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The solution is based on the US version for PlayStation 4 of the game, so there may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.


After arriving in his presence by hitting the eye that acts as the lock of the central door, the first feature of Sludgeheart to attract attention is the gelatinous mass that completely covers his body. So break the delay and hit it with an arrow, but be ready to move immediately to avoid being crushed by the reaction of the gelatinous mass that will start bouncing here and there. Keep shooting arrows, focusing on the version of Sludgeheart that holds its heart. Each blow in fact causes a doubling of the titan, with a consequent increase in the trails of blobs on the ground that slow down your movements, hindering your escape. Wisely manage the return of your arrow to maximize damage, but never stop attacks until the gelatinous envelope leaves his heart unattended. Finally take aim and pierce the vital organ with your dart to eliminate the first titan.


After hitting the anonymous cube in the center of the room, it turns out to be your next opponent. The key to victory lies in a careful study of his movements. The cube follows you, but not only. It also fires a deadly laser out of the eye every time it steps on four tiles. But bad luck wants that eye to be your target. So understand that finding yourself in front of it at the wrong time could be your last mistake. The only solution is to stay in constant motion, making sure you don't find yourself in front of the cube's eye when it explodes the lethal laser beam. On the other hand, any other moment is ideal for shooting the arrow and piercing the eye. In case you miss the target, however, be sure to manually collect your arrow: the automatic recovery in fact forces the character to remain motionless, fatally exposing him to the attacks of the cube.


This brain frozen in an ice cube greets you with a violent charge as soon as you step into its arena. Dodge it and take a few moments to rearrange your ideas as the frozen titan first slides and bounces off the walls, obviously trying to run over you, then starts hopping with the ill-concealed goal of crushing you. Better to think on the move, therefore, but the occasion can be useful to discover the four walkable tiles positioned at the north, south, east and west extremes of the room. Passing over these, a mechanism lights a flame in the center of the room. The fleeting flame can be used to ignite your arrow, passing it through the fire and thus begin to melt the ice armor that guards the Titan's brain.

For this to happen, however, you will have to be very quick and also smart to lure the titan to the opposite side of the one you are on. To do this, start positioning yourself on one of the switch tiles while the titan is in the slowest phase of its sliding, avoid its attack and approach the flame before it consumes to reduce the distance between you and the target. Once the ice has melted, you just have to wait for the brain to touch the ground, avoiding the trail of sticky and dangerous matter that it leaves on the ground, to strike the fatal blow.


After hitting the statue with a first dart, two rocks emerge from the ground. One will cover the titan's weak point, the other will try to crush you by jumping towards your position. After a couple of attempts, however, the two rocks will switch roles, leaving your target exposed for a moment. To take advantage of this opportunity, be sure to always stand in front of the titan, moving only when the stone is about to land on top of you. After having dodged the first assault, return to the previous position, ready to avoid the second coming soon and thus take advantage of the role-swapping phase to pierce the heart of the titan and get another victory.


To make the titan emerge, hit the half-column of snow that stands out as soon as you enter the arena with an arrow. Following the blow, the titan's head will occasionally begin to peek out of the snowy ground, releasing a strong gust of wind from its lips after being fully exposed. At this point, ending up in the draft will only be an unpleasant nuisance, but later in the fight you could risk being dragged into lethal traps, so be very careful. The first attack of the titan consists of a column once again above the ground. Initially they do not represent a great danger: in case one gets up under you, you will simply end up thrown and the only possibility of leaving the feathers there is the risk of being squeezed between a column and the wall. However, once the column is fully displaced, a laser beam will emerge in the direction of your position. Your task is to direct this lethal beam towards one of the five teeth of the titan's head (which however can only be hit when the head is fully emerged). However, this is the simplest aspect of the fight. Destroying a tooth exposes the titan's weak point which, as usual, must be hit with a well-calibrated arrow. The difficulty at this point is given by the large number of factors that must be taken into account to find the right moment to strike. A loaded arrow is enough, but this must start after having dodged the laser shot, in those few moments in which the head still appears completely exposed at the end of the breath. Once you understand what needs to be done, however, a few attempts are enough to reach your goal.


