The Walkthrough of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

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The solution is based on the US version of the game for Xbox 360. There may be divergences from the Spanish version and / or for other platforms.


After the opening scene that sees you placed inside the Humvee, follow the on-screen instructions to shoot the subject in front of you. So, follow the path that proceeds to the left. Now switch to the use of a thermal search scope, shoot the enemy in front of you, then proceed forward following the members of your team, passing between the trucks. Having completely cleared the area from the enemy presence, you can enjoy the first cutscene at the end of the chapter.

Nimble Guardian

Follow your team and use the wall in front of you as a cover. Launch a sensor when prompted, needed to identify the enemies in front of you. Eliminate the two opponents visible at 12 o'clock, then jump over the barrier. Go down the alley and go down the stairs, then throwing another sensor down. When the VIP is identified (indicated by a clear blue color), get rid of the four enemies surrounding him. Two more will come out of the nearby alley. Move to the right, throwing another sensor near the "square" that will follow. After the cutscene, promptly get rid of the gun subjects positioned on the humvees around you. So reload your ammunition, follow your team up the ladder. Once in front of a building, throw a sensor on the ground. When instructed, press A to proceed beyond the gate.
Go up the nearby ramp. Go over the next street, jump behind the building on the left to use it as a cover. Throw some frag grenades over the nearby corner. Right, pass the red cart and then move down the slope to the left. When the humvee reaches you, use the building on the left as a cover - hold A until you reach the area marked in blue, thus avoiding being spotted by the light. Once you reach the brick wall, go up the stairs to the right. Follow your team down the next leaning road; use the concrete barrier above as a cover. Also use the sensor in the area to locate and kill enemies. Collect the ammo, go up the area to the left. Climb the stairs again, press B to crouch under the barrier. Jump over the ravine, turn left. After the explosion, stand behind the white truck with your companions. Destroy the two RPGs on the roof. Follow your team down the road. Jump over the wall, go up the stairs to the right. Approach the blue gun icon. Grab the weapon, run in front of the doors with your team. Stand to the right of the door to help others in the opening process. Now, you will have four minutes to reach the VIP - but you will have to do it without being spotted, in which case they will kill you!
Crouch and move to the barrels on the right. Keep going to the right, go up the stairs staying crouched, go through the door at the top. Kill the guard on the opposite side of the road. Exit and grab the ammo from the chest to the right. Turn right again, run to the next building. Crouch under the window on the left, save Paez by pressing the A key as soon as it appears on the screen! Killed the three enemies inside, quickly move on to eliminate the driver of the nearby truck. Go down to the floor, kill the enemies along the buildings above. Then go down the path to the left again, making sure you don't kill any civilians on your way down. Swerve through the alley to the right, fend off the next group of enemies to complete the mission.

