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The solution is based on the US version for PC of the game, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version and / or other platforms.


The episode begins with the continuation of the conversation on the walkie-talkie between Lee and the unknown man. The zombies have gathered in the area, so you need to find another way out. Now you have control of Lee, go to the second closet and open it. Take the jack. There is no need to open the other cabinets as they contain nothing. Go left and up the stairs to reach the elevator, use the jack to open the elevator doors and ... oh no! Lee begins to feel weak. Take one last look at the bite on the arm before everything turns black. You will wake up as someone is about to cut off your arm. Discuss whether or not to cut it and make a decision. It doesn't matter if you choose to cut it or not, because it won't change your destiny in the end. There will only be a longer or shorter dialogue and some additional scenes. Here we will choose to cut it! A small message appears at the top left of the screen. You can choose to say something to the person about to cut the arm, but in mid-sentence they will immediately start cutting it. You will faint from pain and when you wake up you will see the stump of the bandaged arm, you will lose blood quickly. If instead we decide not to cut it, we will continue with our group through the elevator.


You are the last person to climb the ladder. Climbing the ladder is easier if you've decided to keep the arm, but as this isn't a timed mission, it doesn't matter. A zombie will fall from above. You may slip a little, recover quickly and keep climbing.


Thousands of zombies are lurking on the ground. Time to find another way back to the mansion. Talk to any people in your group. Walk to the bell tower and examine it. It seems that you will have to go and ring the bell to attract the zombies and create an opening in them. If you keep walking to the right, you will find a staircase. Take it and go back to the bell tower. Climb up the ladder and ... oh no, it will start sliding down! You will have to quickly climb the bell tower, otherwise you will die. Ring the bell. Now you will have to find a way to go back. Once Lee starts his run for the jump, move the cursor to the ledge and press X to grab and pull up. It is time to leave the roof and continue towards the villa.


Fortunately, you don't have to walk all the way from the roof to the building, as the game will take you right there. Go back to where the boat was stolen. If you left Kenny to check the boat, you will find him bruised telling you they were attacked by Vernon. If Kenny had come with you instead, Omid will find a note from Vernon admitting to stealing the boat. It will be understood that Vernon did not kidnap Clementine. If you saved Ben in the previous episode, Kenny will start attacking him once again, saying they should have abandoned him when they had the chance. Ben then begins to let off steam, saying that he hasn't had a chance to say goodbye to his family like Kenny did. This speech makes Kenny regret it. The zombies will interrupt this moment, you will run into the house with the whole group. Barricading the house will be considered the only way to survive. Now you will give orders to all the members of the group, you will have the possibility to have them recover weapons, barricade the upper floor, move the furniture against the entrances, kill everything that comes near. Whichever choice you make won't matter, Omid eventually sees an open and vulnerable door. Shoot everyone to help Omid. You will start running towards the front door and a zombie will take you through the dog door. Keep kicking by pressing X until you get rid of the zombie. Now you have to cut the arms of the zombies, go to the kitchen, open the drawer at the top right under the counter and recover the knife. Cut off all arms. Everything now seems safe until more zombies start breaking through the barred windows and doors. Remember Brie? Yes, she will also be among the zombies that advance between the windows. Crush his head and join the others upstairs. Help Kenny by pushing the desk by pressing the dedicated button. Everyone runs to the end of the corridor to take a stand against the zombies. Ammo will be limited. You will be able to choose whether to save ammo or use them all. If you save the ammo, you can use it later. Eventually, everyone else will run out of ammo. Pull the attic rope to escape. Your gun will drop, if Ben is still alive, he'll return it to you.


