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The solution is based on the US version for PC of the game, so it is possible to find differences in the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.


In this game you will soon learn that choices must be made quickly. During the first interview with Mr. Toad there will be a red bar that will reduce with each choice, select an option or you will not get an answer. As in Walking Dead, the game changes based on the choices you make, if you are tough or take it easy on Mr. Toad there will be differences in how he interacts with Bigby Wolf. After the conversation, go up the stairs to deal with the confusion. Bigby, the sheriff of the land of fairy tales, does not want the fight to continue. In the hallway, take the matchbox and check the phone. Arriving at the door, Bigby can choose whether to knock or break down the door. Inside the Woodman is threatening a woman, he and Wolf have a history, threaten him and he will remember, but no matter what you do, the fight will break out. Press the buttons as they appear, the faster you dodge, the less likely you are to die. Attack the Woodman after he takes the ax and finish the fight to talk to the woman. No matter what you ask her, she won't reveal much to you and will refuse to answer Bigby's questions. The fight escalates again and both the Woodman and Wolf will fly out no matter what you choose to do. A brief conversation with Mr. Toad will allow Wolf to be stern or not, but soon the Woodman will come to deal with him. Press "Q" on the pc to not die, and the woman will save you by using the ax on her skull. There will be two major choices to follow and a minor third. The first: she will keep hitting the downed body of the Lumberjack, let her continue or stop her. Then: she will need a light, if you have a matchbox you can give it to her. Last: Wolf will offer her some money, give it to him or not. She will remember your choice.


As Bigby walks through the main doors, he will find himself immersed in fairytale elements. Beauty from "Beauty and the Beast" hides in the trees. After a short conversation, Bigby can choose whether or not to keep his secret. Inside the building there are several things to check, and each point presents various actions: searching, talking or interacting. There are no particularly important things, except the button for the elevator. Before leaving, the Beast will appear and ask you where Bella is, it will be an opportunity for Bigby to keep his promise or not.


There is not much to find in the apartment other than two important points of interest. Examine Bluebeard's file on the desk to unlock a new entry into the country. Then, hit Colin the pig to start a conversation. He is one of the three little pigs, he has escaped from the farm, tell him to go back or put a spell on him, and to his question about what happens with your hands, depending on how you answer you will provoke particular reactions. Eventually you will have a chance to give Colin a drink, give it to him or not and he will remember if you tried to lie to him about who helped you. When Colin is gone, Bigby will start to sleep, but will soon be interrupted by someone knocking on his door. This is Snow White with urgent communications, she will lead Bigby out to discuss important news. Downstairs, Snow White will lead Wolf to something hidden by Grimble's jacket: a severed head. The girl, the same as the encounter with the Lumberjack from earlier, was left on Bigby's doorstep. Examine all three parts and remove the tape from the mouth to get the ring. Then don't go out immediately, keep investigating, there are clues to the right: blood on the ground and on the fence. When you are done investigating, click on the apartment entrance doors to continue. Tell Snow White that you think this is a message because of the placement of the head, and she will agree with your theory. Snow White will ask you for a recommendation: to tell the Mayor of the land of fairy tales everything or if you want to keep the secret, but remember that keeping the secret could get you in trouble later on.


Whichever way you respond to the angry man on the line, he will remember it, even if he is already definitely predisposed to hate the Sheriff anyway. Things are no better inside, Snow White told Ichabod Crane, acting mayor, about the murder without worrying about the recommendation made to Bigby. Take the blame for the situation or not, depending on how you want your relationship with the Mayor or Snow White to proceed. Ichabod wants a suspect, give him someone who makes sense, like the Woodman, so he will be satisfied and let Bigby go his own way. On your way out, you can further anger him with an insult if you like.