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Subtle Arrow

After the opening scene, proceed towards the back of the enemy and hit him without getting noticed. Proceed to the observation area. Quickly get rid of the guards holding the hostages ... hostage. Then, press the B button to crouch - when instructed on the screen - and proceed to the next play area unnoticed. Then approach the building on the left. Jump over the barrier, use the white truck as cover to take out the nearby opponents. Climb to the top of the hill. Run to the observatory, watch the cutscene. Use the sniper rifle to hit the enemies in front of the truck. Come closer to it, watch the cutscene. Once at your destination, approach the checkpoint, tag the four guards and kill them in sync with your companions.
Move with your companions to the back of the building. Another synchronized action with your companions will allow you to easily get rid of the nearby guards. Then walk along the back of the curtains, until you are interrupted by an intermission scene. Then use the viewfinder to get rid of the subject on top of the truck. Right, proceed under the tent. Position yourself behind the bags, then proceed to the left. Tag the three nearby guards. Right, take a synchronized shot at the subject wearing an orange suit. Next, enter the hole in the wall on the right. Left, go through the curtain. Wait for the three guards to disperse, cross the road. Get behind the white car. When your team crosses you, tag the two guards walking down the path, making a synchronized shot. Approach the white car, right, place yourself behind the bags to use them as cover. Tag the next three guards, kill them synchronously. Tag the following four guards (one on the roof, two next to the truck, one behind the bags), perform a synchronized shot.
Always ahead; after the cutscene, stand at the top of the hill and tag the next three guards (two walking the distance, one next to the tree). Having killed them, proceed to your team. Tag the lone guard near the entrance to the left of the hangar. Kill it, then move to the right hangar. Left, look away and kill the sniper near the watchtower. Walk past the mobile lift, then move adjacent to the hangar wall. Turn the corner, kill the lone guard patrolling along the walkway. Walk forward, proceed to the hangar entrance on the opposite side. Tag the three guards to the right of the plane, take out the fourth one at the top of the watchtower on the right. Quickly get out of the plane, throw a couple of grenades down, then unload all your shots on the nearby thrusters to pulverize them. You will now have to head to the plane - turn around and go through the hangar.
Go up the hill to the right, kill the three enemies in the truck. Use the magnetic glasses to understand the direction in which you are proceeding. After the second parked car, two trucks full of enemies will come from the right: let them slip, then continue towards the next village. When you get there, use a synchronized shot to hit the guard on the roof, as well as the other two inside the truck. Move to the far left area, kill the lone guard on that side. Come on, hit yet another lone guard walking between the rows of tents. Always ahead passing the various tents - from this point on, we strongly recommend giving up stealth, it wouldn't do you much good anyway. So quickly run along the desert, so you can quickly get to the impact zone. So kill the opponents in the surrounding area, thus proceeding towards the "central" area, where the impact actually occurred. You will then be ambushed: proceed through the cabin quickly while pushing back the enemies, then - reached the other side of the destroyed plane - walk to the left and kill whoever is in control of the weapons.
Now go back and make your way to the tail of the plane itself. Quickly deflect to the right, then kill the rest of the enemies hidden behind the rocks. When a truck arrives on the scene, get rid of it quickly, then meet your companions near the helicopters to complete the mission.

Noble Tempest

Set up your drone, then quickly start flying. Locate the four enemies near the point marked "gather intel". Then move to the back of the hut. Position yourself next to the door, wait for the arrival of the four enemies in the area, kill them one by one. Exit, then left and proceed towards the city. Tag the three enemies who talk to the "natives", kill them with a synchronized shot.
When the path curves to the right, try to stay adjacent to the wall before reaching the road, killing the enemy on the opposite side of yours. Go further and go down the slope. Approach the port, watch the cut scene. Use another drone to view the next group of opponents, then kill them promptly. Drop down and then advance towards the front of the bridge. Jump behind one of the barriers to use it as cover. Move forward to the last barrier, tag the four nearby enemies and kill them. Run diagonally to the blue container, thus recovering Sykes. You will therefore have to get rid of the opponents around you using your gun. So call an air attack on the two helicopters (marked by the presence of orange triangles). Enter the hangar, follow Sykes to the opposite side. Go down the stairs. Left, enter the hole along the sewer pipe. Right, follow the blue icon that takes you outside, where you will find Sykes.
Move diagonally to the right. Enter the sewer tunnel. Use the drone to locate the enemies in the next area in front of you, then killing them without problems. Advance along the next buildings, tag the enemies in the next area. Move along the groups of diesel cans on the left, then synchronously hit nearby enemies. Cross the mud road. Left, go up the stairs to reach the rest of the group. Go through the door, reaching the courtyard. At the door above, forward and right, follow your team until you reach the blue icon. Cross the road, go up the steps. Turn left, then straight again, then right along the building, then left. Once you have enough coverage, "launch" a drone. Tag the enemy patrolling the watchtower, as well as the two at the bottom right. Back in the standard view, make a synchronized shot to finish off the three opponents. Proceed beyond the door, tag the four guards in the distance, kill them too in a synchronized manner. So go out, turn left, follow your companions along the walkway that leads to the petrol station.
Now retrieve the items from the chest on the left. Ahead, proceed towards the opening near the first building, always on the left. Look out the window, hit the four enemies. Go through yet another door, but try to stay outside the helicopter's line of fire (you can use the small house nearby as a cover). Then kill the two guards on the nearby roof. Next, right, go up the slope between the palm trees. Cross the street; Gathered with your team, watch the cutscene and follow everyone to the opposite side of the road, going down the slope and using the buildings around you as a cover.
Go down to the beach, jump behind the concrete barrier to use it as a cover. Launch a sensor to identify the last targets, kill them. Run to the checkpoint area to complete the mission.