Once again, you and your group will be trapped and need to find an alternative way out. Christa notices that you are very hot. You are almost fainting when Clementine's voice comes from the walkie-talkie, informing us that she is fine and that she is in the hotel where her parents usually stay. Kenny indicates that a consultation should be made regarding Lee's health condition, saying that you could be in a situation like what happened with Larry. Now you can decide whether to remain silent or lose your temper with him. If you make the second choice, you will take the statue and throw it against the wall. This will make a hole in the wall. Grab the coat rack and start banging it against the chipped wall. Hope returns! You can now choose whether to apologize to Kenny. Sit down with Omid and Christa. Talk to them for a while, and you will come to an important decision. You will have to choose if you want Kenny to take care of Clementine, or if it will be Omid and Christa who will have to take care of her. The third option instead indicates a new family for her. Omid volunteers to keep breaking the wall, as Kenny is tired and will sit in his seat. You will have a chance to console him, he will find some alcohol and offer it to you. You can choose whether to drink or decline the proposal, this decision will have no repercussions in the future. Kenny then offers Christa a drink, she looks at him hesitantly at first, but then drinks a good amount. Omid finally breaks the wall.


The first thing you will see upon entering the bedroom is a dead couple on the bed. In her husband's hand is a gun. Kenny takes the gun which has only one bullet left. It will be possible to examine the room a bit and initiate some dialogue, but other than that there is literally nothing important to do here. Open the balcony door and exit. It seems that now you will have to start a path in perfect Assassin's Creed style since you will have to move on the roofs. Cross the balcony and watch the others do the same. After Kenny passes the balcony will get wobbly, if you saved Ben in episode four, he will now fall down.


You'll leave Omid and Christa on the roof, while you and Kenny drop by Ben. You will find him alive, but he landed on the railing that pierces his stomach. Kenny doesn't notice this at first, in fact he tries to lift Ben up but it just causes him great pain. The zombies notice you and will start coming towards you. Kenny asks if you have ammo. Remember when you had to choose between shooting zombies or saving ammo? If you have saved the ammo, you can give it to Kenny, otherwise there will be no option, and he will just yell at you to leave, and think about saving Clementine. Kenny will shoot Ben to end his suffering, the zombies will attack Kenny, you will feel him in trouble. You won't know for sure Kenny's demise, is there a chance he escaped the zombies? You, Christa and Omid will end up on the rooftops. Due to the recent tragedy, they will once again ask you who will take care of Clementine when you are dead. You can choose to tell them that they will be perfect to take care of her, or you can tell them to find a suitable family for Clementine. I'm not sure if this decision will affect the overall result or possibly the second season, but it's best to carefully consider your options and choose what you think is best. Cross the wooden bridge to the next roof. The camera moves to show you a view of the zombies below. Fortunately, the bridge resists and it is possible to pass. There is a hole in the roof from which you can see a lot of zombies, it's the hole where Kenny dies in case you left Ben in the fourth episode.


You, Christa, Kenny, and Omid will cross the bridge. You will then find a hole in the roof. Kenny walks over and drops his walkie talkie. Christa goes into the hole to retrieve it, but doesn't get there, Kenny goes down to help her and pulls her out. However, now it is he who is blocked. The zombies approach him quickly, shots are heard. His "death" is mysterious, as there is a possibility that he escaped and may appear in the second season. For the umpteenth time there will be the choice of who will take care of Clementine, choose wisely.


To reach Marsh House Hotel, you have to cross a sign that leads to the next roof. It will be necessary to make a choice: either Christa and Omid will go first, or you. If you make the first choice, Omid will cross the sign before Christa without any problem. When it comes to Christa there will of course be a pause to create suspense, but she will do it too. If, on the other hand, you go first, you will pass without problems but then it will break. You will now have to decide what to indicate to the other two: whether to meet at the train, or to find a boat and meet north of the city. I am not sure if this choice will have an impact on the overall result or on the second season, but again it is always better to think carefully before choosing. Keep fighting as you continue towards Marsh House. If at the beginning of the episode you have cut your arm, you will only have the knife as a weapon. This will not hinder your progress. If you still have both arms, you will pick up a shard of glass that can be used to fight zombies. There is no way to guide the character through the fight scene. Just be careful of the zombies that come against you, never stop cutting them. You will finally arrive at your destination. Hmm ... that car looks familiar to you too, isn't it?


