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The solution is based on the US version for PC of the game, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version and / or other platforms.


Episode 1 begins with the main protagonist, Lee, in a police car. As you continue the conversation, you will have to make some choices and you will have a time limit to make them. The choices you make will affect the game, you can be honest or a scammer; your companions will take note of everything you say or do and therefore their attitudes will depend on your choices. In any case, keep talking to the policeman, examining the rearview mirror and the radio; eventually you will find yourself in an accident.


When you regain consciousness, examine the rifle, cop and your handcuffs, then kick the window four times and press W (forward) to get out of the car, then press W again to get to the other side. Examine the shotgun (you can grab it if you want) and grab the bullets nearby. Approach the policeman, examine him and take the keys from his pocket, then open the handcuffs. Lee will be clumsy and will drop the keys, take them back and keep opening the handcuffs, when you are free, the cop will attack you.


The first thing you have to do is press S (back) until you reach the car, take the rifle on your left and Lee will reload it, but due to his panic he will drop it, so take the bullets to the right and this time Lee will succeed. reload, then point the shotgun at the cop's head and shoot. Once he is dead, you will see a mysterious figure appear in front of you, call him, but he will run away. When the camera changes view, look to the right to play a cutscene, after which you will find yourself in someone's backyard.


Examine the tea set and the tree house (after examining it try to talk to it) behind you, then go up the steps and enter the house. Ignore the beep and look around. Approach the kitchen, look in the cabinets and drawers and you will find a walkie talkie. From the kitchen go to the living room and look around (except the answering machine), then go to the answering machine and listen to all three messages, a movie will start at the end of which you will be attacked by the babysitter.


Quickly press the Q button and hold it until it turns into E, then press E and Lee will push her behind and try to escape, but she will trip and fall into a pool of blood. Once you regain control, the screen will be blurry, move the cursor until you see the Kick icon, press it and Lee will kick the zombie away. Keep kicking and punching (by pressing Q, E and the Kick icon) the zombie until the girl, Clementine, reaches you with a hammer, then grab it and aim it at the zombie's head, hit it until a cutscene starts. During the cutscene you will have to make two choices: "get help before it's dark" or "get out of here when the sun goes down". If you choose to go out during the day, follow Clementine to the gate and open it to trigger a cutscene where you help some guys push the car blocking their way, then you'll find yourself out of town at Hershel's farm. If you choose to wait until dark, leave the house during the night, join Clementine at the gate, open it and continue until another cutscene activates, after which you will find yourself at Hershel's farm. The only difference I have noticed between these two choices is that if you choose the former, then Chet will live; while if you choose the latter, then you will meet Officer Andre, and Chet will be transformed into a zombie.


No matter what choice you have made, you will still arrive at Hershel's farm at night. When you regain control of Lee, talk to everyone (Katjaa, Clementine, Kenny, Duck, Shawn and finally Hershel), then a cutscene will activate in which you have to choose between saving Shawn or Duck.


You will have to choose between these two; if you choose to save Duck, you'll have to free him from a zombie's clutches by hitting the zombie with your fists and pushing him with the help of his father, Kenny. If you choose to save Shawn, however, you will have to push the tractor that is crushing his legs and then pull him out from under there, or punch the zombies to free him from their clutches. No matter what you choose, Shawn will die and Duck will live, the only difference is that if you try to save Shawn, Hershel will not yell at you and curse you; he will scream and curse Kenny for not helping and saving Shawn. Whatever you choose, you will be thrown out of Hershel's farm.


During the lengthy cutscene you will have to make a few choices, some of which will affect Kenny's loyalty to you. During the fiery cutscene, Clementine will be attacked and you'll need to rescue her.