Tiger Dust

Jump over the wall, continue straight ahead, then jump over the brick wall to the right. Crouch, move to the wall in front of you. Tag the two snipers and kill them. Go down the stairs to the right, jump over the brick wall to the right. Cross the next bridge, go down the stairs and - when the path is clear - walk towards the front of the building. Kill the lone guard visible next to the satellites.
Turn right, get off the platform. Jump to the brick platform on the opposite side instead. Launch a drone, tag the snipers on the towers to the right and hit them synchronously. Get off the next platform, crouch under the wall and launch yet another done. Tag the enemies in front of you, then the ones on the balcony to the right. Follow your team along the roof to the right. Wait for your men to be positioned, then hit the enemies in a synchronized manner. Fly the drone to the left, landing it on the balcony where you just took out the guard. Press B immediately after landing, fly forward along the ventilation shaft, then go down the stairs to the right. So travel to the center of the room, press the X button to create a sonic wave. After the cutscene, proceed to the right and continue to the next car. Use your sniper rifle to hit the target on top of the burning building balcony. Advance to the next car, throw a sensor behind the bus.
Move to the front section of the bus, kill the two enemies in the back. Approach the next bus, then throw another sensor and kill the small group of enemies trying to "hold" the nearby post. Make your way further along the white wall to the left, but be careful of the enemies who try to charge you. Throw (if you want) another sensor, get rid of the enemies along the way. So keep going forward to the garbage can. Throw a sensor here as well, freeing yourself from nearby enemies. So, activate a drone and have it travel along the following route. Signal the two humvees, then - leaving the dronic view - pulverize them by synchronizing your action with that of your team members. Continue to the car and watch a cutscene. So, you can use a machine gun to pulverize enemy vehicles: hold down the right trigger and aim at all those with an orange triangle associated with it.
Once you land, move forward and jump over the wall to reach the helicopter. Before reaching the road, therefore, we recommend turning to the right and jumping behind one of the mud huts. After the two tanks have exited the road to the right, throw a few more grenades to pulverize them. Then move forward to complete the level, meeting your partner near the destroyed truck.

Silent Talon

Switch immediately to magnetic glasses to be able to gain some visibility. Then following your team, use the barrier on the left as cover. Tag the guards on both left and right, then wait for the truck to stop to finish them both. Follow your team along the path to the left. At the top of the hill, crouch behind the barrier and fire the mortar to pulverize the tank.
Go down the slope to the right, join your team. When explicitly indicated, use the Warhound to pulverize the telecommunications satellite. Therefore hit the nearby enemy base as well. Retrieve the weapon crate, then head up the nearby slope. Kill the enemies in the truck, then jump behind the sandbags to use them as cover. Make repeated use of the Warhound to pulverize the tanks and soldiers in the area. After the next short cutscene, quickly run down the next path. At the corner, kill the three enemies around the corner. Move forward to use the railing as a cover. Right, use the Warhound to hit the foot soldiers visible along the area below. Once in the vicinity of the submarine, turn right, then left. Use the heat-seeking missiles to destroy the two RPGs near the nearby platforms. Once near the flight of stairs, go up and keep hitting the enemies along the walkway.
Then follow your companions across the bridge. Left, follow the blue icon. Look at the cutscene. Exit through the doors on the left, jump over the railing and use the nearby container for cover. Always thanks to the guided missiles, take out the two soldiers with RPGs visible near the nearby towers. Always ahead, this time use the mortar to hit the enemies hidden behind the sandbags. Now follow the blue icon, towards the helicopter landing area. Use the nearby concrete barriers (near the mountain) for cover, then fire the heat-seeking missiles at the two helicopters. Destroyed these, start following the Warhound. Once past the blue flag, jump behind the nearby white crates for maximum coverage. So focus your attention on the large building on the right. Pulverize the turret near the second floor window, then drop off the edge to join your team as you enter the building. Go down the stairs, walk on the catwalk, place a charge on the rocket. Go back up the stairs. After the explosion, run to the inside of the hole in the wall, and jump to the side for maximum cover.
So use the Warhound to fire a guided missile towards the helicopter, and cause it to explode. So launch a sensor to locate the enemies in the surroundings, then shoot repeatedly with the mortar to reset them. Now move up the next slope and run to the checkpoint that marks the end of the level.