As usual, awaken the titan with an arrow shot. Yeti is much more susceptible than his predecessors, so beware of his immediate reaction concentrated in a shower of snowballs that threaten to crash into the cave wall. Once the ice rain is over, Yeti stages her second attack, balling up and rolling on the cave floor. Do not lower your attention after dodging his roll, as the impact against the wall generates a shower of stalactites. Not only that, Yeti will bounce back towards you. This attack will be repeated three times in a row before giving you a few seconds of breath to use to hit Yeti in his weak point, which is behind. For this to be possible, however, you must be able to position yourself behind him after the third bounce and the best way to do this is to stay close to the back wall after dodging the second charge. From there you could dodge Yeti and find yourself behind him after the third and final bounce. As usual, the time window is reduced to a few seconds and the fall of the stalactites could always ruin even the most perfect of plans. Either way this is the best way to get hold of Yeti's soul; if the first attempt fails you just have to try again and again.


Getting to the battleground with the next Titan requires a little ingenuity. Light the torch in the northeast by shooting an arrow through the flame, then repeat the same maneuver to light the next one. The next three torches require a charged shot to hit, as well as a certain amount of intuition, as their position puts them out of your line of sight. Either way, the last shot melts the ice wall that prevented you from entering the arena where Onyxia is located. To summon it hit the gong with an arrow, then be ready to avoid the thud with which the sea snake plunges back into the water, destroying the pieces of ice floating in its way. After repeating this attack two more times, Onyxia embarks on an offensive made of electrical discharges that propagate through the water. To avoid them you will need the icebergs we were talking about a moment ago: for this reason, think carefully about your movements because Onyxia will destroy all those in your vicinity, every time it emerges. Fortunately for you, the platforms reform after the electric attack, but don't rely too much on luck. Better to bet on your expertise that will allow you to hit its tail while the titan makes the aerial movement with which it leaps out of the water. To make this happen in the right position, you will have to lure him by swimming around him and then climb back onto a platform as soon as Onyxia comes out of the water.


Gol'Qayin's long arms are the main threat to be feared during this confrontation. The titan's ability to extend his arms to crush you with his heavy hands puts you in constant danger. To avoid ending up like a mosquito, pay close attention to the moment when the arm hanging over you has reached its maximum extension and only then do you roll away, avoiding coming into contact with the hot lava puffs. By sneaking behind Gol'Qayin several times, you will force the titan to execute a spin attack, an indispensable situation to be able to hit him in his weak point. But let's go in order. Rolling behind the titan, after the failed attack you will force the titan to turn around: by repeating this move several times the shot will start to rotate quickly chasing you around the scenario.

To escape him, take refuge at one end of the area, press against the wall so that Gol'Qayin's arms pass over your head. After ten hits the titan will take a break - that's your very short window of time. Load up an arrow and hit it at the glittering spot to knock it down. In case the shot goes blank, get ready to repeat the dynamics just illustrated again.


Rol'Qayin's attack mechanics are fairly easy to read. The titan rolls towards you at great speed, without changing its trajectory based on your position until it finds a wall in its way. Then Rol'Qayin bounces in the air and tries to land on top of you. Then he starts in pursuit by rolling, repeating this dangerous attack again and again. Only occasionally does Rol'Qayin take a very short break. There is not much room for relaxation, however, as its trajectories on the ground leave indelible flaming trails that will end up forming a lethal network between which it will be very difficult to move. Fortunately, to take down this titan it is enough to draw him towards you, dodge his attack and take advantage of the very brief moment of pause that he allows himself every now and then to pierce his weak point with a loaded arrow. In this case, however, time is of the essence: if you hesitate too long, the battleground will soon turn into a flaming grid on which it will be impossible to move.


Mol'Qayin's main attack is a shower of incandescent lapilli that the titan first spits into the arena and then sucks towards him. To avoid being charred it is sufficient to roll avoiding the rain of lapilli and make sure not to find yourself in the trajectory of the lapilli while they are sucked up. In addition to this, it is also good to keep an eye on the bomb that Mol'Qayain occasionally throws in the area of ​​the fight. This in itself is not dangerous as it will not detonate until it is hit by a lapillus. It is therefore good to keep a safe distance to avoid complications. In case the bomb goes off, don't relax too much, Mol'Qayin will soon eject another one. And luckily, as the bomb blast is the only way you'll be able to expose the titan's weak point. After a bomb explodes, therefore, while Mol'Qayin inhales, throw an arrow into his mouth and keep him hooked, dragging him towards you. Doing so will cause the Titan to drop the bomb a short distance from your location. Now, on his own initiative, the titan will never get close to the bomb, but by dragging him you can induce him to fatally approach the bomb, just as he is about to spit new lapilli which obviously will trigger the explosion. Roll to safety with quick reflexes, then just as quickly take advantage of the few moments in which the glowing crystal is exposed and hit it to take down the titan.