Place the cursor on Clementine and press it when the Grab icon appears, Lee will try to push Clementine away from the zombie; when she is free, the zombie will capture Lee. Keep pressing Q until Carley saves you by shooting the zombie in the head. When you regain control of Lee, talk to everyone (Carley, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, Duck, Lily and Larry). You can find four energy bars in this area, the first is on the shelf behind Carley; the second on the floor near the ATM; the third is on the shelf next to Lily; the fourth is on the shelf between Larry and Kenny. You can give them to your mates if you want. You can also examine the radio in front of Carley by pressing the on / off button, turn it up to full volume, then turn the radio over and check the battery door to find that there are no batteries, so you will need two batteries to make it work; the first is on the shelf to the right of where Kenny, Katjaa and Duck are sitting; the second can be found on the floor to the right of where Clementine is sitting. Once you have the batteries, give them to Carley, but he will not be able to get them to work, so examine them and you will find that he put them in the wrong way, so put them in the right way, pick up the antenna and turn them on, now the radio should work. Open the office door (the one next to Larry) to trigger a cutscene. Examine everything, including the shovel and the frame on the floor, take it to activate another cutscene at the end of which you will get a photo. Move the desk from the door leading to the pharmacy, Clementine will help you by getting hurt; there is a first aid kit on one of the tables nearby, examine it for a blindfold. Apply the bandage to Clementine, then search one of the drawers next to her for a remote control, then examine the door leading to the pharmacy to find that it is locked and that you must find the key to open it. Since nothing can be done for the moment, go back outside. Talk to Carley to trigger a cutscene where Glenn will contact you via walkie talkie. Glenn is in trouble, so you have to help him, talk to Carley again and choose "Are you ready to go out?" Well yes".


After the cutscene, your next goal will be to rescue the girl inside the inn and to do so you will have to kill all the zombies in the area without being seen. Start by grabbing the cushion on your left, then turn right and hide towards the pickup. Turn left and use the pillow on the zombie next to you. Open the nearby car door and grab the spark plug, then unlock the gear lever and push the car towards the zombie. Go back to the pickup, turn right and use the candle to break the glass, then grab the awl and go back to the brick wall you came from. Turn left and hide towards the RV, turn left and use the Weevil icon on the zombie next to you. Lee will whistle at the zombie, who will approach him, so attack him twice with the awl to kill him. Another zombie will attack Glenn from behind, so punch him once with the awl to kill him. Lee will approach the zombie who is trapped in the car you pushed earlier and kill him with the awl, then take the ax on the wall. Go right and go up the stairs, kill the two zombies with the ax and examine the door, then use the ax to break through and activate another cutscene, during which you will have to make two choices. It doesn't matter what you choose, as the girl will die either way.


Talk to Glenn and Carley if you like, then talk to Doug. Since you have the ax, the photo and the remote control, you can go outside. Talk to Doug if you want, then examine the trapped passerby near the barred window and use the photo you found. Check the TV shop ahead and use the remote, then use the ax to break the lock and open the gate. Grab the brick and throw it in the TV shop to distract the zombies, then run to the trapped passerby (Lee's brother), kill him with the ax, then keep hitting him until you get the key. After the cutscene, you'll go back to the office and seeing that you have the key, go to the pharmacy, use it and enter to activate another cutscene. After that, your task will be to defend the door while the other survivors try to escape. Approach the door, so Lee will replace Glenn as the guardian, all you have to do is keep pressing the Push icon until it appears, then press Q and then E until Clementine finds something to block the door. When Clementine returns, grab her staff and use it to lock the door behind you. Now you will need Carley and Doug.


You have to choose between these two, you cannot save both. If you want to save Carley, grab the purse and Lee will take some bullets and throw it at her. If you want to save Doug you have to run towards him and get him out of the clutches of the zombies. After saving Carley or Doug, Clementine will be taken by the zombies, so you'll have to save her again.


Point the cursor at the zombie then press it, Lee will approach him and hit him on the head; just keep doing it until he lets go of Clementine. Now approach Larry to trigger another cutscene. You can't do anything, so wait for someone to save you, and when that help comes, take Kenny's hand to get away from that place.


This will be your safe haven for now. After the cutscene, talk to your teammates until the credits roll. Congratulations, you just finished Episode 1! Next appointment .... Episode 2: Starved for Help!

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