Firefly Rain

Move through the trees without getting noticed. So switch to night vision, killing the two enemies walking nearby. Continuing further, try to always remain hidden from the shadows, so that you can eliminate the soldiers passing by without them being able to see you.
Once near the entrance, switch to night vision to kill the guards near the gate. Go up the slope. At the top, jump behind the dumpster on the left. Place a drone, fly it forward and tag a sniper in the center and one on the roof to the left. So deactivate the "drone" mode, proceed along the path to the right, passing the line of diesel barrels. Kill the three subjects on the wall to the right. Cross the bridge and find your team near the airbase. Go down the stairs; when you reach the rotating blades, use your drone to fly up and then to the right, landing it on the nearby narrow platform. Then have it run fast downward, pressing X to create a "sonic effect" and stop the blades.
Recall the drone, pass the next blades (which will now have stopped their movement). Repeat this procedure on the next group of blades, so that you can reach the roof and the associated ladder. Follow your team along the landing strip; beware of the snipers on the far left, tag them immediately and finish them. Moving further, stop the rest of your team near the silos. Launch a drone - preferably with night vision - to locate the sniper on the roof. So, use a synchronized strike to destroy the group of enemies in the area. Always ahead, use the nearby wall as a cover. Approach the blue colored point, moving along the right side of the track. Once near the hangar doors, enter the one on the right, walk around its perimeter and then go down the stairs, where you will find your team - located at the back of the plane
Open the nearby door, follow the blue icon along the various corridors. Once in the room with three fans associated, start the drone towards the inside of the narrow opening near the central fan. So land the drone, it will fly to the left: press the X button to create a sound wave that destroys anyone around you. So position yourself prone, proceeding crouched under the fans. Help your companions in opening the double doors. Go up the next two flights of stairs, crouch behind the railing. So start the drone, towards the plane - then press X to create a sonic pulse that will interfere with the plane itself. Then go down the nearby stairs, use one of the crates as a cover to kill all the enemies that come from the left. You will therefore have to kill another group of opponents who will be near the walkway on the left. Use the fire grenades to finish off shielded opponents.
You will then meet the rest of your team near the front doors. Collect more grenades from the nearby chest. Proceed to the next area, run to the rest of the humvee then jump up to take control of the machine gun. You will therefore have to finish the opponents who approach your truck, using the machine gun in your possession. After the fight, you can exit the humveee, climb to the right, pass the weapon crate and climb the next steps. Jump sideways to the nearest cover, kill the two snipers on the walkway. Continue forward and turn left, then go up the stairs. Wait for your teammates to arrive, go through the doors and activate the night vision to proceed along the sewers.
Once you reach the ladder, use it and then proceed beyond the nearby doors that lead you outside. Jump behind one of the vehicles to get maximum cover, then throw some grenades to fire at the next waves of enemies coming from the north. Once these are also eliminated, attack the next group coming from the right; therefore, be sure to find some cover nearby to avoid being surrounded.
An enemy tank will arrive on the scene: quickly call an air attack, directing it towards the tank - when it explodes, the mission can be declared completed.