Knight Elhanan

Don't worry, the bright shot that strikes you right after animating Knight Elhanan is inevitable. Don't be caught unprepared again shortly after, however, when Elhanan jumps in the center of the area to her platform. Make sure you've recovered your arrow and start looking for cover behind one of the intact pillars as Elhanan prepares to fire her powerful white arrow. Be wary of damaged pillars because these will be pierced by the arrows of the titan, ending your adventure in time.

After this first attack, Elhanan fires three more arrows, smaller and easier to avoid, at least when they do not come from a portion of the area that is not displayed on the screen at that moment. At this point the titan moves to collect the three smaller arrows, then the large moving arrow ends its run, Elhanan approaches it to collect it and begins his offensive pattern again. The timing is ideal to hit the big arrow thus causing the titan's armor to collapse and exposing its weak point. Note that it is possible to hit the big arrow even while it is moving, but obviously in this case the coefficient of difficulty increases significantly.


Again, speed is a must. In fact, Avarice immediately throws clusters of golden coins into the air. Do not be fooled, doubloons can be lethal if they fall above your head and in addition, once placed on the ground they end up forming inaccessible areas, gradually reducing the space available to you in the area of ​​the fight. This eventuality greatly complicates your attempts to escape Avarice's other attacks which include teleportation and especially the toss of a single coin. In this last juncture Avarice opens her lid to throw a single, very fast doubloon at you. After dodging the blow, there are very few moments left to take aim and hit its weak point, the tongue.


This titan's attack pattern is fairly easy to crack. Immediately after he animates, Gol'Hevel begins to circle the room, pausing briefly on each of the four sides. The pauses obviously do not serve the titan to reflect, but to perform his offensive maneuvers. To be precise, this titanic opponent fires a series of bullets from each side, in variable numbers: six are launched from the south and east, five from the north and three from the west. As in the horizontal shooters, the bullets move away on the way, leaving you more room to maneuver to avoid them. For this reason it is important to keep the right distance from the titan. After all, your opponent's weak point entirely occupies the back of his head and considering that the titan is always facing you, you have no reason to get too close. To land the decisive blow you must rely on the ability to draw the arrow to you. For the return blow to take effect, however, you'll need to make sure that the arrow and the titan's nape are perfectly oriented towards your position.

The Elder

This is certainly the easiest titan to defeat ... but also the most difficult to achieve! From the cemetery, take the north-east path, which leads you over the east side of the hill. After a short uphill stretch, turn off onto the dirt road that takes you inside the rock, then turn north. When the wall prevents you from continuing, turn east until you reach a small chasm. Nearby is a cave to cross, taking the small road to the right which leads to a south-facing exit. Back in the light, climb the rock face to the north and continue in that direction where another similar feat awaits you. On top of this other rock, use the creeper to continue as a strange voice begins to draw you to it. Your objective is to the north, beyond a series of cliffs to be overcome by relying on the other vines providentially scattered around the area. Finally arrived in the presence of a large stone eye, prepare for the fight and shoot an arrow towards its pupil. Well done, battle over! Now you can return to the heart of the sanctuary after consuming its soul.


To let you know that you are not welcome, Vinethesis immediately performs a lethal ballet, first spreading a cloud of poison around it, then extending its tendrils and wiggling them dangerously as it begins to rotate clockwise. The rotation continues for some time, during which the titan violently slams a tendril three times on the ground. Then Vinethesis reverses the direction of rotation and resumes its series of attacks, hurling its plant limbs to the ground until the eye-shaped petal is exposed to the south. This is a very important detail, because the petal covers its weak point. Obviously if you have read carefully what has just been written, you will have already guessed that staying south with a charged arrow waiting for the movement of the titan to lead it to expose the petal in that direction can be a good idea, especially in light of the fact that the wall on that side is completely out of reach of the Vinethesis tendrils. However, it will be useful to know that there are several other points in the room that are not reachable by the plant extensions of the titan. Staying too long in one spot exposes you to the clouds of poison emitted by the titan. These toxic fumes aren't lethal unless you stay in their fumes for too long. Roll here and there to find pockets of clean air or in the worst case, temporarily leave your position and take refuge in some other sheltered spot in the scenario. To take down the titan, however, you will need to temporarily leave the southern position, just when the petal is facing that position. In fact, it is at that moment that you can hit the part of the plant that faces north inhales, ready to emanate the cloud of poison.

