot" - Note of the rifle in the WLF hideout: break a glass of the train and you will find the note near the door;
  • Chapter "The Outpost" - Letter from the WLF interrogator: on a table before the door, shortly after the smoking guard;
  • Hostile Territory Chapter - Scar Suicide Note: after the Dumpling shop go straight and turn left. After a window, check the corpse on the ground;
  • Chapter "Hostile Territory" - Supplication to the Oracle of the Seraphites: From the third shop in the alley, go up the stairs and jump to the other building. Find the document on the roof;
  • "Hostile Territory" chapter - Jasmine Bakery Safe: above some cardboard in the room to the left of where you jumped for the previous document;
  • Chapter "Hostile Territory" - Relic of the Sages: in the room adjacent to the previous document. Finding it will unlock a dedicated trophy for you;
  • Chapter "Hostile Territory" - Seraphite Prayers to the Oracle (Peace, Steed, Respect, Union, Victory, Prosperity): in the truck with the purple door on the right you will find the first one. The others hang on nails;
  • Hostile Territory Chapter - A WLF soldier encounters the letter for prophet: on the table climbing over the wall to the left of where you were for the previous document;
  • Chapter "Hostile Territory" - Letter from a Seraphite father to his son: crawl past the cabinet and enter the door with the red sign. The document is on the table;
  • Chapter "The Wood" - Broken truce: after the red door, on the table;
  • Chapter "La Costa" - Infirmary ticket: first room on the right after entering the boat;
  • Chapter "La Costa" - Message of mutiny: after taking the crossbow, under the inscription WTA;
  • Chapter "La Costa" - Register of ferries: after the forced door, analyze the corpse;

The Shortcut and The Descent - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

Let's move on to the second day in Seattle:

  • Chapter "The Shortcut" - List of medicines for amputation: as soon as the chapter has started, open the inventory and you will find it;
  • Chapter "The Shortcut" - Survivors' Request: in the building after jumping the platforms into the water. Go upstairs and look on the ground in front of the closed door;
  • Chapter "The Shortcut" - Exchange between neighbors: after jumping onto a terrace, enter the building and check the desk;
  • Chapter "The Shortcut" - Laundry list: in the laundry room, analyze the body to find the document;
  • Chapter "The Shortcut" - Truce of the Seraphites: at the point where you cannot pass the passage with the beams, go to the room on the left and look on the desk;
  • Chapter "The Shortcut" - Orders of the Seraphites: immediately after the elevator take the note on the wall;
  • Chapter "The Descent" - Code of the gymnasium: in the canteen, in the back after the counter. Search the bulletin board;
  • Chapter "The Descent" - Orders of the FEDRA: impossible to miss;
  • Chapter "The Descent" - Final note of the FEDRA: in the room with the big hole after having lowered themselves with the rope. Go through the hole and check the body that you will find immediately after;

Epicenter - The Last of Us 2: where to find all artifacts

Here are the artifacts from the Epicenter chapter of The Last of Us Part 2:

  • Chapter "Epicenter" - Letter of Annex: after you have separated from Nora, take the door on the left. Then go to the right and continue to a room blocked by luggage. At that point you crawl in and analyze the body;
  • Chapter "Epicenter" - Letter from a soldier: check the floor where you will be surrounded by corpses, right between them is the letter;
  • Chapter "Epicenter" - Note of the chapel: In the room with the bodies, look for the room with no exit. Search the altar to find the document;
  • Chapter "Epicenter" - Patient note: arrive in the area reserved for ambulances and enter a nearby room by breaking a glass. Look for a body on the bed next to it;
  • Chapter "Epicenter" - Doctor's note: in the area where the infected are blocked because there is no power, look on the desk of the only accessible room;

The Port and The Island - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

We come to the third day of play as Abby:

  • Chapter "The Port" - Note from the navy: help your partner to climb over, then go to the ticket office. The note is at the corner of the counter;
  • Chapter "The Island" - Note from the WLF diary: impossible to miss;
  • Chapter "The Island" - Venison distribution: on the counter of the first house in the chapter;
  • Chapter "The Island" - Prayer: hanging on the wall of the small sanctuary. Just before leaving the first part of the village;
  • Chapter "The Island" - Diary of a young Seraphim: in the house in front of the sanctuary, on one of the beds;

2425 Costance, Inland and The Resort - The Last of Us 2: where to find all the artifacts

We are in the final stages, we are in Santa Barbara:

  • Chapter "2425 Constance" - Without Name: third house on the left (the one with the infected). Look for the artifact in the bathroom;
  • Inland Chapter - Letter from Abby: inside the boat near the sink;
  • Chapter "Inland" - Note of the task: in the house on the right where the fight will take place. On the garage counter;
  • Chapter "Inland" - Escape: enter the villa go down to the ground floor and check the kitchen table;
  • Chapter "The Resort" - Letter from a slave from Santa Barbara: after the slave cutscene go left and follow the blood. Check the corpse;
  • Chapter "The Resort" - Letter from the House of Rats: on the second floor of the house after the training camp. The artifact is on the bedside table;

Real hounds!

Here ends our guide to the artifacts of The Last of Us Part 2. As you have seen the number of artifacts is really huge and will give you a lot of insight into the world created by Naughty Dog. Also, finding all of the artifacts is key to the coveted Platinum Trophy. Let us know if this guide was useful and continue to follow us on the pages of Holygamerz, you will find news and insights from the world of video games and beyond!

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