Man Hunt

Follow your team, jumping behind one of the nearby fences to get some cover (you'll find one near the edge of a hill). Use a synchronized shot to take out enemies in the area. Follow the rest of your team along the path between the brick buildings. Once past these buildings, follow the blue icon along the series of platforms that lead to the road on the left.
When you have regrouped with your men again, move along the left side of the parking-like area. Wait for one of the soldiers to go down the stairs, then kill the next two that will be visible between the elevated buildings. So go down the stairs: you will be hit by a flashbang, and you will have to repel another wave of enemies. Locate the nearest cover, kill all enemies using primarily the frag to finish those with shields.
So enter the house, jump into the window, walk down the street to the dead end. Then enter the passage to the right, moving along the next back wall. Position yourself adjacent to the nearest wall and open the associated door. Repel enemies beyond the three pillars in front of you by tagging them and then hitting them in a synchronized manner. Go through the various doors, jump into the hole in the brick wall, go up the stairs. Follow your team through the next building. Back outside, jump over the wall, turn left, jump over a partially destroyed wall to the left. Position yourself prone on the ground, continue beyond the door along the corridor to the opposite side. Move fast without paying too much attention to killing all the enemies. So go up on the cambion bench at the top, kill the guards on the left, then also the next ones along the rest of the following area. Quickly run forward, paying attention to the sniper on top of the wall: to be killed immediately, followed by the guards on the right.
Then turn to the road to the right, get rid of the other guards here. Now stay adjacent to the wall to get decent cover, thus killing the rest of the enemies placed on the opposite side of the fountain. Climb the nearby stairs to reach the church doors. You go through the whole church running; at the end, turn right. Follow the corridor, go through the door and destroy it. Kill the guard in front of you, then another one behind the table. After the short cutscene, you will have to return to the cathedral, this time full of enemies: we recommend launching a reconnaissance drone, using it to identify the various groups of opponents, so that you can then kill them in sync with your companions.
However, when you get to the outside, kill the opponents on the roof of the two buildings to your right and to your left. Go down the church steps, go down the street again, making sure to use the buildings around you as cover to avoid getting hit by the RPGs. After they shoot, follow the "trail" of smoke they created to figure out where they are, and kill them mercilessly. Continue to proceed along the road, until you reach the checkpoint where you will gather with your men: unfortunately you will be ambushed at the same time, we therefore recommend - without wasting time in pleasantries - to immediately reach the nearest cover, immediately after the end of the conversation with your men.
So wait for the helicopter to arrive, move forward and jump behind the truck to get some cover. Kill the opponents attacking from the opposite side. So, run to the opposite side of the pillars, trying to protect Osadze. After the short cutscene, run over to him to view the end-of-mission scene.

Deep Fire

Move along the right side of the level, approaching the drill ship. As soon as you reach a path between two doors, marked with flashing red lights, jump into it. Then jump to the next platforms and move forward. Left, use the accumulations of snow as a cover to reach the containers. Once you reach the ship, kill the nearby guards and then climb to the top of the ramp - when you get there, use the forklift as a cover to eliminate anyone who is nearby.
Proceed to the nearby pillar, then reach the crates on the left. Locate the two guards in front of you and finish them off with a synchronized shot. Make your way to the walkway, then enter through the door in the lower left corner. After the corridor, go through the generator room. Go down the walkway to the right, tag the guard at street level. After killing her, run to the doors (now open) near the back corner on the right - in the meantime, we recommend taking the ammo from the crate on the right. Follow the next corridor, and then the following flights of stairs. At the top, try to stay adjacent to the wall next to the door, thus throwing a sensor inside to "clean" the room from any enemy presence.
So hack the main terminal. Exit the door and follow your team to the walkway outside. Enter the passage on the right. Then go to the next room, open the next double doors. Jump to the left to get maximum coverage right away. Get rid of the three guards on the opposite side; then run along the three flights of stairs and wait for the rest of your team. Once outside, turn left and go up the steps. Crouch behind the nearest cover, tag the three guards on the right and then hit the other two on the left. Proceed to the far left area, go down the stairs. Right along the walkway, stand behind the railing for additional coverage. Kill the guards below. Go down the other stairs, so beware of the ambush: several enemies will try to hit you, coming from both right and left.
Follow your companions along the ladder that leads to the opposite side. Go up the stairs on the left, wait for your team near the door, follow them to the Helipad. So use the helicopter's machine gun to destroy the humvee and trucks in the area, as well as the only helicopter. Once the Russian camp is pulverized, you can declare the mission completed.