By hitting Vinethesis fully you will see the titan take on a totally white color for an instant, like a quick flash. It is the signal that you can hold down the attack button to retrieve the arrow, which on the return journey will drop the petal covering the weak point of the plant. As the titan whirls clockwise, you take refuge near the south wall and from there move east, being careful not to take any hits in this delicate juncture. For a few moments, the titan's weak point will remain exposed to the east and then you can hit it by shooting an arrow to the west. By now you know, the time window is quite short: if you hit the target, the titan will fall to the ground, otherwise you will have to repeat what is described hoping to have better luck.


Don't be fooled by Obello's apparent stillness, this big mushroom will start jumping trying to crush you as soon as you wake it up. Ah, to escape from his attacks use the roll, but never go under him, otherwise Obello will fall vertically on you, putting an end to your attempts. His leaps are not the only danger. At each landing, the mushroom titan expels a cloud of spores from its body, obviously lethal. Also after three attacks Obello starts jumping violently on the spot, like a capricious child, filling his surroundings with spores. To kill Obello and put an end to his spore-based attacks, you'll need to hit the eye protruding from the stem of the mushroom. This eye rotates by changing eight positions before returning to the starting position. Find a safe corner and wait for the eye to be in your line of fire, then load the arrow and shoot.


The first thing to do to successfully complete this battle is to memorize the pattern of Gol'Set's triple laser attack. Always without losing sight of the stone fists that hail towards your position, of course. The stone fists, however, are key to Gol'Set's defeat. The only way to win the fight is to fool Gol'Set by making him hit the two buttons on the extreme sides of the battle arena with his fists. The two buttons must be pressed at the same time to activate the opening mechanism of the niche in which the weak point of the titan is located. The complication is that the two punches are activated only when you are on the respective side of the platform. First, therefore, position yourself on one of the buttons, wait for the fist to hover over you with its large shadow, then roll away just before being hit. With the right timing, the statue will go back to sleep just as the fist is resting on the button, keeping it pressed. So run to the opposite side of the scenario and repeat what you just did with the second button as well. At that point it is time for Gol'Set's reaction. The Titan raises his fists from the buttons and repeatedly smashes them to the ground, looking for your last position. After that it emits a very powerful laser beam in an attempt to scorch you if you have survived the previous attacks. The only way to get out alive is to move towards the center of the arena after pressing the second button. There, as the first punch descends on you, immediately roll north, then roll north again to dodge the second. In that position, for a brief, very brief moment, you will find yourself exactly under the niche that has opened in the belly of the titan where its weak point resides. Prepare the arrow, aim and shoot.


Arriving in the presence of what looks like the last titan, you find yourself instead in front of a cloud of souls. Hit them with an arrow to disperse them, then consume them. Left alone, the protagonist of the game now splits in two, freeing from his body an evil double that will represent your opponent in this final stage. Then hit the white figure in the center of the platform to start the fight. Soul, your double, also has an arrow that he can fire at very high speed, but like you he can only use a second shot after retrieving the dart he fired earlier. In addition to this attack Soul can fire four projectiles at the same time, each aimed north, south, east or west. Either way, after leaving for their initial destination, the bullets change direction and head towards you. As you try to avoid these attacks, you will also need to find a way to hit Soul. Obviously only his physical body is vulnerable, but this will only be exposed on rare occasions. Occasionally, a black figure jumps out of his ethereal figure for a few moments, which is obviously nothing more than his body shape. Alternatively, you can force yourself to temporarily eject his body by hitting Soul with an arrow. As usual, the time window will be quite short, indeed more than usual, but in addition you will also have to worry about other threats. For example, when you recall the arrow, be careful because if you also find Soul's arrow on the ground, it will also move towards you, ending up piercing you. In the opposite situation, that is, in the event that Soul is calling your arrow to him, your enemy will use your own dart against you, also making it bounce for a long time on the walls, preventing you from regaining possession of it until it stops on the ground. . To defeat Soul you will therefore have to hit his physical form, but you will probably have so much to take care of that you will risk forgetting about it. Anyway, once you hit Soul's fitness you will have completed the game. You just have to consume his soul to start the final sequence.

Congratulations, you have finished Titan Souls!

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