Slowly enter the hotel, the correct door is the one on the sloping wall just in front of you, a little to the left. Open it, keep walking and examine the next door. Turn around and you will see the mysterious man. You will have a little conversation with him, then he will order you to put your things on the table. You will hear Clementine's voice, he will point the gun at you before he can open his mouth to say something. You will now be faced with another decision. Claim that you have nothing with you, and he will not believe you. You will then say that you lost your weapons on the street, and he still won't believe you. At this point it will be possible to give up the weapons and put them on the table, or continue to deny that you have anything. The unknown man will not search you. Otherwise, choose to have something, place both the walkie-talkie and the knife on the table, and he won't ask you any more questions. Another possibility is to claim that you only have the radio, and he won't believe you. It will now be possible to lay the knife on the table, or continue to deny having anything else. The unknown man will not search you. You will both be seated and start a conversation, he will reveal who he is and why he kidnapped Clementine. Listen to the dialogue and then begin to explain the various events that have occurred to others. He will offer to take care of Clementine, then he will start talking to his wife's head which is inside the bag. Behind him, Clementine slips out, point out what item she must take to use as a weapon against him. The knife will also be available if you put it on the table earlier. He will attack Clementine, which will give you enough time to deal with him. Press the button to stop him from shooting you, then attack him again before he can reach his gun. Hit him in the head, and you will come to another choice. Do you want to kill him? Keep pressing the button until it stops. Eventually, the dude will be suffocated. He'll fall into the wall, grab the gun and shoot him before he can revive. Don't you want to kill him? Stop pressing the button and the guy will continue to fight you. Keep fighting until Clementine sneaks up on the guy's gun and shoots him in the head. You and Clementine will hug each other. She will make some comments about your scent and your cut arm. You can examine the bowling bag to see the severed head if you like. Open the door you entered through and there will be a surprise waiting for you. Hurray, another zombie. He won't bite you, though. The zombie will then smell Clementine and start limping towards her, at which point shoot him in the face. Clementine will tell you that you are all covered in "that filth", and it gives you an idea. Slice the newly killed zombie, and use its parts to soil Clementine.


You and Clementine will make your way through all the zombies that don't seem to notice you, and that's good. A zombie will even bump into you. Clementine looks around with a horrified expression, until she sees her zombified parents. You will be able to tell her something on the matter, but you will lose consciousness shortly after.


The scene will show Clementine trying to wake you up. You will find that she has dragged you into this building and closed the door to keep both of you safe. Press the button to try to open the door, but to no avail. Now you will tell Clementine that you have been bitten, and that she must not be upset. You think there might be another way out. Very slowly and weakly you will make your way to the other exit; unfortunately, you will barely be able to walk. Unfortunately, your time is running out quickly. You will be leaning against the wall, Clementine will insist that you have to get up. Press the button to attempt to stand up, but you will fall back. She will insist once again, press the button again, but the result will not change. It is now obvious that you will soon become a zombie, so you need to give her instructions on what to do. Move the cursor to the door and press the X button. Clementine must break the glass. Move the cursor all the way to the left. There is a baseball bat under the counter, press X to tell her to retrieve it. Aim at the window to tell her to break the glass with the club. Once the glass is broken, aim the chair to the right of the door. Now aim at the door to open it. Look at the handcuffs on the ground and tell Clementine to get them. Throughout the process, keep talking to her. Move the cursor towards yourself to tell Clementine to handcuff you. Clementine now asks you what to recover first. Tell her to get the keys, grab the gun, or try to get both. This choice does not change things. As she attempts to take things, the zombie will try to attack her. Move the cursor over the pedestal to inform Clementine that she is about to fall. The glass statue will fall on the zombie's head, knocking him out for a few moments. Kick the baseball bat to push it towards Clementine, she will use it to kill the zombie. Talk to her, this will be your last conversation with Clementine. She will take the gun and you will have to make a final decision. You can choose to leave yourself there: the two exchange their last words. Clementine will barely look at you as she walks away from you. The screen will fade to black. Otherwise you can decide to shoot yourself: the two exchange their last words. Clementine raises the gun trembling, then a shot will be heard. The screen will fade to black. Congratulations, you have finished the first season of The Walking Dead. The various choices made during the game are shown and the credits will scroll. Wait for the credits to run out to see a special cutscene!

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