Valiant hammer

Move along the path. Once near the tree, quickly send a drone. Fly him forward, tag the three guards along the way and hit them quickly. Keep destroying the subjects along the way. Tag the nearby soldiers as well as the two guards on the second floor. Move to the guard near the hill on the left, kill him along with his companions using a synchronized shot.
Fly forward, kill the three patrolling guards on the right. Move along the track on the left, then - after the cutscene - go down to the left again. Fly over the bridge, kill the three guards, enter near the break along the fence. There will then be another guard to kill up above before you can advance to the next area. Following the blue marker, go up the stairs to the next building, retrieving the necessary items from the table. Go down the stairs following your team. Right, use the turrets to kill anyone around the bags. After rejoining your team, go down the stairs and use the nearby wagon as cover. Past the trucks, go through the gates. Turn left, go up the stairs. Tag the three enemies next to you, kill them and - as you move forward - use the surrounding houses for cover.
Once the area is cleared of the enemy presence, approach the artillery tank. Climb the ladder, move to the back and set up a charge to destroy whatever is around. Now follow the blue icon on the screen, reaching the machine gun. Get rid of the two humvees and any opponents attacking you. So move diagonally to the left, jump through the bus window. After passing the mill on the right, kill the two guards a little further on. Jump behind the pile of logs on the left, get rid of the troops near the nearby wagon. Now, still straight, kill the guard near the nearby steps as well. Go up the steps, kill the enemies below. Now go out through the gate, right, go through the door in front of you. Right, go down the stairs and place a charge near the artillery. Go up the stairs, swerve to the right to meet your teammates.
Go up, wait for your companions to proceed beyond the doors. After the following short cutscene, use the nearby wall for cover and your sniper rifle to kill enemies in the area. Follow your team through the hole in the wall on the right. When you reach the area where you will gather with the others, follow them along the edge of the river. Use the drone to "tag" the enemy on the left. So, kill the other two near the path on the far right. Always advance to the right, using smoke as a potential cover as you advance from building to building. Back at the portal, approach the old half-destroyed house. Switch to using magnetic, locating enemies through the nearby wall. Tag them, then shoot synchronously and move to the ground to the left. Go ahead, get the ammo and grenades on the right. Go up the ramp to the left, throwing some grenades at the tank. When the wall on the right has finally exploded, follow your team to finally find yourself at the area that serves as a "checkpoint".
Now, you will have to make your way forward during a rather chaotic situation: use the nearby pillars as cover during your movement, and try to make sure that these pillars cover you from all sides, as from each side you will go to receive enemy fire. When you are notified of the arrival of air support, it will be enough to stay alive for another minute, in this way you will complete your mission in a definitive way.

Video - Guerrilla Trailer

Gallant Thief

Proceed upward and silently kill the nearby guard, passing the contanier. Turn right, climb the hill. Move left, use the concrete channels as a cover. Throw a sensor to see if the four guards nearby "take the bait" - they will for sure. Proceed forward and pass the two paths near the guardrail. Get rid of the only guard placed near the hut.
Pass the truck, then the other two nearby guards. Enter the only open door, then the door visible on the left. Always ahead, use the drone to proceed along the ventilation duct. Exit, travel beyond the door in front of you, then deactivate the controls on the left using the "sonic pulse". Continue past the only open door, following the blue indicator. Back outside, take a right and hit (killing) the only guard near the pellets. Approach the door with the flashing light associated with it. Try to hack it, failing in any way.
Then go down the slope, turn left once you reach its end. Move to the right, avoiding being noticed by the guards. As soon as the path begins to curve, we recommend proceeding along the slope to your left. At the top, go around the corner and take out the lone guard. Trying to interact with the door in front of you, you will notice the presence - unfortunately - of a retinal scanner. So, turn around and go through the door on the opposite side. Go down the corridor, turn right near the open door. Hit nearby guards in the head; hack the system. Go back, go down the slope and cross the path. Therefore, place the first lighthouse in the area.
Turn left, proceed along the path to the right and silently kill the guard on the left. You can therefore visualize a path, almost completely straight, which leads to the next area where you will have to place the lighthouse. Once this is done, try to stay anchored to the right wall to avoid most problems. Continue straight, thus turning to the right. Place the fourth lighthouse near the left corner. Forward again, through the two open gates. Go up the slope, turn left passing the door associated with a flashing red light. Follow the blue icon to reach the elevator. Watch the cutscene, go down the path, using the pellet reserves as cover to proceed forward without excessive worries.
So turn left, go down the corridor. Silently kill the subject placed at the end of the same corridor. Then swerve to the right, making the patrolling guard turn away from you, and hit him mercilessly. Go up the stairs to the left, kill the two guards. Hit the next right with a headshot, then make your way to the next pillar.
Launch the drone, proceed along the two ventilation ducts along the left wall. Pass the guard near the window on the right, then go down the ramp to the left. Move along the left wall, kill the guard who will come out the door. However, instead of proceeding further, we recommend that you examine the ventilation duct nearby. Found Volodin, open the cell using a "sonic" shot. Get the drone out, then proceed to the inside of his room. Go through the door once you reach the opposite side, go through the next corridor. Turn left and go up the stairs. Right then - after the cutscene - follow Volodin to the right. At the top of the hill, protect Volodin by attacking the enemies that come up the hill, thus completing the mission.