Soon a flying monkey will appear with the missing bottle of wine, how you answer his question will determine your future relationships. The monkey will fly off to retrieve some information, leaving Wolf to explore the office. Talk to the Mirror, or grab the optional item on the desk, then move on to the three tarot cards that Bigby will take the third of. With the Magic Mirror, talk about the Woodman and Bufkin to get the flying monkey to come back and find the books. Now you need to find the victim's name before asking the Mirror for anything else. When there are books, you will have two ways to get the information you need. Look in the nearest book and turn the page to the right to find a ring and click to discover the story. Or look at the open picture book and click on the symbol on the king's chest. In both cases, you will discover that her name was Faith and that she was married to Prince Lawrence, two names to give to the Magic Mirror for more information. Check out Prince Lawrence for another clue, at his feet lies a short sword covered in blood. Your next destination is his apartment, but before leaving Mr. Toad will call you because he is in trouble, but there is only one Sheriff in town, so you will have to choose your next destination.


Things are not going well for Lawrence, the only way in is through the side window. Inside you'll find the remains, and you'll need to investigate what's going on. Examine the body and the pills, check the pulse and bullet wound, then pick up the shell on the ground and check the gun, then grab it and go back. Grab the bullet embedded in the wall behind the chair, then check the blade and bloodstain next to the chair, then focus on the door on the left. Use the doors to find that it is actually a bed with a note pinned in the bottom corner, read it and you will see that Lawrence is not dead yet. Talk to him, if you tell him that his wife is dead he will give you a name: Georgie. Neither Snow White nor Wolf know this name, but someone is knocking on the door. Hide and wait, continuing to observe the intruder among the books, then pop out and Lawrence will kill himself while the intruder starts running. Follow him through the streets until he disappears and you will find yourself choosing between two doors. Choose the one on the left to stay on his trail and in the end you will put his back against the wall. Ask him a few questions, no matter what, he won't talk anyway. Detective Dee and her partner Dum will pop up behind Bigby. Another track opens up. They will not abandon their leader and Bigby will awaken in the presence of Snow White. Now it's time to visit Mr. Toad to see if there are any new developments.


According to Mr. Toad, nothing is wrong, but both Bigby and Snow White know that this is not the case. Upon entering you will have the opportunity to ask some questions and notice the signs of a struggle. Examine the fallen lamp in the hallway and the broken hook, then go to the living room and look at the blood, then take the poker off the floor to finally prove Mr. Toad wrong. He says he injured his hand, but as you examine the poker, he says he cut off his foot, so now you can break down his defenses. Keep exploring, look at the window, there are scratch marks, open it and examine it again to disprove Mr. Toad once again. He says he climbed, whereas earlier he said the door hook had been broken for weeks. There is one last lie to unmask, look on the table to the right near the stairs in the living room, tell Mr. Toad the lamp was thrown then tell him about the fight to catch him out. Eventually he will ask you to leave, if you do not expose all three of his lies, you will have to threaten him to get the information from him. You will discover that the Tweedle Dee and Dum are behind the attack. Mr. Toad will offer you the girl's coat, a donkey skin, to see if it can help you with your investigation. Check the note, then Mr. Toad will send you to the Trip Trap Bar.


On the way to the bar, Snow White will ask you about the case, you can suggest a suspect now and reassure her about her work. Once inside, customers don't give in to the Lumberjack, it's time for a little old-fashioned investigation. Look at the photo of the Woodman and the empty glass on the right, then sit next to Gren to question him. Soon the Woodman will come out of the bathroom, be aggressive, understanding or direct, he will start talking about the first meeting with Little Red Riding Hood, but the situation will soon get heavy. Gren stops Bigby and reveals his true form. Once the fight is over, Bigby will have to make two big choices. The first: whether to tear off Grandel's arm or to flee; the second and most important, one of the Tweedle brothers enters and both will run towards him: you can stop only one (the Woodman or Tweedle), the other will escape. Take them back to Woodlands and with that the episode ends with another murder. Now it's a personal matter for Bigby, Snow White is dead and the case is getting more and more complicated ...

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