Invisible Bear

Go down the street, following your team. Once you have located the tank, go up the stairs to the right. So locate the other two guards, kill them quickly. Exit to the outside, swerve to the right, go up the stairs and look behind the nearest cover, kill the snipers on the roof ahead. Move to the right, get rid of the two snipers inside the windows below. Move left, kill the fourth sniper on the roof. A helicopter will then appear: position yourself directly behind the wall, using it as a cover. So wait for him to go.
After that, you'll have to kill two more snipers near the windows of the building on the right. The last sniper is positioned near the second "floor" of the roof in front of you. So follow your team, going through the nearby door. Once this is done, jump behind the nearest cover and use as much magnetic "bombs" and EMP grenades as possible to locate the enemies around you and kill them. So move forward with your team; locate the nearby ramp to get to the top of the scaffold, from here you can retrieve other EMP grenades from the crate next to you.
At the end of this area, examine the room on the left to locate a crate of items from which you can retrieve a variety of ammo. Follow your team down the ramp. Cutscene, so go down the stairs and go back outside. Move forward and turn left along the walkway. Jump behind the heating units, then kill the two guards along the back of the truck. So move towards the center of the street, go down the stairs to the right, following your companions. You will then have to go up the following ramp, then jump behind the concrete barrier to get another cover. Use the grenade launcher to destroy the tank below. Head left, grab the items from the crates behind the tank, follow your team to the fast-food shop. Jump behind the counter, so pay attention to the opponents that will come from the side areas, particularly threatening.
So another tank will arrive on the scene, also to be destroyed thanks to the grenade launcher. Then follow your team along the way, watch the next cutscene, enter the nearby office and jump behind the table for additional cover. So use the EMP grenades to locate nearby enemies and get rid of them quickly. Once this is done, retrieve the contents of the crate at the back of the room. Wait for your group to return to the elevator, then go up the ladder. After the cutscene, follow your squadmate down the hall and place an explosive. Once the wall has exploded, you can take care of the elimination of the enemy guards around you, using the meeting table for additional cover. So move behind the nearby work table, from there you can quickly and easily eliminate Bukharov.

Shattered mountain

Advance towards the street; when he starts to deflect, tag the two patrolling guards and kill them with a synchronized shot. Cross the road, continue to the left until you reach the truck. So beware of both the guard on the balcony and the sniper near the house on the hill. With your team gathered near the gate, proceed along the road. Approach the house, then - crouch behind the nearby cart - use the magnetic objects to kill Yunkov, through the window.
Go down the path, towards the goal. Approach the house, crouch under the window. Switch to using the magnetics, hit the two guards on the back. Proceed to the grouping area, traveling through the forest towards your goal. As soon as the timer starts, try to increase your speed. Once in front of the wall, enter to the left. Go down the slope, hit the guard walking on the back wall. So use the magnetics to locate Ryzhkov, hit him quickly as soon as he appears.
Crouch over the left wall. Jump over the window, walk up the railing, wait for all the enemies to leave and swerve to the left, passing the door. Move behind the cart, then aim towards Slepyshev and - when all your companions are also positioned in a suitable way - make a synchronized shot to finish Slepyshev. Kill the two guards coming out from the right. Back to regroup with your team, go up to the second floor of the barn. Go up the wall next to the ramp, kill the two guards trying to get into the barn. Move to the windows on the right - then use them to repeatedly hit the members of the special forces in the area.
Overcome the forest, therefore - once you are near Tereschenko - you can let go of the stealth: use all your firepower to get rid of it. Run forward again, entering the crevice next to the wall. Pulverize the RPG behind the tree. Still ahead, kill the enemies that come out of the humvee, as well as the guards placed behind the brick ruins. Go up the slope to the right, always using the magnetics to understand Petakov's position. At the checkpoint, you can enjoy the endgame scene!

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Video Solution - Tiger Dust

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Exit date: May 24, 2012

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